At the Local Rub N Tug

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2012 by TheWatcher58

Sex Story: My visit to the local rub'n'tug progresses way past the standard massage and hand job. Cian gets her fill and Scarlett joins us to finish off the session.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Size   .

Today is my third visit to the local 'rub and tug' establishment. It is also my third appointment with Cian. She is approximately 25 years old, 5ft 5ins tall, slim build with a delicious set of 36D tits capped by the most wonderful set of pink nipples. Her hair is an ash blonde colour (down to the middle of her back) with a matching hairy (and fluffy) pussy.

We've decided on a 90 minute session including a shared spa session, nude body slide and handjob (by her) and pussy play and touching (be me). The financials are all looked after and we proceed to the room to start our appointment.

Cian starts the spa filling (it will take approx 20 mins to fill). She looks delicious bent over the spa edge - totally naked. I'm naked by now. She comes across to the massage table at which time I suggest that we start with her sitting on the end edge of the table (with her legs dangling over the edge).

She sits on the edge of the table and I stand close to her (between her spread thighs). My hardening cock is at the same level as her pussy (which is hiding behind her very hairy and fluffy bush). My hands reach out and grasp her delicious tits - feeling their firmness. My hands wander all over her tits - tweaking her nipples to bring them to erection. I watch her eyes as they intially stare back into mine and then flutter as the sensations from her tits start to effect her.

Her eyes flutter and then close, her lips move and her tongue peeks out and wets her lips. She has the most sensitive of tits (learnt in a previous appointment). Whilst her eyes are closed I lean forward and lick her left nipple with my tongue (whilst continuing to tweak her right nipple with my fingers). I lick all around her nipple - teasing it with the tip of my tongue. My lips close on her nipple - then I gently suck on it. Her breathing deepens as I tease her nipple with my lips and my tongue.

My attention switches to her other nipple. Continuing to tease it whilst tweaking the other. Cian is squirming on the table edge. My free hand moves between her thighs and forages in her bush looking for her delicious pussy slit. I can smell her arousal - its earthy and I'm sure its tasty (I haven't tasted her to date - thats not allowed!). My finger finds her very wet pussy slit and her slightly engorged pussy lips. I run my finger up and down her slit as I continue to tease her nipples - switching back and forth between them rapidly.

My finger tip goes deeper between her pussy lips and makes first contact with her erect clit. Touching it gently sends a shockwave through her body. She squirms and rocks onto my finger as I push it deeper into a very tight (and very wet) pussy. My finger is now very deep inside her and my thumb is teasing her clit as I work her towards her first orgasm.

Her breathing deepens and her voice is hoarse as she implores me to bring her to an orgasm. The twin stimulation of nipple teasing and sucking, and pussy fingering soon has her exploding into a massive cum. I can feel her juices streaming down my fingers and hand as her cum continues unabated.

I quickly kneel between her thighs and replace my fingers with my tongue and lips whilst her first orgasm continues - I'm taking a big chance here - tongue-fucking a pussy is not allowed in these sessions - I could get myself thrown out! The change doesn't seem to register with Cian - her pussy continues to churn against my tongue as she pushes herself against me. My tongue delves deep inside her pussy ... licking and devouring her tasty hot juices as they continue to pour from her pussy.

Tongue to clit immediately produces another explosive cum from her pussy - her juices shoot out into my mouth - drowning me in her wonderful taste. Her hands are now holding my face to her pussy - not letting me escape from my task. She must now be fully aware that I am tongue-fucking her to some very wonderful and juicy orgasms. I slide my finger back into her pussy and seek out her g-spot whilst my tongue concentrates on her clit.

Instant success - another massive cum - my reward is a flood of her juices as I stroke her g-spot and lick her clit. Her cums now seem to be blending one into another as tremors rock her body. Taking a another big chance here - I move my very wet finger from her pussy to her ass. There'e initial resistance that soon gives way to entry - my finger slides deep into her ass. My tongue slides back into her pussy as my erotic assault continues on her body.

Cian is bucking her pussy and ass hard onto my finger and tongue as she rolls from orgasm to orgasm. Her grasp on my head (holding me in place) keeps me on task - I want her to cum and cum to exhaustion. She's cum on previous visits (but only once per time) - today she has had so many its impossible to keep count of.

Finally she moves her hands - only to grasp her nipples and pull on them as I continue my tongue assault on her pussy and ass. This little lady seems to be very very turned on by my anal penetration.

I stand up between her thighs as her latest cum starts to wane. I take my very hard cock in hand and I slide it up and down between her very wet pussy lips - touching her clit with my cock head on each upwards stroke. The new teasing sensation on her pussy sends her body into overload again - her eyes are tightly close, her fingers are tweaking her nipples and her voice is deep and almost un-intelligible (except for the work 'fuck' - which is repeated over and over again).

My cock is bathed in her hot juices and is in danger of being sucked into her depths. This is totally against the rules but I slide my cock between her pussy lips finding the entry to her delicious pussy. I pause a moment and then slide it deeper and deeper into the depths of a very hot, very wet and very tight pussy. I'm now looking directly into her eyes (they have popped open with the sensation of my penetration).

She looks apprehensive at me - my cock is fully inside of her (all 8 inches of me). I ask her if she wants me to stop and withdraw - she pauses a moment - shakes her head vigorously and then locks her legs behind my ass to keep me in place. I lunge into her pussy - driving every last fraction of an inch of my engorged cock into her. I repeat this over and over and she lunges back at me.

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