The Team - Kelly

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2012 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Kelly forgets her bikini and the husband takes her home to get it. Kelly models it for the husband and things happen between the young inexperienced girl and him that the wife would not condone.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Cheating   Oral Sex   Size   .

Hi, I'm Grant and I'm 35 yrs of age and I'm married to Kim who is 33 yrs old. Kim coaches an under 18 girls volleyball team and I volunteer my services as the team physiotherapist. I rub down all those aching limbs and apply strapping where necessary. The team plays on a Saturday afternoon and Kim invites the team back to our place afterwards for a swim/spa session and a BBQ dinner.

The team consists of:

Cory - 17 yrs old. 5ft 5 ins tall. Blonde hair to her shoulders. 36 C-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Sexually active.

Sara - (identical twin of Tara) - 17 yrs old. 5ft 7 ins tall. Short red hair. 36 B-cup tits. Landing strip over pussy. Virgin.

Tara - (identical twin of Sara) - 17 yrs old. 5ft 7 ins tall. Short red hair. 36 B-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Virgin.

Ming - 16 yrs old. 5ft 3 ins tall. Oriental. Black hair to mid-back. 34 A-cup tits. Trimmed full bush. Virgin.

Kelly - 16 yrs old. 5ft 7 ins tall. Sandy blonde hair to her shoulders. 38 D-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Pierced clit. Not a virgin, but not sexually active.

Mo - 17 yrs old. 5ft 10 ins tall. Black African. Jet black smooth hair and skin. 36 D-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy.Not a virgin, but not sexually active.

Peta - 17 yrs old. (my step-daughter). 5ft 2ins tall. Short dyed blond hair with pink strips. 36 D-cup tits. Heart shaped blonde dyed pussy hair. Sexually active.

Sam - 16 yrs old. 5ft 8 ins tall. Short blonde hair. 34 B-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Virgin.

How do I know such personal details?

You see, I have a heap of minature cameras hidden in the pool change room and in my step-daughter's bedroom. The girls talk about their sex lives (or lack thereof) when changing or showering. The recordings give me plenty of entertainment during the week. Kim, my wife, just doesn't like sex any more - she'd rather eat, sleep and breathe her volleyball team.

I can disappear unnoticed for hours into my hidden viewing bunker - its attached to the pool house and hidden behind a false wall.

The stories that I'm about to relate started to happen about 2 months ago.


Kelly was our player of the match. Scoring heavily and ensuring that our team wins its match. The whole team is on a high - we hadn't expected to win this match.

The team are heading back to our place for the traditional post-match BBQ. Kim (my wife) has gone ahead with her daughter Peta to get things organised at home.

Kelly comes up to me and asks "Grant ... can you give me a lift to my place? I forgot to pack my bikini."

"Sure ... c'mon lets go".

I slide in behind the steering wheel of my truck. Kelly slides in from the passenger side and sits close beside me on the bench seat. Hmmmm ... this is unexpected.

We chat about the game as we drive back to her place - arriving there about 10 minutes later. Nothing untoward happens during the trip so her closeness doesn't disturb me (or my cock).

"C'mon in Grant. We should only be a few minutes. Mum is away for the weekend" she says.

We head on inside and I wait in the lounge room as she heads to her bedroom. I'm waiting there a few minutes - I've sat in the middle of the large lounge to wait.

Kelly returns to the lounge room - barefoot and wearing a sarong. Her D-cup tits filling out the sarong nicely. Oh god ... bare feet get to me everytime, especially when they are well cared for - and Kelly has painted nails.

"Do you like my sarong?" she asks as she turns slowly giving me a full view of her sarong and her sensational body

"Absolutely sensational ... I just love it" is my response.

"What about my bikini then?" she asks as she unties the sarong and lets it drop to the floor. I can tell you ... that's not a bikini!!! ... it's more like a micro-kini. The top is made of string and two small patches just covering her nipples ... and the bottom has a tiny strip of cloth that is less than an inch wide and two inches long - held in place by strings.

"Oh ... oh ... oh..." I stammer as she turns slowly - letting me see her naked back and ass (save for the tiny thin strings).

She walks closer to me before placing her hands under her huge tits and lifting them - the effect of which releases her nipples from their covers. "Oh god..." I moan. She releases her tits and one hand snakes out and grasps the front of my rapidly tenting cargo shorts.

"Cory said that this was a monster ... I can feel it ... Can I see it?"

I'm speechless ... and all I can do is nod.

Her hands go to the belt ... undoing it; then the button and zipper. My shorts catch on my cock momentarily before dropping to the floor with her assistance. My boxers are very tented with my 10 inch cock threatening to pop out anytime soon. Kelly grabs the boxers and pulls them down too - my cock springs out.

Kelly gazes at my cock before whispering "Oh my fucking god ... so fucking big". She grabs my cock in her right hand and slides her hand back and forth - wanking me slowly; ensuring that it is totally erect. She brings her face to my cock and rubs my shaft back and forth across her face; before bringing my cockhead back to her lips. She kisses the head; then licks the head before sitting back on her haunches.

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