The World's Greatest Nurse

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2012 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Rosie goes back to nursing, after taking care of her parents. She picks up her life at that point with Gerry Reilly her fireman boyfriend.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   .

She realized, as she sat and drank her coffee, how good it all was. The tiredness felt good, the surroundings, many friends waving to her and telling her how nice it was to have her back felt good, even the normally dismal coffee was good. Rosie Sullivan was a happy woman. That happiness was suddenly ramped up by the voice that proclaimed, at the side of her table:

"The world's greatest nurse!" he said standing there, wearing a lab coat and a stethoscope around his neck that together proclaimed him a doctor.

"The world's greatest surgeon!" she said with ease and a lilt in her voice.

"Matt!" she said with obvious pleasure, as she got up from her seat to give her brother, the doctor, a proper hug.

"May I join you?" he asked.

"Please!" she said.

"It's so good to see you back here, where you belong, love," he said then.

She got a tear in her eye and said softly: "It's really good to be back and great that they held the job for me."

"And why would they not?" he asked, "You are one of the best of the best, everyone in this place knows that. You've got a problem or a concern, you go to Rosie Sullivan. It's what makes the place as well regarded as it is!"

She blushed and then let out a sigh.

"It seems strange though, doesn't it?" he asked softly.

"Yes," she agreed. "That it's truly over and both of them in such succession!"

"And you were the greatest possible blessing to them in the world," He said.

"Oh, Matt," she went on, "It was just the two of us returning the great love that those two people gave us for a whole lifetime. It was the least that I could do. Taking time off to care for them was my pleasure. Although I wondered in the process if I'd maybe lost my skills."

"Not hardly," he said, "Especially from what I've heard around the place here. Everyone is talking about you being back and all the nursing problems going away as if my magic."

She giggled at that. "You're trying to make me laugh!" she accused.

"I'm trying to tell you how much I love you!" he said earnestly.

"I know that, love," she said, "And you were pitching in and taking care of Mom and Dad too, right along with me."

"When I could!" he said.

"No, no," she said then, putting her hand over his. "Nor more of that talk!"

They smiled at one another then and she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

"I did want to talk to you," he said.

She looked at him and waited for him to continue.

"I'm going to sign my half of the house and property over to you," he said simply.

She teared up immediately.

"Oh, Matt, that's so nice, and unnecessary," she said simply.

"Totally necessary," he said, "Call Gerry Reilly and tell him to get over there and take a look and get it back int shape."

"Sicking the Irishman on me now?" she said, laughing.

"Do you good!" he said, "He adores you!"

"He's my toy boy!" she said with a grin.

"He should make an honest woman of you, if you'd let him. And he's been patient," Matt went on.

"And you're his agent!" she said giggling. "But don't you worry; I'll take care of my Gerry Reilly, and give him the time he needs to get up the courage and make up his mind, and I will call him about the house. And thank you, Matt, for this. It's a great gift."

"I have half a mind to give you my half of the inheritance also!" he said.

"No you don't," she protested. "You put that away for Jay; put it in a trust. It'll give him a head start, when he's going to school and all."

"As usual," he said then, "The most sensible person in the room."

She laughed and said: "That's what they pay me the big bucks for!"

"I'm sorry," he said then, "I have surgery coming up this afternoon."

"And my lunch is almost over," she said. "I do think that after my shift, I'll go to the gym and run a bit. Do me good. I've been so sedentary lately."

"You've been busy for months taking care of Mom and Dad," was his statement, "And I think that you're an angel for it!"

"I love you too, Matt," she said, getting up to give him a hug and a cheek kiss, before he left.

Rosie Sullivan sat down again and took her coffee cup, and only a minute later her assistant, Wendy, appeared at the table:

"Ready for the grind again, Boss?" she asked.

Rosie laughed and said: "Yes, I guess I am. I'm not as tired as I thought I might be, just back and all."

"Wait 'til you start running, after the shift!" Wendy said and Rosie laughed and agreed with her.

Rosie Sullivan was 42 and radiant. She had entered that prime time of life for women, when they are at their shining best. She was tall, 5'10", which she got from her father, as had her brother Matt, the surgeon. She inherited from her mom the tendency to being large in the bust, 38c, and in the butt--the latter of which constantly chagrinned her.

She'd taken months off from her job to care for her parents in their final illnesses; she was even willing to give it up altogether if necessary, and was sure that she could get another nursing job, once her caring for her mom and dad was done.

It had been a long siege and one that put her to the test, her skills and her emotions but Matt, her loving brother, was always there to help, as was his beautiful Adrienne and their pride and joy their son Jay--Rosie's best buddy.

But that was done now. Mom had gone first and then her dad followed in quick succession. His was fairly sudden, unlike the wasting disease that had taken Rosie's mom. It was done and Rosie was thrilled to discover, when she went for an interview, that they had indeed kept her job for her at the medical center, and here she was back on the job, supervising and being the 'go to' person that she was known to be.

The offer that her brother Matt had made that day brought tears to her eyes. She loved that house, a huge old victorian, especially. It was certainly all the joyful memories of growing up there, and it was the lovely memories of her mom and dad that filled the place, but it was where Rosie felt truly, truly at home. She resolved to talk to him about it again.

True to her promise to herself, she went to the med center gym and changed into the running pants, a pair of tight black ones and a tee shirt for her chugging around the track.

She was better than two-thirds finished and contemplating a nice treat for dinner, when Matt entered the track area from the side door.

"Hey," she said slowing down and going to where he was.

"Hey yourself," he said.

"Surgery?" she asked.

"Fine," he answered, "Two this afternoon. Done now."

"Matt," she said, "I wanted to talk to you about the offer that you made this morning. I really, really appreciate it, and I want you to know that I'm fully prepared to buy your half of the house from you."

"Nonsense!" he said.

"You love that place and I know how much you want it. It's the least that should happen after the way you took care of mom and dad!"

She grabbed him then into a hug.

"I love you!" she said, "And I'm getting you all wet!"

"Hmmmmm," he hummed into her ear, "Wet nurse! Gerry Reilly should be here now!"

She hooted and said: "I love you no matter how much you taunt me! And now I'm going to take my big butt into the locker room and take a shower."

"Looks fine from where I'm standing!" he said.

She snorted again: "Men!"

"No," he said sweetly, kissing her cheek, "Simply a doctor's opinion!"

"Okay, I'm outa here!" she said, kissing him back. "We still on for tomorrow night?"

"Yes, if you don't mind.Adrienne and I have reservations and Jay is already plotting, since his favorite Auntie is coming."

"His only Auntie!" she said laughing and went into the locker room.

That evening she prepared herself a favorite dinner and, with a glass of wine, walked around the house.

"Mine," she said softly, "All mine!"

Then she raised the glass and said: "Thank you, Matt!" And, after a few moments of thought: "Momma, Daddy, we're all at home here!"

It was after that, that she got herself ready and called Gerry Reilly.

"Hello," he said softly with that special lilt of an accent in his voice.

"I know of a tall blonde," Rosie began, "Bit tits, big ass, hairy blond pussy, who is naked and steamy right now. Needs an irishman bad."

He laughed. "It is you Rosie or just one of my many admirers?"

"It's me and I'm leaving now; I'm going to the university campus as naked as I am and I'm going to find a slew of fraternity boys and get myself laid!" she declared.

He laughed: "You are a package, when the mood is on you!"

"Gerry, Gerry, Gerry," she cooed to him then, "I'll play nice, nice, and you know that where you're concerned the mood is always on me!"

"Fraternity boys out of luck then?" he asked.

"Yes, for the moment," she said, "But in 15 minutes maybe not!"

"Fifteen minutes it is then," he said, "And what do I get for hustling over and being your toy boy this evening?"

"Naked blonde," she said, "Big tits, big ass..."

"Lovely ass!" he interrupted.

"Don't interrupt me, when I'm being steamy!" she said.

"Sorry!" he said quickly, "Be steamy again now!"

"As I was saying: Big tits, big ass, naked blonde pussy all available and me kneeling, in said condition, right inside the door waiting to greet my special irishman with my cooperative mouth open!" she went on.

"I'll probably need a nurse by the time you're done with me!" he said.

"We provide medical services," she proclaimed next, "With our blow jobs!"

"Well how special is that then!" he commented.

"Well, are you gonna talk to me all night on the phone, and make me go after my fraternity lovers or are you going to get yourself over here and calm my fires?" she complained next, giggling as she said it.

"I'm already driving down your block, sweet nurse," he said, "Got into my car the minute I heard your siren's voice!"

"Goodie!" she said, "I'm kneeling behind the front door right now."

"What if I have friends with me?" he said laughing.

"You first then them!" she said not missing a beat.

"Rosie Sullivan," he said, "You are my world!"

"And I'm naked!" she answered, "Did I mention that!"

"In passing, yes!" he said, pulling into the driveway.

He saw the door opening.

"'Step into my parlor, ' said the spider to the irishman!" she said next and hung up.

She was there, right where she said she'd be, kneeling, naked inside the front door. He grabbed her by the shoulders, as soon as he saw her and declared:

"I want a proper hug and kiss first!"

"Romantic!" she cooed, clinging to him, kissing him deeply,

Then he pushed on her shoulder and said: "Now I'll take that blow job!"

She giggled. "My fraternity lovers will be disappointed that I've stood them up tonight!"

"Someday I'm going to call that bluff, missy," he said, "I'm going to take you naked to fraternity row for a party!"

She squealed and latched onto him then, and she started to do precisely what she'd said that she'd do. She unzipped his jeans, and pulled out his erection, while grinning up at him.

"This is my pal!" she proclaimed, licking and kissing the head.

"Whenever I talk about my irishman, I mean my pal here!" she said. "Hi, pal," she went on, addressing her talk to the erection in her hand. "How are you? Rested? Good! We have an active evening planned but I'll be sure to clean you up all nice, when he's done. So, don't worry!"

"Crazy lady!Less palaver, missy, and more blow jobbing!" he said.

"Beast!" she complained, and with one movement took all of him into her mouth, right down to the edge of her throat. It bowed his back and caused him to cry out.

"Oh mother!!!!!" he cried and she smiled up at him, licking the underside of the crown of his erection.

"Yes? In distress? Problem?" she asked sweetly.

"Woman!" he said in a dire tone of voice.

"Right now!" she said, "Doing my friend right now! Doing my pal right now! Doing the irishman right now!"

She performed the same kind of head movement and captured his length in her mouth, until her lips were pressed against his pubic hair and his stomach.

He tensed and began to cum in her mouth. She held onto his hips, sliding her arms around and grabbing him by his ass cheeks, and swallowed for all that she was worth.

When she was done swallowing, she sprang to her feet and grabbed him around the neck, grinding her big tits into his chest and moving her hips to grind her pussy against his cock, which was still outside of his pants. She kissed him desperately and shared the very last of the sticky cum with him.

Then she put her head back and said in a cheerful voice: "Hi, Gerry Reilly!"

"My love! My darlin', My own lass!" he said, letting his brogue overtake him.

"Yes, I am!" she said, enjoying the feel of his big hands on her ass cheeks.

He looked at her then and said: "Work today? How was it?"

"Fabulous!" she said, "So nice to be back there and doing what I know how to do."

She paused and put her head on his shoulder then and said: "I miss them, Gerry, both of them but they're gone and out of all the troubles."

"And we're here!" he finished for her.

"Yes, honey," she said, "We're here!"

"And no fraternity boys around!" he said with a grin.

"You'll have to do then," she said, sighing, "Poor substitute that you are!"

He swatted her ass then and she jumped and squealed. She broke from him and sprinted toward the living room, shouting: "No, no, he's gonna spank me! No, no! Beastly Irishman!"

"Wild woman!" he yelled, as he caught up with her only to have her turn and throw herself into his arms again.

"Love me now, Gerry Reilly, love me now and then we need to talk!" she said, pulling him toward the couch.

As they moved, he was already taking his clothes off, until, by the time they made it to the couch, he was naked too.

She cooed and took hold of his erection and said: "Love me, love me, love me, Gerry Reilly!"

She was ready for him, lying on the couch, as he covered her with his own tall and bulky frame.

"Lovin' the lass now!" he whispered into her ear, as he inserted himself into her vagina. She raised her hips with a thrust to meet him and joined him in the movements quickly.

Their love making was at the same time violent and tender. He looked down at her grinning face for a few moments, and kissed her. She stared are him, loving the look of him with his curly dark hair, with some gray highlights, loving especially his fierce blue eyes.

He bent his head then and captured a nipple in his mouth, sucking first and then scraping his teeth along the surface of the nipple and getting an outcry from her.

"Treat me that way, Gerry Reilly," she said, "And no fraternity boys ever! Treat me that way, Gerry Reilly and I'm yours!"

"But, woman," he complained, "I've already sold tickets to the fraternity boys!"

She began to laugh and then bit his shoulder. "There!" she proclaimed, "That's what you get!"

"And this is what you get!" he said, grabbing her under her thigh and putting the thigh up and over his shoulder, with her moaning from his deeper penetration. Then he hauled up her other leg and was as deeply into her as possible.

"Yesssss," she almost growled, "Yess, for this you get whatever you want!For this you get to sell tickets to the fraternity boys!"

"You!" he said, tensing up then, as his orgasm overcame him and quickening his pace for the moment to pull her into hers also.

She clung to him then and it all overcame her, every bit of it: the two of them and how they fit together, her mom and dad's deaths, the job she loved available for her, Matt's lovely statement about the house, and now this man, this rough, wonderful irishman that she adored, and she held onto him and cried.

"Oh, my girl! Oh, my Rosie! You were a blessing to them, just a blessing! My Rosie!" he cooed to her and calmed her down.

She wiped her eyes and then told him that she'd fix them something to eat. She went into the kitchen and came back wearing now only an apron. She smiled at him and curtseyed, when he applauded.

As she went back into the kitchen, he said that he brought some music for them. She worked at getting something to eat ready, when he put onto the cd player there the song by the group 'Queen' 'Fat Bottomed Girls'.

She turned and glared at him but dissolved into laughter, when she saw how pleased he was with himself.

"Gerry Reilly," she said, shaking a wooden spoon at him, "You're lucky that you've already been laid or I'd cut you off for that!"

He hurried across the kitchen to her then, grabbing her into a hug, despite her hitting him with the wooden spoon and saying to her softly:

"Girl, you have the nicest ass of all of them! The nicest one!"

She cooed to him then and kissed him, while he reached around and stroked her ass cheeks. He turned her around then, and knelt behind her. He began to plant kisses all over her ass cheeks, cooing as he went: "Lovely ass on the lady, magnificent ass on the lady! Ass that is make for kisses and licks and..." Here he pauses so that what he said next would certainly sink in. He went on, after she peared around at him: "And bites!"

"Eeeeek!" she yelled as he bit one ass cheek and then the other. "Sneaky Gerry Reilly!" she said hauling him into a kiss.

They sat to eat then and afterwards she told him that they needed to talk about a few things.

"It's about my brother Matt," she said.

"The great doctor!" he chimed in.

"Yes," she said with a pleased sigh, "The great doctor."

"Because you helped put him through medical school!" he said, "Rosie, you're goodness itself, and what an ass!"

She hooted and kissed him and then went on:

"Matt's going to give me his half of this house."

"How great is that!" he said, genuinely pleased.

"It needs work, Gerry," she said.

"Yes, love," he answered.

"What do you think?" she asked.

"Well, I think we should do a survey to see exactly what has to be done and then we go ahead and work at getting it all done," he opined.

"You'll help?" she asked softly.

"Rosie, I'll do anything that you need," he said.

"Oh, Gerry!" she said pleased, "Including selling tickets to the fraternity boys?" She was laughing by the time she got to the end of the sentence.

"One of these days," he threatened!

"You can bite me again, for me being so bold!" she said, getting up and bending to stick her naked ass toward him. He obliged her.

But she wasn't finished: "Gerry, I haven't been very clear about this. What I ... uh ... want is ... uh..." Then she screwed up her courage and just plunged ahead with what was on her mind:

"What I want is for this to be our house, Gerry! I want you here! I want you and me to fix it up and live in it! I want to live with my Irishman!"

"And which Irishman might that be?" he asked pleasantly, "Me or my..."

"Gerry Reilly," she barked at him, "Don't make me hurt you!"

"I have to be funny, Rosie, or what you've asked will make me cry like a child!" he said, getting up and grabbing her to hold her to himself. "What a lovely, lovely idea; all of it!"

"Will you, really?" she asked, excited now.

"I will, really!" he said, "And I'll bring St. Patrick with me!"

"Yay!" she said, "We get to have the world's greatest dog here too!"

"Can we go tell Matt?" she asked, "It's still early!"

"Yes," he said, "The tiger will be up and we'll tell him that his Favorite Auntie is about to have a room mate."

"As a matter of fact," he said, smiling now, and making her realize that something was coming, "It's early enough that you don't even have to dress; we have time to zip by fraternity row and let you make some money!"

She pounded him with her fists lightly, all the while he was laughing at her.

"I'm going to get dressed," she said.

"And I'm going to watch!" he declared, marching along after her and hurrying up so that, as she walked, he could put his hands on her wiggling ass cheeks as she went. She giggled all the way to the bedroom.

He paid special attention as she selected and put on her panties and then a matching bra and finally jeans and a tee shirt.

"Greatest show on earth!" he said. "And I mean that, Rosie Sullivan."

She went to him, clutching his head to her stomach and said: "My Irishman."

Shortly after that, before they visited Matt, Gerry said that he had some errands to run and had to go. She gave him a kiss in parting but was suspicious of the very look on his face.

"He's up to something, that sneaky Irishman!" she said to herself, and settled down to simply wait for it to happen.

She didn't have to wait long either. It was only a little while later that the doorbell rang. She answered and Gerry Reilly stood there grinning from ear to ear. He was accompanied on her doorstep by five young men, from their gear apparently members of a fraternity.

"Mr Reilly," she said, "What a treat it is and your friends. Please come in."

She stood back and let them all come in. Gerry was continually grinning at her. She decided in an instant to rise to the bait.

"Well, to what do I owe this treat for you gentlemen to visit me?" she asked nicely.

The young men were beginning to seem nervous and kind of shuffle from foot to foot.

Rosie decided to charge right ahead with the matter, and began to speak directly to the fraternity guys:

"Gentlemen," she began. "I fear that you might have been brought here under false pretenses."

She smiled at them and at Gerry, who was grinning from ear to ear, eager to see how she was going to take care of this situation. But he, in his glee in setting this encounter up, simply forgot that at work she was the 'go to' person and was always able to work in difficult situations. She proved that in this case.

"I don't know if Mr Gerry Reilly told you who I am," she went on and paused.

"Uh, he said you were a woman he knew," one said.

"Ah," she proclaimed, "We have a truth teller among the group. Good for you." She went to the young man and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. He blushed.

"Well, I am in fact his fiancé and we're to be married, and you are a part of a vast hoax that he had perpetrated," she went on.

Then she turned her attention especially to the young 'truth teller' and asked him:

"And what, may I ask, did Mr Reilly say that you could expect, in visiting me this night?"

"Uh," the young fraternity kid stuttered, "He said that we might expect from you a good time, I mean sexually!"

"Aha!" she said and wagged her finger at Gerry Reilly, who was still grinning. "And did he make it any more specific than that, pray tell?"

"Well," the same kid said, after a bit of hesitation, and then another jumped in, as though to somehow speak up and justify himself for being with this crowd:

"He promised, you know, love making and such!"

She laughed: "You are so polite, do you mean that Gerry Reilly promised you 'fucking and sucking' if you came along on this little adventure."

"Well, yes," the two of them said, and the others were nodding their heads in agreement.

"Well," she went on, "Kind of like visiting the local, what shall we call me, um, whore?" She was smiling pleasantly at the end of this sentence.

They were shaking their heads 'yes' by now.

"I'm afraid you've been duped," she said. "Let me introduce myself; I'm Rosie Sullivan, I'm one of the charge nurses at the University Medical Center. If you ever have any kind of mishap, then you'll need me at your side, much more than you need me at your side tonight."

She stopped and grinned at them, having apparently made a decision. She had a look on her face at that point, which for the first time in this little charade gave Gerry Reilly pause. He stared at her intently. He knew her well enough to know that she was about to do something.

"I will say that the only person who will get to do any 'shagging' tonight with me is going to be Gerry Reilly, although I might need to hurt him first for this little business."

They all laughed at that but Rosie wasn't finished. She plunged on then:

"But so that this won't be a total loss to you, all of you, let me at least do this."

When she said that, she deftly grabbed the hem of her tee shirt and pulled it up and off and set it aside, leaving her large breasts in their lacy covering on display.

"Rosie!" Gerry said getting dismayed now.

"Quiet, troublemaker!"she said, "Your turn is coming!"

Then she rattled Gerry Reilly totally by reaching around and unhooking her lacy bra, and, shaking her shoulders just a bit, took the bra off.

They were all staring intently at that point, and, for the most part, grinning wildly.

"So, everyone of you, except for Gerry Reilly, whose turn is coming, gets to feel them," she said and walked, grinning toward the staring young men.

When she reached where they were, she suddenly did have hands all over her large breasts and stiff nipples. They were patted, rubbed, played with, stroked, poked, and, in one case from one individual, pinched a bit, which made her moan.

"Nice?" she asked.

"Oh, yes, Ma'am," was the general answer.

She turned to Gerry, who was staring at her, realizing that he no longer had any control over the situation.

"But let's not leave it at that," she said, "I want to reward you all for being so polite and to make up for Gerry Reilly's joke here."

Gerry let out a kind of moan then, as she unbuttoned the waistband button on her jeans. She kicked her sandals off, and with the fraternity guys an intently staring and appreciative audience, unzipped her jeans and hauled them down and off.

Now Rosie was wearing only a pair of pink panties. They were the normal kind, called by many people 'grannies' but they certainly didn't look like 'grannies' on Rosie Sullivan. They provided a contrast with her naked breast, and a bit of sweet looking pink nylon that encased her ass and pussy and made them a treat.

"That's as far as I go, fellows," she said, "Until I get my Irish fireman alone here!"

They were grinning at that point.

"But I will allow a hug and kiss for each of you, and a bit of a feel in the process, to give you something to remember our encounter by. And if you're ever at the university hospital, look me up, we're friends!"

When she'd said that, she went to the first of them and grabbed him into a hug and kiss. He was a bit shocked, so that she moved his hands herself to rest on her ass, and then he was feeling her ass.

The second one wasn't so stand-offish and grabbed her ass cheeks himself. By the time the third got his kiss, his hands found her breasts and nipples as well as her ass. The fourth one did the very same. The fifth one dove his hands into her panties to play with her pussy.

She politely took his hand and said: "No, love, that's for our Gerry alone." Then she moved his hand to her ass, and kissed him deeply.

Then she simply walked them to the door and said 'good night' to them.

When they'd gone, she turned and was grinning at a sheepish looking Gerry Reilly.

"Mad, love?" he asked.

"You Irish hooligan!" she said, moving toward him, like a cat with almost liquid movement. "I had half a mind to let all of them fuck me!"

"Might have been a good show!" he said softly, as she got closer.

She made a quick movement then and took her panties off. She had them in her hand, as she got to him and pushed them into his face, nose and mouth. He opened his mouth and took them between his teeth gladly.

"You magnificently dirty man!" she said, sweeping the panties aside, so that she could get at him and kiss him then.

The kiss was long and deep, and while she was kissing him, she was also working at the belt at his waist, getting it open and then getting his pants open, down, with him stepping out of them.

She reached down, during the next kiss, and grabbed hold of his erect cock through his shorts, and then had the shorts too down and off. Now she had him by the cock for sure.

"You've got me all riled up, Gerry!" she said. "You're responsible and you get to do something about it!"

"Oh, yes," he said! "Tell me!" he went on. "You were such a good sport about that little bit of nonsense that I'm gonna do what you want tonight."

"Well," she said, leaning back and licking his lips first, "I want first for you to live with me, and help me rehab this wonderful house."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said solemnly.

"Then I want to be eaten! I want an Irish fireman getting his lips on my pussy and singing to me and carrying me away!"

"Yes, Ma'am," he said again solemnly.

"Then I want to reward my Irish fireman, who just ate me, by letting him put that big Irish pecker of his in my ass!"

He looked at he with a huge, wide grin then and said another: "Yes, Ma'am!"

They made it as far as the living room, from the large entrance hall, where this little charade had been carried out.

When he got her there, glorious in her nakedness, he sat her on the couch and went down on his knees between her thighs and began to kiss, lick and eat.

She soon enough had her hands in his hair, clutching him, and pulling his face into her pussy. She was loud about it but the house drowned sounds very well, and she wasn't all that close to any neighbors.

He looked up at her from his eating, after a few seconds and she gave him an air kiss, as he went back to eating her.

This time, as he plunged his lips and tongue into the job, he found her clitoris and began to manipulate it. She was all action, movement, sound and trembling at that point.

"Gerry, Gerry, you magnificent man! The way you eat me!" she wailed, as she began to shake with her orgasm.

He crawled up onto the couch with her then, and she began to kiss and lick at his face, to clean him a bit. Then she broke away from him, giving him a kiss on his cock head and said: "You wait here, boyo, and I'll be right back."

She returned with some vaseline, to get read for what was next for them. He was, soon enough, back with his mouth working on her, only this time he was kissing and licking at her ass cheeks.

"Do me, Gerry Reilly!" she said with some passion, "Do me!"

Then he worked his tongue in between the pillows of her ass cheeks and began to lick around inside and down to her ass hole. She was shaking and moaning as he continued to work on her.

"Gerry, Gerry," she said, almost in desperation, "Do me now! Please! Gerry, anything for my Irishman, who does such things to me."

"Will you do the fraternity boys, while I watch?" he asked, stopping his progress to ask his question.

"I'll push you off right now and get on my trench coat, you lummox," she almost growled, "And I'll find them and let them each have me, mouth, pussy and ass hole, if you keep teasing me!"

"I love it, when you talk rough, girli!" he said, kissing each ass cheek again.

"Gerry Reilly, I promise that I'll hurt you!" she warned him.

"Getting to work right now!" was his response, and, having coated his erection with the vaseline, he pushed the head against the rosebud of her ass hole.

"Ohhh, yes!" she squealed, "Here comes Gerry Reilly! Here he comes!"

He pushed then and the head went inside. Then he hesitated.

"Hurts!" she said through clenched teeth, "Hurts!' Hurts! Hurts wonderful!"

By the time she was finished with her statement, he was ready to resume and began to push his way into her. She moaned along with him, the heat of it taking over more and more, and the pain simply joining the heat.

Now he was into her all the way, and she was actively bucking against him, pushing back to match his strokes. He reached around and captured a nipple with each hand and her response was almost atomic.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she wailed from the new stimulation and the continuation of his active movements.

"Oh, yesssss, Gerry Reilly! Yes, do your girl this way! Do me this way, Gerry Reilly!" she said almost pleading at that point.

He stopped then totally.


"Tell me that you love me, Rosie, lass," he said.

"I love you totally and forever, Gerry Reilly!" she said and then "Now fuck me, Irishman or I'll get you!"

"Sweet words," he said, beginning again and this time bringing her just before he himself came.

He collapsed on top of her then and talked sweet talk into her ears:

"You make me so hot with your words and your toughness, and your lovely, lovely ass, Rosie! You make me so full, Rosie! I love you to eternity!" he said softly into her ear, and Rosie began to sob.

"It's wonderful!" she said, her mouth halfway closed from pressing against the couch. "Come and live with me, Gerry; tell me you will! Tell me that!"

"Yes, of course I will," he said. "St. Patrick and I have already begun to pack our bags!"

"Oy," she moaned, "The man comes with a dog yet!"

"No sass, Rosie," he said, "Or I'll spank your naked ass."

"I dare you!" she said, trying to glance over her shoulder.

He hit her ass cheek a mighty wallop and she squealed with it.

"You hit me, you brute!" she said, laughing.

"That was one!" he said, and hit her again.

By five, she was saying: "Of course the blessed saint is welcome in this house, our house! And he's often a better friend to me than you are, Gerry Reilly."

"Well," Gerry said, "I'll show you how I take care of you now."

He went then and came back soon with a hot wash cloth and a towel for her. Then he helped her put her panties on.

They went then on their errand to tell Matt and Adrienne, who were overjoyed at the news. They sat and had a glass of wine, talking about the arrangements for fixing the house that might need to be done.

When they were back home, Rosie put her arms around him then and asked: ""Dinner?"

"Lovely idea," he said.

"What'll it be?" he wanted to know.

"I have some steaks in the freezer and a bottle of wine," was her answer.

"Trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?" he asked with a grin.

"No, trying to get you drunk so that I can slip out on you and meet up with my fraternity boyfriends!" she said, laughing before she got to the end of the sentence.

"So," he said, "We resume the spanking then, is it?"

"No, no, love," she said, "No fraternity boys for me, when I've got this big Irish fireman to attend to my needs."

"Wine it is then!" he went on, "And I love you, Rosie Sullivan!"

"Isn't that grand?" she said throwing her arms around him.

She left the room and came back wearing one of his shirts that he'd left behind.

"Dinner now," she said, "See to the wine and the salad and I'll get the steaks ready and the potatoes."

"You take such good care of me, Rosie," he said, "And I'd love to come and live with you."

"You and St. Patrick!" she said.

"Yes," he answered, "Me and St. Patrick himself."

They had a few days coming. He worked a shift where he was on for 24 hours and off for 48, giving him time. He had a few friends help him out and then he and Rosie worked at getting him and his Irish Setter, St. Patrick, settled in the big victorian house.

They began to survey what would be needed to get the house totally rehabbed and then began the work themselves. Gerry did the work and Rosie was happy to do the fetching. She also made sure that he had snacks and whatever he needed.

It was a Wednesday. She got home from her shift at the hospital and went to the basement, where he was working on electrical things.

"I'm going to have a quick shower and then I'll have a snack for you, love," she said.

"Ah, she takes care of me so well," Gerry said, "This Rosie Sullivan."

"Wait until later, pal, and I'll show you how well I take care of you," was her reply.

Rosie had a plan. She'd stopped on the way home from the hospital to do the shopping that she needed and was humming to herself, as she got out of the shower and prepared her surprise.

She got the snacks and went downstairs.

"Here I come, Irishman!" she called out in a sing song voice and then she squealed in horror.

There was Gerry standing and staring at her and his friend Wayne McCabe.

She'd come down the steps wearing work boots and heavy socks, a hard hat, and a tool belt with a hammer suspended from the front and the back.

"GERRY!" she'd shrieked.

He laughed and said: "Wayne, I'm sure you've met my lovely lady Rosie Sullivan, and now you can see how lovely she is."

Rosie was beet red in the face and stood frozen, of course she also had on no top and was displaying her lovely breasts, and the supple wideness of her naked hips. The hammers only barely covered her pubic mound in front and her ass crack in back, and then only when she didn't move.

"Rosie," he said grinning, "You know Commander McCabe."

"Yes," she said in a very tiny voice.

Then she kind of gulped and said: "Gerry, what do I do?"

He laughed again and she shot at him: "Don't you laugh at me, you foul Irishman, when I'm only trying to treat you nice!"

He laughed again and said: "Well, Rosie, there are a few things. First, the tool belt is on wrong. The hammers need to be at the sides but that might compromise your purpose, I guess."

"Gerry!" she said half plaintively and half a threat.

But he wasn't moved at all.

"Then I'll say that you need to get Wayne a cup for some of this lovely coffee."

"But what shall I do?" she asked, begging now. "How do I get up the steps?"

"Slowly, I guess," he said, "And, lass, I'll tell you that neither I nor Commander McCabe will be closin' our eyes!"

She kind of sniffed then and said, with a smile on her face: "Welcome, Wayne! I'm sorry for forgetting my manners."

He nodded, a smile on his face.

She put down the tray with the snacks and turned. She went to Gerry and hugged him, with Wayne looking on. Then she kissed him, and went to Wayne and hugged him too.

Then standing and staring at Gerry she turned and moving the tool belt so that the hammers were at the side, and now showing her ass totally. Then she went up the stairs.

She came back soon dressed in jeans and a tee shirt with the cup for Wayne.

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