The Summer Beach House

by harry lime

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: It was supposed to be a romantic summer but suddenly it became a time of lust and uncontrollable passion. Two lovers caught up in a kinkfest that swept them into a depraved whirlpool of mindless sex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   .

The family beach house was boarded up when Julie arrived just before dusk.

The grey tinged wood was weather beaten, yet sturdy, having withstood several hurricanes since its original construction. She checked the meter.

Great! The power was on.

They must have connected it this afternoon after she spoke to the Island power company office. She had her cell phone and all she had to do was turn the handle for the water to flow.

Things were better than she had anticipated.

She quickly climbed the stairs to the bolted door on the landing. The beach house was small, well-furnished and stood on stilts only a short distance from the dunes of the North Carolina shoreline. The closest house was almost a quarter of a mile up further and she knew the Ramsey's never showed up at the shore before Memorial Day and that was not for another month.

Once inside, she checked all the water outlets to make sure there were no nasty surprises waiting for her. Everything seemed to be running smoothly. She put the contents of the shopping bags from the food store into the already cooling refrigerator.

Julie decided not to mess with the windows tonight and leave it till the next morning when she would be fresh and filled with more enthusiasm. It might seem a little claustrophobic with the windows still boarded, but she was just too tired after the long drive down from Raleigh, the State Capitol.

She heard the sound of tires spinning in the sandy driveway.

That was strange because she was not expecting any visitors and she really didn't want any either.

From the landing, she could see it was a Sherriff's patrol car. Probably checking to see if it is an owner or some vandals up to no good.

"Hello, Sherriff. My name is Julie Johnson and my parents own this home."

A young, well-built man with a deep sun tan and the bluest eyes gazed up at her standing outlined in the setting Sun.

"Well, young lady, you got to show me some proper ID or I'll have to run you in for trespassing!"

Julie smiled, immediately recognizing her old swimming buddy, Jack Williams, whose family were permanent residents on the Island. She hadn't seen him since the summer before last. She remembered the crush she had on the young 18 year old boy at a time when she was only 16 herself. Now she was a liberated 18 year old adult and he was an old man of 20. She blushed in the waning light as she remembered the flirtatious way she used to sit on his lap and try to grab him under the water where no one could see. She hoped he didn't remember her crazy crush.

It was just too mortifying.

"Come on up, Jack, are you allowed to drink a beer or is it just sweet tea with lemon time?"

"I better stick with the sweet tea, Julie. I just started this job six months ago."

They went inside the cottage which was cooling down already with the air conditioning working just fine.

"Once I get the window boards off, we won't need the air any more. That Ocean breeze just cools things down so fast."

"I'll come back out in the morning and help you. It's my day off. Maybe we can go swimming later."

Julie was really happy. She had never expected to meet Jack again. At least, not this way, it was as if fate had stepped in and made them linked together by some cosmic force. Just before she left Raleigh, Julie had broken up with her boyfriend, Peter. She was so mad at Peter; all he wanted to do was play with her ass all the time and push her head down to give him a "hummer" on every date. It was like he expected her to pay him back for buying her a hamburger or treating her to a movie. The truth be known, she was not all that satisfied with his cock either. It was entirely too short, too skinny and shot his load way too fast. There was simply not enough time for her to catch up and left her feeling so frustrated and in need of relief. She had fallen back on her old ways of masturbation and she knew that was not going to solve her problem at all.

When Jack rose to leave, he was still on duty; Julie leaned in and hugged him. She gave him a good taste of her budding nipples on his chest and the soft pubic mound already wet with the thought of his cock inside her. She was certain he got the message from the way he let his hand slide down and cup her rounded ass cheek burning to be slapped by his strong hands.

The sound of the surf was overpowering. Yet it felt like she was in a quiet place at last. Away from the bustle of cars, yelling neighbors with a seemingly endless parade of small children, and the oppressive need to fit 24 hours of nonstop living into an 8 hour schedule. She poured herself another small glass of wine and curled up on the comfortable couch in the great room. With the windows still boarded, the bedrooms were just too close for her to manage tonight.

Julie reached down into the small travel bag on the floor. Her special friend, Harry, a 10" black dildo was waiting to help her get to sleep. She didn't even need any lube because she was so wet just thinking about her renewal of friendship with Jack. The lights were all out and it was pitch black inside the house with only the moonlight peeping through the sky light in the dining room. She rubbed the head of the large dildo up and down her seeping slit and felt her sensitive lips part to accept Jack's imaginary cock inside her pulsating vagina. It slid in so easily, she gasped at the way she was forced to accept it deeper than she usually placed it. For some reason, she wanted it deep inside tonight. Peter's cock was only about 5 inches long and was a little on the slender side. That was a plus because it didn't really stretch her ass when he insisted on ass fucking her, but it didn't get the job done in her pussy. She had never had an orgasm with Peter and she was glad they had broken up for good.

"Oh! My God, Jack. You are in so deep. Yes, shove it in hard just like that, Jack."

Julie worked the dildo in deeper and deeper with Jack's long lean body fresh in her memory. She had masturbated a few times after returning to school the summer before last with a photo of Jack in front of her as she pressed her body into her bed at night. Her younger Sister, Marsha, had caught her doing it after school one day so she never did it in daytime anymore after that. But, at night, after all the lights were out, she stuffed her pussy with her special dildo almost every night. Soon, however, Jack's photo was replaced with other boys at school and finally, with a photo of Peter. When Peter took her Cherry at the Prom, she cut back big time on the masturbation activities.

"Unhh ... Unhhh ... Unhhh. I gotta go ... I gotta ... gotta! Eeeeeiyeah!"

It was a good thing there were no neighbors nearby. Surely, they would have been awakened from a sound sleep by the frenzy of Julie's squirting orgasm. She pulled a small towel out of the bag to wipe up the mess and dried the dildo before putting it back into the small case.

"Thank you, Mr. Harry, for a job well done. You can go back to sleep now."

Julie smiled at her own foolishness, talking to an inanimate hunk of plastic and rubber.

Slowly, she drifted off into a very deep sleep. She dreamed of Jack's long hard body coming out of the water. His speedo trunks displayed his huge bulge holding in an extra-large 11" cock and a pair of succulent balls waiting to be sucked. Julie licked her lips in her sleep picturing Jack's cock pumping his creamy load into her open mouth. She knew that tomorrow Jack would be filling all her hot little holes the way that Peter never could.

The next morning, Julie went for an early morning swim in the roaring surf and was walking back to the cottage, when Jack pulled up in a nice looking Chevy pickup truck with chrome running boards and spotlights. She was glad she wore her bikini and not the one piece she used for racing.

Julie's breasts were still growing. They were bigger than average now, but still short of what she really wanted. Her nipples were protruding nicely and she liked the way they looked. So kissable and tempting for any red-blooded male. Seeing that Jack was waiting for her at the truck, she jumped past him to get to the stairs first. She wanted him to get a good look at her ass as she climbed the stairs in front of him. She knew her bikini bottoms had been bunched up a little from her walk up the beach and that her cheeks were about half exposed with the contrast of tan and pale white skin.

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