by Richard the Third

Copyright© 2012 by Richard the Third

: This is the continuation of the Jewel Series of Stories. Joseph and Jewel Josephson, brother and sister, realized they were in love with each other, and they proceeded to do something about it – They moved from where they were born, and went to College and had three children along the way; Jet, a girl, was the oldest; Next came Jade, and finally the youngest, and only boy, Kit! What's that old saying about the apple not falling far from the tree?

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Brother   Sister   .

This is the continuation of the Jewel Series of Stories.

Joseph and Jewel Josephson, brother and sister, realized they were in love with one another, and they proceeded to do something about it — They moved from where they were born, and went to College and had three children along the way; Jet, a girl, was the oldest; Next came Jade, and finally the youngest, and only boy, Kit!

Here's our remarkable story.

I'm KIT - 19, Jade's 21 and Jet's almost 23.

We all have dark brown hair and brown eyes. Jet is gorgeous, with a body to die for, Jade is equally HOT as well, with a real nice rack on her - must be Double D's at least.

Growing up with parents, who're teachers, has its perks. We all went, or are going to college in Medford, at Southern Oregon University, where both of our parents work. We've a nice big home with a built-in pool in the backyard.

Dad turned 41 a few months back - Mom, 42, is still the hottest woman in the house; her tits must be ... at least as big as Jade's, maybe bigger.

Something happened to me last year.

I'd just turned 18, and Jet was 20, and I saw her, Mom and Jade all sunbathing topless. They didn't know I'd gotten home from school early. I went up to my room and being a horn dog, I looked out my window and I saw six perfect tits, only thirty feet away. They were talking to one another, but I couldn't hear anything. I couldn't find my binoculars either, Aaaaarrrrrggh.

There was a knock on the front door- I went down to get it. It was a family friend from SOU - Mary Ann ... something or other. She'd come over to sunbathe with them, so I pointed her to the pool.

"Thank you Kit," she said, giving me a wink, "I know my way to the back, thank you." She walked away and I looked at that major league ass on this gal. She must be 47 or 48, but her tits ... look even bigger than Mom's.

Damn, I'm going to die of horniness. My dick might just explode.

As Mary Ann walked through the glass door to the pool, I heard Mom ask her, "Who let you in?"

"Your son, Kit did," she said.

"Kit's home?" mom replied, sounding anxious.

"Apparently so," Mary Ann answered with a chuckle.

I was back on my way up to my room, when a hand was on my shoulder.

"Kit - How long've you been home?" mom asked nervously awaiting my answer.

"About 30 minutes or so Mom, why?" I replied as casually as I could.

"What've you been ... doing since you were home, honey?" she asked, getting even more nervous sounding.

I realized the answer that would mortify her, and I almost said, 'Looking at all of these mouth watering tits in our backyard, ' but, despite being a horn-dog, I knew better and said, "Up in my room doing homework."

She turned around and walked away, but I had to say something, so as a parting shot, I added, "Mom, I've got the hottest looking Mom of all my friends. You're very beautiful."

That stopped her in her tracks, and she said smiling, "Thank you honey, I try to keep myself fit." And she turned around and went back outside.

I ran up the stairs and watched as they all put their tops back on - Damn.

Our pool is the only built-in one in the neighborhood, so in the summertime all of our friends come over and party and dance around the pool. There's a strict 'pool curfew' of 11pm, just because our friends might never go home.

We've had a few calls about 'Is my kid there?' So, there's a zero tolerance to the never-ending attempts at, 'just 10 more minutes.' Mom's conferred upon me the title of Pool Nazi - Jawohl!

After Mary Ann left, everybody came up and went in their rooms. I waited about five minutes and knocked on Jades door.

"Come in," she said. "Oh, hi Kit, you've been hiding in your room this whole time I suppose, haven't you?" She was still topless, but I quickly averted my eye-line to her pretty eyes.

"If I'd gone outside with all of you topless, I would've quickly had a accident, or two. I never knew just how beautiful all of the women in this house are. I know you're my sister, and this may sound creepy coming from your own brother; but I've had a crush on you for a very long time. And today, I thought I should finally tell you."

I realized I was being too forward, so I ran out of her room and into mine, closing and locking my door.

Since that mostly one-sided conversation last year, Jade now looks at me funny from time to time, although I can never get a firm idea of what she thought of me that particular day - boldly telling her that I loved her! When she brings a boy over for dinner, it might just be my own hubris, but I'd swear they all look a little like me.

Maybe it's time to follow up on that conversation from last year.

It's June, summer's just started - Jade and Jet are constantly in the back yard, sunbathing, only occasionally actually getting in the pool. I waited until they were on their stomachs and I went out in my swim suit, putting down my towel and diving into the pool, specifically avoiding making a splash that would hit the girls.

Jade said, "Hey Kit, when you get out, could you please put some oil on my back?"

I heard a giggle, and Jet added, "Me too, little brother, please?"

I was doing OK, until the 'please's' which went straight to my dick; causing me to get hard.

"Let me swim for a little bit more, OK?" I asked.

"OK, but we need to be oiled up, and our little brother is the perfect one to do it," Jade said. More giggles.

I swam some laps, willing my dick down, and it did, so I got out and dried myself off. I wandered over to the girls and said, "OK, where's the oil?"

As if on cue, they both turned over, exposing their breasts to me, and causing my inevitable reaction.

Jet said, "I'm going inside, you two ... behave?"

She got up. Still topless and went inside, laughing rather loudly as she turned around and looked at us one last time.

"So, Kit do you still want to put some oil on me?" Jade said, sounding different.

"Well, er ... uhm ... on your front, can't you do that yourself?" I said nervously.

"But then my hands would be all oily, little brother, and you don't want my hands to be all oily do you?" Jade said with a perfect logic, at least in my head.

I just got harder, and she saw the reaction as well.

"Maybe, I should stop calling you my little brother, it looks like you're packing a whopper in your suit?"

"Jade, do you want me to oil you up or are you just trying to make me have an accident in my suit?" I said, more assertively then I'd expected.

"We could take this upstairs, and it'd more private, than out here," Jade said.

"Jade, why're you torturing me like this?" I was really getting close to cumming in my suit.

"I remember you telling me that you had a crush on me, so I wanted to thank you for telling me that, since you ran away from me that day." She sounded, what's that word, oh yeah - petulant?

"I ran away, because I was embarrassed over admitting to my sister that I was in love with her?" Oh Boy.

"In Love, you said you had a crush on me, now you're telling me, you're in love with me? Talk about an uncomfortable subject. Let me digest this new information and we'll talk later tonight, up in my room."

"You're not going to tell anyone that I said this to you, are you?" I was nervous again, and still about ready to cum.

"No, I told Jet back when it happened that you told me you had a crush on me, but that's all."

She'd put her top back on, and we walked into the house together. Our hands were close to touching as we walked. I was fighting every instinct in my body to keep from grabbing her hand and holding it.

She looked over at me, smiled and grabbed my hand, as we went upstairs. She went into her room, saying, "We'll talk later, OK Kit?"

I went into my room, locked the door and wacked myself off, in record time, while thinking about those tits that were in front of my face just a couple of minutes earlier. I cleaned up my mess, and took a shower. The hot water pelted on my back, feeling so good.


I put on some shorts and a t-shirt, and went downstairs, to a magnificent spread of food, all home-cooked. Dad's become something of a chef, trying out different things on us; tonight putting together something called Buccatini Pork, with peppers, and a salad - boy does Dad make a great salad!

"So, what did everybody do today, anything interesting?" mom asked.

Jet responded, "I'm thinking of going on to get my Masters in SOU's Master in Management Program, so I looked over the qualifications for a while and then Jade and I sunbathed, with Kit joining us. That's my day. Your turn Jade?"

"I didn't do anything special today, just watched some TV, spent some time on my computer, and went sunbathing with Jet and Kit. Batter up, Kit."

That made us all laugh as it was now my turn. Should I go for the shock - or maybe a lie - or just tell the truth. Decisions — Decisions.

"I applied for Harvard today, flew a mission to Mars, replaced a light bulb in my room, and then swam and sunbathed with my beautiful topless sisters."

I'm not usually this outspoken, getting me to say anything is like pulling teeth, to use my fathers' favorite expression.

Dad replied, "Harvard is good, Law or Medicine, Kit?"

"Law, Dad— I figure it'll help me, so I can get my friends out of jail when they're arrested. I could even represent Jet when she's picked up for soliciting." Jet slapped my shoulder in mock protest, giggling.

Shocked, but looking me directly in the eye, Mom blasted, "Who're you, and what've you done with my son, who never talks at the dinner table?"

"Today was a good day," I said, looking over at Jade. Jet saw our glance at one another.

"I'm glad you've had a good day, because your Mother and I've something to tell you, that'll likely shock you. We've been waiting for Kit to turn 19, so now we've no more excuses."

I saw Mom and Dad grab one another's hands, and grip real hard. I also noticed a tear forming on my Mom's face.

"You guys aren't ... dying are you?" I asked.

"No, no nothing quite so dramatic," dad said with a chuckle.

"Are you getting a divorce?" Jade asked.

"If you kids would just settle down, we'll tell you, and no, there are no divorces in the history of the Josephson's, at least as far back as I've looked which is my great grandfather," dad said proudly.

"Instead of beating around the bush, I'm just going to say it; your mother and I — Aren't just husband and wife!"

We all looked at one another, not getting what he's saying.

"Joseph and I are also, brother and sister. The only children of John and Julia Josephson," mom said.

I carefully took hold of Jade's hand below the table, as we all looked at one another in amazement.

"Will somebody say something please, the silence is deafening," dad said.

"We've another bombshell, Mom and Dad," Jade said.

"Well, what is it?" mom asked.

Jade brought our clasped hands up on the table and said, "Kit and I are in love with one another!"

I snapped my head over to see her, as she started to cry. I put my arm around her and said, "It's true. It just manifested itself today, actually."

"How exactly, or do I want to know?" asked Dad.

"We've done nothing, not even kissed, but we had a moment about a year ago, and again today, and we're deeply in love with one another, and want what you two have had all these years," I felt my eyes burning.

Mom and Dad; you got to give them credit — they didn't get up and scream, or kick me out of the house, or tell us to stop.

"Pass the Pork please, I'm still hungry," dad said.

It was in front of Mom, so she casually said, "Here you go honey, don't eat too much, or you'll have the 'toots' later."

We all laughed so hard at that, it was amazing. My parents are amazing - My sister Jade ... is amazing.

"Pass the salad please?" said Jet. "So today at the pool, that wasn't the first time between you two?"

"What happened at the pool?" dad asked as causally as possible taking a bite of his salad.

"Jade and I flashed Kit, with our boobs, and I left to let whatever was going to happen, happen," Jet said.

Turning to me, Mom asked, "and, what did happen after Jet left, Kit?"

"I got a stiffie and we went upstairs, and we finished the conversation we started last year. I told Jade my deepest feelings for her, but she hesitated telling me to wait until she'd thought about it. She must've, because she just told me, she loved me in front of all of you."

Jet asked, "What did you do about the stiffie, Kit — wack off?"

Mom and Dad gave Jet a stern look, but turned to hear my answer.

"No, I took a cold shower and thought about what Jade and I talked about. I was realizing that I've loved her for as long as I've known her. I was just so worried that she wouldn't have the same feelings for me."

Now the tears cut loose, Jade rubbed my arm and she said, "I've had feelings, but I didn't want to act on them, because you were barely 18 years old."

I picked up her hand and kissed it, saying softly, "I love you, Jade."

She turned our hands so mine was on top, which she kissed and said, "I love you, too."

"Having gone through this ourselves, kids - take things slowly, Lust is Quick but Love lasts Forever!" Dad said, always sounding like a Hallmark card.

"Also kids, we've kept our secret from everyone, only Mary Ann Wright, from SOU knows we're brother and sister. So keep things on the down low, please?" mom added.

"Sure, Mom — who knows back in Lincoln City about you?" I asked.

"Mom, Dad and your Aunt Jennifer, that's all?" mom answered.

"Is it OK with everyone, if, around the house Kit and I hold hands and maybe kiss?" Jade asked.

Mom responded, "Sure honey, but when you guys are ready to do the deed, get us all out of the house first, please? I'm not quite ready to hear my daughter scream out her brother's name during sex."

Jade and I blushed, but agreed to the request.

"Are you still on the pill Jade?" mom asked.

"Yeah, Mom — why wouldn't I be?"

"And have you missed a single pill in the last 45 days?"

"NO, Mom — but what..."

"Then you two are fully capable of deciding when you'll be intimate — love's a progressive thing, kissing, cuddling, oral sex and then the big kahuna, when you're ready. Jade, don't expect Kit to know what to do," mom added. "Tell him what you like, and dislike. That's all you're going to get from your father and me, unless you need to know something else. Girls, help me clear the table, I think the boys need to talk for a couple of minutes."

"Thanks Jewel, I love you," dad said.

"Bakatya, baby," mom replied, blowing him a kiss.

"Boy, Dad — you and Mom sure do love one another a lot, how old were you when you realized you loved your sister?"

He told me the whole story, starting when he called her 'Gorgeous' and he told me about the Rose and all of the stuff that happened between him and Mom. I especially like the pizza story, which I plan to do with Jade sometime in the future.

"Kit," he got real serious, "You may think you know what to do with a girl, but porn ... only shows the physical act of love. There's a strong emotional aspect to it all as well, remember you already care for one another; due to the fact you're brother and sister. You need to interlock the emotional with the physical."

"Your mother and I did a few foolish things along the way, and we're here to guide you down this slippery slope called Incest. Always ask Jade what she wants and how she feels, and never do anything to her she hasn't asked for or approved of. Have you ever even been on a date with a girl? I'm sorry for asking such a personal question but..."

"No, Dad. Since our conversation last year, I've been holding out, waiting for an opportunity to express myself to her, which happened today. I really do love her, I mean I'm in love with her, and it happened long before I was 18 years old," I started to cry again.

"It's OK to express these feelings, Kit — that old expression 'real men don't cry' is a crock of shit, excuse my language; tell her how you feel all the time, and ask her how she feels - all the time."

I heard the ladies coming out of the kitchen. I pulled Jade aside, and said, "I love you."

She replied, "I love you, too."

I moved in, despite everyone else in the room, and touched her lips with mine, causing us both to tremble. I saw Mom, out of the corner of my eye, starting to cry.

I put my hands on Jade's face, which I've seen Mom and Dad do to one another. It felt so right, like I was an unfinished puzzle she completed. We kissed one another and my arms went around her back, feeling her wonderful body a little.

Her arms went around the outside of my shoulders and we just kept kissing, disregarding the people around us.

This is true and complete love!

When the kiss was over we both felt a little embarrassed, but we were both quite flush from the kiss, causing the rest of our family to cry. They all could tell how much Jade and I were in love. We went up to my room to be alone.

I wasn't in any particular hurry to rip off my sister's clothes and make mad passionate love to her. I knew that things would be moving slowly, at a pace that we both were in tune with.

I'd thought of doing what our parents did, moving from where we grew up to somewhere else, but that seemed a bit over the top. I'll hold on to the idea, as a last resort, but right now; my sister and I need time to get to know one another better, and I don't necessarily mean only sexually.

I've adored my older sister since I was 10 and she was 11. I was picked on as a kid, and my big sister Jade stood up for me, actually hitting a boy in the jaw, because he called me Kitten, sometimes Pussycat.

When she slugged Bobby Norton, she became my hero. It was in front of about a dozen other boys, who apparently passed the word that Jade Josephson would beat on anyone who messed with her little brother. We went to the same school together, and her protection lasted through my 7th Grade.

She moved on to Jefferson High School, while I had a year left at Compton Junior High, but most of the bully types stayed away from me, knowing all I had to do was point one of them out, and my sister might just give them a black eye as well.

It was at this time, I started to notice how pretty my older sister was getting. She was fifteen now, and her tits were easily the biggest of the crowd she went with. She was, and still is very smart, so she broke the mold of the stupid beautiful girl, by being the smartest girl in 9th grade.

I'm also rather smart, but nothing like my sister. Something funny happened during my 8th grade, after Jade went off to Jefferson. I had girls coming up to me, asking me to help them with their homework, talking to me like they were out of breath or something. I'd sit and talk with any girl who wanted me for my brain, but the rest of me was being saved ... for my big beautiful sister Jade.

The following year we had the two of us as close buds again, although there wasn't a bullying problem anymore. Actually, the problem now was that Jade was too pretty; every guy tried to talk to her, hit on her, or just attempt to grope her.

I'd filled out a lot between Junior High and High School, so I'd protect her from being harassed now. It felt good, knowing I was paying her back for all of the times she helped me.

One instance comes to mind; the top scorer on the basketball team, Jeff Collins, was always coming up to Jade and talking to her and doing his best to rub up against her as much as possible.

I saw him coming this one time, and got in between him and her, telling him to 'just walk away, she's not interested.' I lied and told him that she had a boyfriend at another high school. I saw her smile as I said that.

Jade corroborated my lie by saying, "Yeah, Jeff — leave me alone or my boyfriend, who's a senior and a defensive lineman on the Highland Varsity Football Team, may come and kick your scrawny ass?"

"Yeah, so what's his name, I know most of the guys on that team?"

I butted in, "Well, Steve Goertz, a new student at Highland, is 6'4" and weighs 277. He'll be starting since Jonas Hildebrand graduated last year."

"Jees - sorry Jade, my mistake; if you ever want a boyfriend from Jefferson, look me up?" he said, as he and his group walked away.

Jade looked at me, and said, "Thanks Kit, is there even really a guy named Steve Goertz at Highland?"

"There could be - Jonas did graduate, so that part's true?" I said.

"My hero," she said, giving me a peck on the cheek. I blushed. She giggled.

Nowadays, I'm a freshman, and Jade a sophomore at Southern Oregon University.

We started spending a lot of time together, in the pool, watching TV or playing games on my computer. Jet, my oldest sister, was a little ticked that I'd taken Jade away from tagging along with her. I didn't want the feel the wrath of Jet, so we'd all go out together, whenever possible.

Jet would join us poolside, but she'd be sunbathing while Jade and I splashed around in the pool, and occasionally cuddled up and kissed one another, sometimes quite passionately.

This'd been going on for about a couple of weeks; all we'd done was kiss; but I thought I might be ready for - whatever may be next! We were kissing in her room, and I carefully placed my hand on her t-shirt, touching the side of her right breast, not really doing anything overt.

I heard her say, "Oh ... that feels nice, Kit. Have you ever touched a breast before?"

No secrets, "Yes, I tried to cop a feel of Brenda Batson once, but she slapped me away, because I just grabbed at it, like an idiot. That was last year. You and I could've been kissing and loving one another all this time, and I just wasted that time away, because I was so scared of my feelings."

Filling with emotion I went on, "There's something else I need to tell you, Jade. You know when we told everybody at the dinner table, that we were in love?"

"Yeah, I was there?" She giggled.

"When Jet asked what I did about my erection, I lied. Your tits got me so hot, I went to my room and, in less than 10 seconds I came all over my hand, thinking of you."

"You did? But you said..."

"I lied, because I was embarrassed to even say the word 'masturbate' in front of everybody. I still do, every now and again, but that moment when you opened the door and were still topless, got me so hard so fast, I ran to my room, hoping nothing would happen in front of you."

Jade remarked, "Kit, I'm not quite ready to have you touch my bare breast, but if you want to feel me, go ahead - I masturbate too, you know. You're not the only one in this relationship that's horny all of the time. We just need to go slow, and be sure we're in love and don't just want to jump one another's bones."

"Funny you should use that term, Jade. Back when I used to hang out with John King and Michael Newberry - all they wanted to talk about was how hot you were, and they both would say that they 'wanted to jump your bones?' I did as well, but I couldn't admit that to them at the time, could I?"

I took my hand - that was touching the side of her breast and moved it, so my hand was supporting her breast. It felt like a large nerf ball in my hand, molding itself to the ridges of my fingers and palm. I heard Jade make a sound - I pulled away.

"Did I do something wrong, Jade? I'm sorry if I squeezed too hard - It feels so nice to touch. The fabric of your shirt causes your breast to mold itself to my hand."

"It didn't hurt, or anything like that, Kit. I was enjoying it, and I moaned. You must've thought I was in pain or something, but I wasn't. It felt real nice; when you were holding it from underneath like that. Nobody's ever held me so softly and with so much love in their heart as you have. Come here."

We started a kiss, but this time we were sitting down on her bed. I moved towards her, pressing my lips hard against hers, and her tongue came out. Mine did as well, and we kissed for a very long time. For a while I moved my hand back to her breast, while we were kissing and she made a sound that sounded like a bear growling, which turned me on a lot.

She took her hand and putting it under my shirt, she rubbed my nipple, tweaking it with her thumb and index finger. My nipple popped, then she went over to my other one and did the same thing, causing that nipple to go erect in less then a second.

I was kissing her while she did this to me, and I was getting quite the erection. I was sadly aware we were nowhere near that point in our new relationship where she could do anything for me. I moved from her lips to the side of her neck, and I heard a moan that could only mean, she just had an orgasm.

I kissed her on the lips and left her room, telling her that we'd better stop. She understood, but had a sad look on her face as I left her alone. I could only assume she'd be doing the same thing I was about to do - masturbate alone in our room.

I needed to think about our situation and went downstairs, finding that Mary Ann had come over and was talking to Mom.

"Is something wrong, honey?" mom asked.

"No Mom, it can wait, that's all I can do?" I questioningly acknowledged as I walked into the kitchen - opening the refrigerator to see what there was to drink in the house. I found some Gatorade, so I got it and drained it. As I threw away the bottle, I heard someone come through the door.

It was Mary Ann!

"Kit," she said. "Your Mom's shared with me what's happened between you and your sister Jade. Would you like to talk about this with someone other than a family member? I can listen — I won't judge you. I've been keeping your parents secret for a very long time."

"Well, Mrs. Wright..."

"Call me Mary Ann, Kit — and look me in the eyes please," she said.

"That's part of the problem, Mary Ann? I've all of these beautiful women around me, I've fallen in love with my own sister, and you, my sisters and my Mom, all have such fantastic tits — I'm sorry — that was uncalled for, I'm so frustrated."

"Why?" she asked. "Don't worry about me, you can say anything to me, if it helps?"

"We've promised one another, we'd go slow, in our physical relationship, but my body keeps telling me to rush ahead. I don't want to scare her, but my hormones just won't stop. All I've done is look at your rack, and I'm getting hard."

"Well, I do have a nice pair, don't I?" she said, as I saw her licking her lips.

"Mary Ann, I need some experience, so I can love Jade the way she needs to be loved. I don't want to be bumbling and fumbling, when I need to be loving and caring."

"Kit, I could help you, if you'd like?" she responded, surprising me.


"I said, if you need practical experience in sex, I'm offering myself to you - but nobody can know what's happening. I can tell your mother that there are some things I need help with around my place - which there are - and you can come over for an hour or two a day, and we can teach one another, about all sorts of things. You do think I'm pretty, don't you? I think you do, because you haven't been able to take your eyes off my breasts since I walked in here."

"But — but, what about your husband, and your kids?" I asked, not believing the direction of this conversation.

"My husband's gone marlin fishing in the Bahamas, all summer with his buddies, and our kids go to school in Massachusetts and aren't coming home this summer. I'm alone in my big house and would love the company. I could be your 'sexual advisor' if you'd like me too?"

"Oh Jees, Mary Ann — I don't know, would my Mom go for this?"

"She already knows that I need some help at my place. All you have to do is not sound too eager - Can you do that?" she said walking right up to me.

My dick was really tight in my pants, due to this conversation. She was looking straight at me, waiting for me to accept or decline this offer. If I accept, I'd lose my virginity to a very very hot woman - nearly 50 years old. If I decline, I'll continue to fumble my way through this new relationship I've started with my older sister.

"One other thing, Kit — you can't fall in love with me, you can only use me as you need to - and I need to be used by you."

"I'll do it. When would we start, tomorrow?"

"Calm down Kit, you're thinking with your dick right now, so just wait. Let's go and talk to your mother ... remember don't be too eager for my beaver," she giggled as we walked out together.

"Jewel?" Mary Ann said.

"Yeah, Mary Ann?" mom responded.

"I've talked to your son, about helping me move some things around, and he's ... willing to help. I was wondering if you've any worries about this arrangement?"

"Mary Ann, the only problem I see, is that you need to be careful with what you wear around him. He's a young man, with strong arms and a strong back, to help you, but he's also at that age where he's horny all the time..."

"MOM - not all the time. Mary Ann's asked me to help her and I can, but if you don't trust me then I won't, because above all, I love my Mom and her faith and trust in me is as important as anything else in my life. I admit that Mary Ann's quite stunning, but she's nothing compared to the girls in my life, starting with my Mom."

"Aww honey, that was quite the speech. Mary Ann, I'll send him to you about noon tomorrow?" mom said.

"That sounds good, Jewel. That way I can work on getting together a list of ... things to have him do. At two hours a day, I could use him for most of the week, if that's OK?" she said with a delicious smile on her face.

Mom looked over at me, and said, "If that works for him, and you, then it works for me as well. Just be gentle with him. He's my baby you know?"

"Aww Mom — why'd you have to say that? Just to embarrass me - well ... it worked. Thank you very much for thinking of me to help you Mary Ann, I'll see you tomorrow at noon."

Mary Ann left and Mom turned to me and said, "You'd better work hard for her young man - she's my best friend and she'll tell me if you slack off! Wear a jock strap tomorrow honey; it'll keep you from pointing north all day," mom said, laughing as she went into the kitchen to start dinner.

"I'm going to go swimming for a while Mom," I yelled.

"OK," I heard from the other side of the door.

I was floating and enjoying myself when Jade and Jet came out to sunbathe.

"Hello Kit," Jet said.

"Hi Jet, you look great today?" I replied.

I heard a sound come from Jade and I added, "But not nearly as stunning as Jade looks," A smile immediately came to her lips.

"Mom tells us, you're going to Mary Ann's place tomorrow?" Jet said.

"Yeah, her husband's out fishing for the summer and her kids are stuck in Massachusetts. She wants me to help her ... move some things around, and I guess clean up a little. I'll be going there for a couple hours every day for most of the week," I said as nonchalantly as I could.

I started to swim again doing about 20 laps; I was exhausted as I was getting out. I stopped and gave Jade a kiss, as I started to dry myself off.

Jet said with a little pout, "I need a kiss too, little brother. Jade, would you allow your hunky boyfriend to kiss his oldest sister?"

"Whatever Kit wants, I want," Jade said grinning.

"Come here brother-of-mine, and give me a nice lip-lock?" Jet said.

I leaned over from behind her and started a nice kiss. Jet pulled my head tight and thrust her tongue deep inside my mouth as Jade reached over and pulled on her sister's nipple, which caused her to dislodge me.

"Oooh - Now, I'm horny - and wet," Jet said as she picked up her things and left, topless.

I lay down where she'd been and reached over and took Jades hand and just lay there. I woke up with a hand on my chest, rubbing up and down; and it was pulling on my nipples. I kept from returning the favor, since she was topless.

Instead, I turned on my side and put my hand on her face, gently touching her cheek and feeling it's softness. I followed that up with a kiss on her lips unlike any we'd yet given one another.

"Ooooohhhhh, Kit — that was nice. Put your hand on my belly please?"

I did, moving it around in circles, getting close to her breasts with each passing circle. I was also getting close to touching her bikini bottom, both being off-limits in these early stages of our incestuous relationship.

"That feels so good, go a little lower please, but over the bikini not under?" Jade pleaded.

I stopped completely, got up and left.

Back up in my room, I'd changed into some shorts and a t-shirt. There was a knock on my door.

"Come in, Jade?" I said rather disconsolately.

"It's not Jade, It's Jet."

"Come in, Jet."

She walked in and slapped me in the face.

"What the hell was that for?" I said, rubbing where she slapped.

"Jade is in her room crying her eyes out. She won't let anybody come in; I assume this has something to do with you, and something you did?" Jet said with a good deal of attitude.

"You're right, it has something to do with me and Jade, not you — so get out of my room, I'll deal with this, OK?" I said, practically screaming at her.

She backed out of my room. I'd never spoken to her like that before, but she was butting in. I got up and went to Jade's door and knocked softly.

"Who is it?" she said.

"It's me, Jade — Kit, can we talk for a minute?"

"OK, it's unlocked."

I walked in and she was dressed in just a t-shirt no bra and a pair of sweat pants. I sat down on the bed and looked over at her, seeing that she'd been crying for a while.

"I'm sorry, Jade - I was just wanting to feel closer to you and touching you seemed like ... like, I can't tell you how much I want to love you, but you want slow ... and I want what you want. I'm so sorry?" I went into full sobbing mode quickly, she moved next to me and put her arm around me. She started crying too.

After a couple of minutes just holding one another and crying together, she took my hands and put them on her breasts, using my hands to knead her own breasts. It felt wonderful, although a little strange. She started to tremble and moan; she was about to orgasm and all we were doing was kneading her wonderful tits. She took her hands away, and said, "Keep going — Keep — Keep going Kit, almost — oohh, almost — Oh Oh Oh Aaaaaaauuuuuugggghhhh! I'm cumming, yes; I'm cumming! Oh — oh, my Kit. Thank you, so much!"


After dinner, I asked Jade if she'd like to go to a late showing at the Cinemark Movie Theatre? To go out after dinner, it was required to get one of our parent's permission.

"Mom, can Kit take me to the movies, after dinner. There's a new Harrison Ford movie out, and you know how dreamy I always thought he was," Jade asked.

"He's rather old, Jade. You call that dreamy?" Jet interfered.

"I've liked him since the first Star Wars movie, Jade — Han Solo might be one of the best characters ever written," I said.

"What about Apocalypse Now? Colonel Lucas was a great role too," Jade countered.

"Sure kids, you can go. Take the Toyota — it's got gas, and come straight home kids," mom said.

"Mom, I'm 19 and Jade's 20 — don't worry about us OK? I've got my phone in case. Thanks Mom, you're the best."

"Oh, It's OK - and for the record, Harrison Ford's best movie was Regarding Henry, hands down," she said.

Jade and I got up took our dishes to the sink, grabbed the keys and left.

In the car, I turned to Jade and asked, "Do you really want to go see a movie, or do you just want to go somewhere and make out?"

"As much as I'd like to make out with you Kit, I'm afraid of where it might lead. With what happened before dinner?"

"We can't be afraid to be in love, Jade and I love you so much. I also respect you too much to do anything you're not ready to do, but just remember, that I'm always ready to hold you, caress you, and to love you with all of my heart."

"Ohh, Kit — what did I ever do to deserve you?"

"Jade, your smile's what first attracted me to you, you know that?"

"Yeah, I know you told me that, but I'm always amazed at how much you seem to respect me, to not do what your impulses are telling you to do. I really do love you, you know?"

We went to the movie, sitting in the back row. It was dark enough to make out, but we saw a half a dozen kids we knew, so we kept it rather chaste, although we had our hands on one another's legs most of the movie.

On the way out, we ran into John King and Jenn Coleman, who've been dating for some time. They caught us holding hands. John gave me a wink and they left.

"Kit, he saw we were holding hands, will he say anything?" Jade asked.

"I don't think so, honey — I caught him kissing his sister a few years ago and told him how sick it seemed, but his sister Holly has great big tits."

"Bigger than mine?" Jade asked with the sound of pride in her voice.

"No, way — You've got the biggest tits I've ever seen naked, but that friend of Mom's, Mary Ann something, those look really big."

"Her name's Mary Ann Wright. She's the only one outside of the family that knows about Mom and Dad. You're going over to her place to help her move some stuff around, aren't you?"

"Yeah, Mom embarrassed me by telling her not to wear anything too provocative or her 'little boy' might just cum in his pants."

"Mom said that?" Jade exploded, then laughed.

Looking at her I said, "No, but she might as well have. I'm a little nervous of going over there, I hope she isn't expecting a 'Mrs. Robinson' moment?"

"What does she need done, maybe I can help too?" Jade said.

"Well, I don't think that's a good idea, honey — I better go over alone. At least at first."

"That's twice you've called me honey - I like that," Jade exclaimed.

"It's so easy to be sweet with my honey - Let's get home, Jade."

"OK, sweetie."

Being in love - sure has its perks.

The next morning Mom made a sack lunch, gave me directions to Mary Ann's, and told me "Whatever it is she wants you to do for her, be kind and respectful, OK?"

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