J Returns

by LexiRose

Copyright© 2012 by LexiRose

True Sex Story: After a work night out I head over to Js for some fun.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Light Bond   .

It's midnight and there I was, standing on your patio and testing the door handle, locked, you weren't home yet. I sat on the old iron chair in your garden and waited, smoking, the rain starting to drizzle down around me. It took you 15 minutes to get home, I was shivering a bit by then and you pulled me close to warm me up, kissing me and opening the door to get us inside and out of the weather.

I sat at your kitchen table as you turned up the heating and put on the kettle for some coffee. We'd both been out at Christmas parties and the tequila (mine) and the wine (yours) was making us both a little sleepy. It was less awkward this time, partly because of the alcohol we'd both consumed and partly because of the darkness, I've always felt more at home in the night.

You liked my shoes, you said as I leant over and slipped them off slowly, your eyes following my movement as my dress gaped to show a little cleavage. I hung my coat over the back of the chair and you got your first full look at my new dress, I could see that it pleased you, red, low cut, very short, with strategic black lack inserts. I was wearing stockings and with my legs crossed you could just see the tops, the gap between skirt, skin and stocking catching your eye, unable to look away. I'd planned this well.

I caught your eye and we both stood together, reaching for each other, coffee forgotten now. Kissing, we moved towards the stairs hand in hand as you switched off your computer and pulled me urgently into your room.

There was no hesitancy this time, you stripped off you clothes in the minimum of time and joined me on the bed, noticing that I was still fully clothed as I ran one red nail up your chest, watching your breath catch as I strayed too far down and brushed against your cock or flicked across your nipples.

You grabbed the back of my head and kissed me hard, your other hand reaching behind me to unzip my dress, roughly pulling it over my head as you rammed your tongue into my mouth.

I ran the tip of my index finger up and down your cock, teasing you before curling just one finger around you and pumping slowly, gradually adding more fingers until you were held tight in my fist, liking the feeling of you swelling and growing in my hand. I felt your breathing grow ragged against my mouth and I eased off slightly, wanting to prolong this, returning to just running the tips of my fingers over your heated flesh. You reached out your hands to touch me and I pushed them above your head, wrapping your fingers around the headboard. Tonight I was in charge.

I moved down to tease you with my tongue, slowly licking up and down, swirling around the head of your penis, not taking you into my mouth like you wanted me to, just letting the tip run over my lips and teeth, pulling back when you tried to thrust up.

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