A Rainy Rendevous

by LexiRose

Copyright© 2012 by LexiRose

Erotica Sex Story: The rain falling heavily on the roof of the car gives me an idea and I take you for a walk in the public gardens.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   .

I've been sitting in the car park listening to the rain falling on the roof of my car for around 20 minutes before you pull in, late as usual. The view out of my window is blurred by the water streaming down it but I can see you sitting there, window cracked open and cigarette in hand, waiting.

Acting nonchalant I push my cigarettes into my pocket and lock my car, walking round to climb into your passenger seat, the rain soaking through my white tshirt in that short journey, making goosebumps rise on my arms and my nipple harden into tight points, clearly visible against the sodden material. No, I'm not wearing a bra, just a thin bikini top under my tshirt, it had been sunny when I left the house that morning!

Sinking into the leather seat I light up my own cigarette and crack the window open, noticing how your eyes are drawn to my breasts as we chat. I smile, and breath deeply, resting my hand on your knee, knowing you will talk all night if I don't make the first move.

Flicking my cigarette out of the window I grab yours and throw it out too before snaking my hand behind your head and pulling you to me to kiss you hard, your hand moving to my hip and stroking lower until you feel the hot bare flesh of my leg.

Clambering over the centre console I straddle your legs as you recline the drivers seat until you're lying almost flat. Grasping my ass in both hands you pull me forward until my nipples are in reach of your mouth, before sitting up slightly and sucking one into your mouth. The teasing friction of your tongue on the wet fabric making me moan and rub myself against you through your jeans.

My fingers unbuckle your belt, stretching behind me to undo the buttons of your trousers before rubbing my hand over your stiff cock.

You push my skirt up, pulling my panties to one side before sliding two fingers inside me and rubbing my wetness over my swollen clit.

Bending down I kiss you passionately, moaning against your mouth as you rub against me, my eyes moving to the back seat and remembering the way you took me doggy style, groaning and swearing in my ear as I uttered my breathy moans and we came almost simultaneously.

Feeling like I need to slow this down a little I grab your wrists and raise them above your head, rubbing myself over your exposed cock, letting you feel how wet I am as I kiss you, sucking your bottom lip into my mouth and nibbling as my hips rock back and forth.

Hearing the rain on the roof of the car again gives me an idea.

Opening the door of the car I step out. The car park is deserted, not much call for dog walkers in the wet. You look at me and I grab your hand, pulling you out of the car as you hastily button the top of your jeans and thrust the keys into your pocket.

The rain falls down on us, soaking through our clothes as I lead you to a gate saying 'public gardens' and skip inside, the path twisting and turning until we reach an open space.

All around us are tall trees and rose bushes and I pull you over to a bench hidden in the trees. Pushing you down onto the wet seat I unbutton your jeans and pull them down to your ankles, kneeling in front of you to take the swollen tip of you into my mouth. Gazing up into your eyes, I swallow your cock, moaning against you as I feel you press against the back of my throat, the rain pouring down around us and plastering my hair to my face.

My tshirt is now completely see through, and you can't tear your eyes away, watching my lips move around your hard cock and feeling me lick and suck you, my moans resonating up your shaft.

You reach down and pull off my top, tugging on the bow of my bikini until I'm topless, my clothes thrown somewhere behind you as the wooden bench digs into you.

Reluctantly you pull my head up to kiss me and I sit, straddling your lap, the head of your cock pushing against my sodden panties as my lips mash against yours.

I pull off your tshirt, wanting to feel your skin against mine, and, pulling my panties to one side again, slowly lower myself onto you.

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