The Babysitter Spanks Jack and Jill

by harry lime

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Brandi is the responsible older sister to twins Jack and Jill. At least until she started to show them her massage techniques.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Babysitter   .

Brandi had been a babysitter, like, forever.

Her Dad was a Gynecologist. He had his own private practice in a Doctor's office park not far from their home. All of Brandi's friends told her she was lucky to have a Doctor for a Father and Brandi knew it was true.

Her Daddy had a library of books loaded with pictures of female and male private parts that made her feel all tingly down below between her legs. Whenever she visited his office Brandi snuck one of the books from the top shelf and used her finger to pleasure her pussy in secret. It just didn't seem fair that she was not allowed to have a boyfriend yet. Brandi had turned 17 on her last birthday and would be going to State University in the fall. The sensitive young girl was certain she would be the only virgin in the freshman class.

The 17 year old Brandi had two younger siblings were both 16. Only 18 months younger than her. The twins were always making trouble. It seemed like whenever Brandi got in trouble it was usually started by either one or both of the twins. Still, she was expected to be the responsible one and look out for Jack and Jill at all times.

Jack was a handsome young boy.

He was quite big for his age and played outside linebacker on the football team.

Brandi was very mad at him because he had tormented both her and his twin sister, Jill, incessantly bragging about his new "non-virgin" status.

He delighted in giving the details of his nailing that stupid cheerleader slut, Cindi Johnson, after the game on Friday night. She had to admit the details were sordid but did serve to make her panties wet each time he described what he did to the 17 year old head cheerleader. Brandi had seen Cindi naked many times in the locker room and she was well aware of the dirty blonde's luscious tits and ass. One time she had peeked into the gym office and saw the same little slut Cindi bending over the desk with the coach's huge cock sliding in and out of her pussy from behind. Brandi was ashamed to remember how she had frigged her own slit watching through the blinds. She remembered in great detail how the seriously overweight coach punished Cindi's heart-shaped teenage ass and even used his pudgy fingers to spank her as he drove his throbbing cock deep inside her no longer virgin pussy. Her own satisfactory orgasm was achieved just as the coach pulled his dripping shaft from the whimpering girl's bottom. She was mortified at her own depravity in imagining the coach's cock filling her pussy with the sticky fluid he had covered all over the uncomplaining Cindi's lush bottom.

Jill had cried the last time Jack had regaled them with his sexual exploits. Brandi did her best to console the young girl, but Jill told her it was not the crudity of her twin brother's words; it was the fact that the silly slut Cindi had taken Jack's cherry. Jill whispered in her ear that she had long envisioned Jack and her losing their cherries together sometime this summer.

Brandi was not shocked.

In fact, she had longed to stroke Jack's beautiful cock on more than one occasion. She wondered if poor Jack realized he had two sure things sleeping in the next room each and every night. She told Jill that Jack would quickly tire of Cindi as he would find out she was such a "sleep with any one" slut bitch.

Brandi's Mom was a massage therapist and worked at the Serenity Spa on the other side of town.

Sometimes, her Mom would give her a "deep tissue massage" that caused her female juices to spill out of her virgin pussy lips. Her Mom knew exactly where to touch her to make her tremble with sexual excitement and she would always give a "Happy Ending" to each and every massage. They never discussed it and Brandi figured her Mom enjoyed it as much as she did. Brandi wished that someday she would learn how to do a good massage and she could make her Mother feel real good.

Brandi got stuck doing babysitting duty on her younger siblings shortly after the revelation that Jack was no longer a virgin. Now that he was a "man" he treated both of his untested sisters with a degree of derision that infuriated both Brandi and Jill.

Feeling a bit bored that night, she decided to give a massage to Jill just like the ones her Mom gave to her.

For some strange reason, Mom had never given a massage to either Jack or Jill. Brandi figured it was because they were so active and sports minded, they didn't need any special care like that.

Jill lay out on the massage table face down with her head in the little hole to reduce any strain on her neck muscles.

Brandi spread the baby oil all over Jill's nicely tanned back and began to massage her young sister's back and shoulder muscles. Jill groaned in pleasure at the touch of Brandi's firm hands rubbing deep into her skin. Soon, Brandi had worked her way down Jill's back to the base of her spine.

"Jill, I got to get these panties off so they don't get all oily, OK?"

Jill was breathing somewhat rapidly and grunted her assent. She lifted her hips off the table so Brandi could remove her panties. When Brandi slid them down her legs, she noticed they were dripping wet in the front. She brought them up to her nostrils and inhaled the scent of aroused femininity and sticky pussy juices. Her little sister was not so little after all.

She smiled and ran her tongue over the damp panties getting the taste of Jill's virgin pussy for the first time. Quickly, she oiled her hands and stroked Jill's hips and ran her fingers lightly up over her full ass cheeks teasing them like a vibrator all over the heart-shaped perfect little ass. Jill was making little whiny sounds into the table hole and Brandi could see her pussy lips quivering like a bride waiting for her first insertion. The elder sister pulled her younger sister's ass cheeks apart exposing the throbbing pucker hole begging for attention. Brandi slid one hand under her sister and began to play with Jill's excited nipple. At the same time, she pushed her middle finger deep into her sister's anus and finger fucked her shaking ass. The entire time Brandi did her best to do to her sister what she wanted so desperately herself.

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