The Advantages of Being the Fifth Wheel

by harry lime

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Derek was devastated after his live-in girlfriend Marsha left him. His camping trip with 2 other couples seemed like a good way to shake the blues. It certainly made his long dormant cock come to attention both day and night keeping up with the demands of Carol and Cindy his nympho female camping mates.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Water Sports   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Derek waited patiently on the stoop of the weathered brownstone. He knew he looked like a stood-up jerk sitting there with his gear strewn around him like some kind of homeless person. He checked his watch yet again for must have been the umpteenth time but it was still only a couple of minutes after the hour. In all fairness his new friends were only late by a few minutes and he did not know why he had such a dreadful feeling in the pit of his stomach that they might not show up at all. After all that had happened in the past 48 hours, that was all he needed to make his life complete.

His live-in girlfriend Marsha had tossed in the towel only two days ago in an embarrassing scene in their favorite restaurant on Mott Street. Marsha was always a bit of a bitch but he put up with it because he had felt a connection with her that transcended the usual mouth, pussy and rear-end benefits. He sensed the fact that he would never be able to show his face there ever again. It was a real shame because they made the most delicious veal parmesan and had the tastiest tiramisu in the village. She was actually the one who found the place as the perfect spot for their first date. He found out weeks later that she had been a regular there with her Russian Mafia boyfriend who left huge tips and was well liked by the entire staff.

He tried to push the thought of Marsha out of his mind. It had only been about 48 hours since her departure for parts unknown and he must have asked himself a thousand times,


Of course, he knew exactly why.

He had not been able to "get it up" successfully for the last few months. It was totally confusing to him and he was concerned it was some sort of physical problem. The doctor told him that there was nothing in the blood work or the urine specimen to indicate anything physically wrong. She even did her best to manually get him started much to his embarrassment because he knew she was happily married and had four beautiful children. He placed his hands on top of his head so she would not think he was trying to take advantage of her. Even though she was in her early 40s, Dr. Evelyn was exceptionally attractive in a classical beauty persona with manicured nails and a chin-line that made him drool just to look at her in profile. After her unsuccessful efforts to jump-start his equipment, she called on her receptionist, Nurse Betty to assist her in the project. They both worked diligently in tandem for almost half an hour giggling and trying to make him feel at ease. Nurse Betty was the most aggressive of the duo and she finally resorted to shoving two of her long thin fingers into his private pucker hole. It was so dirty and depraved that the beautiful Doctor's face reddened in a blush of emotion. Derek remembered how she had insisted on giving him a check for prostate cancer each and every time he made a visit and he applauded her dedication to her duties. Now, he realized she was turned on by the fetish of exploring men's bottoms with inquisitive fingers.

Doctor Evelyn advised him to just stay stress-free for a few days and come back for another session without any charge because they were unable to resolve his problem. It seemed fair and he hoped his sore anus would be recovered by then.

The simple fact was that he was so consumed with worry that any minute they would tell him he was fired or laid off for an indefinite period of time. The economy was in terrible condition and with the health care pressures building up his boss was looking for ways to cut staff in all departments. Each morning he put on his tie and jacket and forced himself to go out the door to his Nine to Five job down on Wall Street. Nobody really knew what it was that he did exactly but he knew the work he did was essential to the corporation and it would be difficult for them to replace him with an untrained person or generic system. He was smart enough to understand logic was seldom the guideline when the trimming ax was taken to the little people. It was a job he had no particular love for but would be devastated beyond belief if he should be so unfortunate as to lose it.

The ever cock-hungry Marsha was not amused by his lack of penetrative powers and she berated him in front of all the other patrons and the staff in the restaurant with a lengthy description of how some jerk called "Tony" had stuffed her with his salami every night for the last two weeks just because he didn't have the "balls" to give it to her good. He would not have minded too much except all of his long-time friends on Mott Street had difficulty in hiding their smiles and stifling their chuckles at his expense.

Her last parting shot hurt the most because it was right in front of all his friends at a party.

"I can't forgive you for never, ever giving me the slightest hint of an orgasm!"

He tried his best to put a brick wall around those memories and did his utmost to drive the picture of Marsha's beautiful heart-shaped ass from his mind.

He had all of his equipment on the steps next to him.

Derek had carefully packed his survival gear, his tiny two man tent from the Army-Navy store and the assorted necessities of roughing it in the wilderness for a three day holiday. The long planned back-packing expedition was to have included the luscious Marsha as well but he had no time to call and tell the others that she would not be making the trip. Besides, it was the type of phone conversation that he dreaded the most.

He shuffled various phony stories and lies in his head for create excuses for her absence, but decided to tell the simple truth instead. It was probably the best course of action since one of his friends might have heard something on the after-hours grapevine and he would be the butt of their ridicule all weekend.

Just then their car pulled up and he quickly strapped his gear to the luggage rack and hopped into the middle row which he had all to himself. The very large Marty and his trophy wife Cindy were up front and obviously still in the last vestiges of a heated argument. He could see the little anger darts shooting out of Cindy's beautiful blue eyes and he was glad he was not on the receiving end. Marty could be a bit of a jerk at times and Derek thought he was much more comfortable with Marsha than he was being buddy-buddy with Derek. Cindy was pouting so hard that he wanted to take a snap of her but was afraid of incurring her wrath.

All the way in the backseat, he saw the very distracted Bob and Carol playing "bury the finger" as they French kissed like high school sweethearts. Derek knew they were not married yet but they had almost a full year of living together under their belts. Yet, it looked like the honeymoon was not quite over. The sound of Carol's whimpers permeated the inside of the large SUV like an X-rated movie with the volume turned up. Everyone was so busy in their own little worlds that for the moment it appeared they didn't even notice that Marsha was missing.

Marty looked over his shoulder at him.

"Sorry we were running a little late, Derek my man, but Cindy had to go back for her frigging sunglasses. This broad would forget her ass if it wasn't attached to her legs."

Derek figured that was the source of the current conflict between the two but the hostility seemed to be a bit more deep seated than just forgetting a mere pair of sunglasses. They seemed to argue a lot but from past experience they generally made up quickly after a trip to the bedroom or the bathroom.

"Marsha is not going to be able to go with us, guys! She is kind of in a "finding myself" mode right now and is probably halfway to Cleveland."

Marty just grunted in disappointment and Derek took that as meaning he didn't really give a shit and had problems of his own to consider.

Cindy on the other hand exhibited a lot of interest and sensuously leaned over the back of the seat and looked above the top of her sunglasses at Derek. She pushed back her long sweeping blond hair and he saw a flash of her pink tongue touching the slightly wet looking lips only inches from his face. It might have been his imagination but he thought he felt a familiar tingle in his dormant cock.

"That's terrible news, Derek, you must be devastated. I always felt Marsha was not good enough for you."

Derek was surprised at her bluntness but tried not to show it on his face.

"That is terribly kind of you to say, Cindy, but I think it is not fair to Marsha because she really deserved more from me. I am afraid I was lacking as an attentive boyfriend."

Bob was totally focused on keeping his Carol's fingers wrapped around his fat little cock in the back seat. Derek could see the purple head peeking straight up into the air. Carol looked up at Derek and knew he could see her jerking her live-in partner off less than two feet from his head. She frowned a little bit because she knew instinctively she looked exactly like a shameless street corner tramp. In order to hide her confusion, she dropped her face down and took the end of Bob's cock inside her lips and sucked with a rapid head-bobbing motion. Bob must have chosen that moment to let his load go inside his girlfriend's mouth and sighed with a satisfied look of confidence.

After a short pause, Carol lifted her head back upright and smiled apologetically for the sensuous tableau. In fact, it was confirmation to Derek that the stupid prick Bob was just using her again just like he always did. He usually bragged to Marty and Derek about how submissive Carol was and that he could get her to take it in the pussy, ass or mouth anytime he wanted. Derek never mentioned it to him but his very own Marsha had already rubbed it in his own face about how she got down on her knees for Marty whenever he and Carol came over for dinner. He was so naïve he never suspected a thing amiss. Once or twice, he did notice her lipstick had been mussed but he figured it was just her habit of eating with a lot of gusto. In all honesty, Derek knew he could not blame him at all because he knew his horny girlfriend probably initiated the oral activities. He had felt tempted to tell Carol the entire sordid affair but knew it would be "bad form" for men to act as informants on their own male counterparts.

The bemused Derek heard Bob groan and saw Carol using some tissues to scoop up all of his excess creamy cum. She had some on her bare knees and he saw her just rub it in like it was some kind of erotic sunscreen.

They had just barely gotten out of the city limits when Cindy pleaded with Marty to stop the car so she could "take care of something". The way she kind of whispered it in a secret way made Derek's cock jump to attention. He was a little surprised because his cock had been sort of dormant for quite a while. It was so strange that the thought of Cindy squatting down and letting her water go acted like a kinky trigger to his sleeping equipment.

After several miles of incessant whining, Marty finally stopped the car and went to the back to get some beers from the cooler. Cindy got out of the car right away but paused with a quizzical glance back at all of them.

Poor Cindy was holding her knees together like a little girl in agony but seemed a little fearful of going into the heavy brush on the side of the road to take care of her business. Derek could tell she was wondering if it was safe to ask Marty to accompany her and watch out for any dangerous animals without his normal "blowing off steam" routine.

Derek declined the offer of a beer and went over to her and told her,

"There is probably no problem at all because this is all clear terrain, but I will cover your back while you squat down over there in the ravine."

Cindy looked up at Derek with relief and skipped over to the little hidden ravine behind the bushes. She was in such dire straits that she quickly pulled down her tight jeans and her frilly little thong right in front of him and let loose with a satisfied sigh. He could see the gush splashing down onto the grass and the look of utter relaxed peace on her face. He reached into his pocket and gave her a tissue from the little packet he carried to wipe his glasses clean. Strangely, she handed it back to him slightly damp like it was a fine handkerchief instead of just used tissue. He quickly pushed it into his pocket to get it out of sight.

Derek felt his penis start to rise almost immediately and the feeling was so nice to be in the land of happy stiff cocks once again. Cindy peeked over her shoulder and took in the unmistakable bulge of a rampant cock straining to be released from confinement.

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