Chatty Chipmunk and Ozzie the Owl

by harry lime

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Poor little Chatty was just looking for fun in all the wrong places. The very thought of doing it with an over the hill owl was just too silly to even consider. Sure she was a little different than the other chipmunks with her hidden wings but that was her business. Then again, very strange things seem to happen on a moonless night in the middle of the darkened forest.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

Once upon a time, long ago, in the land of impossible dreams lived a rather impressive little female chipmunk by the name of "Chatty Chipmunk".

Now, little Miss Chatty was very respectable little chipmunk but her reputation for telling tall tales made most of the other forest creatures suspect that the perfectly proportioned 16 year old chipmunk was a bit "loose". She generally headed over to the next forest when she wanted to "get it on" with others of her species so there was no basis to the rumors at all.

At least that was until the vociferous short-legged beauty was swept up in a passion for dalliance with winged creatures. She had to admit that her fetish was something she had always harbored deep inside her chipmunk heart but was much too afraid to expose herself to ridicule by the other chipmunks. Her mother told her when she was a little chipmunk that she would probably be attracted to the winged creatures that flew with abandon in the branches of the canopied forest. Apparently, her family was also able to fly because they had originated in a far off land where the chipmunks and the birds lived together in sweet harmony under the spreading branches and the protecting leaves.

One dark October night, little Chatty was searching in the fallen leaves for a hidden stash of nuts that she was quite certain she had secreted only a few short weeks ago.

Suddenly she was knocked to the ground and felt powerful claws holding her immobile but most certainly not silent.

"Get your ugly claws off of me, you big oaf!"

The startled owl peered down at her with some consternation.

"My, my, you are not a mouse!"

Chatty was surprised to see her nocturnal assailant was a very elderly owl who had mistaken her for one of the field mice that seemed to overrun the pasture every now and then. They were truly "a la carte" for hungry owls in the middle of the night.

The apologetic owl released her with a quick retraction of his long, sharp claws.

"I am so sorry, little chipmunk. My eyesight is not what it used to be and I am very hungry."

Chatty felt sorry for the old fellow because it was obvious he had good intentions.

"Listen, Mr. Owl. You can sit up in the oak tree right behind the barn and you will find oodles of little mice just looking to meet up with a nice owl like you."

The owl was most appreciative of the advice and realized the little female chipmunk was friendly and felt awful soft and cuddly in his grasp. Being a very horny owl, he started to wonder to himself if it were possible for an owl and a chipmunk to have some sort of physical relationship resulting in a satisfactory release of the need for making little owls. It had been a long time since Ozzie had actually attempted to put new baby owls into the world.

He felt that old familiar feeling down there underneath his round well-feathered body.

Chatty was back to normal now. Her heart was not beating so fast and she even liked the fact that the big fellow was sitting very protectively next to her. For some reason, she felt a lot safer with the dangerous creature of the night by her side.

For an instant, she had thought that a couple of the aggressive male chipmunks had seen an easy conquest wandering defenseless in the middle of the night and had pounced on her with evil intent. That had never happened to her but her female chipmunk friends had often regaled her with their tales of such episodes. The very thought made her always look furtively about her before she ventured into a strange place where she didn't know any of the many male chipmunks.

"They call me Ozzie, Miss Chatty. I sure didn't mean any disrespect by swooping down on you like that."

Chatty relaxed and stretched out her arms and legs still searching for her missing nuts.

"Oh, Miss Chatty, you have wings on your body just a bird like me. What kind of chipmunk are you?"

Chatty giggled and looked over her shoulder at the wise old owl.

"I am a flying chipmunk just like a flying squirrel, Mr. Owl. My family taught me how to fly from tree to tree just like a bird. But I am really not a bird. I just seem to look a little like one. The other chipmunks talk about me behind my back and make fun of me."

"Well, I think it looks mighty attractive, Miss Chatty."

Chatty looked up at the large feathered bird of prey and decided he was serious. She spread her arms and legs and looked up at him hovering over her. The glint in Ozzie's eyes made her heart start to beat faster again. She hoped no other chipmunks were watching.

The sound of the huge bird settling down on top of her was exciting to Chatty. She felt him probe her in a familiar way and she hoped he would find some pleasure in her tiny chipmunk body. His weight was crushing her down into the damp forest leaves but it was a nice kind of crushing. She felt her whole body vibrating from the gentle touch of the huge feathers. Soon she was going into one of her female chipmunk "things" that meant she was right in the groove and ready to receive whatever Mr. Owl was going to give to her. When he screeched in the dark night air, she knew it was coming and the flood washed over her like a liquid blanket that matted her chipmunk fur.

Ozzie was astonished.

This little chipmunk was the best he had ever given it to. All the other female owls seemed so indifferent to his technique. They just yawned and pretended he was just exercising himself on their feathers. He looked down at Chatty spread wide open under his huge body. For the first time ever, he felt he just had to do it again and started to give it to her real good.

Chatty could not believe it.

The wise old owl was actually beginning to take her a second time and she was still panting from the first mating. She was really into this now. Chatty figured it was the obvious impropriety of an owl and a chipmunk getting it on and also the naughty nature of their nighttime mating on the forest floor.

The soft screeches from the owl blended in with the little squeals Chatty was forced to give up as she was pushed into the dew-covered leaves by the powerful bird. A couple of prowling feral cats were immobilized by the scene in the clearing but they were far too cautious to interfere in any way with the tableau.

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