Action 2 (the Real Action Story)

by Winterfrog

Copyright© 2012 by Winterfrog

Erotica Sex Story: Testing a new smart-phone got the big ball rolling. (Sorry, but the first submission of "Action" happened by a mistake to be "Temptation" once again.)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   .

We, my wife Lisa (36), our children Emil (10) and Stella (8) and I, Lucas Franzén (37) were an average Scandinavian, small town, VVV-family. That simply means that we had a house, a Volvo V70 and a dog.

Lisa and I met at a party, fell in love, married 12 years ago and she is still a good looking woman but in no way outstanding among her middle class friends.

Our relationship was like many others; some ups, some downs but never any real problems, neither economic or in our sex life. I never suspected Lisa was doing anything behind my back. And I had no intentions of doing something behind her back myself. Nobody knows if such rare things as perfect families really exist, but if so, my family must have been rather close to that.

Of course, we weren't living in some soap-bubble and received many insights into unexpected relationship problems, when several friends and acquaintances parted for different reasons. The worst of them was when the wife next door was caught in her bed with her married boss, who happens to be a cousin of my wife. The fact that the ex-neighbor Anton Larsson was and still is my best friend and his wife Emma was good friend with Lisa gave us a complete view into both our friends' and my wife's cousin's dirty divorces.

My own problems began in a totally innocent and unexpected way. Lisa works one Saturday a month which is compensated for, with free-time after lunch every Wednesday. She really likes that deal so she can take care of her many errands while the kids are at school.

That Wednesday, I remembered that I had forgotten to ask her about doing an errand for me. So I tried call her at our home phone after lunch but got no reply. I thought she was out and called her cell phone also without getting a reply which made me slightly confused.

We had recently bought identical new advanced smart-phones. Lisa's main tool was the high class camera that she used a lot for including pictures to the large number of messages she sent to friends and relatives. She cared less for most of the many other factory included functions, several of them undeletable junk apps. I myself was more curious about all the possibilities and took my time to try most of those apps. Now, I thought was the right time to use an app called "Latitude" which would show me in a satellite picture where Lisa's phone was at that very moment. I had expected her to be at the mall or in the town center shopping area, but to my surprise, I could see she was in or at a house just outside of town. One hour later I could see she was still there, but the third time I looked, she was in the supermarket where we shopped.

Back home after the job when I asked why she hadn't taken my call, she took up the phone, looked at her missed calls and said, "Very strange, indeed, because most of that time I was at the mall, together with Lena Nordén, looking for a new skirt that I need to buy."

"Did you find any?" I asked.

"No, but I hope for better luck the next time."

"Do you intend to spend the whole weekend in fashion shops?"

She smiled and replied, "No, it can wait until next Wednesday."

I didn't make any further comments, but knew for sure that Lisa had told me a lie. That started a warning bell ringing in my head.

The next day after work I took a drive past the place where she had been the day before. It was on a road a short distance out of town, with forest on one side and houses on the other. There were good distances between the houses so there couldn't be any doubt about the correct address where she had been. Then it was a piece of cake for me to find out that a schoolteacher by the name of Tommy Alm was the owner and living in that house.

Further searching about him on the official sites on the web showed that he was 35 years old and had gotten a final divorce from a marriage without children only three months ago. He didn't work in our children's school so it could hardly have been any school matters that had brought Lisa to his house. So, whatever her reason was to see this Tommy Alm at his home, it must have been some kind of private matter that she preferred not to tell me.

Without any evidence that my dear wife was into some crap with that Alm I could not tell her I was using satellites and her own phone to spy on her doings. And neither could I accuse her of lying to me without getting further information about what she was into with this teacher, since it could be something totally innocent.

However, next week on her free Wednesday afternoon, I was better prepared when the app in my phone showed that she was at his house again. I took off from my job for a couple of hours and pretended to be a bird watcher in the forest on the opposite road-side from Alm's house.

Nobody saw me there hiding in the tight bush but my binoculars gave me a perfect view of the target. Though it was obvious that Lisa's phone was in that house, I couldn't see her car, only his silver metallic Audi.

I rang Lisa's cell phone and when she replied after several rings I asked, "Are you at the mall or going there today?"

"Yes I'm in a fashion shop at the mall. Why are you asking me that?"

"Because I've hurt my back this morning. I wondered if you could buy me a jar of Tiger Balm at the pharmacy there at the mall."

"Of course, my darling."

"I love you for that." I said, while my thought was what a lying bitch.

About an half hour later Lisa and a man came out from the house, got into his car and after a quick kiss in the front seat they drove away. Now it was clear to me that I had witnessed a part of a dirty game. It was not too difficult to imagine what had happened in the house.

I went back to my job, stayed one hour late to calm down and when back home, I had Lisa massage my back with the Tiger Balm she had bought. Though there was no real problem with my back, it was a good excuse to avoid having sex with her.

Now it was high time to make plans to stop this farce. After some thinking my decision was clear. I would do it alone, but if Anton Larsson offered to help me it would be even better.

When Anton heard about my problems he shook his head several times and said, "I would never think that Lisa would do the same shit to you that Emma did to me. She must have gone crazy. She really must be totally nuts for terminating a marriage as good as yours."

Then he suggested to me what to do and offered to get me what I needed to do it. I accepted.

Who knew Lisa's intentions with Tommy Alm? Have a short-time affair? Or did she really love him and was waiting for the right time to dump me? For me it didn't matter a shit, she had already soiled our marriage much more than I could take with my honor left intact.

My dear wife had a strange look on her face when I declined her invitations for sex both Friday and Saturday evenings due to my "aching back". I promised to see a doctor if the back wasn't better on Wednesday, so that put her in a slightly better mood.

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