The Team - Cory

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2012 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Cory is part of the wife's volleyball team. A foot massage leads to a startling discovery by Cory. A trip to the hardware store with the husband turns into a serious fuck session in the carpark.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Cheating   Oral Sex   Size   .

Hi, I'm Grant and I'm 35 yrs of age and I'm married to Kim who is 33 yrs old. Kim coaches an under 18 girls volleyball team and I volunteer my services as the team physiotherapist. I rub down all those aching limbs and apply strapping where necessary. The team plays on a Saturday afternoon and Kim invites the team back to our place afterwards for a swim/spa session and a BBQ dinner.

The team consists of:

Cory - 17 yrs old. 5ft 5 ins tall. Blonde hair to her shoulders. 36 C-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Sexually active.

Sara - (identical twin of Tara) - 17 yrs old. 5ft 7 ins tall. Short red hair. 36 B-cup tits. Landing strip over pussy. Virgin.

Tara - (identical twin of Sara) - 17 yrs old. 5ft 7 ins tall. Short red hair. 36 B-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Virgin.

Ming - 16 yrs old. 5ft 3 ins tall. Oriental. Black hair to mid-back. 34 A-cup tits. Trimmed full bush. Virgin.

Kelly - 16 yrs old. 5ft 7 ins tall. Sandy blonde hair to her shoulders. 38 D-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Pierced clit. Not a virgin, but not sexually active.

Mo - 17 yrs old. 5ft 10 ins tall. Black African. Jet black smooth hair and skin. 36 D-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy.Not a virgin, but not sexually active.

Peta - 17 yrs old. (my step-daughter). 5ft 2ins tall. Short dyed blond hair with pink strips. 36 D-cup tits. Heart shaped blonde dyed pussy hair. Sexually active.

Sam - 16 yrs old. 5ft 8 ins tall. Short blonde hair. 34 B-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Virgin.

How do I know such personal details?

You see, I have a heap of minature cameras hidden in the pool change room and in my step-daughter's bedroom. The girls talk about their sex lives (or lack thereof) when changing or showering. The recordings give me plenty of entertainment during the week. Kim, my wife, just doesn't like sex any more - she'd rather eat, sleep and breathe her volleyball team.

I can disappear unnoticed for hours into my hidden viewing bunker - its attached to the pool house and hidden behind a false wall.

The stories that I'm about to relate started to happen about 2 months ago.


It had been a hard game this afternoon and Cory asks me if I could massage her feet. At the time, we are sitting by the pool at my place. She is wearing a rather brief bikini and I'm wearing my pool shorts. She grabs a chair and sits down in front of me. Cory puts one foot up into my lap and I start to massage the sole and instep of her foot.

This is very dangerous for me - I have a foot fetish and this young lady has a set of perfectly formed feet - the feet of my wet dreams. Toe nails neatly trimmed and painted with a maroon polish. My cock starts to uncoil in my shorts and will soon be dangerously erect in a few minutes. I'm going to have to try to reposition it.

I look up from massaging her feet and see that her bikini bottom is doing a very poor job covering her pussy - in fact the material has slipped between her pussy lips - leaving her pussy largely exposed. That sight does it for me - my cock is full erect in my pool shorts and threatening to pop out of the waistband. You see, my cock is quite long and fat when aroused - 10 inches long and very very thick.

I look to Cory and notice her staring at my shorts. Oh god ... she has spotted my erection. What will she do? I hope she doesn't make a scene!

She looks at me and smiles.

Then she puts her other foot into my lap also. The sole of her foot placed squarely on the cock in my shorts. She pushes down a little and my cock flexes slightly under the pressure of her foot. She starts then to rub her foot up and down my cock-shaft.

Oh ... I knew the little minx was sexually active but I didn't know that she was such a tease. My massage of her foot stops; and she moves that foot to join the other in teasing me. She traps my shaft between her feet and starts to wank my cock using just her feet. She smiles at me and speaks.

"Grant, what are you hiding in these shorts? Surely that's not all your cock. If it is, then it's unbelieveably big - far bigger than I've seen or touched."

I don't get a chance to answer before I hear my name being called.

My wife yells "Grant, we have run out of gas for the BBQ. Can you go and pick up another gas bottle please?"

Cory drops her feet off my lap as I stand up. I slip my hand into the waistband of my shorts to hold my cock (hopefully un-noticed) to my tummy.

"Hey coach, I'll help Grant get it" Cory shouts back to my wife as Cory slips on her wrap-around sarong.

"Just don't be too long then. We can't cook until you get back" Kim explains.

I slip into my old truck and Cory slips across the bench seat and sits very close to me. Her hand slips immediately to my bare leg as we drive off to the local Home Depot store. The hand moves quickly from my leg to my short front - seeking out my half-hard cock - finding it ... and grabbing it through my shorts.

"Oh fuck that's huge" she says as she strokes and grabs my cock. Its hard to concentrate on my driving - with Cory manipulating my cock through my shorts.

We arrive at the store to find the front carpark is full - we have to drive down the alley to the rear carpark. This carpark is deserted and dark as I park my truck.

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