The Lieutenant's Lady

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2012 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Lt Waren Reinert, sweet on Sheree Wells, rescues her from an abusive boyfriend. It helps him to establish the relationship that he longed for with Sheree and her daughter Renee.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oral Sex   Violent   .


His day, up to that point, had been quiet but he liked it that way. The 'action' was always still super exciting for him but he'd gotten to the point with it where if nothing untoward happened on his shift, he wasn't going to complain.

Warren Reinert was a cop, Lieutenant Warren Reinert, that is. He was one of the leaders of what the city had branded the T & W squad, Tactics and Weapons. It was their own version of S.W.A.T.

He'd received his commando kind of training in the Marine Corps and had decided to use this training, when he was back home after his last tour of duty. Now at age 38, he was well trained, in great shape but not all that anxious for excitement and mayhem. That was a dream of youth, he realized; and he told himself that he'd left it comfortably behind.

He was the only child of an old and fairly wealthy family, and, in his own way, the black sheep of that whole clan because he didn't become, like his father, and grandfather, and his uncle, a business man. He'd rebelled, so he thought but had his father's blessings to pursue his own kind of vision for his life, so that the Marine Corps it was and after that his involvement with setting up, training and perfecting the work of the T & W Squad.

And in all of this he was, he knew, extremely fortunate. For, despite his insisting on 'going his own way' with his Dad and Uncle, the businessmen, he was always loved and supported by them. He missed them, both of them all the time. In passing they'd left him very, very well off. In fact they'd left him with more money and income than he ever knew what to do with. But that was his own secret and his financial advisor's.

But the day was done, and he went home to his new apartment, where no one knew or guessed that he actually owned the complex. It was handled by a property management company, and his only connection was the money that the complexes made. He also worked with a kind of vision to make the apartments as good as possible. He was constantly in touch with an architect friend about how to improve the apartments, and for a number of people living there, made sure that the rent was what they could afford.

One such tenant was a school teacher named Sheree, Sheree Wells. She was 26 years old and the mother of a charmer, Renee.

Warren knew them fairly well because Renee was a member of a martial arts class that he taught at the local Boys and Girls Club. She was 9 years old, had, as often as not, pigtails, and a huge smile, especially for her apartment neighbor Warren, Lt Warren. She called him 'her favorite cop'.

Warren and Sheree had developed a kind of cooperative plan. Sheree always took Renee to the martial arts class and Warren saw her home. It had developed because Sheree had frequently enough evening meetings and events.

That time, wandering home from their class and chatting turned into a special time for Warren and Renee.

Now he was on his way home. Schedules had been redone; meetings had been held; reports had been submitted and Warren was free to go. At home he had his usual light dinner, since his noon meal, while on the job, was normally his main meal of the day.

He got into his running clothes and got ready to go to the nearby Boys and Girls Club, when there was a knock on the door.

It was Sheree.

"Hey, Sheree!" he said pleasantly.

(To tell the truth, Warren Reinert always was pleased to see Sheree Wells. He was certainly conflicted about her. He had constant flags in his overly practical mind about Sheree. He had already talked to himself seriously about the propriety of his asking her out given the difference in their ages, and the fact that as a young afro-american woman, he suspected that she might not welcome such attention from him, a caucasian, at all.

In that he was pretty much wrong but would not discover that right away.)

"Warren!" she said with a killer smile. "I have a thing tonight, it won't be long but I have to go. Could you possibly take Renee with you, when you go?"

"Of course!" he said, "Be a pleasure, and if you're not home, when we get back, I'll keep her for as long as needed."

She got up on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek, causing him to blush:

"You are grand!" she said, smiling. "Thanks for being such a good friend."

"I'll be ready soon," he said, trying to cover his reaction to the kiss on the cheek.

As was his usual practice, he simply pushed any ideas that might have crept into the back of his mind due to the cheek kiss and kind of locked them away.

Warren was good at that.

He went out his door precisely on time. (He was that kind of 'on time' person. He felt it was a function of politeness that mattered.)

They didn't keep him waiting. Sheree emerged from one of the other apartment complex doors with Renee.

"Hey there," Renee sang out, "All the bad guys need to scramble, here's the big cheese of the T & W Squad! Everyone duck!"

He grinned at her and now it was Sheree who ended up looking embarrassed.

"Renee," she said.

"No," Warren jumped in with, "She's got me cold!"

Renee grinned at her Momma and then at Warren.

"Don't act out in class!" Sheree said.

"No," Warren was quick to interject, "She doesn't; she takes it seriously and is a good student!"

"Working on the day, when I can use my skills on the big Lieutenant himself," Renee said, still grinning.

"Renee," Sheree said softly, "Don't be so outrageous!"

"Yes, Momma," Renee said, calming down but still grinning at Warren, and then turning to give her Momma kiss.

"Love you, Momma!" Renee said.

"Love you too, sweetie!" Sheree answered and then she and Warren were off down the street.

Renee was excited but she always seemed to be for the martial arts lessons that Warren was teaching. She liked it, liked the work outs, and really liked what she was learning and how confident she was becoming.


It was on their walk home that Renee spoke with Warren about something that was upsetting her.

"Warren," she asked, "Can I talk to you about something?"

"Yes," he said softly.

"I'm worried about my Momma," she went on.

At this point she had Warren's undivided attention.

"Yes?" he said.

"It's that George," Renee said.

"George?" was his response.

"Yes, her, oh, I don't know, one time boyfriend, I guess!" Renee said.

"And?" he prompted.

"Now he's back around these days and he's so mean to my Momma, and I don't know what to do. I'm not good enough yet to do anything but I want to be!"

"Well, maybe he'll just fade," he answered, thinking now.

"I don't know," she said then, "Momma doesn't like him and seems to be a bit afraid of him but he won't let her alone. Can you do something?"

"Don't know," he said, "Seems like not my business kind of..."

But he never got to explain that thought clearly. They turned the corner just then, that put them on their own block, and heard the ruckus immediately.

It was Renee who realized it first.

"That's George!" she said desperately, "And look what he's doing to my Momma!"

Warren saw immediately. Just a few door down the block, Sheree was out in front of the apartment building with a young white guy, who had her by the shoulders and was shaking her for all that he was worth. She was crying and beginning to shriek.

"You stay here!" Warren said to Renee, "Right here!"

It was his total take charge voice and she said an immediate: "Yes, sir!"

And then he was down the block.

"I'll teach you, you black bitch, to say 'no' to me," George was saying, as he raised his hand to slap Sheree.

But before he could carry out his intention, Warren was there and simply grabbed the upraised hand, and, using the fact that George was now off balance, three him out onto the lawn.

George was surprised but on his feet in a moment.

"Who the fuck are you, hero?" he asked, snarling and coming toward Warren.

Warren was calm and answered: "I'm the guy that's gonna kick your butt for treating a woman, especially this woman, that way!"

George laughed but in the middle of the laugh Warren moved with a speed that George had not even thought possible. He kicked George's feet out from under him and, as he was going down, spun around and kicked him on the side of the head.

It was all that George needed. He began to move off immediately and said to Sheree, pointing to her:

"I'll be back, and don't think I won't, some time when he's not around!"

Warren didn't do anything more or say anything more to George because right then Sheree was his main concern.

He turned to her, as soon as he knew that George was going to run away. She took a few steps forward and threw herself into his arms, where he held her, and let her sob.

"Oh, thank you, Warren!" she said.

But right then they were interrupted by Renee, who'd caught up with them. Warren opened the hug and let Renee into it. Renee was crying too.

"It's okay, honey," Sheree said, kissing Renee on the top of the head. "Warren has taken care of George. I don't think he'll be back."

Warren thought that he knew better but refused to say anything right then. For the moment, he simply kept his arms around the two woman and let them calm down.

Slowly Sheree calmed down and looked up at smiled at Warren. For a moment, he thought that she was going to kiss him but then realized that it was only his over active imagination at work.

"Thank you, thank you!" she said.

"Yes, thank you, Warren!" Renee chimed in.

"I know exactly what is needed for this!" he said. "It's part of my Marine and police training to know just what to do for a situation."

"And?" Sheree asked, humor in her voice to match the humor in his.

"Chocolate ice cream!" he said.

"Yippee!" Renee said, "And the cops are paying!"

"Renee!" Sheree said.

"Yes, Momma," Renee said.

"But she's right!" Warren said, "I'm paying!"

"Knew it!" Renee said holding her hand up for a 'high five' from Warren, who complied and gave her one.

"You two!" Sheree said, in mock exasperation.

"I'll get my car!" he said.

"Sirens?" Renee asked and hid her grin behind her hand.

"Yes, when I take you to the slammer!" Warren said over his shoulder.

Their outing for chocolate ice cream was a huge success. Sheree thanked Warren over and over, mentioning the fact that George simply wouldn't leave her alone.

"I can talk to him, if you wish," Warren said. "I mean officially!"

"I hope that won't be necessary," she answered.

"Momma," Renee added, "Why not just let Warren beat him up?"

"Renee!" Sheree said almost explosively, and Renee was quiet after that.

They got on different topics then, with Warren answering her questions about his service record and the police force. It turned into a nice, very pleasant outing for all three of them.

Warren approached the apartment building from a different way than he usually did. He wasn't so sure that George would leave Sheree alone.

Sure enough, he saw George lurking by the apartment house door.

Sheree put her hand over her mouth, in almost terror, when she saw him.

"Momma!" Renee said, also upset.

"Here's what you do," Warren said, "Call this number and tell them at the station house that I'm here and there is a prowler and I'm going to take care of it."

"But if he's armed!" Sheree said.

"Don't worry, I'll take that into account and the cavalry will be here soon!" he assured her.

He parked the car and walked down the block until he came into the light. It was then that George saw him and began to react.

"You!" George said.

"Yes, me," Warren said, moving quietly but swiftly toward George. "You don't get to beat up on a woman now."

"I'll kill you," George said, and as he said it, he reached under his jacket.

Warren was waiting for this and moved with a speed and decision that George simply didn't anticipate. So that, as George took a gun from the waistband of his pants, Warren was already in action.

He kicked the gun out of George's hand and sent it skittering across the lawn and onto the side walk. Warren then whirled around and kicked George on the side of the knee with tremendous force. George bellowed and went down on one knee. But as he moved, he kind of leaned into the next kick that Warren was already delivering. It bowled George over totally and it took him a few minutes to try to shake it off.

He got up and went staggering toward the side walk.

"I'll just keep this!" Warren said, putting the gun in his pocket.

"I'll get you and kill you," George said.

"No, you wont'!" Warren said, actually laughing.

It made George furious.

Renee and Sheree were now on the sidewalk up the street simply watching.

What happened next, happened swiftly and all occurred before anyone could do anything to intervene.

George was in a rage and, as he moved into the street turned to threaten Warren once again. At that point he was limping between two cars and was totally intent on his threat to Warren. He was still watching Warren, as he moved into the street to cross to his car. It was then that the pickup hit him, throwing him into the air and bouncing him off of a parked car. Warren moved toward George's twisted figure and both Renee and Sheree were crying and wailing.

Warren was able to only call his name for a nano second before the truck hit him and sent George flying.

He was already dead, when Warren got to him.

Then they heard the sirens coming down the block. He went then to Sheree and Renee and was holding them, when the police cars arrived, two of them.

Warren showed his badge to the officers who were the first responders and told them what had happened. There was also a neighbor there that had seen the confrontation and vouched for what Warren was saying, as did Sheree and Renee.

Their business was wrapped up fairly quickly, with Warren telling the patrol officers that he'd make a statement the next day at the station house.

He turned back then to the sidewalk, where Sheree and Renee were waiting, both still with stricken looks on their faces.

"Oh, Warren!" Sheree said, gliding into his arms again. He held her there, as she sobbed, and with his other arm, pulled Renee to him also, as she was crying from her fright and what she'd just witnessed.

Sheree looked at him, through her tear filled eyes and said a soft 'thank you'.

"Didn't mean for it to go that way!" he said.

"Yes, I know," she answered.

"Warren," Renee said then, "You're a hero! Our hero!"

"Yes," Sheree agreed, "You are."


"Let's go in!" he said then. "Your place or mine?"

"Uh, ours, I think," Sheree said, and they went inside her apartment.

"I think that I need a drink," she said, once they were in the apartment.

"Wine?" she wanted to know, and he nodded.

She got out the glasses and the opener. She also got some milk out to make hot chocolate for Renee, while he poured the wine.

As they sat, Sheree had a request: "Warren, can I ask you to please ... uh, please stay here tonight?"

"Of course," he said, "I'll nab the couch and it will be fine."

They sat and talked then, while Renee went in and used her computer.

"He was nice at first," Sheree said, "But only at first."

"I'm sure he was," Warren said.

"But then he showed this other side," she went on, "Mainly, when Renee wasn't around but then even when she was, kind of shoved me around, hit me a few times."

Warren shook his head, and she leaned into him.

"Liked to call me 'nigger'," she said into his shoulder, "Called me 'his nigger whore'!"

"He's gone," Warren said then, "And he's not worth you bothering about."

"You're right," she said, "I know that and it's only because of you that this is alright! I don't know how to say 'thank you' adequately."

"Sure you do," he said, "You're doing it now!"

"Oh, wonderful, wonderful!" she said and then she surprised him by kissing him.

It took him a second to respond but, when he did, it was marvelous.

"Look at you two!" came a voice from the doorway, where Renee was standing and grinning at them.

"Back to your room, young lady!" Sheree said with mock severity.

"Warren and Momma sitting by a tree," Renee was singing, as she went into her room, "K I SS ING!"

"Renee Charlotte Wells!" Sheree called out and the taunting stopped but Renee poked her head out into the room where Sheree and Warren were sitting again and just grinned at them all out.

Warren winked at her.

"I'll ground her for the rest of her life!" Sheree said with a soft giggle.

Warren just smiled.

Sheree looked at the clock, as she moved through the darkness of the apartment. It said 3:13 AM. She realized that she was nervous for a number of reasons.

Sneaking up on a man with Warren's proven abilities wasn't probably the best tactic in the world. Yet here she was, moving through the darkness toward the couch where he was lying.

She was also nervous about her own agenda. She wanted the closeness but wasn't, as she put it 'quite there', and didn't know how he'd react to that set of motives.

The first of her concerns was easily taken care of, for just as she was getting near, and was still a good 10 feet away from the couch, he spoke up:

"Is something wrong?" he asked softly.

"Oh, Warren!" she said, almost plaintively.

He sat up then. He was wearing a pair of light blue bvds that were runner style, coming down to his mid thighs.

"Oh, look at you," she said, rather involuntarily, as she reacted to the broadness of his shoulders and the expanse of his chest.

"Sheree?" he asked then, staring at her.

"Oh," she wailed softly, "I just don't know. I'm not here, you know, for sex but I think that I want to be here."

He just looked at her, as he had once she began to approach. The moon was bright and shining in, showing the image of her nakedness beneath the soft nylon of her ankle length nightgown. He pulled the covers on the big couch aside and moved toward the back of the couch, pressing against the back, and giving her room to crawl in with him.

"Yes, yes," she cooed, "This is so nice."

"I'll apologize in advance," he whispered to her, "For the way that you affect me with you wearing that night gown.

She giggled and pressed herself against him.

True to what she'd been thinking, she sighed deeply and was quickly asleep with Warren's arm around her, snuggled to him.

"Well this is nice, lieutenant!" he said to himself with great satisfaction.

He, at the same time, tried to be ginger about how he pressed himself against her. He moved once and reaching down between them trapped his almost painful erection between them, so that it was sticking up against his belly and against the lower part of her waist.

Then he too sighed and slipped into a wonderful slumber.

She woke once, while she was with him. She woke in a panic with thoughts and dreams of George running through her mind. But all that he did was to pull her closer to him and lean in against her.

She felt the arm around her and the pressure of his chest against her and she realized that she was there with Warren.

"Ohhhhh," she sighed, as he said softly.

"Sleep, beautiful Sheree, just sleep!"

She did.

It was the way that Renee found them in the morning.

Warren woke up first and saw Renee sitting in a chair across from the couch with a giant sized grin on her face.

He put his finger up to his lips to tell her to not make any noise. Her response was a soft giggle, which she tried to hide behind her hand, stretched across her mouth.

"Yes, young lady?" Sheree said, awake now too.

Renee's answer was to giggle more loudly, and begin to sing: "Warren and Momma sitting in a tree K I SS ING!"

"Out," Sheree said, joining Warren in a laugh.

"To the kitchen for your breakfast, and bring me my robe from the bedroom, please!"

"Yes, Momma," Renee said in a voice that showed her delight.

Warren, as before, winked at her and she giggled again.

"Don't you encourage her!" Sheree said, turning to him.

"Why, I don't know what you mean," he said with a smirk on his face.

But then she turned mournful and said: "Oh, Warren, we missed a chance because I was so skittish and stand offish! I'm so sorry!"

She kissed him then. The softness of the kiss drew her in and seemed to make a statement all its own.

"Ohhhhh, yes," she sighed.

"You were so wonderful and patient," she said. Then, with a twinkle in her eye, she went on: "And so magnificently hard!"

"Felt that, did we?" he asked softly.

"I guess!" she said. "And I played the shy maiden! Warren, what was I thinking?"

Renee was back at that point with the robe.

"Put it there, honey," Sheree said, indicating the chair, where Renee deposited the robe.

"I'll get my breakfast now, Momma," Renee said, heading toward the kitchen.

"Thanks, sweetheart," Sheree called after her daughter's retreating figure, and got a huge smile in answer.

"You were still up in the air about what happened," Warren said, snuggling her close. "It was the most normal reaction in the world."

"Oh, you're so nice!" she said.

She thought a moment and then said: "I will at least reward you by getting off of this couch and walking away."

"Good for me!" he said joyfully. "And don't worry the police are on the job, T & W are here and we won't miss a trick."

She grinned down at him, and favored him with another kiss.

"Before I go, though," she said next, "I want a promise from you."

"Yes?" he asked with interest.

"Promise me that you'll give me a chance to make our celibate night up to you really soon!"

He was grinning then from ear to ear and said: "Promise!"

"Then, big boy, watch the show! Do you like brown sugar?" she wanted to know.

He laughed and said: "I like your brown sugar; that's for sure!"

"Well, here it comes, lieutenant!" she said through a giggle and she got up from the couch.

She was a vision with her tan colored skin as she stood there in her light blue, ankle length nylon nightgown. It was totally obvious that it was all that she was wearing. Her largish breasts poked out against the fabric, which was molded to them, with her dark, almost chocolate nipples pressing against the fabric as though they had a life of their own. Her hips flared widely, sloping away to a set of ass cheeks that were marvelous. A rich crop of pubic hair pressed against the tight, nylon material in front, in the fold of her thighs.

She stood long enough for him to get to see her from all sides, as she turned around for him.

She shook her finger at him and said: "Now you leave our friend alone there. He's for me to play with later, when we get a chance."

"Cruel, cruel woman!" he said, grinning at her and put his hands up in the air.

"Good," she crowed, "At least the lieutenant knows how to take orders."

"Yes, he does," he replied. "But you'd better leave this room now with that robe on or I'll show you some of the tactics that the Marine Corps taught me!"

She giggled and then, wiggled her ass at him and put her robe on, heading for the kitchen.

"Coffee in a moment," she said, looking back at him and then hurried back to where he was, dropping the robe as she did and kissed him one more time.

She retreated and he was grinning at her, as she went again for her robe. She looked over her shoulder at him and, smiling, pulled on the material of the night gown, until it was gathered around her waist, showing him her perfectly formed ass cheeks.

He put a hand over his eyes for a second in mock exasperation, as she laughed.

"Gonna get you!" he promised.

"Oh, I hope so!" she said.

"Bein' bad!" he shot at her.

"You bring it out in me with your wide shoulders and beautiful chest, and the way you kiss and the way you press yourself against me!" she declared.

Just then there was a call: "Momma?" from the kitchen.

"Coming, dear!" she said, "We need to make some coffee for our rescuer, so that we get him to be civilized."

She ended this last statement with a laugh.

"I'll show you civilized some time!" he said and she blew a kiss over her shoulder, as she retreated to the kitchen to make the coffee.

He came into the kitchen a few minutes later, dressed in his workout clothes.

Renee greeted him with a large smile and said:

"The beauty's all wrapped up, too bad!"

He grinned in response but Sheree's response was explosive:

"Renee Charlotte Wells!" she said, "Mind your manners!"

"Sorry, Momma," Renee said but still smiled at a grinning Warren.

Sheree went on with mock severity: "I'll throw the two of you out of here, if you don't behave!"

"Got her on the run!" Warren said, still grinning at Renee.

Sheree sighed and headed to the counter for the coffee pot but midway there changed her direction and threw herself into his arms for a kiss.

Renee clapped and shouted "Yaaaaaay!"

Sheree broke off from the kiss and smiled at her obviously gleeful daughter and dipped a kind of curtsey to her.

"Coffee, Warren?" she asked.

"Yes," he said, sighing, "Maybe it'll settle my nerves!"

"Surrounded!" Sheree wailed in complaint, "I'm surrounded!"

"Sure are!" Renee said and plastered her hand over her mouth right away.

She brought the coffee for Warren and they sat at the breakfast table.

"Work today?" she asked, "It's Saturday."

"Yeah," he said, "But I have a shift beginning at 11 AM. It's mostly going to be office and paper work today. I have to get that stuff from yesterday all logged in."

"Yes," she said her mood sobering for a moment.

He stroked his hand along her cheek and said: "Put it, put him out of your mind!"

"Yes," she said with a surge of resolve, "You're here and he's gone and isn't that just perfect!"

It made him smile, for here he was closer to his longed for desire than he ever thought that he might get, and beginning to be a totally happy man.

His response was to lean in and kiss her.

Renee, on the other side of him, said: "She gets all the kisses!"

He leaned over then and planted a wet one on her cheek with her giggling.

"Thank you, lieutenant!" the girl said with a smile.


He got home from his shift that day, a fairly quiet one, at a little past 7 PM. There was a note attached to his door. It read simply: "My apartment please!"

He went and knocked on Sheree's door. She opened it quickly to let him in but as he stepped into the darkened apartment, with a light coming in only from the kitchen off to the right, he noticed that she was totally naked.

She stood there with her arms spread wide, waiting for him.

"Look at you!" she said, "All policeman and everything! Are you going to take me in?"

"At least!" he said with conviction, grabbing hold of her and running his hands around her back and down to her ass cheeks.

"Oh, I love this!" she said, "Finally have you! Not only looking and hoping!"

She kissed him then but wasn't finished with her declaration:

"Me totally naked and you totally dressed; that's funky, that's exciting, that's what I want right now and that's what I get!"

"You get everything that you want! Is what you get!" he said with conviction.

"First of all, before anything else, I take care of my man!" she declared. "You just come with me, lieutenant, and we're going to shower the crime and the bad guys and all the tensions of the day out of you. I'm going to wash you, all of you!"

"Goodie for me!" he said and allowed himself to be led by the hand toward her bedroom.

"Renee?" he asked.

"At girl scouts and a sleepover at a friend's house!" she declared triumphantly.

As they walked toward the master, he was mesmerized by the swing of her ass cheeks. She looked over her shoulder and said, grinning at him:

"What are you leering at, Mister?"

"Your ass!" he said with a sigh. "Wonderful!"

She bent over from the waist in front of him then.

"Touching is allowed!" she said, and he ran his hands over the swell of her ass cheeks, parting them softly and running his fingers in between the twin mounds deftly, causing her to catch her breath in her throat.

"Oh, yes," she said, softly, "Do that, just do that to me!"

"You are so wonderful!" he said, grabbing her and hauling her into a hug. "I've wanted to do this, to be this way, to have you this way for such a long time."

"It took us so long!" she said. "I've felt the same way."

"I just wasn't sure about approaching you," he went on.

She gave him an inquiring look.

"You know," he said, "I wasn't sure about approaching an afro-american woman..."

She put her fingers on his lips then to silence him, and said: "Not important! It's you and me here and now and I want your clothes off, and I mean to give myself the pleasure of taking them off of you myself."

He smiled at her broadly.

"Smelly from work!" he said.

"Yummy!" she replied. Then she grinned at him: "Sometime, just sometime, I want you sweaty from a work out, all sweaty and I'll lick your sweatiness and clean your sweatiness with my tongue!"

"Ohh, kinky!" he said.

She gave him a kind of shy grin and said: "Where you're concerned I am!"

She stopped a moment and said: "Oh, Warren, this has been bottled up in me for such a long time ... this ... this longing! And I'm so happy it's free and what I've wanted has come along for me. Being with you on that couch was a kind of life changing experience for me!"

She launched herself at him then and kissed him.

"Clothes now!" she said happily. "I do it! You stand! I wait on you!"

"My, my," he said, "Better and better!"

"Wait, lieutenant," she said, licking his lips, "It gets better than this. Wait until I show you my oral talents!"

"Aha," he said then, "She's a..."

"Now, now," she said, putting a finger on his lips, "Language!"

He kissed her again and then whispered into her ear: "Cock sucker!"

"You wait, white boy and I'll show you what these lips were made for!"

She was humming then and already was unbuttoning his shirt. He just stood and let her do it.

She began to hum the tune 'the Stripper', as she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it out of the waist band of his pants.

"Is that what I am?" he asked with a soft laugh, "'the Stripper'?"

"No, no, lieutenant," she said, licking his lips, "I'm 'the Stripper', you're just the 'stripee'."

"Is that a word?" he asked laughing, his undershirt now being tugged off of him.

"It is now," she said.

She had him naked to the waist now, and stepped back.

"Intermission!" she said. "Let me look at this man, this wonderful man, this hero, this former Marine, this big cop, this man who's gonna treat me so nice tonight."

She walked around him and ran her hand over his chest and along his back, as he stood and smiled.

"Equal time now," she said, as she walked away to the other side of the room, swishing her ass cheeks from side to side as she went.

"Stay there, please!" she said, as he started to move.

"Bossy!" he complained to her.

"In a good cause!" was her answer.

"I guess!" he said.

"Here I come again," she said then and went for the belt on his pants.

She had the pants down and off quickly and then knelt and went for his socks, having already taken his shoes off. She leaned in an placed a quick kiss on his erection, framed by the bvds.

Then she stood up and said: "Now, before the shower, we dance. Do you dance, lieutenant?"

"Try me!" he said.

She put some Sinatra on and went to him, plastering herself against him.

"Please hold on to me," she asked, "So that I don't fall off and hurt myself."

He laughed, as she took his hands and placed them on her ass cheeks. He grabbed her ass and pulled her against himself, as he swayed with her in time to the music.

"Oh, I like this!" she said, putting her head against his shoulder. "I like the music, and I like being naked and I like the feel of you and the promise of you, in fact, Lieutenant Warren, I like just about everything about you."

He smiled at her throughout this declaration.

"And look at who's talking," he said, "Beauty herself!"

"You're trying to flatter me, I bet," she said, "Trying to get into my pants!"

"Nope!" he said decisively.

"No?" she asked, surprised.

"No, you're not wearing any!" he answered with a laugh.

"I'll bite you, lieutenant!" she warned.

"Assaulting a police officer bears a mandatory one year in jail!" he warned.

"I'll risk it!" she declared and bit his shoulder in the lightest possible way.

The song came to an end and she said:

"It's time, Warren. I mean shower time. I want to get you there and smoke your rope!"

"Smoke my rope!" he said, surprised and laughing. "The woman's a wanton!"

"She's been practicing that love talk for a while today, hoping to get these little brown hands on all of your white stuff!" she said, giving him a sly smile.

"Boy am I in trouble here!" he said.

"Glad you finally realize that, lieutenant!" she said. "Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Rope smoking coming up!"

He was laughing all out as she took him by the hand and led him away to the shower. As they got into the bathroom, she knelt and took his bvds off. She took his erection in her hand then.

"Just wanted to make sure that the rope is here and available!" she said.

"And?" he asked.

"Oh, it is and it's lovely and fat and I like how it smells, all man-like and all," she said pulling him into the shower with her.

When they got under the water, she went to her knees.

"No washing up first!" she said decisively, "Nope, first we get to taste our Warren. Get to smoke his rope! Yep, that's what we get to do!"

"Smoke, woman!" he said urgently, "Or you'll miss the train because it's heading into the station about now! You've got me so riled up!"

"Goodie for me!" she said and clamped her mouth on the head of his erection, causing him to bow his back and shake a bit and groan deeply.

"What did you say?" she asked pleasantly, and, when he glared at her, went on:

"Yes, yes, I'm doing it! I'm doing it! Here we go."

She grabbed him with her mouth again and this time didn't relent until she had him cumming. She held onto his spurting erection with her mouth and took him all in and swallowed as fast as she could. Then she was up and kissing him.

"I've wanted to do that for so long," she said, holding on to him.

"Sorry I didn't know, since the feeling was mutual!" he said to her.

"Isn't it nice that we're both here now?" she said, and he agreed.

Then she began to wash him. She was thorough, not missing a spot with her hand and the wash cloth. She smiled up at him, as she took his renewed erection in hand and washed it, and then turned him around to pay attention to the strong cheeks of his ass.

She slapped his ass, and he jumped.

"Nice ass, lieutenant," she said.

"Nice ass yourself," he said.

"Glad you noticed," was her reply and she was then kneeling behind him and washing down the back of his legs. She reached between his legs and cupped his balls in her hand, as she continued to wash up and down his legs, then she turned him around and serviced the front of his with her wash cloth. Going higher then she washed his chest, kissing the nipples as she went, and then it was delving into his arm pits.

"I like armpits!" she declared.

"Oh really?" he asked.

"Really!" she said, "Especially these! I want to pay attention to them sometime when they're sweaty. I like sweaty!"

"So you've said," he acknowledged with a chuckle.

She was finally ready for his face and hair. She washed his face and shampooed his hair.

"There," she proclaimed, "All ready. Nice and clean!"

He was left smiling, as she quickly washed herself and then stepped out of the shower first, to dry and then hold a large towel for him.

He surprised her then by picking her up and hauling her over his shoulder. She shrieked once as he got her into place and then was giggling all the way to the bedroom.

"What you gonna do?" she asked, kissing the middle of his back, where her face was.

"Whatever I want!" he said.

"Goodie!" she wailed, "That's what I've been angling for all the while! Lieutenant's got me!"

"Yes, I do," he proclaimed with a chuckle and slapped her up-turned ass cheek, eliciting a loud shriek from her.

"Love that sound!" he said happily.

She reached down with her dangling hands and grabbed hold of his ass cheeks firmly.

"What are you doin' now?" he asked.

"Holding on so that I don't fall off," she quipped at him and planted a kiss in the middle of his back.

He made it to the bedroom and deposited her onto the bed, where she lay simply smiling up at him, just staring.

"I've thought of this so many times!" she said. "And I'm sorry about George; he was about my desperation, desperation that I was no closer to getting you than before. This is what I want! Oh, this is just what I want. What I've wanted for a while, even then."

He leaned down and kissed her and said: "No more talk about George; he's just gone!"

"And you're here!" she said smiling at him.

He lowered his head and said: "And now I can do this!"

He began to lick the top of her thigh and she made a soft moaning sound.

"Hmmm, got your attention, I see!" he said.

"Oh, yes!" she answered, as he ran his tongue down the top of her other thigh.

Then the moans from her became intenser, when he began to kiss the inner surface of her thighs.

"Yes, do that!" she said fervently, "And I'm all yours! Is that what you want, Lieutenant Warren?"

"Desperately!" he said, resuming his tracks of kisses up, down and around the inside of her thighs.

"Ready?" he asked.

"No, probably not!" she shot back at him and he laughed.


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