Morning Glory

by WhiteWitch

Copyright© 2012 by WhiteWitch

Erotica Sex Story: They met through IM at work. They had weeks of sultry IM conversations. What will happen when they finally unintentionally run into each other in dirty Las Vegas. Will it be hot as their conversations?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Slow   Workplace   .

Part 1

It was 6:20am, still too early for her. But she could not sleep for hours now. She never sleeps in hotel rooms. Unfamiliar beds, alone, something about being in hotel room alone ... it always feels like something more supposed to happen. Like a fire burning inside of her looking for an adventure. Nothing has ever happened. She wasn't as brave as she used to, to go find her one. But she could not take off the edge either and sleep.

Ok time to get up, though she still had hours until she needed to be somewhere, see the same boring people, fake smiles, no fire. The strikes of bright colors in her raven hair were an indication of the fire she always carries with her. She does not belong in this dreary conference. Is there a conference for lost souls? She opened her computer again; nobody interesting online, no one who will help her with her with the bad ideas about hotel rooms, adventures and strangers. It is Las Vegas after all.

She thinks to herself: I'll just go get a cold bottle of water and some ice, maybe this will stop the burning sensation that something really needs to happen. Do I need to dress up for this? she thinks, looking in the mirror at a lot of very pale skin contrasting against her black silk baby doll and her charcoal nail polish. Thin straps one is falling from her shoulder a bit. It is bit chilly in the room, for a second she stroked her semi-hard nipples and down the small waist. It is showing a lot, but well it is just down the hall and it is early in Las Vegas, so it is probably fine. Maybe this will be my senses of adventure, she wonders, maybe this will help my mind start running and get me the relief I need. Though she can feel the fire in her veins she could not really start her mind and body going in order to pleasure herself and sleep a bit. She knew herself too well. She needed a contra; she needs someone else to get excited to get her mind going. He wasn't online ... It's been a while since they chatted on IM, she needs to forget about it, not healthy, make no sense, no use. Oh well, let's try this, at least I should put back my hipsters, talking to herself in her mind. She took them of in one of her fault attempt to get her body going during the night. Found them, black of course, seams of white lace. Two little bows, which show through the tight baby doll on her noticeable hipbones. She hopes it is not too chilly in the hall...

She takes the phone, card key, money and slipped through the door, looking around. No one there. Good or ... She walks down the hall, playing with her phone, maybe she will put some music on that always helps. She wasn't looking.

He wasn't looking either. Who can be there so early in the morning in Vegas? He just landed he was tired, sleep deprived, food deprived, time to himself deprived, everything deprived. And a little buzzed-up since he decided to drink on the plane to take his mind off things. He was running in his mind all the things he still needs to do before the conference starts and the call he needs to join soon enough, not even time to wash his face. Work. It gets old. Well there were good things about work. She was. But lately he decided to deprive himself of that too. Too much to do and he could end up chatting with her all day and nothing else and then feeling even more deprived.

Singing to herself, she suddenly bumps into him. Oh no ... she looks up ... Oh yes, he's kind of cute...

She looked again wondering why he is looking at her like that, pupils widening, open mouth. Oh god I am almost naked, she thinks. Forgot. He steps back a bit. Is he checking me out? ... and god it is chilly or this is excitement ... she wonders. Her nipples are hard now and showing now through the silk. Her phone fell on the floor. She is not going to bend down while he's looking at her. She wondered he's going to do something. She wants to cross her hands on her body for some coverage but he suddenly takes her hand. WTF.

Bumping into her put him back to reality. Is this the reality? A porcelain doll wearing nothing but silk baby doll in the hall of a measurable hotel in Vegas? Sounds more like a dream. And then he looks again. Suddenly he feels the need to grab the wall, his knees are almost buckling under him. It cannot be. She has bright strikes of color in her black hair, heavy eyeliner, she wears black, well alittle ... no heels, but it is morning and yes he thought she might end up in this conference too. It is more than he ever hoped. Don't look too much, she wears nothing. Has to, just making sure it is her, tight baby doll, it is chilly, hipsters, he thinks, little bows ... he notice that she's tries to cover herself and grabs her hand, this might be the only time he will see her like that, too hot to miss ... suddenly he feels so awaken and little warmth of fire in his low back. She does not recognize him. How can she, they never met.

Holding her warm hand, that feels like she just came out of bed, he says softly "Morning Glory..."

Now it is time for her eyes to get really wide and her jaw to drop. There is only one person in the world that know this nick name, since he gave it to her ... No way. She feels like running away. He holds her hand tighter.

"What the hell are you doing here?" she snaps, her eyes are dark and wild. Oh so I meet this personality first, he thinks to himself. He still likes her fire.

"The same thing that you do here" he says, smiling a little. "What the hell do YOU do this early in the morning wondering the halls of the hotel half naked, somebody kicked you out of bed for being snappy in the morning?"

"Oh how classy of you to notice what I wear right away, what a surprise!" and she thinks, it the first time I hear his voice, he's accent, it is sexy, she likes the softness.

"I just landed, I am tired, so much to do, can we just say hi, for the first time face to face..." he begs. Stroking her hand a bit without noticing.

She does. She looks at him again. He looks tired. And worried, like he has a lot on his shoulders like he needs a hug. Noticeable traces of deprivation. She softens, she wants to hug him, she wants him to smile. She was not good doing that on their last few chats, always too snappy that is why he ran away, she thinks...

"Look, it is so amazing to see you finally; I wish we can just grab coffee or something", he says and he thinks maybe some cloths, because I won't last for long not gazing on your cute breast and hard nipples, or maybe let's leave it like this, what are the chances I will get this view again. Stop. Stop. Fire. He can only think how it will feel to stroke her shoulder and slowly take off one of these straps off, exposing more snowy skin. Stop. Fire. Now he feels it where he should, his balls get tighter. Stop, you decided to stop this, remember, before fun becomes trouble. "But I really need to go, I am sorry, I have some calls to take and some preparations to do. Can we do this later?" He's stomach twitch with a sensation of a miss, she will be dressed up later, but maybe she will have heels on. The thought of her in heels always makes him go a bit crazy.

Oh no. this is her adventure. She knows when the world speaks to her. This time she won't let him miss on the best hours of the morning when she cannot sleep and she wears almost nothing and hope he will somehow notice through IM and have a smoldering chat with her. She takes a brief look and she's pretty sure that he's bulge suggests that he might be thinking the same think. "Sure we can, but I have a better idea" her voice is playful suddenly, though he never heard it before, he know this is trouble, maybe he hope it is... "You'll do your stuff much better with some coffee and breakfast. I just ordered some and I don't feel like eating it, so come you'll eat it and then I will let you go, ready for the day." Now she takes his hand, look deeply into his eyes and says "I promise to wear something" with a little naughty smile and sparkles in her eyes. He swallows hard. Too late, she drags him down the hallway to her room.

Part 2

They enter the room. "You see it is there, I wasn't lying just to drag you here". I kind of hoped you did, he thinks. Gazing at the lines of the hipsters showing on her ass through her baby doll when she turns her back to him. This is so much better than what he ever imagine chatting with her for hours. It is getting worse, he's cock twitches.

She kind of feels his gaze. She wishes for his hands. She coughs suddenly because every breath feels like fire. She worries that he can sense her fragrance. Already. Why he's doing this to her? She does not know him, she did not even recognized him. She can't believe it is finally happening, not online, not in IM he's here. But it is not allowed. It's work. He wants to stop, she knows. Think about work it will put the fire out.

She turns around, "I will go wear something, you sit here and take whatever you want from the breakfast". "It's ok, don't bother, I will just drink some coffee and go" Really is that why she should not bother, he thinks, "you should go back to sleep."

She rolls her eyes, smiles, narrows her sparkly brown eyes and says "whatever, you are trouble; you cannot think when hipsters are stuck in your head". She noticed he was gazing.

She takes his hand again and pulls him the direction of the sofa. She's small, but for some reason when she pushes his shoulder down, he just folds into the sofa. Free falling. He waited to feel like that for a long time. He cannot resist, he never can really resist, when he sees her online and wants to start the fire right away. Actually when it comes to her, it feels like it's burning constantly. He feels like he just wants to close his eye and let go. The calls...

She sits next to him, one leg under her, one strap falling of her shoulder a bit. She's close but not too close. She sticks her head out closer to him "Everything ok?" "It is weird" "yes it is". He looks even more tired, maybe she should leave him alone. She does not need to create more trouble for him. She thinks "I thought I ... make ... you ... excited", it is something that they kept saying on IM checking on how high the fire is burning.

Her eyes get really dark suddenly. It feels like she's breathing slower. She speaks slowly, whispering almost. " I have another idea" yes... "you have a little time until your call, you need to wake up. Let me help. You always miss the mornings, I don't think this time you should..." He knows he should say no, stop. He says nothing. His throat is dry. He feels heavy. Her voice is reduced to a hissing whisper: "I owe you a story" his head start to spin "some details you missed..." he's gone. "I prefer not to go through that by myself again..." She says, almost begging.

"Say something" He wants to say, I want you like crazy for weeks now. If you touch me, there is no return. All he can say is "Please...". She smiles, her cute naughty smile. She's stunning when she smiles.

"I thought about a way to make you feel better" she says brightly. "You need some warmth, too much work and travel get you cold. IM cold too..." that sounds nice, I can use a hug, I though she will offer something else.

"Take your jacket off and your shirt" that sounds more like it. No I cannot do that, need to be on a call soon. She's not allowed. Fun on IM is fine, but this..."let me help you" she sits on her knees and before he knows it her hands inside of the shoulders of his jacket taking it off. He senses a scent, sweet and heavy. Is that her? Is that his mind? Jacket off. She stops. Her hands on his shoulders. "I'll help you with the shirt too" now she's whispering. She slowly drags her hands down on his upper chest and takes the first bottom in her black nails. She looks in his eyes and opens it slowly. "It's ok, I just want you to feel a little more comfortable and relaxed. You have a t-shirt underneath anyhow..." Then she pulls the lower part of the shirt from his pants. And keeps opening the buttons very slowly. Slow torture. She's so close, he feels the urge to bite her neck. Thinking if he can ask her to open the buttons with her teeth. Pants are getting way too tight. Can she open them too?

She opens all the buttons and stops again. She's looking at him, she's breathing with open mouth. She has to stop for a bit, so she won't devour him right away. She does not think he wants her to. She gets snappy again. Can he want too? She opens his shirt quickly and a bit violently. Then this time she puts her hand on the two sides of his neck, feeling his skin for the first time. She just wants to leave them there for a little bit, but she drags them down to take the shirt of his shoulders. He grasps for air. He just wants to feel her skin against his again quickly. He should stop this. Maybe if he is just her toy, it is not so bad, what he's doing. He wants the story. "Story please..."

"ok, it is about time" she smiles. She looks a bit scared to him. Does this mean it is going to be good? Good as he hoped?

"So every morning when I cannot sleep I hope you'll find me on IM and ask me what I wear, like you always do just not in the mornings..." "now I can see why I should have, silly me. Though nothing you would have said, my dear, could compare to this..." She blushes. Finally it feels like he's there with her, not this frustrating IM conversation he half reads. "What would you tell me if I had asked?"

"Nothing" "Nothing as in you will say nothing or you wear nothing... ?" They are both smiling. They like this dance. Can I kiss her? So nice I don't need to use my imagination, he thinks. I can just look and hope. He's semi hard, but the thought of her talking to him naked, the computer touching her bare skin, her hard nipples brushing against her arms when she types, get him going. He needs to move a bit his cock pressing too hard to his pants. She did nothing yet and he feels like he's going to explode. She's here to catch him?

Part 3

She puts one hand on his cheek, one hand on his thighs. His cock twitches again, he's almost aching.

"Does this feel nice?" "No" she tries to pull back, surprise and sadness in her eyes. He pulls her back to him wrapping his arm around her waist. Tiny. "No, it does not feel nice. We are not using nice. It feels amazing. You warm. You melt me down"

Naughty smile again. "Yes please, more" he thinks.

"About warm every time we chatted in the morning I wanted to tell you that I want you to feel the warmth of my body in the morning. Right when I am out of bed"

"I would love that" I am loving it right now when you touch me. Her hand slips a little to his inner thigh. She sits back but her hand still on his thigh. It feels like it burning him through his pants. He thinks how he can move to let it slips a little further along. He's balls are on fire now.

"But I wanted you to feel the warmth of my body in a certain way."


She pauses.

"How? Tell me. Please. You promised the story" He's desperate. He knows she gets a kick out of him begging, making her, but he is really desperate to the point his head spins really badly. Well, all his blood is currently flowing somewhere else. Does she notice? He moves a bit to shift his throbbing cock.

"From the inside" she says finally. "I want you to feel it burns".

Now he can feel the pre-cum wetting his underwear. He won't last for long and she's just talking. He closes his eyes for a second. Everything becomes really quiet. He notices the scent again. He's not alone here. And he smiles.

"I hope you'll ask what I wear so you'll understand I have created an easy access for you".

"Tell me what you mean"


Now he is surprised.

"I'll show you"

Part 4

"Morning Glory..." he sighs. "I have to justify my name, isn't it right?" "You don't have to..." He has to ask "do you want me?" too much insecurity showing, why would she? "You're a nice toy" "Just nice?" "We'll see how it goes, we'll see what you have in store for me"

"But I will give you a treat first" Wicked smile again.

"From the inside starts here..." she takes his hand again. She feels his pulse putting her lips on his wrist. He wants her lips on his. And many other places. His pulse is crazy, she smiles into his wrist. She sticks her tongue out and licks him from the base of his hand to the top of his fingers. It is warm and wet and sexy. Then she looks at him and opens her mouth and takes two fingers in. Deep. Up to her throat. He sigh really quite, still embarrassed about the influence of her on him.

She closes her eyes and suck on his fingers for a little while. Up and down really slow, like she's enjoying a really special treat. And she looks at him from down up and continues. Then she brushes her thumb against his lips, with her other hand. He fights the desire to bite.

"Are you preparing me for something?" If he talks maybe he can keep himself together for a little longer. It will be embarrassing to come so quickly just because she's sucking on his fingers. He's not 16. Though it feel as the same rush and excitement.

"Maybe that's too. It is suggestive, so you know what you're getting into" "That's the point, dear, I want to get into..." "slow is the name of this game". He gets breathy again "you promised I will feel your warmth from inside" he cannot not wait. "this is what we just did, silly, you are inside me, my mouth..." "It is amazing, but this is it?" "You're hot when you're impatient. That is why it is suggestive" "Suggestive of what?" She was still sucking on his fingers while they were talking. "Well I am glad that you get so worked out by what I do that you cannot think. You're really asking what it suggestive of?" "Yes..." he thinks for a second, realizes what he was asking, blushed a bit and said "I want to hear you say it". "Nice save" "I am suggesting that at some point I will find it really hot to suck some other parts of your body. Depends of what I find out..." he was reaching to his belt "can you find out right now?" She grabs his hands "you're moving too fast" and in hissing voice "I promise I will get down there, first you need some warmth to melt a little more."

Part 5

"But maybe you should have breakfast first, you just landed, you're exhausted" "I should go prepare to my call" she gets up "If that's what you want" "I want to see what you have in store for me" and he brushed his thumb against the little bow on her hip that was sticking under her baby doll and looked up to her with a seductive look. "I might eat you alive though..."

She takes another step back. He gets nervous. No please don't, he thinks, I am painfully hard. She just stands there for few seconds and then she spreads her palms on her low thighs and starts to pull them up very very slow pulling up her baby doll as well, just looking at him quietly. He is panting now. She continues until her hands and the baby doll were up her waist. He finally can see what he imagined so many times. And in this case reality is much better than imagination. It is hard to speak but he says with a raspy voice "You're perfect. Come closer, I promise I won't touch" She does. With movement the hipsters hugs her curves even better, all he wanted is to land a kiss on her hipbone right above them, ok, he says to himself in his head, that not all he wants but that too, she is so sexy to him. "You are better than my imagination" "It's ok you'll get what you want without the sweet nothings" That is cute, she wants me to think she's beautiful, he notes to himself. She will get as much sweet nothings as possible; until he will convince her she's breathtaking for him. "You make my head spins with want, I cannot control it, you ... make ... me ... feel ... drunk on you..." "You just drank too much on the plane" "don't do that, you're breathtaking ... do you want me to pin you to a wall, rip your clothes off and show you? I thought you wanted it slow."

"This is tempting". He looks at her and sees in her eyes that she is running this option in her mind. She is stroking her neck and upper chest unconsciously while thinking. He found it extremely sensual. He feels very close to the edge again. But he is denied again. "Yes, slow. I hope you'll surprise me with your offer and you choose the time and the place." Shudder. Edge again.

"So to be true to my morning story, I need to get rid of something." Less cloths I hope, he thinks "I sometimes lose my panties during the night" Fuck, she was sitting there chatting with me with nothing blocking her scent, the access and I did not ask her what she wears. Big mistake. He put his head back and closed his eyes for a second and moan quietly. She chuckled. "You're here now, so don't feel like you missed on something" Good. When he opens his eyes something was flying his way. He catches it with one hand, the other is very close to crouch. "No touching, but you can sniff". He sniffs her hipsters. Yes her scent, sweet and heavy and drives him out of his mind. Have to touch.

Part 6

He gets up. Gets close to her. Before she can do anything he pulls her by her waist. Crushes her into him. She bends back a little he tugs her hair with his other hand. She moans softly. Takes her head back a bit. "It is my story, you're not supposed to..." "I need to kiss you NOW". His raspy needy voice and accent run jolts down her spine. She opens her mouth again to say something, he blocked it with his hand "I know, slow ... and sweet"

He brushed his thumb against her lips. She opens her mouth and bites it. Feisty little thing. He grinds into her a little. She thinks, I cannot wait to touch him, I bet he has a nice cock. She feels his full length hard against her hipbone. "Look at me" he asks. She looks deep into his eyes. "I am so happy I asked you about music, work and heels ... no matter what happen I am glad you dragged me from the hall way" "Kiss me already ... Plea..." He crushed his lips to hers. But at first he just gives her sweet little pecks again and again until he can feel she starts to relax, reaches her hands around his neck and starts to open her lips. He caresses her cheek and deepens the kiss, penetrating her mouth with his tongue. Exploring. She moans again, louder, into his mouth. He fights hard the urge to separate her legs take her up and wrap them around him, take her to bed. He wants to hear the rest of the story. He stops the kissing slowly, the room is swirling around him due to luck of air, passion and how good it felt kissing her finally. She is leaning against him, suffering the same consequences. He goes back to the sofa "come tell me the rest of the story or better show me..."

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