Lydia Finds Ecstasy

by tunefulbob

Copyright© 2012 by tunefulbob

Romantic Sex Story: A beautiful woman finally achieves sexual fulfillment while coupling with a man whose cock is of unmatched size.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Anal Sex   Size   .


I had the most unusual, incredible and extraordinarily erotic experience earlier today. Thinking back on it has me aroused all over again, something I'm not used to feeling. Wanting to remember all the luscious details, I started writing about my experience. After I finished that, I went back and added some details that are unimportant to me, such as my own appearance, so that my story would be more interesting to others.

I have had a problem with sexual responsiveness all my life. While I have dated many men, and had sex with several of them, I have never had much interest in sex or felt much response when I was having sex. Part of the problem may be that the right kind of man has never been attracted to me, as I am rather intimidating to most of them.

I am tall to begin with - a bit over six feet - and with the heels I usually wear, I tower over most men. I am also fairly attractive, and have a figure that my girlfriends openly envy. (One of them once told me that I was built like a Barbie doll, but with longer legs and larger breasts. For the record, my bra size is 42DD, my waist is 26 inches, my hips measure 37 inches, and my inseam is length is 39 inches.) I am also extremely fit, and very strong for a woman.

My hair is blonde and rather curly. I keep it very short so that it doesn't take too much time to deal with it - a few quick brushes and it's ready. My features are okay, I guess, though my nose looks too small to me, and my chin a bit too large. Guys don't say much about my face; but my girlfriends tell me I look beautiful when I smile.

Sex hasn't been too important to me, as the demands of my education and my career kept me very busy. As one of the most successful commercial bankruptcy lawyers in the state, I have a substantial income and am able to work as much or as little as I want. Usually that has meant 60 or 70 hours a week, a pace I got used to in law school and as a young associate in a major city law firm.

With my 40th birthday fast approaching, I have started to dwell on the passage of time, and on what I may have been missing. As a professional myself, I appreciate the benefits of getting help from someone who really knows the field, and started looking for the right person to help me.

I considered sex therapists, but was unsure about how to find the right one, and was a little concerned about the effect on my reputation if word should get out somehow. So it really caught my attention when, a few weeks ago, one of my girlfriends mentioned in a casual conversation that she had heard about a gynecologist who specializes in sexual dysfunction, and is reputed to be the best in his field.

I called Dr. Rossi's office the next day to schedule an appointment. The receptionist was very nice, but told me it would be several weeks before the doctor could see a new patient. I said I would take it, and set up the appointment at the time the receptionist gave me. It was for 1:00 this afternoon, and the receptionist told me I should plan to spend the rest of the afternoon in the office, as the screening process alone would take a couple of hours.

The Examination

When I arrived at the doctor's office, promptly at 1:00, I was handed over to a young woman who looked and acted like a doctor, down to her lab coat with an otolaryngoscope in her pocket. But her nameplate said, Casey Cox, CRNP. She introduced herself, and asked me to call her Casey. I told her I would like her to call me Lydia.

Casey took me into a large, nicely furnished room, with comfortable chairs and a couch along with a beautiful desk over to one side. Soft, mellow jazzy music was playing over speakers that I couldn't see; the trumpeter sounded like Miles Davis. Casey sat to one side of the desk, and asked me to sit in one of the easy chairs near her. She asked me the usual medical history questions, then proceeded to take my blood pressure and to measure my pulse. After that she asked me about my sexual problems and why I had come to see Dr. Rossi.

She encouraged me to provide a lot of details, and was particularly interested in the sizes of the cocks of the men I'd had sex with. Odd though it may seem, the questions seemed to be quite natural, and Casey's manner was so gentle and understanding that I felt I could tell her anything.

After a long conversation that seemed like an intimate exchange with a close friend, Casey showed me a closet where I could hang my clothes, and handed me what she called a clinic gown, telling me that Dr. Rossi would want to start with a pelvic examination to make sure that everything was okay physically. Casey also gave me a cup of water and three pills, which she said I should take to help me relax and to help make the examination more comfortable. She reviewed the effects of each medication in detail. I was startled by some of the things she said, but went ahead and swallowed the pills. Casey patted me on the shoulder in a reassuring manner and then left the room.

The "clinic gown" was made of beautiful blue silk, and had a tie at the waist and hooks to hold the top closed. I took off my clothes, including my bra, and put on the gown, which fit me perfectly and hung down to about mid-thigh. Because it was so hot today, and I had no business appointments, I was wearing sandals with three-inch heels, with no stockings. I decided just to leave those on, rather than put on the soft slippers I found in the closet. Then Casey knocked at the door and poked her head in to see if I was ready.

Shortly afterwards, Dr. Rossi walked in, holding a folder. He was quite tall, at least three inches taller than I am, even with my three-inch heels. He was also rather slender, and looked like a very sweet man, though not particularly handsome. What impressed me most was his air of quiet self-assurance.

I'm used to men reacting to me either with uncertainty or too much aggression, so Dr. Rossi's manner was unusual. He dropped the folder on the desk, and walked over to shake my hand, saying quietly in a deep, resonant voice how nice it was to meet me. Now I could see that his smile was very sweet, and his brown eyes had a look that I would describe as gentle and kind.

We sat down on adjoining easy chairs and began talking, reviewing some of the things I had told Casey. As we talked, the music began to create colors in my mind, like splashes of pastels against a canvas. I was beginning to feel very relaxed from the medicine, and felt like I was at peace with the world. I told Dr. Rossi how I felt. He smiled, and said that perhaps it was time to begin the physical examination.

I looked around, confirming that there was no examination table in the room. Dr. Rossi took my hand to help me up from my chair, and walked me over to a sort of lounge chair. The back and seat were wide, and the part supporting the legs was relatively narrow. When I sat in the chair, Dr. Rossi pushed a button with his toe that caused the chair to rise. The back of the chair reclined, and the part of the chair supporting my legs rose up, and then split down the middle.

I instinctively crossed my right leg onto the part that moved to the left. Dr. Rossi gently clasped my right ankle, and moved my right leg over to the other branch of the leg support, leaving my legs spread wide apart. He pulled up a stool, and sat down, where I could see him between my thighs. He asked me if I was comfortable. I told him yes, I was very comfortable.

Dr. Rossi told me that in addition to the usual gynecological examination he would be testing my responses to various stimuli. He also told me that the pills I had taken would relax both physical and psychological inhibitions so that my responses would have no barriers. While he was talking, my pussy was completely open to his inspection, as the silk gown had fallen back to my waist.

As he worked, Dr. Rossi helped me relax even more by talking with me about what I liked to do on my vacations, with my free time, and so on. After a while, he loosened the fasteners at the top of the gown, and manipulated my breasts for a while, using a circular motion over every part of each breast. It felt very nice, and I was only a little embarrassed when my nipples stood up. (They're proportionately rather small, and only stuck out about half an inch.)

Then he told me he was going to use a vibrator to check my reactions in various places. I told him that he wasn't going to see much reaction from anything, as I had tried vibrators myself, with little result. He touched the vibrator to the lower part of my tummy, the insides of my thighs, moving closer to my pussy. After pausing to apply some KY jelly to the vibrator, he started with my clitoris. When he asked how it felt, I told him it felt a little sensitive, but wasn't going to bring me to orgasm.

As he continued to touch me in various places with the vibrator, now at different spots inside of my pussy, he referred to Casey's questions about penis size, and confirmed Casey's note that the largest one I'd experienced was about 8 inches. He asked me how thick it was, and I held up my thumb and middle finger to form a circle with a gap of about a half inch. He looked, and said, "Hmm. Almost three inches thick. That's a lot bigger than average. Did you like that?"

"I suppose I felt it more than others. But it wasn't all that special."

"I see," he said. Then he went on, "Ms. Foster ... May I call you Lydia?"

"Yes, of course," I replied.

"Thank you, Lydia. My name is Thomas."

"Not Tom?"

"No - only people who don't know me call me Tom." He paused for a moment, with the vibrator turned off, but caressing an area beneath my pussy. "Lydia, I'm going to try some direct stimulation of the inside of your cervix."

"Won't that hurt?"

"No, it shouldn't hurt a bit. One of the pills you took relaxes the cervix and dilates it. I can see that yours is already dilated about seven centimeters - a bit less than three inches. But if it feels at all uncomfortable, please tell me at once."

Treatment Begins

He got a long, slender dildo - it was well over a foot long - and put some KY jelly on it. He slid it inside of my pussy and slid it into the opening of my cervix. I gasped, and within a few moments was spasming in orgasm, the first orgasm of my life. My legs shot straight up into the air, the feeling was so intense. It was incredible, and went on for what felt like a couple of minutes.

"Ah," Thomas said, with a small, satisfied smile when my spasming had stopped, and my legs sank back to the chair, "it looks like we found a g spot, Lydia. Okay, now relax for a bit."

I was stunned by what had happened, but soon gathered my wits. "Thank you, Thomas. That felt awfully good."

"I could tell you liked it, Lydia." Then he paused, and said, "You know, you have such a lovely smile. Your whole face seems to light up."

I hadn't realized I was smiling, and didn't know quite how to respond to that comment. He didn't wait for an answer, though, and went on. "There's another spot I'm going to try in a minute, after your pulse has slowed down a bit."

"Where is that?"

"Well, from the goose bumps you got around your anus when I was touching the vibrator there, I think that is another area where you are very responsive."

"Do you mean inside? That sounds like it would make me very uncomfortable. Will it hurt?"

"No, this won't hurt at all. One of the other medications you took relaxes the anal sphincter so that there will be no resistance and no pain. In fact, we could stick something pretty large in there with no discomfort. I understand how you feel, Lydia," he went on. "But we ought to check it out as part of a comprehensive examination."

"Okay," I said doubtfully. "But you have to stop if I don't like it."

"Of course," he said, with a reassuring smile.

He lubricated the dildo, then asked me to lift up my legs, and pull my thighs toward my chest with my arms wrapped around them. This lifted up my ass from the lounge chair, giving Thomas a clear shot at the area that he was curious about. He added some more lubricant to my anus, and pushed one of his fingers in slowly. It actually didn't feel bad at all. In fact, a part of me felt like urging him to put it in deeper.

"Okay," Thomas said. "You are nice and relaxed. This will be fine." He then pushed the dildo in slowly.

It felt awfully nice, though nothing like when he touched the opening of my cervix. Then he began slowly sliding the dildo in an out, going in a little deeper with each stroke. All of a sudden, I started to feel warm and excited. "More," I panted. "Deeper."

"Okay," Thomas said, and slid the dildo deep into my colon. That was it! I held back a scream as my whole body trembled with an orgasm that seemed to be as strong in my toes and my ears as it was deep in my bowels. I could feel it in my clitoris too, as both my pussy and my anus spasmed with an intensity that I couldn't believe.

Thomas continued sliding the dildo deep into and out of my colon, and my whole-body orgasm continued, until, finally, I gasped, "Enough! Please stop!"

Thomas slowly pulled the dildo out of my still pulsating anus, then smiled at me again, and said, "You know, I think we are making some real progress here."

I eased my legs back down again, and stared at Thomas in silence for a moment. Then I said, "You know, that was really extraordinary. But isn't it abnormal? Why can't I have normal orgasms in a normal way?"

Thomas looked thoughtful for a minute, then replied. "Actually, your reactions aren't all that unusual, except for their intensity. I've been studying sexual pleasure for my entire career, and couldn't begin to tell you what the boundaries are between the normal and the abnormal. I'm inclined to think that if you like it and it doesn't do any damage, then we should assume that it's normal."

He paused for another moment, and went on, "And another thing I've observed, over and over again, is that there is a kind of learning process in sexual pleasure. The intensity of the pleasure you felt suggests to me that over time you will learn to experience that same level of pleasure from more usual stimuli, such as clitoral and vaginal stimulation."

I nodded, thinking that the man is such a genius that I would believe him if he told me that stoking my forehead would bring me to orgasm.

He smiled, and patted my thigh. "Ordinarily, at this point I would refer you to a sex therapist to follow up on the things we learned today. But..."

"But what?" I asked.

"Well, I think that there are a couple of reasons why I should continue with your therapy myself. Is that okay with you, Lydia?"

"Yes, Thomas, that sounds fine to me. But what are the reasons for that?"

"We'll get to that in a minute. First, I need you to sign a consent form. Is it okay if I call Casey back in here?"

"Okay," I said, then started fastening the top of my gown and arranging it as well as I could over my legs. Thomas pushed some buttons to move my chair into an upright position with the legs together, then used an intercom to ask Casey to come in with a "therapy consent form."

Casey walked in a moment later with a form on a clipboard. I glanced it over, and asked why the earlier form I had signed consenting to treatment wasn't sufficient.

"What we're about to do is sometimes regarded as outside the range of medical care, and even is regarded as unethical by some in the field. This is the kind of form you would sign for sexual therapy rather than medical care. This state doesn't have a formal licensure process for sex therapists, so the form is very carefully crafted to provide clear consent to the performance of sexual acts.

"You're a lawyer, so I won't bother explaining the form in detail, or tell you that the form protects both of us. Actually, it's mostly designed to protect the therapist, though it does reinforce some of the patient's rights as well. But I will promise you that I will do nothing without your express consent. That form doesn't protect me if I fail to live up to that promise."

I read through the form quickly, then signed it. It was exactly as Thomas had described it, with a lot more detail about sexual acts than I had ever seen in a legal document. Clearly, it was designed to assure that I couldn't complain later about engaging in sexual acts with Thomas, unless, as he had said, something was done against my will.

Casey took the form from me, gave me a smile that was both friendly and conspiratorial, and walked out of the room.

Thomas looked at his watch, and said. "The office is closed now; but Casey will stay until we are finished. I will call her in at once if you decide you want someone else here. Would you like me to call her back in now?"

"No, that won't be necessary." Much as I had immediately liked Casey, I didn't want her witnessing me and Thomas having sex.

"Okay. Now let me tell you the two reasons why I think it would be a good idea for me to function as your therapist." I nodded, without speaking, and Thomas went on. "The first reason is that you have an unusually large and deep vaginal opening. In fact, though I could refer you to a therapist I know of with a 10-inch cock that is three and a half inches around, he wouldn't be big enough for you."

I nodded again, then looked at him with a start. "Are you telling me that your cock is bigger than that? How big is it?"

"It's about fourteen inches long and more than four inches across – thicker than a wine bottle."

"Oh ... my ... god," I gasped. "I didn't think they got that big."

"Well, very few of them do. In fact, my cock is larger than the one listed as the record in Guinness's."

"Well, why isn't yours listed in Guinness?" I asked, wide-eyed at the thoughts stampeding through my mind.

"They don't know about mine, officially at least. I did get an inquiry from them once, but brushed it off. I guess someone told them about me. But since they couldn't authenticate their information, they can't list it."

"And you think my pussy won't be damaged by your cock?" I asked, truly worried.

"No, your pussy won't be harmed a bit, my dear. Believe me, you are better equipped to handle me than any woman I've ever seen - and that's a lot of women. But," he paused, "we'll have to be very careful when we push my cock into your cervix. That will require a lot of stretching. But the medicine will help with that."

"Wait a minute," I gasped, nearly in a panic. "You can't really mean to try to force a log like that into my cervix!"

He smiled, and again I thought how sweet he looked. "Listen to me, Lydia. We will go very slowly, and you always have the right to say no at any time. Remember, the average woman's cervix stretches to about four inches in diameter or more when she gives birth. And your cervix is about fifty percent bigger than the average woman's. So it should be easy for you, actually."

"Don't you think we should try the guy with the 10-inch cock first, to see how that goes?" I asked.

"There's a problem about that, Lydia. Your cervix is so deep that a ten-inch cock would barely reach it. That's one of the reasons why you have gotten so little pleasure from sex, my dear. No man you've been with has been able to touch the most responsive part of your genital area. And what you need is more than exterior stimulation of your cervix. You need a cock planted deep inside of it. I may be the only man who could do that job for you."

Crazy as it all sounded, I was beginning to be convinced. "But you'll take it slowly?" He nodded. "And you'll stop if I tell you to?" He smiled, and nodded again. I took a deep breath, and said, "Okay, then, we'll give it a try."

At that, he smiled his sweetest smile yet, positively beaming at me, then got serious again. "Now let me tell you the second reason why I think I should be your therapist. This one is more of a reason for me than it is one for you. But I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You certainly have the most beautiful body, with the longest, shapeliest legs I've ever seen, and the most extraordinary breasts – huge, perfectly shaped, and with such delicate little nipples.

"I didn't really need to touch your breasts in order to check your responsiveness there, but wanted to feel them to confirm that you don't have implants. Another thing -- when you smile, your face lights up with such beauty that it almost keeps me from thinking straight. The truth of the matter is, Lydia, that I want to fuck you more than I have ever wanted any woman."

I blushed hotly, thought about that for a minute, and said, "You know, that doesn't sound very professional to me; but it sounds like a good reason all the same. Thank you for telling me."

"You are so very welcome, my beautiful Lydia. May I kiss you?"

"Yes, please."

And he sat down next to me, and did kiss me; and as we pressed our lips together, then our tongues, and as the thoughts of his huge cock filled my brain like it was going to fill my pussy, I felt my limbs melting, weak with desire for him.

Therapy in Earnest

As Thomas kissed me, he undid the hooks holding the top of my gown together. Then he caressed my breasts, and slid the gown over my shoulders and down over my arms. At that point, I was wearing nothing but my high-heeled sandals. He gazed at my body with admiration showing in his face. I never felt so beautiful. And I was beginning to think that I had underestimated how handsome he is, as well.

Still gazing at me, he stood and began undressing, starting with his white coat, then his tie, then his shirt and undershirt, tossing each item onto the desk as he removed them. His tall, lean body was surprisingly muscular. His stomach was as flat as mine, with the muscles showing through as if his skin was transparent. I was suddenly even more pleased that he thought my body was so beautiful, because his was truly, gloriously lovely. He slipped off his shoes, then lifted his feet in turn to remove his socks.

At this point, I could see a large shape in his pants, starting at his crotch and stretching down almost to his knees. When he pulled his pants off, the end of his cock extended well beyond the bottom of his boxer shorts. It was semi-erect, and already looked bigger than he had said. It thickened, straightened and lengthened as he pulled off his shorts, swelling up until it looked as if it must be two feet long!

I was awestruck. Surely, both my hands together wouldn't go all around that huge thing! The idea of putting it into my pussy was beyond my comprehension. And my poor cervix! This whole thing just isn't doable, I thought! He was standing close enough for me to reach out and touch it. I decided to see if my hands could span this huge pole, and leaned forward to reach him. If it's too big for my hands, I thought, it's too big for my pussy!

But my long fingers enabled my two hands to completely encircle his cock, with perhaps an inch to spare. And holding it made me feel not only that I could fit it into my pussy, but that I had to have it there, right now!

But my cervix? The thought made me tremble, medicine or no medicine. Still, I resolved to give it my best try.

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