You Are Definitely Your Father's Son

by Pultoy

Copyright© 2012 by Pultoy

Incest Sex Story: My Mom Told Me.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   Hairy   .

My Father's Son

I'm Cory McVay, I'm eighteen, six feet 3 inches, 190 pounds, Sandy hair, Straight white teeth, Green eyes. I live at home, I do odd jobs around but mostly I work for my parents doing odd jobs.

My Stepdad, John, is kind of a 'sometimes around' type of dad. He and mom aren't divorced and they do live together some of the time, but dad is also gone more than he is around. He pays me to take care of the things a dutiful husband, property owner would do, plus he has some property that he rents out and I work on it, collect the rent, evict the bad renters and re-rent the houses when they become vacant.

Mom! Whew! My mom is the girl of my dreams. She's Erika. Mom stands five feet six inches, auburn shoulder length hair, weighs about one hundred thirty very trim and lean pounds, the same green eyes I have, with a beautiful white smile. She is what most call; a looker, and at thirty two years old, she can make a man's cock dance the dance of love just by walking into a room.

Mom had me when she was just barely fourteen. I was born in the summer between her freshman and her sophomore year of high school. Mom and I had always been best friends, confidants, that sort of thing, though we'd never been sexual together. She suffered a lot of abuse and shame because of being pregnant so young. I don't know who my real dad is, but John came along and gave her a place to live and his last name and financial security. In return she, a much younger and beautiful woman screwed him, he is twenty five years her senior. They got married just after she turned eighteen in her senior year of high school. He was forty three.

I am not close with John, but he treats me pretty good, so I don't mess with him, he pays me well and is nice to mom. I know that she'd be on the streets; I guess we'd be on the streets, if it weren't for him. They've never had any other kids, so, it's just me at home with mom and sometimes John.

Like I said, I never touched mom in a sexual way, or she me, but we were close as brother and sister. When John came home, I became scarce until he got his knob polished and whatever else he needed and then he'd leave, a nice fat check laying on the dresser for me and one for the maintenance of the household for mom.

It was February of my 18th year. I was going to turn 19 in July, just 5 months. We'd had snow and the ground was covered.

Out back of our house, we have a redwood deck, with a 6 person hot tub just 5 steps out our sliding back door. It is private and nobody can see in from the street, next door or from across the alley way.

My mom loves to sit out at night and look up at the stars, watch the jets fly over on their approach to Denver International Airport. By the time they fly over our house, they have their landing gear down; their approach lights turned on and are on final approach. They can be loud, but it is cool to sit out and watch them and listen to them, always wondering if we would hear them crash, if they ever did.

Late that February night, mom took her clothes off and sneaked out to the hot tub to soak before bed. I never had known that she did this, but found out later that she regularly did it all the time.

My bedroom is across the house, about 20 feet from the hot tub. I was sitting in my room at about 11:30 pm reading on Literotica a cheating wives story from a guy named Daniel Q Steele 1 and the house was quiet. I thought I heard a cry of distress, but I wasn't too sure.

I just ignored it and read on. This chick from France was fucking the socks off this assistant district attorney and I was hard as a rock, gently stroking my dick and scratching the head through my Jockeys.

Another muffled cry came floating into my room. "Did I hear that? What the fuck?"

I stepped out of my room and noticed my mom's bedroom door was open and she wasn't in the living room. In just my Jockey's I padded barefoot through the living room, into the kitchen. Mom wasn't anywhere around. I stood there and then I heard it.

"HELP! CORY, HELP ME," she cried and I heard mom sobbing.

I went to the sliding door and there on the snowy deck was my buck-naked mother on her back, legs splayed, auburn haired pussy pointing right at me, lovely B cup tits pointing skyward and her eyes looking right at me with her lifted head.

I slid open the door and carefully stepped to my prone mom. It was so slick on that deck with the icy snow.

"Cory, I think I've broken both my legs. I slipped getting out of the hot tub, and I've hit the back of my head, too. I'm freezing, help me get inside."

This was no easy task. It was too slick to stand very well, much less carry mom. It was only a few steps, but not easily done. I couldn't pick her up and keep my balance, she was howling in pain and I didn't want to drop her.

So, I just twirled her around, using her ass as the pivot and dragged her over to the door, where I could stand on the kitchen floor, reach out and pick her up. I was getting an eyeful of what I'd jacked off to hundreds of times. Mom's gorgeous breasts jiggling and her flat, hard stomach with a trail of hair from her belly button down to her furry pubic mound. Her pussy lips were hidden inside that soaking wet mop.

Her hair was wet, her skin was very cold and she had stopped shivering. Her lips were purple, her fingers and were purple. I thought she might be going into hypothermia. She'd gotten out of the tub totally warm, but wet, and intended to sneak inside, where her towel was lying beside the back door.

Mom had kind of lost consciousness, so she wasn't complaining about pain. I didn't know what to do, I just took her to her bed, decided my own body heat would be as good as anything to warm her up and crawled in beside her, covered us up and hugged her body close to mine, rubbing on her back and legs, trying to get her circulation flowing.

The ice that had formed in her hair started to melt and with her wet skin the sheets on her bed became soaked in no time. At least she started to shiver again, but the sheets were wet beneath those covers.

I decided to try and towel her off, and move her to my dry bed. I toweled her hair, and then rubbed her shoulders, breasts, belly, hairy pussy, and legs. Then I rolled her over to get her back side. What a cute ass!

She was now dry, but not really conscious and her lips were still not very fleshy colored. I picked her up and took her to my own bed. Before I got in, I just removed my Jockeys so she could benefit from more surface skin to skin warmth.

I hugged mom belly button to belly button, my cock sticking between the small triangle of her pussy, and the tops of her legs, my arms around her, rubbing her back, her bottom and legs. I kept talking to her, and she only moaned some. She was still very cold to the touch.

One thing I felt was that where my cock touched her pussy, her vaginal lips parted and the top part of my rod was touching. It was warm there, I could feel that. As we lay there, that part of her began to moisten some, and I could feel warm liquid coming from her pussy and lubricating the area where my cock touched her. I could smell the odor of arousal, even though she wasn't totally awake.

My movements, continually rubbing her body kept my cock continually moving through that triangle outside her pussy, but with the edge of my meat snaking forward and backwards, lubricated more and more by her bodily fluids.

Since I hadn't gotten to ejaculate to Daniel Steele's description of Aline des-Jardins I was still pretty aroused. The friction of my movements as I massaged my mom was too much and I squirted between her legs all over her ass and onto the sheets behind my mom, as she lay on her side. I couldn't help it.

Of course, this happened as my mom was coming around a bit, warming up and the pain of two broken ankles began to invade her comatose state.

"Cory, what are you... ?" She asked.

"Oh, I hurt. Oh, help, Cory, I have broken something. Help me." She cried.

"Do you want to go to the hospital, Mom?" I asked.

"I think something is hurt. I think you should call an ambulance, don't uncover me, I'm cold." She said as I began to get up moving the covers and leaving her uncovered some, exposing her soft and round nipples which pointed up and out on the end of her handful sized breasts.

I dialed 9-1-1. The ambulance took her into the hospital, where they x-rayed her legs and feet and discovered one ankle was broken and the other leg broken just above the ankle, from her fall getting out of the hot tub onto the snowy deck. She had a nasty bump on the back of her head, but no concussion.

They put regular casts on her legs and ankles. She was not going to be able to walk around for several weeks.

The doctor said after about 4 weeks, they could try putting walking casts on, but it would depend on how she was healing.

I rented a wheel chair and took her home two days later. Mom could get around some, but with great effort and sometimes quite a lot of pain. The knot on her head was going down and she seemed to be healing there fine.

I had washed the sheets on both beds and remade them. When mom and I were sitting alone in the house after her return from the hospital, she asked me, "Cory, you saw me totally naked and even touched me. You touched me everywhere, I can remember feeling you."

"Thank you for saving me. But, I am ashamed that you saw me naked and had to touch me to keep me alive. I know you did it to help me. Cory, tell me the truth, did you have sex with me?"

"Mom, no, I..." I was embarrassed and wondering just how much she did remember.

"I mean, because I remember something rubbing me ... down ... there and feeling good. Were we having ... sex? Tell me the truth, honey."

"Mommy, you were so cold, your lips and fingers and toes were so purple, I was rubbing you all over to get your blood flowing. I thought the best thing I could do was touch you all over with my own body, because it was warm and I stuck my, my ... penis between your legs. But, not in your, your ... pus ... your..."

"My vagina?" She offered.

"Yeah, your vagina. I didn't stick it in, just alongside, sliding forwards and back. I was also rubbing your back and legs and breasts and stomach, trying to revive you mommy." I pleaded.

"Cory, your penis ... was it ... hard? Did you make it squirt?" She asked in a tiny little voice.

"It was, I can't help it mommy. You are so beautiful. What was I supposed to do? I couldn't help myself. I'm so sorry. Please don't hate me for trying to help you."

"Oh, honey, I don't hate you. I know you DID save me. Without you, I was only minutes from freezing to death out there. I am only worried that you have been traumatized by, by seeing me naked, by touching me and knowing me differently than most kids know their moms."

"Mom, I am 18. I've lived in this house with you for 18 years. We've seen plenty of each other. I think you have the body of a girl my age. Traumatized, ha! Mom, I think you are a fox. I loved seeing you like that; I mean, not sick, but naked."

"You do?" She replied, squirming in her seat. I could smell her arousal begin, which also began to trigger mine.

"Mom, I couldn't help it. When my penis was rubbing you, your lubrication started flowing out and I could smell your arousal, just like I can smell it now. I was trying to help you, but I am only human. With a totally hot creature like you lying in my arms, needing me, vulnerable and even getting turned on, what was I supposed to do? I didn't rape you." I said.

"No, I know you didn't honey. You couldn't rape me, because before it would be rape, I'd take you willingly. Between you and me, it could only be love."

"Gee, mom, do you mean that? You are making me get horny again." I said.

"Me too, baby. Come over here and show me what you did. I want to be awake this time."

I carried her to my bed, and while she lay there looking at me, I undressed her, completely, fondling her breasts, listening to the breath catch in her throat, then I pulled down her sweatpants and panties, and touched her pubic hair, rubbing my finger through the opening slit, feeling the moisture, bumping her clit and causing her to jerk involuntarily.

I was going to lie down beside her and start rubbing her like I did that night, but she was too highly aroused and changed my course of actions.

Her eyes were heavily lidded with lust and she lifted her hand to touch my tented, pants-covered cock. She grabbed at it and tried unzipping my jeans.

I backed off the bed, looking at her as she laid there with her legs splayed, casts on the end of them. Her pubic hair was glistening with her own body's moisture, she was breathing hard, her breasts rising and falling, her nipples like stones.

"Oh, hurry." She said.

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