Did I Ever Know Any of Them

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2012 by SW MO Hermit

Fiction Story: Man's wife informs him he will accept her taking other lovers or she will divorce him and he will lose everything. He finds thwarts her plans and comes out ahead.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Anal Sex   .

I was finally finished with my packing. I was going off on a weeklong fishing trip with two of my three best buds and while I looked forward to it I was also dreading it. My friends and I had been together since grade school. We were probably much closer than brothers and always enjoyed our time together but this trip was to be different. For years we had all done things as a group—my three buds, our wives and me. Hell when we were young we even dated each of the women until we settled on the one we finally married. This trip Kenney had backed out because he had a business meeting the Monday after we were to leave that he just could not miss. He would come up later that week. Since he wasn't coming initially his wife Pam decided not to come until he did.

Then a couple of days before we were to leave Don found out he had to be home for a meeting on Friday of the first week so he had to leave to return home early. His wife decided not to come up with us. When she found out the wives weren't coming up at the beginning of the vacation my wife Becky decided not to come with us. Well, this just wasn't the great vacation we were used to sharing and I was just bummed out. Normally when we took our trips together we all went and we had a blast. I normally got the best sex of the year just before, during and just after our trips or weekends with our friends.

I have to admit I was more bummed out about missing the great sex than I was about missing being with my buds but still, I was beginning to just wish the trip was over with. Heck, I was still getting the great pre trip sex. During the last week Becky had nearly fucked me into total exhaustion. I was actually having sex when I would have rather just gone to sleep because she was coming on to me so much. This is the way it normally is before a trip and I loved it. The rest of the year our sex life left a lot to be desired. Oh, sure we had sex but it was maybe twice a week and it was just a way to get our rocks off.

This was a big change from when we were first married. Heck the first few years we were married we had sex every time we could find a flat surface to lay on and sometimes just a quiet place to bend her over. While the change was gradual, it had become real noticeable about five years ago. During the course of one summer we went from maybe 5 days a week, sometimes twice a day down to maybe two or at most three times a week. Many times I would want to make love and Becky would refuse. At first I was frustrated but after several small tiffs I let it slide. If she refused me long enough I took matters in hand and took care of my urges myself.

Anyway, this is the point I was at that Thursday evening. I was sitting in the Den drinking a beer and resting from my packing. Becky was upstairs putting the children to bed. I heard her come back downstairs and go into the kitchen. After a few minutes Becky came into the Den and sat in her chair beside me. She took a sip of her wine and looked at me with a worried expression on her face.

"Honey," she said. "I need to talk to you seriously for a moment. I know what I am going to say will probably make you angry but please promise to let me finish before you say anything. I promise to answer all your questions but I need to say this now. I'm afraid ... NO, I should have said something to you several months ago but I didn't know how to do it and I had to get some information for you first."

I don't know why but I felt a trickle of fear. Becky looked so sorry, so afraid; yet so resolute I just knew what she had to talk to me about was some serious shit. Becky took a deep breath, another large sip of her wine and she continued, "I know you haven't been happy with our sex life for the last several years Honey. I haven't enjoyed most of our time together either. Davy, I love you to death but ... well, Honey you just don't excite me sexually like you used to and ... David I want to stay married to you. You are a great father, a wonderful provider and friend but I need more than you are able to give me in bed."

I felt myself begin to sizzle with anger. What was she saying? I knew she didn't let me love her much any more but what the hell had the last week been about. I KNEW I had rang her chimes big time. I opened my mouth to respond when Becky continued. She held her hand up and said, "David! You promised to let me talk before you said anything."

I clenched my jaws and forced myself to relax back into my chair as she continued. "David I have met a man ... NO, there is a man I have known for some time that totally fascinates me and I can't live like we have in the past. I intend to have sex ... NO, to make love with him and I didn't want to run around behind your back when I did it. I will still take care of you but, well, I need you to know you may not get as much as you think you should. I just do not enjoy being with you sexually and I need to be with him. He makes me feel alive and I have the best orgasms. It's like we were when we were first married. I can't get enough from him and..."

I jumped from my chair and began screaming at her. "You cheating BITCH! How could you..."

Becky stood and jumped in front of me. She pushed me back and I fell into my chair. She stood over me and continued, "SHUT UP! I told you that you wouldn't like what I had to say but you promised to listen to me before you said anything. Now shut up and listen."

I sat there in shock while she stood and glared down at me. She continued, "I have checked with Don about the divorce laws in this state and you can't afford to divorce me. Honey you just have to accept that I will be with my new man. If you divorce me I will get at least two thirds of your salary for alimony and child support. The court will award me the children and the house because I need it to care for the children. I will get half of the savings and your retirement account. You will be a pauper, not even able to afford a decent place to live or food of the quality you enjoy now. The children will grow up in a broken home with all the pain and heartache that would entail. For your good, for the sake of the children, you have to accept what I am going to do. For my part, I still love you and respect you but I just can't go on living with the crap lousy sex life we have. Nothing else will change for us Honey. I will still let you have me some times. I won't cut you off sexually but you have to understand I will be gone all night from time to time and I may take some trips with my new lover so we can have some quality alone time."

I sat in shock, feeling my anger rising as I tried to control myself. I watched as Becky moved back and once again sat in her chair. I licked my lips and took a deep breath. Finally I said, "You fucking cheating Bitch. I thought I knew you. I thought you loved me and now you tear my heart out with this. How long have you been cheating on me already? Who is the bastard anyway?"

Becky looked at me with some anger and said, "Calling me names won't help Honey. I hope you can get over your little hurt and we can live as we have the last several years. I don't intend to tell you how long or when or even where. I definitely don't intend to tell you who I have sex with. It's none of your business and if I find out you are trying to find out I will have to do things you will not like."

"I will say I have had my other lover for some time and we ... I am tired of trying to hide it. I finally decided you needed to know, to hear it from me because I know I can't go on forever without you finding out and I am just tired of having to sneak around and hide it. I'm tired of having to come home early and clean up so you don't suspect. I'm tired of never being able to spend the night in his arms. This way I can tell you I am going out and you can watch the children while I get my needs taken care of. As far as telling you who it is—I'll say it again—never gonna happen. I know you would try to do something about it and then you would go to jail or get hurt badly and be in the hospital. Either way would be bad because I, the children, need you to work and support us. The children need their father with them. I guarantee you will be prosecuted if you find out who my lover is and you do anything to him or to me. Steps have already been taken to ensure you are punished if you make any attempt to injure us."

I once again sat in shock at the cold-blooded way Becky laid out her information. She was so confident, so knowledgeable. It was apparent this moment had been planned for some time. She had an answer for all my comments, all my thoughts. I said, "Well, I better call the guys and tell them I won't be taking this damn trip. We need to get some things straight and I have a lot to do." I reached for my phone and Becky grabbed my hand.

Becky looked me in the eyes and said, "NO! You will go on this trip. The children will go to your parent's as planned. I don't intend to be here alone during the next two weeks and I don't want you around to be hurt or try and find out whom I'm going to be with. You need this time off to get used to this. I have made arrangements to insure you actually take this trip and you won't like it if you don't go. I can guarantee you will be sorry if you change plans at this late date. My friends and I have all the bases covered. We have informers in town and almost any place you care to go and if you do anything to find out who my lover is or to make any changes in our life I will find out and you will be taken to the cleaners. You just have to accept that I have got this plan iron clad and it will work for me. If you cooperate I will see you don't have a crappy life. You will live much as you have been living."

Becky walked to the desk and picked up an inch thick envelope from the drawer she kept her papers in. She walked back to me and handed it to me. "Here. Just so you will believe me we have prepared a written report of all your actions for the last month. Read it and you will see we have you nailed down. We know everything you do and if you try and mess up my, no, our plans we will know it and I will take you down. Now I'm going to bed. If you want your pussy tonight come on up. You'll see nothing really has to change unless you make waves."

I sat in amazement. Who was this Bitch and what the hell had she done with my wife? I thought I knew her and now I find out she was a conniving, cheating skank? I watched her walk upstairs, her ass wiggling enticingly. She knew how wonderful, how sexy she looked and she was using it tonight. For once though it did not affect me at all. I finally opened the envelope and began reading.

I was amazed. This report was so detailed I couldn't believe it. Hell, it had things in it I did not even remember until I read about them and thought back. It must have cost thousands of dollars to put together. Was she tied up with a millionaire or the mob? From the looks of the report someone had followed me 24/7. Hell, they even recorded the fact I had soiled my shirt at lunch one day and what I had dropped on it and the time and café it was done in. They recorded every time I watched a good looking woman (yeah, yeah, I'm not dead yet. I do look) and if I talked to her. It took me over two hours to read the report. Then I sat and thought about it.

Hell, some of the things in the report were things only I could know about. A time or two they had listed something I had said when I was alone or with one of my friends or with Becky. Shit, was there a bug in my clothes or wallet? I sat and thought. I intended to get rid of the cheating wife I had and I didn't intend to let her rape me in the settlement but how did I do it? Crap, I needed to talk with the guys. Maybe they would have some ideas. After all, we had been buds since grade school. Hell, we had even dated the same women and bedded most of them together. I was pretty sure they had all screwed Becky while we were dating. I mean you could tell from the way we all flirted with each other that we were closer than just friends. I ... My GOD. I wondered, could Becky be with one of them? Crap, now I was afraid to even talk to one of my friends. I mean hell if it was one of them and I began planning with them or asked for help I would be alerting them as to my plans and they could thwart me before I even began to proceed with my retaliation and the divorce. SHIT!

I heard Becky come to the head of the stairs. She stood and said, "Well Dave are you coming to bed and use this wet pussy or are you going to sit down there and pout? I'm not going to wait up all night for you." She turned and I heard her walk back toward our bedroom.

I never did go to bed. I spent the night on the couch in the Den. Becky came in and woke me when she began to cook breakfast. She was angry and let me know it. "Get your sorry ass up Dave. You need to get cleaned up and ready for work before the children notice you didn't sleep in your own room last night. When you get back in two weeks I expect you to act normally. If you cause a rift in the family I've already told you what the consequences will be. I'm perfectly willing to serve your needs on occasion but I expect you to play your part also. You need to know though if you find another woman I will divorce you."

I felt myself begin to heat as the anger rushed through my system. I shouted, "WHAT THE HELL? You can fuck around on me and expect me to be OK with it but I don't have the same right? Not that I intend to do that but why the hell do you think that it's OK for you and not for me?"

Becky smirked and replied, "Hell Dave we both know what you're getting from me now is sufficient for your needs. If you go out and get some strange it would only be for payback. The only reason I have to go outside the marriage is because you can't perform your husbandly duties in a satisfactory manner. If you could give me what I need I would never go outside our marriage and I expect that same consideration from you."

I spluttered. I was so angry I could hardly talk but I finally managed to reply. "I just cannot believe you! Not once did you come to me and ask for more or for a different way of making love. Not once did you ask me to do anything in the bedroom that we don't normally do. How was I supposed to know you wanted or needed something more if you didn't tell me? I always made sure you had your orgasms. Most of the time you had several before our loving was over. How was I supposed to know there was something missing when you acted like everything was fine and when I was happy?"

Becky just stood looking at me then said, "Well, if you have to ask at this late date you really are in the dark aren't you? Besides my dear, it isn't the quantity so much as the quality that you are lacking in. You just never learned how to please me and I finally decided you never would so I began to get what I needed elsewhere. Now go on and get dressed. I'm tired of listening to you whine."

I stumbled upstairs and followed my normal morning routine. We had a quiet breakfast and Sean, our son, asked what was the matter. I started to answer him and Becky broke in. She said, "Your father has been worrying about a little problem he is having. I'm sure he will be back to normal after his vacation." She glared at me then turned her attention back to her breakfast.

When I got to work I decided to ignore part of Becky's "advice" and cancel my trip with the guys. I was supposed to leave directly from work and meet them at our favorite Dennys where we would all drive together. I had a nice crew cab F150 so we would put all the gear in it and leave from there. Roger would ride with me and Don would drive his car since he had to come back to town Wednesday. I spoke to Roger and told him something had come up and I had to back out. I offered to let him take my truck to haul the gear.

Roger said, "Oh, no Dave. That's NOT going to happen. I just got off the phone with Becky and she warned me you might try to pull this. She said you've been under a lot of pressure lately and are working too hard. She has already talked to your secretary and verified you have nothing important scheduled. I promised her I would make sure you took this trip. Now if I have to I will come and find you. You WILL come with us and you WILL have fun."

I started to protest and just flat refuse then I felt a tendril of fear. What if Roger was ... no, Becky said she was leaving this weekend and Roger was going with me. But wait, Kenney was staying home and coming up midweek. Could it be him? Or someone else? Hell I was stuck. I really needed to think more and make some plans. I needed to buy some surveillance but how. I could tell from the report I had read that Becky and her friends tracked my credit card purchases and phone calls. They even tracked cash withdrawals from the bank. They could find atypical expenditures overnight.

I was sitting at my desk staring into space when I got a call from Becky. As soon as I picked up the phone she lit into me. "David. I told you that you were to go on your trip and that it would NOT be in your best interests to try and find out who I am seeing. Roger just called me and told me you had tried to back out. This is your last warning. DO NOT MESS WITH ME OR YOU WILL BE PUT INTO THE POOR HOUSE AND WILL NEVER SEE YOUR CHILDREN AGAIN. AM I CLEAR THIS TIME?"

She slammed the phone down and I once again sat in shock. Roger had ratted me out. Crap, did that mean he was in on this or was he a true friend and worried about me? Come to think about it, none of my old buds seemed as close to me as they had been several years ago. It was almost as if they were Becky's friends now and I was along for the ride. Could it be??? NAW not all of them.

Well, I decided to go on the trip and met the guys at the Dennys. We had supper and they were all cutting up like we usually do but I sat and moped. Finally Don asked me what was wrong. I looked at him for a moment and said, "Becky's got some damn fool idea in her head and I don't know how to handle it. I'm having trouble even believing she means what she told me but if she does my marriage is toast."

Roger looked over at Don and said, "Hell Don. You know how Becky is. She called me earlier today and told me lover boy here was trying to back out on our little trip and wanted to make sure he went. She said he had been upset and hard to live with for the last several days and he really needed this time off to get his head on straight. I promised her we would make sure he went with us and had a good time."

Don said, "Yeah, I've noticed him being a little moody myself the last several months. He doesn't really joke and smoke with us like he used to. I'm sure he needs a little attitude adjustment and we can sure give it to him. I have beer and his favorite whiskey in my car." He turned to me and continued, "Hell buddy nothing used to get between us and our time at the cabin. Hell, I know the ladies won't be there this time but crap that just means we can drink more and tell more lies."

I followed them out the door and we began the trip to the stream where we fished. It was only a two-hour drive so we got there in time to do a little serious drinking before bed. The next morning both the fellows insisted on fishing and so off we went. I did forget some of the last few days but by the time we returned to the cabin I was once again thinking about Becky. I couldn't believe she meant what she had said but damn. Needless to say instead of thinking about what I needed to do I let the guys talk me into drinking with them.

After supper I was sitting and hitting the booze with them when Don looked over at me and asked, "Ok Dave. Give. You look like you lost your best friend and I know you didn't because I'm still right here. What the hell has you so down in the dumps?"

I decided what the hell. If I didn't talk to someone I trusted I'd go nuts. I knew I could trust these guys. Hell, we'd been best buddies since we started school. I filled Don and Roger in on the last several months, hell the last three years of my marriage and declining sex life then told them about Becky's bombshell of Thursday evening.

After I was finished Don looked at me and said, "Damn Dave. Are you sure that's what Becky said? Hell, I can't believe she would say or even think something like that. We've known her for years and she is the kindest most loving woman I can imagine."

"Yeah, me too but that's exactly what she said as far as I can remember. Is what she said really true?"

Don sat back in his chair and said, "Well Dave I can't say how a divorce would come out if that is what you're asking but she is right about some things. For example if she is really doing something like you say she wants to do you do have to make a decision on how you are going to handle it. If she is discrete you need to ask yourself if breaking up the family and the emotional harm to the children and even to you and Becky is a good thing."

"The courts always side with the mother in custody cases. Unless she can be proven to be unfit in some way you would lose your children. She is right that you would have to support the children until they are of age and you would be expected to help with college as well. Since she does not work you would be required to pay alimony until she remarried and in all probability you would lose your home either to her or you would have to sell it and give her half of the money. You would have to give her at least half of the savings and your retirement account, so yes, she is mostly correct. There is a formula for computing child support and it is not normally of benefit to the supporting parent. The court is very concerned with giving the children exceptional support so you would probably lose at least three fourths of your take home pay for support payments in the case of a divorce. You would be required to provide health care for the children also."

Dave sat there in shock. Somehow hearing his friend that was an attorney say it was much worse than hearing Becky tell him he would be ruined if he did not accept her sleeping around.

"I have to know. She won't tell me whom she is with and I need to know. When I find out I will make sure she isn't with him any longer."

"Dave as your friend I understand what you're saying but as an officer of the court I have to tell you not to do that. I hate to tell you this but it is my duty to report things like this and now if I hear that one of Becky's lovers has been harmed I will have to report you. My advice to you is to just accept this and go on as normal. Maybe if she is cheating on you she will change her mind or get it out of her system. In any event it sounds to me like you would be much better off just accepting it and maintaining the status quo."

"Don I can't believe you are saying that. How would you feel if it was Shelley doing something like that and threatening you? Are you telling me you would just roll over and accept her cuckolding you like Becky intends to do me?"

Don looked uncomfortable and replied, "No I would probably be as upset as you seem to be but I know Shelley would not do something like that. She is totally in love with me and knows I am the best lover she could ever find. I make a great living and she would not even consider losing access to it or hurting our children or me. Buddy you had just better accept your fate. If she has someone watching you as closely as you say based on the report she let you see you're fucked. If you even try to find out who she is with she will find out and do something about it. Hell from what you tell me she has you so wired she may even find out about this talk. She did know where we're going didn't she?"

"Crap. I never even thought about that. Damn, now I have something else to think about."

Dave was perplexed by the smile Roger seemed to have throughout the discussion and the strangely happy look on Don's face. He couldn't believe his friends could be so unworried about the way Becky had shit on him. Finally he said, "Well fuck it. Lets have some more to drink."

The next morning Dave was up before his two friends. He decided he wanted to be alone so he took his fishing gear and walked upstream to his favorite fishing hole. He was just getting ready to begin fishing when his cell phone rang. He always carried it but there were a lot of places up here that it didn't work because of poor signals. He was rather surprised he managed to get reception here. He saw it was Becky and decided not to answer.

As soon as Becky left the message he listened to it. He was amazed to hear her say, "Well Honey. My sources tell me you got some really good advice from Don last night. I hope you're going to take it. I love you and you are too good a provider and father to lose but if you do anything crazy I can cut you loose and still take pretty good care of the children. Now have fun."

Dave looked at the phone in shock. He knew the cabin didn't have cell service and there was no landline so how had she found out about the talk between him and the guys? Oh, hell, his gear must have a bug in it and there was someone close to pick it up when it transmitted. He needed to see if he could find it later.

Dave never noticed Roger and Don standing at the edge of the tree line while he listened to the message. They grinned and gave each other a thumbs up then disappeared back into the woods walking toward the cabin.

Roger looked over at Don and said, "Well do you think that will take care of it or should we keep the pressure on for a while?"

"I think we need to keep the detailed reports up for a month or two and we all need to keep telling him to just accept it. Hell, we've got a good thing going right now and if we can convince him to let her keep playing and take some full nights and weekends with us we will be miles ahead. God, can you imagine how much nicer it will be to fuck her with no short time limits like we have now? Hell we've got the slut so into the sex we give her now she's ready to do anything we tell her so she can have more."

"If we work it right he can let our wives know about the problem and we can tell them we are out nights helping him try and find out what the score is. That'll be great cover."

Dave fished until almost noon but his heart wasn't in it. Most of his time was spent thinking about his marriage and trying to decide how to find out whom Becky was having an affair with. He also wanted to figure out a way to end it and get his revenge. He knew he couldn't do that though until he found out who, when, where, and he even wanted to know why if at all possible.

Friday evening after Becky had been told the three friends were almost to the cabin she turned to the man with her. She had been wet all day and was more than ready for what was to come. She walked up to him where he sat on the couch in her home and handed him a drink. She squatted between his legs and opened his trousers. He raised his hips to allow her to pull them from his body. As soon as she discarded his pants she reached for his turgid cock.

Becky kissed the head of his cock then ran her tongue around it before slowly taking it all the way into her mouth. She didn't stop until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She slowly raised her head keeping her lips pressed tightly around it until only the tip of his cock was in her mouth. Then she swirled her tongue around the tip once more flicking the under side several times before once again slowly pressing her head down and again taking his entire length into her mouth.

Becky's slow teasing blowjob continued for nearly fifteen minutes before she felt her lover begin to tense. By that time the drainage from her cunt had made a little puddle on the living room floor. She was almost to orgasm herself just from giving the blowjob. She felt her lover place his hands on the side of her head and pull her tighter against him. His cock got harder and seemed to swell then he made a hard thrust upward trying to ram more of his length into her mouth and throat. She felt his seed erupt from his cock and she began swallowing. She raised her head to let her lips surround the tip of his cock. She sucked and swallowed several times while she rapidly flicked the underside of his cock with her tongue. She did not lose a drop of his seed.

Finally he relaxed back against the couch and began to soften. Becky rose from her position and leaned up to kiss him. She sat beside him on the couch and cuddled up against his side placing her arm over his chest as she buried her head in his neck. She slowly ran her hand down to grasp his sticky cock. She played with and fondled his cock until it rose to its former glory.

Becky looked up at her lover and licked her lips. She pushed herself upright and gave him a smile as she threw her leg over his, gripped his cock and guided it into her dripping cunt. She sat down and drove him all the way into her clenching pussy in one lunge. She moaned in ecstasy as she fully seated him in her dripping love channel.

Becky leaned forward and gave him a gentle kiss as her hips began a slow rocking motion working him in and out slowly as she rubbed her clit against his pubic bone. She said, "Oh GOD I've been needing this for so long. I can't wait for the other's to get here. Isn't Don supposed to be here Wednesday early?"

"Yeah baby. Then you'll have both of us for two whole nights before I have to go help baby sit your loving hubby."

"Oh, God, I'll be so glad when we can all three get together at once. I've just hated only being with one or at most two of you at once. After what you've done to me there is no way just Dave can ever satisfy me again. Do you think we've got everything taken care of? I love him to death and he is a great provider and father. I don't want to lose him."

"Yeah I think we can control him."

"Yeah, I just hope Dave doesn't start talking to our wives and cause trouble. You know we've been doing fine the last three years. I really think we should have been happy with the way it was instead of getting greedy like this. I admit the thought of having you for ourselves all night or over a long trip is nice but I'm not sure we can push ole Davey this hard. We may have awakened a monster."

"Well the bugs we've planted and the few things we have been able to turn up that make him look bad should make him back off. I just wish he wasn't so damn straight and honorable. I can't believe we've not been able to find anything he has done that is the least little bit underhanded. How can any man be in business for himself and not take advantage of situations to make a little extra?"

"Oh, by the way Becky. Are you still watching the finances and all the transactions like we talked about?"

"Yeah. I managed to get the bank to put limits on what he can withdraw in cash but I can't do anything about him writing checks. At least we can track them if he does it. I just wish I had some way to watch the business closer. I wish now I hadn't insisted he hire office help so I could stay home with the kids and be just a housewife." Becky giggled then continued, "Of course if I hadn't set it up so I stayed home we wouldn't be having as much fun as we are would we? I was getting so damn frustrated just being with you all a couple nights a month and a few times on a trip. At least by being a stay at home mom we got to play more. Now, with this idea we can play as much as we want."

"OHHHHHH, Aieeeeee," Becky moaned. Her hips began making violent thrusting motions then she fell forward and clenched her arms around her lover. Her cunt began contracting and milking his hard cock as her orgasm overwhelmed her. As she was relaxing he slammed his hips upward and he felt his cock throbbing as he shot another load of his sperm deeply into Becky's pulsating cunt.

They sat still joined for several minutes, gently kissing occasionally until Becky pushed back and smiled. She stood and reached for his hand as she said, "I think it's time for bed lover. Let's get a shower then I want you to pound me at least once more before we go to sleep. Think you can do that?"

Dave was morose and distracted at the river. His friends tried to talk to him and cheer him up but weren't having much luck. They got him drunk Tuesday evening. After he drifted off into a drunken slumber Don and Roger went onto the porch to talk quietly. Roger said, "I'm starting to worry Don. We've been talking to him for four days and if anything he is getting more adamant about dumping Becky and getting revenge on her lover. He's almost ready to explode and go berserk. How are we going to control this thing now? Hell, it all sounded so good and so easy when we made the plan to control him and get her to ourselves more frequently. What if he finds out and tells our wives?"

Don said, "Oh, calm down Roger. I can gut him in the divorce and make it look like she is a saint. Worst-case scenario she does divorce him. So what. The only reason we decided to try this is because she said she wanted to keep the little twit. I have to admit I get a charge out of banging her while she's married to him but the pussy would be almost as much fun if she wasn't married. We just have to keep him and our wives from finding out so we don't get taken to the cleaners. We may have to use a little physical persuasion but that can wait until we see what happens in a week or two."

Dave couldn't hear what the guys were saying clearly but he had awakened and heard them talking on the front porch. He knew they were upset he was being hard headed about accepting Becky's cheating and they thought they would have to persuade him to be more accepting of the matter. Now he was not only pissed at her but he had become pissed at them. Before he drifted off to sleep once more he decided he would handle this without the help of his friends.

The next few days Dave became more withdrawn from his friends. Roger and Kenney began to worry in earnest when all he would say about the situation was, "I'm going to find out who the bitch is fucking and she and they are going to pay big time."

Finally the day for them to return home arrived. Once again Roger rode with Dave. There was no conversation in the truck. Kenney drove his own car and as soon as they reached an area with good cell service he called Don. Don and Becky sat in Dave's living room and listened as Kenney reported on Dave. "He is seething with anger. If anything he is angrier and more determined to make you pay than he was when I got to the cabin. I don't know what to do but I suggest we cool it until he calms down. If he catches us it could get messy."

Becky sat in shock. She had tears running down her cheeks and she was almost hyperventilating. Don sat with clenched jaws, his face red with anger. After they had talked with Kenney for a moment or two longer he hung up and Don turned to Becky. He pulled her to him and began fondling her breasts as he calmed her down. As he played with her he said, "Becky you don't need to worry. I didn't want to play hardball if we didn't have to but it is starting to look like we have no choice. See what he is like this weekend and let me know Sunday evening. If it looks like he is going to cause trouble we will file Monday. I can freeze all your personal accounts and I think I can freeze the business accounts subject to court approval for all expenditures. We can convince the judge he might clean you out and ruin the business if we don't get control from him."

Dave walked into his home late Friday evening to see Becky sitting in the living room. Her eyes were red as if she had been crying. She had a relaxed, just fucked look. She was wearing one of his dress shirts and nothing else. As he walked through the room he saw a whitish substance draining from her cunt. He felt himself shaking with anger. She glared at him and slightly spread her legs as if she wanted him to see and make a comment about her just fucked pussy.

Dave glared at Becky and walked past her without saying anything. She followed him into their bedroom and when he got into the shower she tried to enter with him. He pushed her out and said, "Get your whoring ass out of here. I was hoping to come home and work this out but after seeing you tonight I know there is no possibility of that happening. You may ruin me but I guarantee you I will eventually exact retribution on you and your lover or lovers."

After he cleaned up Dave rapidly packed all of his belongings he could cram into his truck. He heard Becky on the phone while he was going in and out of the house. One of the last things he did was try to use the computer to move money from their joint accounts. He found himself locked out because the password had been changed. His jaws clenched in anger. He turned to see Becky watching him.

Becky seemed sorry as she said, "I was hoping you would see reason and it wouldn't come to this. You know you're making a big mistake don't you? I love you more than any man I have ever known. I don't want to lose you. If you keep up you will lose the business and everything we've worked for. Just so you know, I hired Don as my attorney. I just talked to him and told him how you were acting. He'll be in touch."

Dave was shocked. He knew Don was her friend too but damn, he was his friend and had been his attorney ever since he began to practice. He couldn't believe Don would do this to him. Dave left his home and drove straight to his office and warehouse complex. He was going to live in his office and conference room for a while. On the way into the complex he stopped at the gate and talked to the guard. "I am having some trouble with my wife. She and her lover have made threats against me. I need you to call in extra security and keep all unauthorized persons off any part of this property."

Saturday morning about ten a.m. Dave was leaving the complex to get breakfast when he was stopped at the gate. A man came up to him and verified his identity then he said, "You have been served." He handed Dave an envelope and walked off. When Dave opened it he saw a restraining order that said he could not go any nearer than 300 feet of his wife, children or their residence. There was also an order included requiring the court to approve any expenditures from his personal or business accounts to keep him from gutting the company pending divorce proceedings that would be filed the following Monday.

After his breakfast Dave went to his assistant's home. When she opened the door she said, "Dave. You look like hell. Is something the matter?"

"I need to talk. I need help and you're the only person I can think of that I can trust. I'm sorry to bother you on the weekend but I have a problem and I have absolutely no idea who I can trust and who I can talk to. I"

She stepped back and held the door open. "Come on in Dave. Would you like some coffee?" Dave followed her into the kitchen where he saw her husband Thaddeus sitting at the table. He had apparently interrupted them during their brunch. There were egg-covered plates still on the table.

"I'm sorry. I guess I should go. I"

Thaddeus looked up at Dave and said, "You look like hell Dave. Sit down and talk to us for gosh sake."

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