Curious Mother

by Angel Delight

Copyright© 2012 by Angel Delight

Erotica Sex Story: I'm sure his mother is listening to us fuck, but hey, it's turning me on and she's hot! I can't help shouting, I want her to hear. Is Chris aware she's listening? I can't wait for my next encounter with her.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Masturbation   .

I awoke to the sound of floorboards creaking in the hallway. The floors creaked, the walls creaked, and everything about the house creaked when the boiler ran. Chris's soft skin radiated warmth. I looked at the small alarm clock's red numbers, 12:06. For some reason every time I stayed at his house I woke up somewhere around midnight. My hair lay matted against my head from sweat and I wondered if Chris's mum had turned up the house's heat.

Chris's mother was unique and she was a stunner. I took quite a fancy to her and often had fantasies about playing with her when Chris was not around. She doesn't look like your typical mother, with the fact she looks more like an older sister than anything. I don't come to Chris's house often but when I do, I look forward to any encounter with her. I remember one morning, our first encounter; she was sitting on the couch, wearing only a short white t-shirt. Her wavy black hair sat seductively on her shoulders, accentuated by her long black eye lashes defined by her piercing blue eyes. Her skin looked so smooth, slightly tanned and well cared for, craving for my touch. She would smile at me so sweetly, and stare at me in a flirtatious manner. I could not help fantasising about this woman, she was very attractive.

"Christ! Who turned up the heating?" I mumbled annoyingly to myself, slapping my forehead.

Chris lay closely, against my side with his arm flung over my breasts and his mouth against my ear. I felt the warmth of his breath, and his heart beat pulsating against my chest. I pushed down the duvet, sliding down my red silky nighty displaying my bare legs. The light of the crescent moon and the stars that glistened through the window reflect against Chris's face. I could see the twitching of his eye lids that flickered against my ears, having being disturbed by my movement.

"Hey," he said in sleepy tone.

Softly and quietly, I replied, "Hey."

His arm on my breasts slid across my chest, squeezing my breast. He kissed my neck softly then moved towards my lips. Quickly he pushed himself upright and wrapped both his legs around my thighs, pinning each of my wrists above my head. His lips fell onto mine, moving in unison with sheer force and determination. The door creaking caught my attention but I fell back into the moment. He sat up slightly, and released his hands from my wrists, and started to slide his hands down my arms.

I quickly reacted by pushing his chest so that he lay on his back and each of my thighs wrapped tightly to his waist. I grabbed his wrists and pinned them behind his head, pushing them hard into the soft pillows. He looked into my eyes and smiled, feeling excited by me taking control. I gave his wrists another push, squeezing them tighter and dug my pussy across his balls, riding him as if I were on a horse. I wasn't wearing any panties under my nighty, so I took advantage of feeling his hard cock, against my pussy lips.

I lifted my waist slightly, and slid my pussy across the shaft of his cock, we both oozed precum. I teased him more from watching him close his eyes, his eye balls twitched under his eyelids, and squeezed both his lips together while I slid my pussy harder across his cock. I released my hands from his wrists and took hold of my toy, smothered in juice, then tightened my fingers wrapped in a fist. I took hold of his cock as if it were my pen, using his cum to write on my clit. I flicked my new toy sideways between my lips, rubbing it up and down all the way across between my slit. My clit swelled with sensitivity and its throbbing drove me wild, sending electric shocks to the tips of my toes.

"Fuck me babe, fuck me hard!" I said aggressively.

He grabbed the side of my arms and passionately pushed me aside, then pushed me down onto my stomach lifting me by my waist. Quickly and without hesitation, he rammed his cock into my pussy, thrusting so deeply his balls slapped my clit.

I screamed, "Yeah baby, fuck me!"

His waist moved close to mine, as if we were stuck together listening to the sounds of his skin slapping against mine.

"Slap my arse, slap it!" I said insistently.

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