Injudicious Hostility?

by Twisted Tiger Prince

Copyright© 2012 by Twisted Tiger Prince

BDSM Sex Story: A lost encounter becomes an open door.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Sadistic   Interracial   White Male   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Squirting   .

The mid-day sun pounded through my bedroom window as I sat on my futon playing video games day 6 of my vacation.

The fact that the air conditioner stopped working combined with the heat somehow invading my room relentlessly even with both the shade and drapes drawn only served to fuel my rage of a recent disregard from a friend.

So completely distracted by my frustration that I continuously made simple mistakes at my game, miserably failing even the simplest tasks. Yet I fought on pretending that this type of activity would work off the negative energy I harbored.

My phone alerted me of the seventh message of the day and I finally decided to take a break and check them.

"Super." I grumbled at myself as I found the first to be the auto message from our service provider alerting me that our bill had been paid. The next three from my daughter asking for a ride home tonight from school. Another from a friend complimenting me on my latest story. The last two as follows:

> Hey, how goes it with the girl from out of town?<

>I don't mean to pry, I was just wondering if when you guys take a break if we can go out to eat and meet ... Also did she go for the idea of making a video :) I really want to see it so ask, ok?<

Still stewing in my anger I responded.

>The bitch never got on the plane! Gave some sorry excuse and never even went to the airport!<

>Seriously? What happened? What did she say?< She responded.

>Eh, its a long story. Im still fuming.< I returned.

Just as I pushed send the phone began to ring.

"Hello." I said clicking the accept button.

"Hey ... What do you mean she gave you excuses?" Ruksana asked.

"I mean she told me she couldn't get a ride." I said.

"So what did you do to help her?" She asked.

"Nothing, by the time she told me it was too late. In fact she only told me when I texted her to make sure she was there on time. I would have sent a car to pick her up if there was still time, but its ridiculous anyway because they have buses and trains in her area she could have taken to the airport."

"Ok well that could be a valid excuse if she had a ride she thought would come and they didn't show up right?" She said trying to be supportive.

"True, but I found out that when you mis a flight you can still go to the airport and they will put you on stand-by. When a flight leaves going to your destination with an available seat they will put you on it. I told her about that, but she still didn't go." I replied.

"Why didn't you send her a car then?" She asked.

"First off ... because I don't believe her. I'm almost certain she has lied to me at least twice this past month and you know how I feel about integrity. Plus there wasn't any need to spend another hundred dollars or more for a black cab to pick her up when there is public transportation in her area and there is no need to rush at this point." I explained.

"So you just gave up then?" She asked.

"Fuck I want to choke the shit out of her. I'm so pissed that she threw our friendship into the trash so easily. I just want to throttle her and rape her violently until she is unconscious then wake her and beat her mercilessly!" I nearly yelled into the phone as my frustration boiled over.

"Wow! I never hear you curse, I'm sorry she did this and you feel upset, but choking her will just get you into jail. Think of your daughter." She said.

"No. Not like actually killing her choking ... there is always sex in my violence." I said shaking my head.

After a pause. "What?" She asked with a cautious tone. "what do you mean?"

Now it was my turn to pause as I pondered whether or not to let this friend in on my kink life.

As I lie back on my futon I swallowed hard and began to tell her about my sexual fantasies, and my kinky life style.

When I was done, some ten minutes or so later, I checked to see if she was still there.

"Hey Ruksana are you still there."

"Yes." She said softly.

"Are you alright?" I asked concerned I had told her too much.

"Why hadn't you told me any of this before?" She continued softly. "I feel a little like I don't know you at all."

"I'm still every bit the person you have known these past two years." I answered.

"No. I don't think so." She said with a tremble in her voice.

"How do you mean?" I asked her.

She was silent for several minutes, and I waited patiently.

"Your not the same as before, because right now I want you. I want you to do all those things you just said you wanted to do to your Massachusetts friend." She said with obvious excitement.

"What?" I asked with shock.

"You can do it, right? Pretend I'm Rat and take your frustration out on me. - I WANT YOU TO!" She exclaimed.

I was frozen in surprise and excitement, so she continued.

"What do you need? Do you have all the toys? I can go to Adam and Eve right now and get some stuff if you need me to. I'm serious. I have always liked you, but right now I want you. I want you real bad. I want you to take me and abuse me. I don't care if you think about Rat while you do it, just please do it."

Several minutes passed as I mulled it over.

"I keep rope in my car, and earlier today I purchased a new bamboo paddle. The only thing you will need is a gag." I said.

"What about a whip?" She asked her excitement boiling over.

"If you mean a flogger, then yeah, pick one up. As for an actual whip I have no training with it, and it is very dangerous to use with out proper training." I explained.

"You don't have one? A flogger, I mean?"

"Well yes I do, but I have used it on another. I don't like to use the same toy on different playmates." I answered.

"How will I know which one to pick?" She asked.

"That is your preference. I have used a wide variety so I'm confident I can use any one you like. This one is a "cat o nine tails" design and it looks like nine roses complete with thorns coming out from the handle. It's also very long and has a more severe impact." I told her.

"Oooo ... that sounds pretty. Alright. I will ask the associate at Adam and Eve to help me. Can I meet you in an hour at Chilli's?"

"Alright. One hour. Chilli's. See you then." I said.



"Don't forget how pissed you are at Rat ... I want ALL of it." She said before hanging up.

After I showered and dressed in business casual slacks and button shirt, I retrieved the new remote controlled bullet shaped vibration toy I had purchased for Rat's visit.

I met Ruksana at Chilli's as requested then followed her for a short drive to her place.

Once we entered her apartment I asked her if she has any experience in this. She explained that she had not done any of it before, but had wanted to since she read 'The Story of O' and the new series called 'Fifty Shades'.

I rolled my eyes at this and decided to tone most of my sado down.

She confirmed she understood the purpose of a safe word and we selected -Chevy-

Suddenly I grabbed her by the hair and forced her to her knees.

"You broke YOUR promise." I said with a low but stern voice.

"I-I'm sorry." She said shaking.

"Not yet your aren't." I relied. "Not yet."

"I never asked you, but you insisted to promise that NO ONE would touch your Rat hole until we played." I continued. "You let that girl taste MY sweet nectar!"

Ruksana's eyes went wide with shock.

"Uh ... She seduced me!" She replied.

"No excuses. You must always keep your word, Rat." I answered with a hard slap to her face.

Ruksana's face flushed and I savored the flow of tears from her eyes for a moment.

"Suck me." I said quietly.

She reached for my fly and I yanked her hair twisting her face towards mine.

"No. Use your teeth, not your hands." I growled at her.

She looked puzzled at first, but moved her face to my fly and clumsily struggled with her tongue and teeth to work my zipper open.

"Hurry it up."

She made purchase with the zip and tugged it down smoothly, before muzzling her way into my fly in search of a way to retrieve my cock.

She only struggled a minute before deciding on yanking my shorts down with her teeth and letting the waist slip under my balls to hold them down.

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