Snow to Bed

by obohobo

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Sex Story: Synopsis Cold and wet after being buried under an avalanche of wet snow shed from a passing lorry, Mark’s mother treats him and Karen for mild hypothermia by bathing and putting them in bed together. The start of a relationship that would never have begun had they not been waiting for the same bus.

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© obohobo 2012

Standing in melting snow at the bus stop alongside Karen, a college student in my year but taking different courses, on that bitterly cold, wet January morning, I never expected to lie with her in a pool of water under a suffocating mound of heavy, wet, snow and an hour later, with my mother's approval, to be in bed with her. She returned my, "Hi, Karen," with a simple "Hi," and after a short pause, "The bus is late." I didn't know her well enough to carry on a conversation and, in fact, I usually found myself at a loss for words when next to a girl. For a little while longer we stood facing the oncoming traffic in anticipation of seeing the awaited bus arrive until startled out of our reverie by a van driver coming towards us, suddenly blaring his horn, flashing his headlights and violently swerving towards the other side of the road. Doubly alerted to danger by the engine roar of a large lorry behind us followed by the hiss of air brakes, we instinctively moved back from the road but a high wall limited our movement. As the lorry passed and jogged half on the pavement, the tilt and bump when it hit he kerb caused it to shed a huge load of snow and water from its canvas roof, toppling us and, with the wall not allowing the snow to spread, buried us completely. As one of the bystanders said later, "It was like something from an old slapstick comedy film except for it being real and not fake snow."

With my vision completely blotted out, I struggled to get up but Karen and the considerable weight of wet snow on top of me, prevented my moving and shortly I had difficulty in breathing until a gloved hand found my face and once more I saw light and breathed air. By then Karen had been helped to stand and I followed, both of us soaked through and thoroughly chilled but apart from a few bruises we discovered later, otherwise unharmed. Other would-be bus passengers largely escaped the mini avalanche and enquired if we were all right. I nodded and Karen tried to answer but her teeth chattered too badly. Grabbing her hand I muttered, "I only live around the corner, we can dry out there, Mum's in, she'll know what to do," and a neighbour seeing us, reinforced the suggestion, "Get off home Mark, I'll let the police know when they get here unless you want to wait for the ambulance."

Only few yards along the pavement a group of people stood by an elderly lady lying next to the kerb, obviously injured and in pain but with a number of them using mobile phones, I guessed the ambulance had been called and with the lorry now jack-knifed across the road and blocking all traffic, I decided we needed to get moving before we really froze; the paramedics would attend to her before us.

The four hundred yards to my home seemed to take forever and by the time we got there, I began to doubt the wisdom of making the journey in heavy, wet, cold clothing. Karen found it very tiring and I had to support her for the last few yards but finally we stumbled into the warm kitchen and stood in front of mother for a few seconds without saying anything; we couldn't speak with our shivering and teeth chattering so much.

Fortunately mother is an ex nurse and only gave it up when she tired of the shift work and was able to find a 9 - 5 Monday to Friday job for much the same pay. She's a big, buxom woman and definitely the matriarch of the household, a woman I often visualised as a stereotype hospital matron bossing the young nurses around and taking no nonsense from patients and from the moment she saw us, we were her patients. In our house her word is law. "Get those wet coats off and up into the bathroom," she ordered but had to help us remove our top clothes before we unsteadily climbed the stairs. "It might have been better if you'd waited for the ambulance and went to the hospital where they have modern methods of warming hypothermic people but here we'll have to do it the old fashioned way. First a shower then a warm bath and bed," she ordered and removed the remainder of our clothes. Even then I felt a little embarrassed at mother not only seeing my nudity, but also checking my hands, toes and penis for frostbite, or so she said. Karen made a futile attempt to hide her body from me but cold borne weariness and mother's authoritative manner overcame her inhibitions. Mother checked her too and after checking the water temperature, pushed us into the shower cubical.

My body might have been pretty numb but my mind wasn't and when my eyes took in the sight of the naked girl, the first I'd seen close too, I felt a stirring in my groin but fortunately the cold prevented any visible reaction. Under her bulky clothes, I hadn't realised how skinny she was but that didn't put me off and nor did the sight of her small tits and on looking down, I noticed her dark, luxuriant pubic hair matched the plain simple style of the now bedraggled hair on her head, which suggested that she, like me, wasn't into following the latest fashions or trends. In the confined space, we couldn't avoid touching and when mother yelled for us to wash each other, I took the sponge and gel and with shaking hands began to clean the stains the filthy water left on her back, but not knowing what the reaction would be, I hesitated to touch her tits. As the circulation gradually returned, my fingers and toes started their painful tingle, and I'm sure hers did too, but she didn't cry out and when I finished her back she took the sponge and did mine. We did our own front parts although I'd have liked to have done hers but with mother close by and uncertainty over Karen's response, I didn't let my hands wander. Gradually with the warm water flowing over us when we emerged, I'd recovered sufficiently in still somewhat shaky speech and intermittently shivering, to introduced her, "Mother, this is Karen..."

"Pilcher," Karen added when I hesitated,

"I'm Marjorie, Marg, time to warm you up a little more and later when you can talk better, I'll find out what happened."

By then she'd filled the bath with warm but not fiercely hot water and ordered us into it, me first lying lengthways and Karen, several inches shorter than me, on top with her head on my shoulder and my prick at waist level but only towards the end of our time in the bath did it begin to stir. Naturally my arms curled around her body and while I didn't deliberately grasp her breasts, my arms felt them. "No monkey business," mother warned, "I'm going to put the electric blanket on to warm the bed ready for you when you come out."

After a while our shivering ceased and we lay still, neither of us talking but I'm sure, she, like me, had thoughts on where this might lead and I wondered at mother's motives for putting us together so blatantly. She returned some time later and questioned us, me particularly, as to what happened, and when I told her she laughed, "And I thought Karen had fallen in the river and you, in an act of heroism, pulled her out!"

I suppose we lay in the water for twenty minutes before it cooled and mother brought warm towels. We dried ourselves and each other backs with less inhibitions than when we washed in the shower but both too shy to talk much and with mother in the room, I didn't dare try drying her front. After checking our temperatures, mother pronounced, "Still a little low and I expect you'll feel very tired after the ordeal so I'm putting you to bed. Is there anyone you need to contact Karen? Anyone waiting for you?" There wasn't. She lived in the college dorm and her roommate went home for the weekend.

Perhaps after her previous actions I shouldn't have been surprised that mother put us, still naked, in her double bed and insisted that we lie close to conserve body heat. With the electric blanket full on and the whole bed warm and cosy, I puzzled over the need but I didn't complain and Karen didn't either. We did indeed feel tired and quickly drifted off to sleep and hardly heard mother's parting words, "No monkey business."

"No monkey business," Karen mimicked when I woke with a full erection against her thigh but she didn't move away, indeed, she managed to surreptitiously rub her thigh on it a few times and I took this as a cue for cuddling her closely. For while we talked in whispers about what happened and I learned she'd come into town to get a few things and intended to go back to college to study and told her I'd intended to go into the college library to check out a couple of books that I needed for my studies. Once we started talking the conversation flowed until mother brought in some soup. "It's only tinned soup," she apologised after enquiring or our health, "But it will help warm you internally and it will tide you over until lunch. When father comes in a bit after twelve, I'll get him to take your coats to the launderette, they're too big and heavy for my machine and they're too filthy to wear. I've washed the other things and hung them close to the radiators to dry. Karen, Mark's got a couple of dressing gowns so you'll be able to borrow one of his until your clothes are dry, he's nearer your size than I am," she smiled, "You can come down and sit by the fire when you feel like getting up."

"They're not much to look at, are they?" Karen spotted me looking at her tits as we sat up in the bed drinking the soup, "I haven't got much more than you and don't need to wear a bra and when I tried padding one out with tissue, the other girls knew I'd done it and made fun of me, so I don't bother now."

"Big tits don't usually go with big brains, or even a nice personality," I generalised and went on to explain that I'd given up on girls because I twice tried to get dates with large breasted women and had been put down in a demeaning way.

Karen smiled, handed me her mug to put on the bedside table and said with a wink, "I still feel rather tired, shall we snuggle down for a bit longer to recover?" I didn't need a second invitation and this time I let my hand caress her boobs enough to get her nipples to harden and we kissed several times before lying down and resting.

Voices, strange voices to me, roused us and a little later mother appeared to say, "A policewoman called to see if you were available and the extent of your injuries. I said you were sleeping and were okay except for a few bruises. She'll call back later. The lorry driver has been arrested. Apparently he's from Belgium and because the snow delayed him, missed his rest break and was two hours over his work limit time and in his tiredness forgot which side of the road we drive on in England. The old woman he knocked down is in hospital with several broken bones so you were lucky to only get soaked." I thought my luck was having Karen alongside me and I hoped that would continue.

When I heard Dad arrive and use the bathroom, I suggested we ought to get up and dash to my bedroom. "Karen, you are obviously going to be here for a while, at least until after lunch, so instead of wearing a dressing gown, would you object to trying some of my clothes? They'll be baggy but we can roll up the sleeves and trousers." With much laughter, behind the closed door, interspaced with kisses and cuddles, we tried various shirts and trousers until mother called out, "No monkey business," which caused us more merriment.

"Your mother said to give you these, just in case." To my amazement, Dad handed me a box of condoms. We'd stopped at a late night opening chemist's on the way home from taking Karen back to her college dorm. She'd spent the afternoon and had dinner with us but insisted she needed to study in order to get work done for Monday. We had actually studied a bit in the afternoon, she using my computer to access her work on the college server and I used my laptop, she'd bring her own on Sunday after mother had almost bullied her into coming for Sunday lunch. During dinner we learned that she couldn't always afford to buy anything but the cheapest foods and mother commented in her brusque way, "I noticed earlier you were undernourished, George will pick you up in the morning and you can have a proper Sunday lunch, roast beef and all the trimmings." Her pleas that she needed to study were brushed aside.

"Bring your laptop and books and we can study together like we did this afternoon," I suggested and finally she agreed.

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