The Team - Kelly Again

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2012 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: The session with Kelly was interrupted before the husband could fuck the young lady. The team keeps the wife occupied so Kelly and the husband can fuck in the pool house.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Size   .

Ming and I make ourselves presentable just in time - the rest of the team arrives at my place for the BBQ and swim. Ming was a great fuck - she's a true little oriental doll - and my being her first was an honour. Ming leaves the pool house before me and heads back inside the main house. Cory grabs my arm to get my attention.

"Kelly was disappointed last weekend - she missed having your big fat cock filling her pussy" she whispers to me before continuing "We are going to keep your wife occupied later - so you can bring Kelly out here and fuck her".

"We... ???" I ask Cory.

"Grant, all the team - yes, ALL the team - want to be fucked by you and your monster cock. And before you ask - yes, that includes your step-daughter too!" Cory explains as her hand snakes forward and grasps my cock through my shorts. She squeezes my shaft before cupping my balls.

Oh god ... I feel like a piece of meat thats being passed around. Mind you ... the girls are all beautiful and that makes it much easier.

Cory releases my hardening cock and starts to walk away ... she pauses and turns. "Oh, by the way - we know about the cameras in the poolhouse". She smiles and adds "We each want a copy of us being fucked in the poolhouse. Hmmm ... that means you get to fuck me again for the camera". She turns and leaves me dumbfounded - standing in the poolhouse with a rapidly wilting cock.

The night progresses and the BBQ is done - the girls don their bikinis and head into the pool. Cory drags me into the pool too; and a game of tag starts. My wife has gone inside to transfer the game video to the computer and burn a copy to DVD. Above water the game appears all innocent, but below water my cock is being stroked and pulled by any girl that comes close to me. There's no way I can get out of the water without causing a scene - my cock is fully erect and tenting my swim shorts.

We play in the pool for about 30 minutes before my wife calls the girls inside to watch the DVD.

"I'll stay out here and clean up" I volunteer to my wife. Kelly speaks up quickly "Coach... , if its OK, I'll stay and help too.".

My wife agrees and the rest of the girls head inside with her. Kelly swims up to me in the pool and her hand grasps my cock through my swim shorts.

"C'mon ... I want this monster inside me this time.". She grabs my hand and we wade over to the pool stairs. Soon we are out of the pool and inside of the pool house - closing the outside door to keep prying eyes out (and sounds of passion in). Kelly walks over to the massage table - standing right where I fucked Ming just a couple of hours ago.

"Now, where did we get up too before we were interrupted?" she asks as she peels off her bikini and drops it to the floor. "Hmmm, I recall that you were naked too" she says as she pushs my swim shorts to the floor. My half-hard cock flops out into her hand - a hand that is soon stroking my shaft. Her touch brings me back to full hardness very quickly.

"Mmmmmm ... good..." she says as I lift her up and sit her on the end of the massage table. She draws me forward by my cock until my cock is touching her pussy mound. She rubs her pussy mound using my cock for a moment before releasing her hold on my cock. I grab my cock near the bottom of the shaft and continue rubbing it across her mound before dipping down and running it through her pussy lips.

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