Father Leary's Private Confessions

by RonBo

Copyright© 2012 by RonBo

Erotica Sex Story: Father Leary hears confessions in his private office. The old priest gets horny while listening and cums up with the ideal penance for his parishioners.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Spanking   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Normally Thursday afternoon confessions were something Father Leary disliked. All those high school teenagers confessing the same sins every week, but this Thursday the priest was in a splendid mood and was more lenient than usual when doling out penance. He was in a good mood because he expected young Jill Ebber this Thursday to give penance in the good Father's private office as she had done last week.

The fifteen year old had allowed the priest to spank her on her cute rounded bare bottom before kneeling to receive a mouthful of the priest's Holy Juice. His sixty year old cock was twitching as he thought about another session with Jill.

After Jill had left last Thursday was when the old priest remembered that her mother Carla Ebber was the very same fourteen year old girl that had confessed to sucking her boyfriend's cock some twenty years ago, when she was Carla Johnson. Jill's mother was the first of many to receive the Holy Juice from Father Leary's, then younger, eight inch pecker. Carla made many private penances with the good father back then. She was also the first girl that Leary had ever spanked. How things came in a full circle. The priest's prick was getting firmer as the thought of having Carla's daughter's bare ass in front of him later, went through his mind.

The confessions dragged on with the only titillation being when one of the young girls admitted to sticking a carrot inside of her pussy to masturbate. Father Leary would have very much liked to see that.

It was almost 5:00 P.M. and the young Ebber girl had not shown up for confession. The priest was dejected as he closed the confessional wondering what he had done to scare Jill away. His dejection turned to elation when he saw Jill waiting in his outer office for him.

"Hello Jill. I missed you at confession."

"I'm so sorry Father, I thought I was suppose to meet you here for my confession."

Father Leary smiled at the young girl. "That is probably best Jill. Wait here while I prepare."

"Father, please let me help you get ready. As part of my penance I should help prepare you for it."

What a wonderful little slut she is. Father Leary thought to himself as out loud he said. "Fine, young lady. Come with me." He said as he locked the outer office door, before leading Jill into his inner office.

Father Leary decided he didn't need his bulky robe hindering the feelings he expected on his cock shortly, so he removed the robe. He was standing there in his black shirt and matching pants. Jill kneeled before Leary saying." May I take off your pants for you Father so you will be more comfortable. He only nodded his head in assent.

Father Leary watched as the young girl unbuckled his belt to drop his pants. She struggled trying to get them over his shoes so finally she took his shoes and socks off also. Unexpectedly Jill stood. May I take your shirt off also Father? I think you will be more comfortable without any clothes. This little slut was making it easy on the old priest. He had never been naked for one of his private confessions but he had often wished that he was.

Jill took off the priest's shirt revealing to the youngster that the sixty year old didn't have a bad body with just a small paunch at his middle. She dropped back to her knees and lowered Leary's underwear before taking them completely off. Jill kneeled before the nude priest leaning forward to give his cock a kiss on it's fat head.

Leary sat in the chair that Jill had prepared for him and she began. "Bless me Father for I have sinned." He listened intently to her minor sins knowing she was saving the best for last. He was glad that she was wearing pretty flowing yellow dress that showed off her nice legs and would be easy to slide up to bare her bottom when the time came.

Finally he thought she was done with the preamble so he asked. "What about your father. Is he still putting his cock in your mouth?"

"Of yes Father! Three or four times a week he spurts his stuff ... err ... cock juice in my throat. This week he licked my pussy while he drove his big cock into my throat."

Father Leary's bare cock was rising only a foot in front of the kneeling girl. "He ate your pussy Jill?"

"Yes, I made my brother lick me before I sucked him off. My father had been watching from the doorway. He said he wanted to taste me too. It felt good but when he rammed his cock into my throat I almost passed out because he held it in there for so long."

"Anything else young lady?"

"No Father, I am ready for my penance now."

"Over my lap Jill. You must have a good spanking before I allow you to taste my <Holy Juice.

Rather than just laying across the priest's lap like last time so he could pull her dress up she pulled the dress over her head revealing to the priest that she had not bothered with underwear. She looked like the little girl she was. Small breasts with dark nipples and a sparse bush surrounding her slit. Father Leary thoroughly enjoyed the show she was giving him. This was a first. He had never received confession naked and this was also a first having a completely nude parishioner to punish. This little slut knew how to make the old priest's cock stand up hard and proud.

Jill laid her naked body across the priests equally naked body, both of them enjoying the feel of skin on skin. "Spank me Father for I have sinned." She continued to surprise and excite the old priest like no one had ever done before.

Leary used his hand to spank the fifteen year old girl's round bare bottom. Jill's pussy was getting more wet by the minute. She hadn't had an orgasm the last time she was with Father Leary but she was hoping this time he would spank her long enough so it would happen for her.

As if the priest was reading her mind, as soon as he stopped spanking her ass, he used two of his fingers to invade her wet cunt, stroking in and out until Jill squealed with ecstasy as her orgasm took her. Father Leary understood what the youngster needed and had provided her with it.

She slid off Leary's lap without being told to do so and exclaimed. "Let me drink your Holy Juice Father. Please, I must have it now." She opened her mouth to the priest's stiff organ, gently using her tongue on his tight skin as she let his large cock slide to the back of her mouth and beyond. She would end each bob of her head by allowing Father Leary's eight incher to penetrate her throat.

When the old priest's cock finally started spewing his cum she took him as deep in her throat as she could while holding a death grip on his thighs not wanting him to pull out until she had drained all of his Holy Juice from his bulging balls. Not that the priest was planning to pull out until he was completely done spurting his cum.

As the teen started dressing she said to the naked priest who just sat there in his chair. "Father, that was wonderful. I will see you next Thursday because I am sure I will have sinned again by then and will need your guidance."

Leary smiled at the girl. "Of course young lady. I will be happy to receive your confession. You can be assured that I will assign you penance that will cleanse your soul.and my cock. See you then Jill."

Father Leary followed Jill out to the outer office, still naked. As he started to unlock the door Jill sank to her knees to engulf the priest's soft organ with her mouth. She let it pop out after only a few seconds. "Bye Father. See you next week." Then, she was gone. Leary sat back in the chair, resting while reenacting the past forty five minutes in his mind. He was wondering how he could get a prescription for Viagra. Then he could do the little Ebber slut more than once, maybe even penetrating her young pussy with his cock.

The next night was Friday. Father Leary and the young Father Lester heard the adult confessors from 6:00 P. M. to 9:00 P. M. The adult confessions were usually even more boring than their children's were. Adults lied more and confessed only minor sins to the priests. Jill's father for example. He was always one of the first into the confessional. He confessed to things like swearing or slipping out of work early but he never once told Father Leary that he stuck his big prick into his daughters mouth.

That particular Friday evening Leary was in a foul mood listening to all the lies so he gave John Ebber a harsh number of prayers for his penance. Ebber had squawked. "Jeez Father. My sins aren't that bad to deserve that much penance."

"Those penances are for all the sins you neglect to confess Mr. Ebber. Do your penance and think about the deeds you don't confess to." Father Leary had never been so harsh to a confessor before but he felt good afterwards. He had a fond place in his heart for Jill Ebber and didn't like what her father was doing to her.

It was almost 9:00 P. M. He hadn't heard a confession in over fifteen minutes. It was time to close down for the evening. Suddenly someone entered the confessional plopping herself down on the kneeler.

He recognized Carla Ebber. She hadn't been to confession in a long while. As she commenced haltingly Leary peered through the screen trying to get a look at Carla's big tits. It didn't seem fair that she had such large breasts and her daughter had hardly any.

Finally Carla said. "Is that you Father Leary?" As soon as he answered her Carla continued. "I have sinned greatly Father. I think I may need one of your private confessions."

Caught by surprise Leary was stuttering. "Of co ... co ... course my d ... de ... dear. Meet me in my office in fi ... five minutes." What was going on? Did Carla know about him and Jill? Or, did Carla actually have a big sin to confess. If that was the case Carla knew very well what would happen in a private confession. Leary's cock slowly rose to half mast hoping for the latter.

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