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Erotica Sex Story: A surprise dinner becomes a feast for the senses

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   .

Yesterday was an average Thursday. Work was not too busy and I finished up a major project under budget. Traffic was a bit lighter than usual which got home a little early - and that always puts me in a good mood.

I parked the car in the driveway and caught a whiff of someone's dinner being prepared. Salmon ... clams ... garlic ... My stomach grumbled pleadingly as the heady aromas filled my head. I was choosing whether to cook or get take-out as I walked to the door, but as the aromas increased when I unlocked the door ... I knew something special was going on.

The stereo was playing The Commodores' "Oh No" just loud enough so that I had to raise my voice to make sure I was heard.

"HELLO... ?"

From the kitchen I hear a familiar voice "Be right there ... Big Daddy..."

"Need any help in there?"

"Nope; I'll be right out."

Hmm ... seems as though Lace took the day off and decided to cook dinner. Excellent! I figured why not enjoy the moment? I sat in my lounge chair, kicked off my shoes and closed my eyes. The music and the smell pulled me down to a nice little nap until I heard -

"Thirsty, Big Daddy?"

My eyes opened to see Lace standing before me looking as pretty as ever: smooth light skin, curly black hair pulled back in a loose ponytail and beautiful hazel eyes. She is wearing my "Kiss the Cook" apron which is covering her almost down to the knees. I figure she must be wearing shorts and t-shirt because of the heat in the kitchen because her arms and calves are bare. But ... why is she wearing her red 'fuck-me' heels in the kitchen?

I also notice she is with a glass of my Maker's Mark rum in her right hand - one cube of ice and two cherries, just the way I like it- and the other is holding one of my Dominican cigars. I reach out to get them from her, giving thanks for the special treatment. Lace's eyes brightened as she gave a little curtsy. "You're welcome, Big Daddy.

Do you need anything else?"

I smirk impishly and say "Yes ... but when will dinner be done?"

She says that it is nearly complete, but she has to drain the linguine and finish the sauce.

When she turns to leave the room, I notice that the apron and heels are ALL she is wearing! My. Jaw. Dropped. I was so stunned my cigar slipped from my fingers as I steadied my glass. Lace looked over her shoulder and gave the most wicked look as she skipped away. Her plump ass bounced with every step around the corner.

I sat back, taking a long pull from the glass. The cool liquid burned slowly through my chest while my brain formulated a single thought: Dinner is going to be delayed, believe that.

I took another big sip from the glass, biting a cherry off the stem and trapping it in my mouth. Warmed with liquid courage, I set the glass down and walked into the kitchen. I crept behind Lace and pulled up close. My hands went under the apron to cup and squeeze her full breasts while her ass ground against my swelling crotch.

I leaned over for a kiss. As Lace's lips parted, I eased the cherry into her mouth - quickly followed by my tongue. We parted, breathless ... my hands still pulling her body close to mine. I huskily whispered into her ear "Turn everything off ... NOW. We'll have dinner after..."

Lace's eyes flashed as she moaned her assent and began turning off the stove, oven and put lids on the pots and pans. I worked on shedding my clothes while she was busy: my suspenders were unclasped, allowing me to throw my shirt to the side. Before I could pull the zipper down, Lace ran to me, landing a smoldering kiss as her hands felt along my balls and hardening cock.

After a few minutes of her stroking, I was about to burst through the fabric. I moved her hands about my neck and dipped down low. Before she could ask what I was doing, she squealed in surprise when I lifted her into the air and placed her on the countertop by the sink.

The apron, once thought cute for covering everything and blocking my view ... was now covering everything and blocking my view, damnit! I pulled the string loose and flipped up the bottom of the apron, exposing the sweet spot between Lace's thighs.

In a flash, my tongue zeroed in between her thighs and slid onto her throbbing clit. I hummed with pleasure while my tongue gyrated up and down her slit. The sweet taste of her slit mingled with the lingering flavors of the cherry and rum, filling my mouth with a uniquely delicious treat. I clamped down and sucked until her clit poked out between her puffy lips. My tongue boxed her little bud until she was shuddering, grasping my head and crying out "Oh my god ... Big Daddy ... oh shiiiiiii..."

Lace never got to finish the word as the orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. She screeched, throwing a thigh over my shoulder and went into a series of spasms. I stayed locked down on her clit as bet I could until her body calmed down.

I stood up and looked at Lace's panting body and heavy-lidded eyes ... and the containers we knocked all over the counter. I picked her up and, walked over to the dinner table. I swept a large area clear at the head of the cherrywood table - my seat - and laid her down, legs spread out before me.

I sit in my chair and exclaim "Now THIS is a feast!" before nibbling my way up Lace's thighs. I licked and nibbled my way up before biting that juicy peach of a pussy. I sucked and chewed on her lips ... slurping until her juices flowed down over her rosebud. My tongue followed that stream down, lapping up every drop as I moved from her tight pucker up and down to her clit.

My thumbs pulled her lips apart, allowing my tongue to swirl deep into her pussy. My probing muscle licked deep inside her, relishing each contraction. Lace moaned passionately, bucking her hips and pulling on my braids to get me even further inside.

I alternated deep tongue probing with long swipes all over her clit until she climaxed a second and third time. My face was soaked with her juices and I could feel it dripping off my beard. My hand went under her hips and I smiled at her before attacking her ass in earnest.

As wet as she was with her juices and my saliva, my tongue had little problem pushing into her tight ring. Her sweet juices and womanly scent filled my nostril with a heady aroma that fueled me to go even deeper.

Lace gave out "OH... ! What are you do- OOOOHHHH..." when she felt me slithering inside her ass. She clamped down hard on my probing tongue at first, then gave a long sigh as she relaxed against me.

I rubbed a thumb up and down her clit as my tongue continued its assault on her ass. Lace began to undulate wildly as one, then two quick orgasms ripped through her. I slowed my movements and pulled my face away, smiling up at her.

"How inconsiderate of me. You've prepared this wonderful feast and I'm the only one eating ... time for you to have a taste."

I walked around to where her head rested on the table and leaned in for a long, wet kiss. "See how sweet you taste? Small wonder I got so greedy. Now Big Daddy's got something for you to sample as well."

No sooner than I had unclasped my pants and pulled down the zipper I felt Lace's warm lips engulf the head of my cock. Her tongue swirled around the shaft as she began working me deeper into her mouth, going back and forth inch by inch.

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