Need for Revenge
Chapter 2

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 2 - I found her cheating and needed to get even in some way. My life had totally changed.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Gang Bang  

My job at the lumberyard was hard work but kept me physically fit. I got all the exercise I needed. Some days I went out and had a few beers with some of my fellow workers. I would usually get something to eat and then to bed to get some rest.

I kept in touch with my lawyer and he told me he needed the names and addresses of the men who had sex with Mary Ann. All I knew was their first names, Ben, Tony and Rob. I hoped that Kathy might help me out.

When we met for dinner she wasn't in the best mood. She heard from Mary Ann that I was trying to divorce her on the grounds of adultery and Mary Ann said they were unfounded.

We ordered dinner and I told Kathy that I would be totally honest with her. I had no reason to lie. As we were eating I told her about the way that Mary Ann acted at the wedding.

She did say she thought that Mary Ann was overdoing the flirting and Mary Ann admitted to it. Then I told her the rest of the story. I mentioned that I went to the restroom and when I came out Mary Ann was gone and so was her friend Rob.

I let her know that I talked to Tony and Ben and they said that Rob took Mary Ann up to our room but when I got there she wasn't there. I went into detail about finding her in Rob's room with his friends. How she was having sex with them and didn't even know I was there.

"How could you just sit there and watch them having sex with Mary Ann? I can't believe you just sat there and did nothing."

"I guess I just froze when I first saw her. Then she was begging them to continue. Tony had a knife and he did tell me it was three against one. I would have probably fought them anyway if Mary Ann was being raped but the sex with these three assholes was consensual.

"When Mary Ann turned around and saw me she asked them to stop. She told me she made a mistake. I called her a slut wife and that I would be getting a divorce. I went back to our room, got my things and went home. I was gone when you dropped her off at home the next day.

"I swear to God it's the absolute truth. I would never lie to you. I care for you too much. I even mentioned to Mary Ann that if she filed rape charges against them that I would come pick her up at the motel. She told me she couldn't do that."

Kathy stared at me for what seemed like the longest time. I believe that she could see the truth in my eyes. That's when I asked her for a favor. "Kathy, I need the last names and addresses of Rob, Tony and Ben. Would you be able to get them for me?"

She looked at me, and then away for a few seconds. "What do you want with them?" she asked.

"I need them in ... in my divorce statement. I'm getting the divorce on grounds of adultery. My lawyer told me that I need that information. Can you get it for me?"

"Do you know what you're asking? Mary Ann is my sister and you want me to betray her and side with you."

"No, that's not true. All I'm asking for is the full names and addresses of the men who had sex with my wife. You can't betray her if she didn't do anything wrong, can you? I know you well enough that you know I'm telling the truth.

"Kathy, I can still find out the information if you don't want to help me. It would just be faster since I know you already know their names. I guess more than anything I want us to stay friends."

"Ok, I'll get you what you want. I have to tell you that I don't know if I totally believe you. Stop in Thursday, that's when I work again and I'll have it for you."

Thursday before work I stopped in the restaurant and asked to be seated in Kathy's section. I thought I saw her smile when she looked my way. When she came to my table she slipped me a folded piece of paper and I put it in my pocket. I thanked her and ordered breakfast.

I saw my lawyer after work and gave him a copy of the information I picked up. He told me that Mary Ann had called him and said she wasn't going to sign the papers if it said divorce because of adultery. However, if we had a dissolution due to irreconcilable differences, she would agree to that. It had something to do with ruining her reputation.

My lawyer told me that was my best option. The problem was that there was no proof to the allegation I was charging her with in the divorce. I didn't have any other witnesses other than myself and the three men surely wouldn't admit to having sex with Mary Ann. No video, no pictures, nothing to prove it happened. It was just my word against hers.

I went along with the lawyer and applied for a dissolution. He said it would be finalized in about four months. I then got more bad news. Since I was on the lease and it would have to be renewed again in two months I would have to pay half the rent for the next two months, then I could be removed from the rental agreement after that.

At least I would rid myself of the lying bitch. The only problem was my need for some type of revenge. I was made a cuckold and sat there and took it. Looking back I should have just walked out instead of watching Mary Ann and listening to her telling them how good it felt. Now I also remember Rob asking her if it was as good as it used to be. I remembered feeling sad when she said 'yes'.

Now, MaryAnn gets away with being the one that people believed. I'm just considered a jealous husband. My lawyer and Kathy are the only two I told the whole truth to. I figured it would all come out in the divorce but now it was just a dissolution.

I did tell my friends and the guys that I work with that my wife cheated on me but didn't give any details. It was bad enough that I was a cuckold, let alone that I stayed and watched it happen.

In the following months I worked and would stop and see Kathy at the restaurant every chance I got. She gave me her work schedule and I ate there if she was working. It was an extra fifteen miles to drive but I didn't care.

I asked her out and she told me she would love to go out with me but not until after the divorce. No one in her family knew that we were seeing each other even though it was only at her work.

One day she looked sad when I came in. When I asked her what was wrong she told me that Mary Ann was dating Rob again. "It's only been two months since the two of you separated and she's all ready back with him."

"I thought Rob was married?"

"He is. I went to see her one day and he was at your old apartment. When she came to the door I could see what they had been doing. All she had on was a robe and her hair was a mess. He was buttoning his shirt coming out of the bedroom. I didn't even go in after seeing them.

"I called her a slut and told her that she didn't deserve you. All she said was 'Don't tell Mom and Dad'. I left knowing that everything you told me was probably true. I'm sorry for doubting you."

It had now been over three and a half months since I applied for the divorce. I got a call from Kathy telling me she needed to see me. We met after she got out of class one evening. I was just happy to see her. We met in a lounge outside of the city. We sat in a booth and ordered a drink.

"Ok, what's up?" I asked. "You seemed very nervous on the phone."

"Mary Ann's pregnant. I heard her tell Mom last night. She told Mom that you're the father."

"That's bullshit! We haven't been together for over five months. How far along is she?"

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