The Ladies Club -- How Much Cum Can You Cum?

by Jehoram

Copyright© 2012 by Jehoram

Erotica Sex Story: The ladies want to know how much cum a man can produce between orgasms that are ninety minutes apart. There's only one way to find out. Each man has three lovely ladies to help him recharge, and the ladies enjoy their work!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Group Sex   Interracial   Masturbation   Petting   .

When I joined Maria's "Ladies Club" and joined in their games, I found myself in the regular company of up to a dozen naked, horny women. Woof! The fact that I was one of up to a dozen equally horny men took a little getting used to, but I coped, and soon found myself appreciating the sight of hard cock almost as much as the ladies did. But our games remained strictly heterosexual for the men and, usually, for the ladies as well, although the latter had little reluctance keeping each other amused during those time when we men had to recover.

By that time, Bret and Anne had been sharing our house for months, and were seriously discussing selling their own house once the fire damage had been repaired and moving in with us permanently. I had no objection, since having regular access to Anne's tight pussy had become a habit I couldn't easily break. But Maria still wanted to adopt some children, and we realized that our house wasn't big enough for four adults and a bunch of kids. So we let the current situation slide for a while as we took our time looking for larger houses at the right price. And frankly, none of us were willing to forsake our current life-style of running around naked and fucking each other whenever the mood hit us.

I never thought I'd see the day when I'd come home to find Maria sucking some naked guy to orgasm on our bed, but now that the guy turned out to be Bret, I'd just smile and undress, knowing that I'd be next. Don't get me wrong, though. I'd be screwing Maria as much as I'd be screwing Anne, and the same went for Bret. And Maria especially loved being fucked by one man while the other man and Anne would suck on her magnificent boobs. That always gave her a climax that would leave her wobbly for hours. And one night, I heard Anne and Bret calling me to their bedroom. There they were, Anne lying supine on the bed, smiling at me, and Bret underneath her with his dick up her ass. "Come on, Joe! Fuck my cunt!" she cried as she spread her legs. I clambered on the bed and entered that tight little pussy, and I swear I could feel Bret's cock moving inside her ass as I pumped her cunt. I came almost right away, even before Bret, from the sheer novelty of the situation. Anne felt my climax and it helped her over the edge, and she gave that panther screech that I had come to love so much. That brought Maria in, and she wanked herself as she stood there watching the show, her eyes burning with lust. We all got up and took a shower, and then Maria gave me one of the best fucks of my life.

"Would you like me or Bret to fuck you in the ass sometime?" I asked her after we'd both climaxed.

"No. I tried it once, and it didn't work for me. But if Anne wants it, feel free. Just be clean about it." That's my Maria!

Well, there was one night when neither one of the ladies wanted to screw us. It was the night just before one of the Ladies Club meetings. We asked them why, and they just smiled. "Don't jack off, either," they told us. What was up? Bret and I looked at each other, and the ladies laughed. "You'll see," they promised. The last time Maria asked me something like this was before my first visit to the Ladies Club, and it turned out to be a cum-shooting contest! I wondered if the Mistress of the Games had decided to have another one like that.

We arrived at the clubhouse, where we saw that six couches had been arranged in two circles of three couches apiece, plus another one off to the side. What caught our eye, though, was a table in the center of the room that held some boxes of tissue, two small wire baskets, a large box of condoms, and an apothecary's scale. As usual, the men were naked and hard, and the women were naked and wet. When all the attendees had arrived, Margie addressed the group. She was a "full-figured" African-American woman with a body like a fertility goddess, all big ass and heavy breasts that swung as she walked, and tonight she was Mistress of the Games.

"It's my turn to run the games tonight, and the game is to find out which men can cum the most jizz. We don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, so we'll be breaking up into teams. So if any man doesn't 'cum up to expectations... '" A laugh came up from the crowd..."his teammates can make up for him. Understood?" We all nodded.

"Now we want to have a level playing field, so when we've broken up into teams, I'm going to indulge a little fantasy I've had. All seven of you men are going to jack off onto my tits. You guys can either do it solo or have your female teammates jack you off. That way, I can make sure each of you has a fresh start when the game really starts!"

The teams were quickly formed, based on rosters that Margie had already drawn up. I found myself teamed with Bret, Darlene, Lan, a new woman named Sharon, and Margie's husband George. Steve, a young Black man with a muscled frame and a small dick, was the "odd man out," but Margie told him that she'd make sure he got some action as well.

Then Margie lay down on the floor and the men circled around her. I felt Lan come up behind me, pressing her small tits into my back as she reached around for my cock. Bret was to my left, being similarly administered to by Darlene. George, a stout Black man with a graying hair and beard who was Margie's husband, elected to "go solo" but Steve asked Sharon to jerk him off, and she agreed with a grin. She was a young white brunette with C-cup tits and an overbite; she was accompanied to the party by a bespectacled Asian gentleman with a wispy beard, a ready smile, and a thick penis that Anne was already milking with gusto.

It was my first "bukkake" experience, and I was cumming within minutes, followed by the rest of the men in quick succession. The spurts of cum rained down on Margie's huge chocolate-brown breasts with their dark nipples, and she rubbed the jizz in to make them glisten in the light. As I saw the jizz gush out of Steve's cock and splash down on Margie's tits, I regretted that those balls of his wouldn't be helping us to victory.

"Now comes the fun part for us girls," Margie said as she stood up, lifted up her breasts, and licked off all the cum she could reach. "The men will have an hour and a half to re-charge. During that time, I expect them to make the women in their group cum at least twice. You can do it any way you please, with your tongues or your fingers or your cocks, as long as you don't cum yourself. Ladies, make sure they get hard fast and stay hard for the next ninety minutes. At the end of that time, have them put on a rubber, and be sure that they cum into the rubber. Now let the games begin! Who wants to lick the rest of the cum off my tits?"

And for the next ninety minutes, our teams made love to our team members. We agreed that each woman would tease a man in fifteen-minute "shifts," and then rotating partners, so that each woman would have two shifts with each man. We flipped coins, and my first pairing was with Darlene. I remembered her well from the last games, teasing her with my tongue and finally pumping my sperm into her cunt. She remembered me, too, and said, "Eat me, Joe." And I did.

Then it was Lan's turn. By that time, my dick was hard again, and she pushed me onto the couch, climbed aboard, and impaled herself on my rod. She was as tight as ever, and I marveled at how fast she'd been aroused enough to provide the necessary lubrication. George must have been a hell of a finger-fucker! She bounced up and down on my dick, her small breasts bouncing along with her, until I complained that she was getting me too stimulated. She laughed, disengaged her cunt from my cock, and spent the last few minutes getting finger-fucked to orgasm.

And then it was my turn with the new girl. Her most striking feature was her pussy, ringed with trimmed hair and sporting two of the longest inner labia that I had ever seen. I asked to sample them, and she smiled; she was obviously no stranger to oral sex. I delighted in sucking those lips, but she got overstimulated and asked me to pay some attention to her nipples instead. I had just about coaxed to her to another orgasm when the fifteen-minute timer went off, so I turned over that task to Bret.

I got back to Darlene, and she insisted on having my cock inside her for just a few strokes, which was all I could manage without cumming. But they were enough to send her into an orgasm, those beautiful turquoise eyes suddenly welling with tears of pleasure. Since I was becoming rapidly overstimulated, so I motioned Steve over, and Darlene gave him a bit of oral to keep him hard.

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