One Month of Chuck & Steve - an Alternative Scenario

by Robin_dualwritersguest

Copyright© 2012 by Robin_dualwritersguest

Fan Fiction Story: A month of adventures of Chuck & Steve written by a British fan and approved by dualwriter. Lots of airplanes and very busy. Remember this is not written by dualwriter. (I am posting it) For those who need a Florida Friends Fix.

Tags: Ma/Fa  

Notice to Readers

The following story is written by 'Robin Aubrey', a fan of the Florida Friends series to the extent that he's fantasized alternate scenarios for the cast and crew. If you notice a little difference in some of his writing, it is because "Robin" is a true 'Brit' living in a small village in the United Kingdom who uses some different phrases such as ringing up someone or knocking up a neighbour. Strange to we Colonialists, but very normal there. They also have a different dictionary to learn how to spell from. I have specifically requested he does not try to Americanize his natural writing.

So, this story is not written by "Dual Writer" but by Robin Aubrey as he sees Chuck and Steve having some exciting times.

Editors Note: "While Robin, the author of this series is British, it is important to remember that Steve & Chuck are Americans and the majority of the story takes place in the USA, so it would not be natural for them to speak in 'Brit'. I endeavour (Brit spelling) to retain the British flavor wherever it makes sense, but since there are plans for Dual Writer to continue the Steve & Chuck series, I sincerely believe that both stories will be better served with them talking in their natural dialect. Should Robin introduce some British characters, they will speak in their natural 'Brit speak' also. Thanks for reading our work. Pepere"

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