Father Leary Hears More Private Confessions

by RonBo

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Erotica Sex Story: Father Leary is at it again doling out penance to the usual sinners. He has two new sinners to deal with this week.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

Father Lester finished his last confession early. There were no more high school kids waiting except for two who always waited for Father Leary. Lester went to the rectory meaning to stop by Father Leary's office to pick up some papers that Leary had asked him to look at for him.

When the thirty year old priest entered the outer office he noticed a pretty young girl sitting patiently on a bench. "Good afternoon Father Lester." Young Jill Ebber said with a sweet smile on her face.

"Good morning Jill. Are you waiting for Father Leary?"

He could see the slight flush on her cheeks as she answered. "Yes Father. A private confession." Jill looked down at the floor.

Father Lester nodded as he went in to the inner office for the paperwork. Lester had heard rumors from the nuns that Father Leary gave after hours confessions to a select few parishioners. The young priest didn't have a clue as to what the older priest was up to but he was determined to find out.

The sixty year old Father Leary rushed back to his office after the last person to confess had left to do his penance. It Thursday and he knew that the young Ebber girl would be waiting to give him another lewd confession that would get a rise from his eight inch prick.

Good, she was waiting for him. Thought the good priest as he saw Jill patiently waiting for him in the outer office. He motioned for Jill to follow him as he locked the door to the outer office.

Father Lester was in the shadows in the hallway. Leary had rushed past him without noticing the young priest sitting there. When the door locked with a firm click Father Lester surmised that at least part of the rumors must have some truth to them. For the past two weeks Lester had also noticed Jill's mother entering Leary's inner sanctum on Friday nights after the adult confessions. Tomorrow, I will get to the bottom of Leary's shenanigans. Lester mused.

Knowing that the outer office was securely locked the old priest didn't bother closing the door to his private office. Jill was impatient as she insisted on removing his robe herself. Next his shirt. Soon Father Leary was completely nude standing in front of the teenage girl. She arranged his chair the way he liked then sank to her knees wanting to get the confessing part over with. Her little pussy was already damp and had been all the time she sat in the outer office waiting for the priest to arrive.

She also thought That young Father Lester is good looking. I wonder if he would like to give her a private confession. The thought made her pussy drool more of her sweet juices to run down her slender thighs. She hadn't bothered with underwear once again.

Jill regaled the old priest with her tales of incest during the past week. The sucking and deep throating of her father's seven inch cock. The great sixty nines she had with her brother Dale whenever possible. She finally ended by confessing her thoughts about being spanked by Father Lester and sucking him off with her talented mouth.

As always Jill's intimate confessions had his big prick hard and ready for action. "Strip girl." He commanded. He watched with greedy eyes as the young girl disrobed to stand before him naked and vulnerable.

"Over my lap Jill. You're in for a good hard spanking." Jill laid on the old man's lap while he slapped her bottom until both cheeks were a bright red. Last week Father Leary had used his hand to bring Jill to orgasm after the spanking and she hoped for a repeat.

When Leary was done spanking the teen, instead of pushing his fingers into her wet twat he turned her over while she was still on his lap, bent his head down so his mouth was within inches of her pussy. Father Leary inhaled deeply enjoying the scent of her young wet cunt. The priest had never kissed a pussy before but he did now. He kissed her soft pussy lips before he used his tongue to caress her slit. It took me sixty years but I am eating my first pussy.

Jill never expected that from the old priest. She could only moan to him. "Yes, Father. Lick my pussy. Make me cum. Please Father make me cum." And he did.

Jill bucked in his lap with her orgasm and would have fallen to the floor if it wasn't for Father Leary's still strong hands holding her in place. When Jill finally calmed down, still laying on her back on the priests lap, feeling the old priest's hard prick against her soft skin she softly whispered. "I love you Father. Let me suck the Holy Juice from your big cock now. When Jill was on her knees the old priest stood wanting not wanting to sit, as usual, for his weekly blow job from young Jill Ebber. The teen took Father Leary's eight inches into her mouth not being surprised at all when the priest started bucking his hips using his cock to fuck her mouth. He was trying to be as gentle as he could but Leary's aroused state caused him to stroke his prick in the little girl's mouth very aggressively finally driving his cock head and more into Jill's tight throat. The priest said nothing, just grunted as he spewed his cum into the teenager's throat.

When Leary opened the door for the just dressed girl to leave the outer office, Father Lester who was still lurking in the shadows, got a glimpse of the naked older priest before the door closed again. Lester's prick rose as he realized that he had confirmation of the rumors about the old priest's private confessions. Father Lester hurried back to his room so he could masturbate while trying to figure out his plan of action, to catch the old priest in the act.

Friday came soon enough putting Father Leary in a good mood again. The thought of having sex with the hot Carla Ebber kept his cock at half mast throughout the confessions. He noticed that after his harsh penance for Carla's husband last week he had either skipped confession this week or went to Father Lester to avoid him. As it came closer to the end of confessions he slid open his little window to hear another one. "Is that you Father Leary?" A feminine voice asked.

Leary recognized the voice immediately. "Yes Carla. Is something wrong? I expected to see you in my office tonight."

"Oh, I will be there Father. I have a favor to ask of you. My friend Rose has had a terrible week. She isn't catholic but she very much would like you to hear her confession." Knowing how to push the old priest's buttons she added. "She is guilt ridden by some of the things she and her son did this week. Would it be all right if she came to confession with me? She understands that you will expect her to do penance afterwards"

Leary hesitated a bit. He had never heard two private confessions at one time. It would be interesting at the very least but he wasn't sure how his sixty year old body would respond. Then Carla pushed a cardboard sleeve of something towards the confessional screen. Leary pried the corner of the screen open enough for Carla to push the piece of cardboard through. He looked down to see a sleeve of five little blue pills. "Take just one father, with a whole glass of water." There's my answer!

Father Lester finished his last confession. Leaving the confessional he noticed that Father Leary still had three parishioners waiting patiently for their turns. Good, he had time. Lester had laid in bed the night before, after unashamedly stroking himself to an orgasm, planning his secret foray into a position to catch Father Leary giving private confessions in his office. As soon as he entered Leary's outer office he used a chair to climb up and loosen the bulbs in the overhead light. Then Lester secluded himself in the adjoining supply room which was little more than a large closet with shelves. It was warm in there so the young priest shed his robe leaving him dressed in slacks and a black T shirt with his white collar still attached.

He had hidden himself just in time. Two of the three people he thought were waiting for confession came into the outer office. Through the small opening he had left in the mostly closed door he saw that it was Carla Ebber and another attractive woman that he didn't recognize. Carla flipped the wall switch and nothing happened. It didn't phase Carla. She went to the secretary's desk and clicked on the small desk lamp. The room was still mostly dark but it had enough light so you wouldn't walk into the furniture. The two women sat side by side on the bench against the wall obviously waiting for Father Leary. What is that old man going to do with two women? Father Lester thought to himself.

Father Leary came into the outer office, closing and locking the door. He flipped the wall switch, looking at the ceiling light that had remained dark. Leary shrugged before telling the two women that he needed a minute to prepare. He went into his private domain closing the door behind him to prepare in his usual way. No pants, no underwear. He had noticed that Carla's friend had big melons pushing out the front of her blouse. This was going to be interesting. The priest went into the private bathroom to down a Viagra with a full glass of tap water.

He opened the door to the outer office inviting the two mature women into his private domain. He had already turned his side chair around to face into the room. The two married women entered, Carla leading her friend by the hand to stand in front of the chair. Leary left the door open walking to take his place in the chair. As soon as he sat down Carla kneeled on the floor pulling Rose down by the hand to kneel next to her. It was too soon for the Viagra to be taking effect but the old priest would have sworn he felt a tingle in his half hard pecker.

Father Lester had left the seclusion of the supply closet, inching his way to a spot in the deep shadows with a direct line of site to Father Leary and the two kneeling women. When Carla started the preamble to confession Lester shifted his cock which was already becoming hard, to a more comfortable position. He had to strain to hear what was being said.

"Good to meet you Rose. "Father Leary told the stranger. "Please just kneel there and listen to Carla's confession so you will know what I expect of you." The Rose woman didn't say a word. She just lowered her eyes to the floor as her friend began her confession.

"Father Leary, ' Carla started. "Aside from having sex with my son this week I also watched Rose sucking off her boy Brad." Leary's prick was on the rise.

"Is that true Rose."

He caught Rose off guard. "Uh, yes sir. I did that."

"Did what woman!" He said raising his voice.

"Uh, sucked my son sir. Sucked his penis until he did it in my mouth." Carla whispered into her friend's ear the Rose continued in the fashion that Carla had suggested. "I mean I gave my son a blow job. I sucked his cock until he spurted his cum in my mouth. I swallowed all of it. I sucked him several times this week and..."

Carla broke in. "I witnessed her blowing Brad Father. It got me so hot I licked Rosie's pussy until she orgasmed. Her son Brad came up behind me and fucked my cunt until he shot his cum into my pussy making me climax also."

Father Lester's cock needed attention. He really wasn't turned on by women but the confessions of these two sluts was turning him on. He rubbed his cock through his pants while he listened to more.

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