Old Movie Stars Never Die, They Just Fade Away

by harry lime

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Natalia is an aging film star seldom seen on the screen any more, but she has not slowed down her sexual obsession with exploring new ways to express her passion. Her clueless "blond syndrome" daughter is addicted to sex, drugs, booze and any other vice she can devise on the spur of the moment. Her handsome son-in-law knows how persuasive Natalia can really be.

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Natalia looked into the eyes of the agitated male lion crouched low on the rock above her head. She had been caring for this huge fellow ever since he was a small cub. Still, one never knows with wild animals exactly what is running through their brain.

She could see the two females off in the distance tending the lion cubs playing in the shade of the granite cliffs. It was always touch and go with the females because they seldom showed any level of trust no matter how much she did to look out for their well-being.

The tall, striking woman in her late 60s retreated to the Land Rover and unloosed the dressed out hind-quarter delivered for the small pride's dinner. She kept her eye on Roger just in case he decided she looked tastier than the intended dinner.

Natalia smiled ruefully at the inside joke of the Lion's name. "Roger" was her idiotic first husband who had made a complete fool of himself with an anorexic and boob enhanced Italian starlet in such a public and depraved way on the grounds of the Vatican. Excommunication was the least of his worries. Her only regret was that she still had to pay the fool alimony to finance his dissolute lifestyle.

She should have listened to her dear departed gay agent and best friend Arthur who warned her Roger was nothing but trouble. Only a couple of years ago, her best friend Debbie confided that her husband had taken her "doggy style" right in the bridesmaid's bathroom with her head almost in the sparkling clean commode. Debbie was so ashamed of the fact that she had stolen his creamy load of cum right before the wedding ceremony. She felt compelled to unload the guilt of her wedding day mischief to ears that had no inclination to listen.

She remembered with distaste the way Roger always managed to shift his rampant cock back into her brown eye when he had her bent over and at his complete mercy. The very first time he did that she made him sleep on the sofa for the entire weekend. It was only when they had done it that way a number of times that she came to appreciate the wonder of deep anal impalement. The totally depraved Roger commenced to shove various items up her bum just to see how much she could take. The cucumbers, the hot dogs and the bananas were one thing; but the baseball bat was way over the line.

Natalia cured his anal pursuits with the purchase of a 12 inch black strap-on dildo that she used to tame his desire for sticking it up her bottom. A few sessions with "black beauty" in his tight anus showed Roger the error of his ways.

The wild animal preserve was her pet project.

She monitored the progress and the welfare of the many animals populating the preserve and spared no expense to do it the right way. The isolation of their location made the preserve a non-issue with their distant neighbors.

Natalia parked behind the main house and made her way to the terrace to collect her bathing suit for a dip in the Olympic-sized swimming pool. She put her hair carefully inside the swim cap and trimmed a few wisps of pussy hair that had escaped from the edge of her Brazilian styled swim suit.

Even at 69, the former film star retained a firm figure. Her breasts which were never overly large did not droop badly and her tummy was still sleek like a much younger woman. Looking in the mirror, she frowned at the reflection of her sagging ass cheeks. They had started going South right about the time she passed 65. When she bent forward, they tightened up a bit and there was reduced "jiggle" when she walked. The only positive aspect was that both of her groundskeepers Manuel and Jose assured her that they loved the way she bounced back there when they took turns pounding her 69 year old bottom.

The sound of tinkling ice cubes meant her clueless daughter Miranda had finally arisen from her bed of shameless debauchery with the black man she employed as a bodyguard. Natalia felt a little sense of pity for Omar. He was muscle-bound and "forever" exercising but she knew he was quite intelligent and probably too good for her waste of a daughter. She wondered what it would look like to see his long thick black cock sinking into Miranda's soft round bottom. Perhaps she was a bit jealous listening to her daughter's endless squeals of passion in the middle of the night.

Natalia had managed a breathless affair with a mulatto boy at University. She searched her memory for his name. Yes, it was Bobby Brown. He was a kind and gentle lover and had to be persuaded to venture up her Hersey highway if she remembered correctly.

This Omar was nothing like her Bobby.

Omar was a hard piece of work. He gave Miranda what she so ardently desired. When Natalia saw her daughter hesitate to sit early in the morning, she knew right away that her reddened bottom was still suffering from Omar's desperately needed attentions.

When she joined Miranda on the veranda, the attractive film star avoided the booze and filled her glass with the orange juice flown in from Florida for her daily consumption.

"Mommy, I got an email from Ernesto."

Her daughter on her second Bloody Mary was waving a scrap of paper at her.

Ernesto was Miranda's husband of the past 14 years. Natalia did not approve of the marriage but knew her daughter needed an anchor. Even an anchor that couldn't speak English very well.

"Spit it out, child. What does our fledgling director have to say?"

The extremely handsome Ernesto was off in Spain shooting a new film with the British bombshell, known by the single name of Fantasia. Natalia suspected the handsome Ernesto was unsuccessfully warding off Fantasia's excursions into his bed at night while on location.

"He says he will wrap up on Friday and be home on Sunday. Mommy, that is only 3 days from now. What will I tell Omar?"

The long-legged Natalia settled down on the sunning lounge chair and tried to cover her amusement at her daughter's naiveté. The vacuous blond was so unlike her that she often speculated that they had made a mistake at the hospital and given her the wrong baby.

She munched on a thin slice of whole-grain wheat bread drizzled with some Russian caviar and reflected on her hot-looking son-in-law. Ernesto was 43 now and was only 29 when he first married her daughter. She remembered how handsome and young he looked next to her puffy-faced offspring. Natalie in her mid-50s was still devastatingly beautiful but she could tell the young Ernesto only had eyes for her clueless daughter Miranda. Her daughter's pregnancy a short six months later tended to put a crimp in their romantic interlude and she was saddened when Ernesto turned to the bottle to compensate for his feelings of sexual frustration.

The very first time she had entered Ernesto's private den to relieve his tension with her generous mouth and talented tongue, Natalia knew she was completely hooked on his delicious cock. Over the next decade she had supplemented his dwindling sexual interest in his spouse with oral ministrations that even included attention to his tightly clenched rear entry. She had become so accustomed to his manly scent that whenever he came close to her, she began to ooze her female juices under her attire.

Natalia was certain she was much more attuned to Ernesto's return than her depraved daughter with her perverted desires and slutty ways. Thank goodness her 13 year old granddaughter Carlotta was away in private school in Switzerland for at least the next three years. She did not want the girl to see her mother's dissolute ways or even suspect her own grandmother's shameful submissions to her Father's pleasures.

She looked up bemused to watch Miranda wander away with her "personal" trainer Juan to the seclusion of the padded and sound-proofed exercise rooms. Strange that Miranda never seemed to become fitter but she was always panting when she exited the exercise area. Her sex-addicted daughter rotated "personal" trainers almost on a monthly basis. Natalia was not sure if it was to try different training techniques or that she had become bored with their efforts to rouse her diminishing sex drive.

There was a bit of a commotion at the front gate.

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