Father Lester

by RonBo

Copyright© 2012 by RonBo

Fiction Sex Story: Father Lester tells Father Leary about the newly transferred nun Sister Anna's past at her last parish. Let the fun begin!

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Incest   Uncle   Niece   Spanking   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

The young priest, Father Lester was naked. He was kneeling between the outstretched equally naked legs of the parish priest, Father Leary. Lester was savoring the bitter musky taste of the old priest's eight inch cock, laving the firm tube of flesh with his tongue.

He had given one of Father Leary's private confessions. His penance was always either a savage ass fucking which the young priest thoroughly enjoyed or as it was today Father Leary was in the mood for one of Lester's good long blow jobs.

Father Lester was a good cock sucker. He had sucked many a young priest to be in the seminary and he had been sucked in return. Father Leary not only wouldn't return the favor but he wouldn't even give the young priest a hand job in return for his favors. Father Leary was lying back in his chair enjoying the young priest's technique. He was a great cocksucker and prolonged Leary's journey to orgasm with a carefully thought out sucking routine. A nibble here, a lick there, had Leary on the verge of cumming the whole time.

The young horny priest continued sucking on the cock in his mouth as he rubbed his hard six inches against Leary's hairy leg leaving a trail of precum behind.

"Ackkkk!" Father Lester grunted. Father Leary had slapped him on the back of his head causing the old priest's cock to push into Lester's throat surprising him with the added discomfort.

"Don't you rub yourself on me young man. You service me, not the other way around. I'm not a faggot like you boy." Lester needed to cum. He was pistoning his aroused prick back and forth in the air which wasn't helping at all. Leary pushed his cock in and out of the young man's mouth finally grunting. "Swallow it you little bitch." Leary cried out as his cock spasmed in the young priest's mouth.

Father Leary stood looking for his clothes. "Go into the bathroom and take care of yourself. Make it quick. I have things to do." Sometimes Leary didn't even let the young man jerk himself off for satisfaction. Sometimes he made him get dressed forcing his erection into his pants sending him off to his own room to deal with his hard on.

Father Lester was relieved that he was to be allowed take care of himself before leaving. He closed the door to the bathroom since he knew the old priest didn't want to see what he was doing. Lester took hold of his hard five incher, closed his eyes and began stroking himself aiming at the toilet bowl. He imagined that he had just serviced Monsignor Tobias, his boss from his last posting, and the good Monsignor was reciprocating by sucking Lester off, as he had often done. SPURT! SPURT As Father Lester's dick squirted he opened his eyes so as not to miss the bowl. He knew better than leave a mess in Father Leary's private bathroom.

He flushed before walking into Leary's office. Leary was dressed and sitting at his desk. Father Lester didn't know how to start but he had news for the old priest. News that might even mean that Leary would let him get his cock sucked before long.

Father Lester started to speak. "Father Leary, I..."

Leary interrupted before he could say more." Get dressed Father. You don't need to be naked to talk to me."

Lester started dressing as he tried again. "Father Leary, I have found out something about that young nun Sister Anna that transferred from St. Regis last week. Something I am sure you will want to be aware of."

"Go on Lester."

"When I am done telling you I hope you will grant me a favor."

"Maybe boy. Now get on with it before I lose my patience."

"Well, I spoke to my friend Father Tim who is posted at St. Regis. The reason that they transferred Sister Anna is that she was giving oral sex to two of the priests. She was actually caught by the parish priest Father Leo, on her knees sucking one of the priest's penis'. That's why she was transferred after only a month there."

Father Leary was interested now. "And you know this how?"

"It was my friend Tim she was sucking when she got caught. Father Leo scolded him and took Sister Anna into his office. Soon after that she was transferred to here."

"So young man, I take it you want something in return for this information?"

Lester blushed as he responded. "Yes Father, I have a plan. Tim is gay also but he said this young woman gave him the best blow jobs he had ever had, including the ones I use to give him."

Leary was impressed. The young priest was a excellent cocksucker, If this nun was better than young Lester then he had to get his eight incher into her mouth also. "And?"

Lester continued. "I want her to suck me Father. I can talk her into meeting me here in your office, telling her that you went somewhere and won't be back for hours. I understand that she enjoys sucking penis' very much and will be easy to seduce. You can wait in the supply closet and catch us in the act. Father Lester knew all about the supply closet. He had hidden there the day he had spied on the private confessions and penance of two women, Carla Ebber and Rose Dunn. " Lester pleadingly looked at the old priest, "Just let me shoot in her mouth before you 'catch us.' Then you can have your way with her. Make her give a private confession, spank her or whatever you want to do to her."

It was a plan Father Leary could live with. He hoped he would get the chance to see the pretty young nun naked. He wanted to spank her tight little ass and let her full lipped mouth swallow his prick.

Father Lester was happy also. It had been almost a year since his cock was ministered to by another. Never a woman. This would be a first experience of any kind with a female.

It was agreed that Father Lester would approach Sister Anna on Saturday afternoon when Leary was normally away visiting parishioners. It was easier than Lester had expected. Once Anna knew that Lester was a friend of Father Tim she immediately guessed at what the young priest wanted from her. She couldn't help herself. She had to say 'yes' to him. She loved sucking cock. Anna thought young Lester was a very handsome man. She was looking forward to seeing him in that way.

Father Lester led the young nun through the outer office, locking the door behind them. The inner office door of Father Leary's lair was left open as the two shamelessly entered the room.

Father Leary took this opportunity to come out of the supply room and find a chair in the shadows where he could see through the open door. As part of his own plan the old priest had on his robe with nothing on underneath except the socks and shoes that showed beneath the hem of his outfit.

He adjusted his burgeoning erection. He saw that the younger priest had lost no time. He was sitting in the chair that Leary used for his private confessions. Sister Anna, still dressed in a long grey skirt and white blouse knelt between his legs whispering something the older priest could not make out. Lester nodded his head to let the young nun he was ready. But Leary noticed that the gay priest's dick was only partial erect. Leary was sure that once Sister Anna went to work on that pecker with her mouth Lester's penis would respond.

Soon the nun was bobbing her head in the boy's lap and from the expression on Lester's face she was doing a good job working on his prick. Father Lester grabbed the nun's head and held her tight as his cock spewed forth into her mouth and beyond. Anna was gurgling as she swallowed Lester's seed.

Father Leary stood, his cock fully erect now. The time had come for Sister Anna's surprise. Leary walked boldly into the room bellowing. "What the holy hell is going on here?"

The nude Father Lester could hardly keep from grinning. Let the games begin! Sister Anna wiped her mouth, trying to stand, happy that she was still fully dressed.

She didn't make it to her feet. Father Leary put one of his big hands on one of her slender shoulders to hold her in place on her knees. "Stay where you are Sister Slut. And you Father Lester, go stand over there, "Leary pointed to a spot near his big wood desk, " and wait for your chastisement."

Naked and sporting a rising cock the naked young priest walked to the spot indicated by Leary and stood still curious as to what the old priest had in store for the young nun.

Leary sat in the chair in front of the trembling nun. "What do you have to say for yourself, young woman?" She said nothing keeping her eyes averted. "You must confess to me Sister. Tell me why I have found you with Father Lester's penis in your mouth."

She blushed as she looked up into the old priests eyes. She didn't see anger in his eyes. It was the other thing, Lust. The twenty seven year old nun knew how to deal with lust. She had been dealing with horny men most of her life. "I can't help myself Father. I was trained at an early age to please men that way. Now I can't orgasm unless I have a penis in my mouth."

"So you are a genuine cocksucker missy? Someone who enjoys fellatio. Someone who must have a prick in her mouth to be satisfied."

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