Father Leary

by RonBo

Copyright© 2012 by RonBo

Fiction Sex Story: Father Leary liked to have confession and pennance in his private office for some of the high school children NOTE: If the thought of a priest having an erection bothers you, you should pass on this story. UPDATED 4/24/12

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Reluctant   Incest   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Spanking   Oral Sex   .

Father Leary slid closed the window, pivoting to slide open the window on the opposite wall of the confessional. Oh, how he disliked Thursday afternoons. From three to five P. M. there was a never ending procession of the local high school boys and girls confessing their petty sins to the priest. I lied to my parents. I swore at my sister. I had impure thoughts, Yada ... yada ... yada. Once in a while some teen would titillate him with a confession but too often it was like the Smith boy had proclaimed. I have sinned father. I touched myself between my legs every day this week."

Having heard this from many of the teenage boys he had a little script prepared in his head. "Masturbation is a normal thing, young man. It's not a sin. You don't need to confess it every week. Now, if for some reason you touch another boy or girl or they touch you down there, then you should confess that."

The young Wilkinson boy had once confessed to masturbating his cousin until He spurted his stuff. Father Leary had the boy meet him in his office after confession to show him what he did. The boy had stroked the old priest's prick until he had a nice orgasm. Father Leary knew the boy wouldn't tell anyone.

Todd Wilkinson thought that showing the priest what he had done to his cousin was just part of his penance.

"Bless me father for I have sinned." The priest looked hard through the screen trying to make out who was confessing now. Ah, it was the cute little Jill Ebber. She was cute as a button but had the body of a boy. No breasts to speak of yet.

"Finally she got to the point after all the little sins were confessed. I don't know how to say this father but both my brother and my father have been making me ... ahh ... uhh ... they have been putting their things in my mouth. You know, making me suck them"

"Enough young lady! That is a serious sin. You go out to a pew and say an act of contrition, five Hail Mary's and ten Our Fathers. Wait until I finish confession then meet me in my rectory office where you will give me a full confession of your nasty sins."

When she was gone and the window closed Father Leary reached down to squeeze his erection. Finally, a sin worthy of a personal confession in his office. He thought the confessions would never end but as always they finally did. He had dished out penance like it was Halloween candy making sure everyone got there fair share. When the priest was finally with the confessions he rushed back to his office with Jill following him, hardly able to keep up with his long strides.

"Wait here until I call for you." Father Leary said as they reached his outer office where the part time secretary would normally be. Thankfully she only worked mornings leaving the two offices empty at this time of day. The sixty year old priest locked the door to the outer office and stepped into his private office closing that door behind him.

Leaving his black socks and shoes on the priest struggled out of his pants and underwear. His cock was still half hard in anticipation of the young fifteen year old's confession. He let his robe drop to cover his lower body's nakedness. It had been a while since he had a young parish teen in his office for 'penance'. He was getting more and more aroused with the prospect of the young girl's confession.

"Come in here young lady." He demanded as he opened the door between the two offices. He turned around a straight backed chair usually reserved for visitors in front of his big mahogany desk. "Kneel right in front of me like you would in the confessional."

Jill was scared but of course she had to obey the parish priest. She knelt with her hands folded in front of her as if in prayer while she looked down at the brown carpet, not wanting to look at the priest. "Bless me father..."

"Forget that Jill. You already went through that mumbo jumbo in the confessional. Just tell me what you have been doing with your father and brother." Leary was impatient. He wanted to hear what the little girl was doing with or to the two males of her family.

Jill was sorry she had been stupid enough to want to confess what she had been doing but it was too late now.

"It all started when I went to my best friends house. She had been doing stuff with her brother. I was curious and wanted to see what they did together. I wound up stroking his p ... p ... penis until he did it in her mouth. You know, shot his stuff."

"Use adult words Jill. It's a cock or a prick. That 'stuff' is cum."

"Yes, father. I masturbated his cock until he spurted his cum in his sister's mouth. After that I wanted to try it with my brother. And I did. My next sin was luring him into my bedroom so he could see my naked body."

"Yes, yes" The priest muttered amazed at how hard his sixty year old prick was becoming. This was the best confession he had heard since the Tyler boy had admitted to a homosexual affair with his best friend. Father Leary had made the seventeen year old suck his cock in penance. The young boy had swallowed his cum like he did for his friend. Maybe this girl could be convinced to give the priest a blow job. It had been at least two years since a young female had put his cock in her mouth. That was Lisa somethingorother who had spit out his Holy Juice onto the carpet when he had finished spurting in her mouth. "Continue young lady." He finally said to the girl. He was happy to see that Jill was wearing a pretty blue flowered dress. Most of the kids wore their nicest clothes on Thursday to look presentable in church.

"My brother and I masturbated each other for a while. I enjoyed having his hard penis ... er ... cock in my hand. After I had my cum I sucked my brother's cock until he shot his cum into my mouth. I couldn't swallow it all but I liked it. Oh yes, this little tart was going to suck my cock today. The old priest thought as he smiled to himself.

"My father had been watching from the doorway and saw me sucking my brother and forced me to suck him also.

His cock was huge. When he spurted his stuff, uh ... his cum, he pushed his cock into my throat so I wouldn't spill any of his cum." It hurt. I couldn't breath but daddy didn't care. He just wanted to cum.

The priest was thinking now how he could probably jam his eight inches down the poor girl's throat. He had never done that before. He was anxious to see how a tight throat would feel on his prick. But first he would take her over his knees as part of her penance and spank the little girl's bare bottom. Oh how happy he was that the teen was wearing a dress. He hadn't spanked anyone in several years but now his prick was drooling precum just thinking about it. Father Leary thought back to the last person he spanked. It wasn't even one of the youngsters. It was a pleasant looking widow who had confessed how horny she was since her husband had died. The good father spanked her for her horniness which had only made the middle age woman more horny.

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