Blind Date With a Twist

by Angel Delight

Copyright© 2012 by Angel Delight

Erotica Story: He sits in the dark corner with his cock throbbing in his hands, staring seductively at the voluptuous lady he hired to perform for him. She dances seductively looking well defined and confident. Her curves ever so striking glisten under the lights above the lap dancing pole.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Prostitution   .

White satin sheets lay glistening seductively on the king sized bed. The lights were dimmed deliberately for a sensual effect. A feeling of mystery- and sexual aroma made the room intoxicating. In front of the bed stood a lap-dancing pole, shiny grey- and sparkling elegantly. As unusual as a pole in a hotel room might have seemed, this room was not any old room. It had an essence of a sexual playground. Soft cheesy music was playing, as if taken from a porn movie. Not surprisingly, anyone in the room would be left with images of people fucking erotically.

Further back from the bed was a spot where the dim light barely reached. A man wearing a business suit sat on a formal chair, as if waiting for a movie premiere to begin. Beside him was a small glass table, also barely visible in the darkness. Two champagne glasses sat on top of the table, and the aroma of bubbling champagne and lust permeated the atmosphere. The pole was the highlight of the room, and the light above shone down like a spotlight.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. The man remained seated and within seconds- the door opened, as if the knock was pre-planned. The movie – the action was about to begin.

Slowly and sweetly, a shadowy figure stepped into the room. The man could see an hourglass outline, a tall woman with long sleek legs, curvaceous and well toned. Her wavy blonde hair fell softly down her back and shoulders. She wore a long black, tight-fitting shiny coat, but it was not long enough to hide her well-defined calves, prominent above her black heels.

As she stepped closer to the pole, she undid the belt of her coat, in a teasing, seductive fashion. She meant business. She knew she was being watched. She was the show, there only to perform for the man whose face she had not yet even seen. She shrugged out of her coat and it fell in a heap on the floor behind her.

Standing close against the pole, she let her fingertips glide over it. She put her index finger in her mouth and sucked it slowly, then opened her mouth so slightly, deliberately showing her teasing tongue. She pulled her finger out slowly and stretched both her arms up the pole, emphasising the swell of her breasts. She raised her right knee, toe pointing down, and caressed the pole with her thigh. Her legs were now wide apart, showing the form of her delicious pussy straining against her lacy black thong. She slid her hands down the pole and, arching her head, bent backwards, rubbing her pussy against the erect pole. She started to grind her pussy against the erect pole, moving on it as if she were thrusting repeatedly at a juicy cock.

Standing up straight and moving a bit away from the pole, she stretched out her arm and placed the tip of her finger against its grey surface. As she walked around her pole - her steel lover - in her high heels, as if she were parading on a cat walk, she took it fully in her hand and began caressing it, up and down-, as if she were massaging the man's cock.

He began to rub his crotch, imagining that his hand was hers. The burgeoning tension of his cock inside his trousers felt good.

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