I Wish This Had Happened

by North Point

Copyright© 2012 by North Point

Fiction Sex Story: This is what I imagined/hoped would have happened many years ago when my wife and I were dating in college.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Gang Bang   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   .

This is what I imagined/hoped would have happened many years ago when my wife and I were dating in college. We were young and adventurous then, and experimented sexually but not to the degree in this story. Some of the scenes are based on actual events but the majority of the story is pure fantasy.

And I'm going to call my wife (then girlfriend), Louise, from this point on. Obviously this is not her real name but I feel that it is rather stupid to not refer to her by a name in all of my fantasy stories.

We went to a Halloween party about five months after we started dating. We had been having sex for a few months so we were comfortable with each other bodies. I've been pushing Louise's sexual boundary steadily and suggested to her to dress sexy for the party. She surprised me by picking a Oktoberfest Beer Girl costume. When she put it on and showed me, her nineteen years old 34DD tits stood high and proud underneath the lace petticoat top with the push up bras she was wearing. I told her to leave the bras behind as the straps would show up, and to my surprise she took it off without objection! Now her tits were straining to pop out of the thin cotton top! And I could just make out a hint of her fat nipples underneath, when the light strike the right angle. The dress was pretty short; it only covered the top three inches of her thighs and flair out to show off her bare legs. She even bought white ankle socks and shoes to match. I reached underneath the skirt and found a cotton bikini panties covering her pussy.

As she was putting her make up on, I tried to persuade her to leave out her panties. She admitted that the idea was hot but was too afraid our friends would notice and thought badly of her.

We walked the short distance from my apartment to our friends' and at one point we were walking up a street all by ourselves. All the houses were dark, and I could see and hear no one coming towards us or walking behind us. I sneaked my hand down her back to her bare thigh and ran my hand up until I felt her panties. She literally jumped at my touch and squeaked before I had a chance to pull them down. Instead of mad at me, she just gave me a playful annoyed look.

We both had a few drinks and our inhibitions were disappearing. One thing I've discovered is that she would get very horny when she was drunk and we always ended up having amazing sex. Anyway, she walked past me and whispered, "I'm going to the bathroom. You may want to keep me company." I could see she was horny from the stiff nipples on display.

Getting her hint I followed upstairs, down the corridor, past couple of rooms with closed doors. I could hear faint moaning from them and my cock twitched at the thought of what was going on inside. The bathroom was at the end of the corridor but she turned into an empty room next to the bathroom instead. I closed the door behind me and watched her jumped on a single bed (turned out to be a guest bedroom) and spread her legs wide. Not wasting any time, I pulled bikini panties off her and threw it onto the floor next to us. I released my already hard cock, dug out the condom from my pocket and put it on. I sunk the entire length into her pussy in a single stroke.

We began to fuck in earnest, knowing that we didn't have much time before our friends would notice us missing. She came after only a minute or so. The alcohol was really getting her horny that evening. Wet noise filled the dark guest bedroom as I continued fucking her. I reached up and pulled down her cotton top to release her tits. I pinched her nipples, eliciting a loud moan from her. I contemplated giving her a titfuck and gave her a pearl necklace for the rest of the evening. But her pussy was so hot and gripping my cock like a vice. I pulled out and turned her over onto her stomach. I loved fucking her from behind as I could play with her clit while pinning her into the bed, so she could not escape from the over-stimulation I gave her. Once, I made her came four times within a minute before I stopped and blew my load. She was so overwhelmed by the third orgasm within 30 seconds that she just lie there limped and let me rubbed her clit towards another orgasm while I fucked her.

I plunged my cock into her again and in this position my cock rubbed against her g-spot and she came again very quickly even without my hand on her clit. This time the contractions from her pussy were too much and I came along with her, filling the condom with my cum. I got off and lie down next to her. We must be tired from our quickie because we both fell asleep on that bed within seconds.

When I woke up, the bedroom was still dark but the bed was shaking. I turned and found her next to me, still lying on her stomach with her face turned away from me. Then I saw the reason the bed was shaking; a strange man was fucking her! Before I could get up and pushed him off her, he buried his cock deep into her pussy and started coming. It was too late to do anything about it so I let him finish. When he was done, he left immediately and in the darkness I could not see if he was wearing a condom or not. I really hoped he did because Louise was not on the pill as it gave her really bad mood swing as well as stomach cramps. I reached over past her dress and down her ass to find her wet, swollen pussy. I could not tell whether the wetness was just from our earlier coupling or cum from the man so I put my fingers up to my nose. The smell was unmistakable. It was definitely man's cum leaking from her pussy.

Louise was a virgin when we met and until a few minutes ago, she had never have a bare cock in her body nor a man's cum. I was hoping I would be the lucky guy who took that pussy bareback and dumped a huge load inside her. Instead, she got it from some strange man at a Halloween party and she was not even awake to enjoy it!

I needed to wake her up and got her out of there but then I heard a noise just outside the bedroom. I froze and the door started to open. I did not know why but I lie back down onto the bed and pretended to be asleep. I should have gotten up and shoved the door back into the face of whomever trying to get in, but I did not. Through the slits of my eyes I could see the door opened and closed quickly. Then the sound of a zipper being undone, followed by rustling of clothes.

The next thing I felt was the bed moved as yet another strange man fed his bare cock into my girlfriend's upturned and unprotected pussy. A small moan escaped her mouth but otherwise she was still deep asleep. Wet noise and quiet moaning filled the room and in my mind I could see the first stranger's cum were being pushed out from her pussy and ran down onto the inside of her skirt. It was difficult to keep track of time in the dark but it wasn't long before the movement picked up pace and soon turned to frantic as he approached climax. How he thought the forceful fucking won't wake me up was beyond me. Suddenly he stopped and I knew my girlfriend's unprotected pussy was being flooded with another load of hot, baby making cum. She didn't come which was a relief as that would suck the cum further into her womb.

The man left quickly after he finished and before the door closed behind him, another man entered the bedroom. Words must have spread about my girlfriend's and my state. I continued to pretend passed out on the bed next to my girlfriend and six more men fucked Louise before there was a null. Each one of them came in, shoved their hard cocks into her and fucked her pussy as hard as they could before dumping a load inside. These men did not seem to care about getting sloppy seconds. Fortunately none of them tried to fuck her asshole because I was pretty sure that would wake her up! Unfortunately, she came a couple of times and I imagined thick white cum being sucked into her womb each time. After the eighth man finished I jumped off the bed the moment the door was closed and locked it to make sure no one could get in. I switched on the light as I was dying to see the state of my girlfriend.

The last man turned out had the decency to pull her skirt down to cover her up, providing her a little modesty. I slowly lifted her skirt up with my shaking hands. What I saw can only be described as very fucked up mess. Her pussy was red and swollen (just like pussy in a gang-bang video) with thick, white cum covering most of her lips. More white cum was leaking out from her as I stared and flowed down to her skirt where a large wet spot was already formed. Taking a closer look, I could see her pussy lips remained half an inch apart. Some of the cocks that invaded her pussy must have been pretty thick to do that to my girlfriend body.

My cock was rock hard again which was unusual as it normally took at least an hour before I could get it up. What was wrong with me? My girlfriend had just been raped by eight guys and probably pregnant by one of them, and my cock was hard and dripping with pre-cum? How sick could I be?

I started getting another condom from my pants when I realized there was stupid. My girlfriend had already been fucked by eight cocks without any protection, what was the point of me putting on a condom? So I put the cock head at the cum-covered pussy entrance and pushed. My cock sunk all the way in as if nothing was there. Less than an hour ago, my girlfriend pussy was tight like a virgin and now I could barely feel her pussy around my cock, the sensation I felt was more from the heat and wetness than the pressure, that was how loose her pussy had became. I watched more cum was pushed out from between us as my cock went deeper into her. I really hoped she was not at her futile period of the month because her pussy was filled to the brim with cum!

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