Polly Pruitt, the Passionate Postmistress

by harry lime

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Polly was the postmistress of Licking Lizard, California. She took her job seriously enough to stay in the dying town to service the 1,000 or so inhabitants. Polly's "servicing" extended far beyond the delivery of mail. She was determined to spread her sweet honey to as many men and women as possible despite the declining trend in population. Tourists were a special treat.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Niece   Aunt   Spanking   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Spitting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Licking Lizard is sort of an "out of the way" place halfway between the desert floor and the rising slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is not really what you would call a foothills community because the heightened elevations are much too gentle for serious consideration as a hill of any description.

In recent years, for some unknown reason, the population of Licking Lizard has been declining at a pace that would mean eventual removal from the State list of recognized towns. In fact, the only remaining eating establishment in Licking Lizard was the "finger smacking" eatery known simply as "Choctaw Harry's".

Everyone in town and the surrounding area was well aware of the fact that the only post office within a 50 mile radius was located inside an iron-barred office inside Choctaw Harry's and that the postmistress was called Polly.

Now Polly was not a young girl. Then again, she was not all that old either. I guess you could say she was a female in the prime of her life unfettered by either husband or young'uns of any age. The certificates on her office wall showed she was a graduate of the University of Las Vegas Business degree program and oddly a rectangular shaped scrap of paper declared her to be "Honorably Discharged" from the United States Army.

The only photo on her desk was of a tired looking German Shepard who had passed on to doggy heaven several years ago.

Everyone knew enough not to disturb Polly when she was sorting out the mail early in the morning. Each morning around eleven AM she would open her window bars and distribute mail to all those parties too much in a hurry for her to make her afternoon rounds. There was a smattering of shifty types that preferred to get their mail at the source and keep visitors out of their personal business behind their locked gates.

Right up to last summer, Polly had a helper called Manuel who kept the jeep in running order and set her daily loads for easy delivery on her RFD. (Rural Free Delivery) Each year it seemed like things just getting tighter and tighter and she had to let Manual go a couple of months before the cold weather set in. She did find him a job at the Joshua-Tree garage and he ran the AAA tow service almost all the way to the Nevada State line.

At last count, there were slightly less than a thousand souls remaining in the slowly decaying town. That number was sure to fall each spring. A time when more and more young people picked up stakes and headed either West to the congested and smoggy confines of the much-maligned Los Angeles metropolitan area or East to the bright lights of the gambling den of inequity known as Las Vegas.

Polly was sorting a bit slowly this morning.

She was still feeling the effects of the endless shots of vodka served up by Carl and his creepy brother Amos at her birthday celebration the previous night. Her niece Jolene had thrown her a "surprise" party at her doublewide trailer behind the "open 24 hours" gas station a short distance from Choctaw Harry's eating emporium.

She had really never gotten along very well with Jolene but she appreciated the fact that her niece felt it necessary to celebrate her 40th birthday.

Polly remembered that the cake looked beautiful but she did not remember cutting it or eating it the night before. She did remember Carl helping her out of her clothes before he put her on the bed in the spare bedroom. After that it got a little confused but she was certain that she had asked Carl to give her a nice birthday spank and a fuck for good luck. She laughed at the thought the vodka had gone down very smoothly and a lot faster than usual.

It seemed that the quirky Amos and her niece were watching intently as Carl gave her 40 spanks with his hard calloused palms. She remembered she was leaking profusely long before he was finished with her good luck spanking.

The insertion of Carl's long thick dick into her pussy from the rear in a doggy position stood out in her memory and she remembered the devious Amos used that very moment to introduce her lips to his rock hard cock. Polly opened her mouth to tell Amos that she was not going to give him a blow job but before she could utter a single word, the sly man's cock was tickling the back of her throat.

Carl's cock in her pussy was sliding quite nicely and she was slurping on Amos's cock with more interest now because he did have enough length to fill her mouth to capacity. Actually, for such a shifty character, he did manage to have a very sweet tasting cock. Polly had cut back drastically on her "getting down on her knees" activities ever since the bachelor party for Sheriff Dan's deputy Billy Bob Parker. Somehow she had offered to give the handsome young deputy a nice hum job out of the kindness of her heart and a desire to taste him one more time before he entered into matrimonial bliss. She was entirely unprepared for the line of hungry cocks that lined up for sloppy seconds. The only reason she went along with it was that there were only 2 females at the party and Olivia Trogg was certainly not the sucking sort. Seemed like a sizable portion of the male population of Lizard Lick started buzzing around her like little bumble bees looking for a repeat performance in the weeks following that memorable party.

Her niece Jolene lifted her face to slap away the drool sliding down to her chin and added some of her own spit into her mouth to lubricate her lips. Amos suddenly began to produce a nice amount of pre-cum that eased her tickling throat and made it all go much smoother.

Jolene reached down and twisted her Aunt's nipples with a nasty knowing look on her 19 year old face that betrayed her kinky obsession with giving and receiving pain in equal portions with her pleasure.

Polly was certain it was due to the summer she had spent as a trainee bitch for a notorious biker gang headquartered outside of Henderson, Nevada. Jolene had changed from a sweet teenager into a jaded sadist in the blink of an eye. But that is another story.

Amos pinched her nose to make her suck in the load of cum spurting down her throat with all the force of jets of water released from the top of Hoover dam. She swallowed rapidly and did her duty well. The creep pulled out of her mouth and she only had Carl continuing to pound away with absolutely no finesse using her ass as his saddle. She could hear the squishy sound her pussy made as Carl's long thick cock impaled her with frantic rapidity. Her sense of needing release overwhelmed her and the orgasm rose from her quivering pussy lips and down into her trembling legs. Her tight little rosebud opened and closed like an indecisive virgin waiting for the first thrust.

Jolene dug her long sharp fingernails into her Aunt's ass cheeks and whispered terrible things into her ears at the same time that her orgasm racked body was flooded with Carl's immense load of creamy cum spurting endlessly up her vaginal channel. She was glad Carl had already been neutered by a surgeon's knife with a vasectomy demanded by his first wife. That Rhonda was a bitch of first degree manipulating and controlling anyone unfortunate to come close to her influence. It was rumored that Carl had "sold" her to the motorcycle gang or had else given her to them to pay for his significant drug debts. Nobody really missed her very much because of her propensity to create trouble even in the most benign of situations.

Polly figured the annoying but intelligent woman had just tired of the boring Carl and the boring town and headed somewhere else to upgrade her lifestyle.

When she had awakened this morning, Polly felt a little "used" but otherwise in pretty good shape. She noticed her butt hole was sensitive and felt a little stretched but did not remember any anal activities from the previous night. She put it down to being just a byproduct of the spirited spanking delivered by the muscular Carl. Polly prided herself that she was not a girl who could be "bent over" for ass fucking by any guy that gave her a tumble. She had been subjected to some serious hazing both in the Army and in her freshman year at college and she did not want to be anyone's bitch ever again. Her escapades in both circumstances were truly shameful and she tried not to think about her indiscretions and youthful excesses.

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