Need for Revenge
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I found her cheating and needed to get even in some way. My life had totally changed.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Gang Bang  

Sometimes you never really know how you're going to react until the situation actually happens. I always read where everyone seems to have the answers but yet they are on opposite sides of the subject.

I grew up in a broken home. Mom and Dad argued all the time and one day Dad walked out on us. I was nine at the time and I really didn't understand it all. I had an older brother and sister but they were now out of the house. He was twenty-one and she was nineteen, and they were both in college at the time.

They are both now married and live in other states. I might only see them during a holiday or if they visit while on vacation. They're not very close to Mom since she got remarried.

As best as I can understand it I was what you call a love child. I was born when my parents were hoping to save their marriage at the time. I guess it went all right for a while, but their bickering and arguing started all over again.

I think the straw that broke the camel's back was Dad found out Mom had cheated on him. She said it was because he cheated on her first, years ago. This crap went on and on till Mom blurted out one time that I might not even be Dad's son.

I know it was because it all was said in the heat of the argument, but Dad ended up having a DNA test done. He and Mom were both shocked when it came back that Dad was not my biological father. Dad started divorce proceedings the next day at nine a.m.

He was the only Dad I ever knew. He worked all the time and we weren't all that close but now there was no one. After the divorce I talked to him once in a while but it wasn't the same anymore. When I asked Mom who my father was, she said she wasn't sure. She always thought it was Dad.

Life was hard for me after that. As I grew up I later learned that Mom was somewhat of a party women. She married young and had my brother and sister, both before she was twenty-one. She started going out with some of the women she worked with. Dad traveled a lot since he was a truck driver. So I know they both constantly cheated on one another.

After the divorce Mom didn't remarry until I was eighteen, but she did bring a number of men to the house. Usually it was when I was gone to my friends' or at my grandparents' home. They never spent the night when I was home.

I became a voyeur, watching my mother having sex with other men. She never caught me but it went on for years. I never told anyone but kept it to myself. I know a lot of incest readers will wonder if I ever did anything with Mom. The truth is no, I never really wanted to. I always thought of it as wrong but it didn't stop me from watching. She gave me, shall I say, a liberal education.

That leads to when I got married. I was twenty-two at the time and met Mary Ann. She was a secretary in the lumberyard where I worked. I asked her out and we became friends and then lovers very quickly. We were married within the year.

She was always the flirty type but I always thought it was just part of her personality. She seemed to be friends with everyone. She was twenty when I met her and said she was a virgin. To be honest, I never knew for sure then, but now I know the real story.

Our life was what I would have called normal. We went to the movies, visited friends and relatives, ate out about half the time. Sometimes Mary Ann would cook meals for us at home. It was usually macaroni and cheese or something else that was easy to make. Lots of heat-and-serve dinners. I didn't mind; we both worked and I knew she wasn't much of a cook when we dated.

When we went out with friends I always wondered about Mary Ann having sex with other men. I know it was because of the way my mother was. I didn't want to think that way but it was lodged into my mind. I never told Mary Ann about my mother other than she dated. The last thing I would have told my wife was that I was a peeping tom and watched my mother have sex with a number of men.

Our sex life I would have considered normal. We had sex in a number of positions and Mary Ann liked when I gave her oral. She stopped doing it to me when I came in her mouth one day. I had drunk a little too much and couldn't hold back. She gagged and choked and said never again.

She'd jerk me off, and even kissed my cock but wouldn't suck it anymore. The reason we got married was because she got pregnant. When she told me I asked her to marry me. I felt it was the right thing to do.

I liked her a lot and figured I could grow to love her. Her family hated me from the start. I guess it began because they blamed me for not using protection and getting their daughter pregnant. In their eyes Mary Ann could do no wrong. I was fighting an uphill battle from the start.

The only one in her family that liked me was her sister Kathy. She was two years younger than Mary Ann: she was a lot more quiet, and kept to herself where Mary Ann was outgoing. I guess I always had a thing for Kathy because she was the only one in the family that talked to me.

In her fifth month of pregnancy Mary Ann lost the baby. That was two years ago. We've been married for almost three years now.

I've asked her if she has ever been with another man and she always tells me she hasn't. During our lovemaking I've asked her if she ever thought about it and she told me she doesn't need another man. I was more than enough for her.

I was young and stupid and really didn't know much about life. When I graduated my mom's new husband told me it was time for me to be out on my own. I found a cheap apartment, found a job at the lumberyard and had a pretty good life going.

I dated a few girls because like most young men I was a pussy hound. Mary Ann went to a junior college in our town and after graduating started working as a secretary at our lumberyard. Needless to say a young, good- looking women was always a nice sight.

We dated and by the third date began having sex. She was born and raised in Steubenville, Ohio, which was about forty miles away. She would go home some weekends to see her family. When they met me they really didn't care for me. I later found out that Mary Ann used to date a guy named Rob, whom her parents loved.

I guess he was a football star when they were in high school. Mary Ann broke up with him when she was going away to college. He got a job in the steel mill where his dad worked. I guess they made pretty good money and since Rob's dad was in management he could be on a fast track to a promotion.

I later learned from Kathy that Rob got pissed and quickly married one of Mary Ann's friends, Sheila. They now have two kids of their own. Sheila and Mary Ann don't get along anymore. That's why Mary Ann stayed in our town after her graduation. She roomed with an aunt till we got married. I don't know her aunt all that well.

We got married at the courthouse. Her parents didn't even attend. Her sister Kathy did show up as well as her aunt. Since the loss of the baby Mary Ann and her parents have made up. I rarely visited them but enjoyed when Kathy comes to see us. I guess I shouldn't feel this way but I do.

Mary Ann had made a lot of friends in our town. Some are people we work with and others are our neighbors. I know she has gone out with her friends but they are all married and to the best of my knowledge she hasn't been unfaithful. She has told me that she has danced with other men if the girls went to a lounge but that was all she ever did.

A few times she had come home pretty horny and the sex was great, especially if she had too much to drink. I honestly believed she was faithful to me. That was until we went out of town to her cousin's wedding. It was only forty miles away in Steubenville, the city where she grew up and graduated from high school.

She introduced me to so many people that it was almost like a high school reunion as well as a wedding. We both drank quite a bit, seeing we were staying in the motel where the reception was being held. I told her I wouldn't stay at her parents' house. They hardly even talked to me at the wedding.

The trouble started when a lot of her old friends wanted to dance with her. I couldn't say much since her female cousins and friends asked me to dance as well. I held them close but didn't get inappropriate with any of them. I couldn't say the same about Mary Ann. She was outright flirting, which she does when she drinks. Her cousins said she was always like that but was harmless.

I did enjoy dancing with Kathy; she was just one of those people I enjoyed being around. I made sure I didn't do anything inappropriate with her but did like holding her in my arms. I did tell her I didn't approve of the way Mary Ann was acting. She didn't say anything about it but I don't think she cared for the way Mary Ann was acting either.

I told Mary Ann when I danced a slow dance with her that I didn't approve of what she was doing, and she just called me an old party pooper and said she would dance with who she wanted and the way she wanted.

After that I wasn't doing much dancing but a lot of drinking and watching Mary Ann being groped over and over again. She would rub her ass against a guy and then looked at me and laugh. I never laughed back.

There were basically three guys that she was dancing the most with inappropriately. Two were old high school friends and the other was just a friend of theirs. I've never seen her quite this wild before. I went up to her again and told her to cut this shit out or we would be leaving.

She told me she was having fun and if I wanted to leave then just leave. She wasn't going anywhere. I went over by the back wall, kind of out of the way, and watched her. I was getting more and more pissed. It was getting late and some of the partygoers were starting to leave. I figured it was finally over and I could get over it.

I went to the restroom and took a needed piss. When I came back out Mary Ann was gone. I looked all over for her and even asked a couple of her cousins if they had seen her. I saw two of the guys that were with her earlier. One was her old schoolmate. They said Rob took her up to her room. She was drunk and quite out of it.

They laughed but I didn't think it was funny as I headed up to our room. When I walked in she wasn't there. I was worried that he had taken her to his room instead. I had no idea which one it might have been. Our room was on the third floor.

I went down to the front desk and asked what room her friends were in. I found out they were on the first floor facing the pool. So they had two door entrances. I walked down the hall and saw the two guys I had talked to getting ready to enter the room. They must have all been rooming together. They looked back at me and laughed as they entered the room.

I went down the hall and heard a woman's voice. I knew it was Mary Ann. I banged on the door and one of the guys opened it. I could immediately see Mary Ann on her knees, lying across the bed with her ass in the air. This Rob guy had his cock buried in her.

"What the fuck!" I yelled.

Mary Ann was so into being fucked I don't think she even heard me.

This guy Tony told me that she came in willingly and I could either watch or leave. He reminded me that there was three of them and only one of me and if I caused any trouble I would be getting my ass kicked. Tony also had a knife.

He was right. One on one I could hold my own with any one of them but three together I didn't stand a chance. I heard Mary Ann ask Rob who came into the room. He told her it was Tony and Ben. "My God Rob, they can see my pussy!"

He laughed and said, "They're going to do more than just see you. Ben has wanted you for years and I told him and Tony that they could have a taste of your pussy. After all you've been rubbing your ass and teasing them all night."

Mary Ann didn't say anything as Ben helped Rob take off take off the rest of her clothes and turned her over. Tony stood next to me to make sure I didn't cause any trouble. He held a knife to my throat.

I stayed there and sat on a chair out of the way as one after the other they fucked her and she was begging them for more. I honestly don't know why I didn't at least try to put a stop to this, knife or no knife. I guess it was because of my past voyeurism or because Mary Ann was asking to be fucked.

When Tony realized I wasn't going to put up a fight he joined the others. I sat there like the wimp I was. Tony had just finished fucking her and came hard in her. "Damn! She's one good white piece of ass!" said Tony. I didn't mention it before but Tony was a light skinned black man. I would guess he was of mixed race.

Mary Ann sat up and that's when she saw me for the first time. "Oh my God! Jim, what are you doing here?" she yelled out.

"Watching a lying whore of a wife getting fucked! Don't go telling me you were being forced. I heard you asking for more!" I yelled at her.

"I'm sorry Jim. I had too much to drink. Tony, Ben, please let me up. This was a big mistake. I need to go talk with my husband." She must have sobered up a little.

I have to tell you that when I used to watch my mother having sex, it was somewhat of a turn-on but watching my wife fucking other men made me want to puke. I didn't even have the start of a hard-on.

"No way you're going anywhere, Sweetie, till we're through with you," replied Ben.

"No, look, you have to let me go. My marriage depends on it," said Mary Ann.

"Your marriage is over," I said to Mary Ann. I looked over at the guys and told them Mary Ann gives great head and likes it when you come in her mouth. I knew she hated it.

I stood up as Rob put his cock in Mary Ann's pussy and one of the other guys grabbed her tits. They looked back at me and laughed and called me a weak cuckold asshole. I shook my head and walked out the door; they were right. I went up to my room and packed my things. I knew my marriage to Mary Ann was over.

My problem now was I was made a cuckold and these fuckers made me one. I knew deep down that I had to get even with them at any cost. I couldn't go through life letting these assholes do this to me. I knew one at a time I could take them. I just had to bide my time and do my best not to get caught.

I packed my luggage and even though I had drunk a lot I headed for home. I figured when they got through with Mary Ann she would go up to our room and sleep it off. She had enough friends and relatives that lived near by that she would find a way home.

At ten the next morning the phone rang. It was Mary Ann. "Jim, how could you just leave me there? I can't believe any man would leave his wife like that. How am I supposed to get home?"

"Ask one of your boyfriends. Offer them a blowjob or a fuck for a ride home. Oh, they already got that, didn't they?"

"Jim, I'm sorry. It was a mistake, I drank too much. I didn't mean for that to happen. They took advantage of me when you left the party. They were going to walk me to my room but took me to theirs instead."

"First, I didn't leave the party. I went to the restroom and when I returned you had left with your old boyfriend. It took me awhile to find out where you were. As far as them taking advantage of you I'll come and get you if you file rape charges against them. Have them arrested, otherwise I'll have to say you were totally willing and our marriage is over."

I knew our marriage was over anyway but I wanted to see what Mary Ann would say.

"I can't file charges against them. Everyone will know I was raped."

"Yeah, right! You were totally willing and now have remorse. By the way, I'm filing for divorce tomorrow on the grounds of adultery. Your 'everybody' will know anyway. You can have the apartment. Me and a couple of my friends are moving out my stuff. Have a good life." I hung up.

She did get home that evening. Her sister Kathy drove her home. I got a storage locker for most of my stuff and got a room that rents by the week. I didn't need much.

I went into the lumberyard on Monday and quit my job. Mary Ann didn't show up for work that day. I'm not sure why but it made it a lot easier for me. I told my boss I was moving out of state and gave him a local post office box number to send my final checks and my savings plan that I cashed in.

I had my pickup truck that was paid for and went to the bank and took half of the money out of our savings account. I had our checkbook and paid off the balance of our credit card, at least the one that had my name on it. I was pretty much out of any debt that I helped incur.

I left the checkbook at the bank and told them to give it to Mary Ann when she came in. For the next few days I tried to formulate some kind of plan. After receiving my money I had two thousand dollars for my part of our savings and checking. I would be getting fifteen thousand in a week from my job savings and another two thousand from my last paycheck and vacation pay.

I did contact a lawyer and filed for a divorce. He told me I needed names and proof if I were going to use adultery for divorce. My other option was a dissolution but I wanted everyone to know the whore that Mary Ann was.

The lawyer went ahead and sent Mary Ann the papers. He mentioned to her that I didn't want to speak to her and if she had any questions to contact him. I did buy a cell phone and gave my mom the number as well as the lawyer.

I knew that there was a lumberyard in West Virginia, just across the Ohio border. I had met the owner a few times when he came to a few lumber company meetings. He told me if I ever wanted a job to look him up. I never thought I would be taking him up on it.

I had a meeting with him and said I needed a job and explained that I was getting a divorce and that my wife worked for my old company. He promised not to tell my ex-employer that I was working for him and I could start the following Monday.

I found myself a trailer for sale pretty cheap. It was set up in a trailer park. I picked up my stuff out of storage and moved in. Luckily it had a lot of furniture in it so I didn't have to go buy a lot of things.

I stopped by a Bob Evans restaurant outside of Steubenville and couldn't believe my waitress was Kathy, my soon to be ex-sister in law. She looked mad when she saw me.

"Why did you leave Mary Ann? She said you were mad because she danced with her old boyfriends and left her at the wedding. Then when she went to your room you had left her stranded with no way to get home. I took her home the next morning and you had moved out. How could you do such a thing? I never thought you were like that," she said.

"Most of what you said isn't true. I don't have time to explain the whole story. If you want to know the truth, give me a call and we can meet and I'll tell you the truth. Your sister is a lying, cheating slut."

I know Kathy was surprised when I called her sister a cheating slut. I never talked that way around Kathy. I gave her my phone number and asked one favor of her and that was to not give that phone number to Mary Ann. For some reason I felt I could trust Kathy.

I ate breakfast and headed over to my new job. The only people that knew where I was working was Kathy and my lawyer. It was funny that I was only fifteen miles from Mary Ann's home town of Steubenville.

I was surprised that I did get a call from Kathy the following day. She worked mornings at the restaurant and went to college in the afternoon. She was taking courses in nursing and was just about finished. She had about a half year to go.

She agreed to meet me for dinner at a restaurant in West Virginia after she got out of classes. She told me she wanted the truth and didn't feel she was getting it from Mary Ann. Needless to say, Mary Ann had everyone else convinced it was my jealousy that broke up our marriage.

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