All the Wrong Places ... or Was It Right?

by Prac T Cal

Copyright© 2012 by Prac T Cal

True Sex Story: When it rains in Phoenix it pours and when I went in to that bar I had no idea it would show me exactly what I needed. A Penitent Room and a lot of big black cock.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   DomSub   Rough   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Size   Violent   .

I don't know what time it was - but it was dark. Really dark! A dark and stormy night - without the storm because that was done. It had rained ... there were no street lights ... not even sure there was a street. Then seemingly from nowhere there was a flickering light in a window that said "W l om!", which in my state was enough. My state? Can you spell inebriated? Well, that was not something I could even say in my present state - wasted was almost unmanageable!

I asked for Ice Tea, he said six bucks, I pulled a wet wad of dollars from my money clip and took a drink - six bucks for iced tea? Well, six bucks is cheap for the Long Island variety. It was a surprise - but I decided a good one. There weren't very many customers in this main room but I could hear lots of noise from back near a sign that read "Penitent Room" and I must have looked really confused because the bartender said "Knees only to enter" and he walked away.

There were about ten others in a room that could hold a hundred. Most were alone. Each and everyone was black. Nobody seemed to care I wasn't!

I asked about a head? And was pointed in the general direction of the PR (Penitent Room - I think its funny... )

Since my need was urgent I went directly to a door - the sign said "Need to pee - you cum to the right place" and it was and I did and well - I peed!

There was a glory hole in the stall but I wasn't likely to use it, just as I was ready to leave a big black snake slid through the hole ... I stood there looking for a long time! Just above the hole it read - need to suck? need cum? and I wondered, after all I was drunk! But when I was in danger of being penitent I got scared and left.

My Iced Tea was half empty and I ordered another. More sloppy dollars and he took away the now empty first glass. On my way back I had glanced into the PR and was rewarded with a quick look at a gorgeous blond on her knees sucking a bigger black snake and holding two more - one to each hand. The quick look had been two-three seconds and she had swallowed almost the entire length of what must have been 13 inches of cock. Now that I was seated the memory kept being replayed in my mind. The girl kept getting prettier and the cock kept getting longer and it disturbed me that just thinking about that cock and those lips stretched around it were waking up my - as of late - under aroused penis. All that I could think about was lips and that black cock.

The bartender had noticed "Want a piece of that?"

"Huh? ... really? I could?"

"Sure, they'll have her spread soon - you could use one of her holes..."

"Umm, " I lost all thought when another guy walked up

"You feeling penitent..."

I just looked at him - then checked his package ... Oh God! Did I just check him out? What the fuck is wrong with me? But my mouth betrayed me and my tongue licked my lips

"You needed it in the boys room, you drooled over it as you passed the Penitent Room. You can have it ... while you fuck the cunt! Assuming you still need..."

Honestly, could you have figured out what the hell he just said? Remember I am Wasted!

My cock kept hardening, my tongue kept wetting my lips, and I followed him to penitence and salvation and big black cocks and a hot white cunt ... and ... and...

My clothes disappeared and that luscious pair of lips engulfed my cock and a black cock pressed to my lips and I greeted it with open ... it wasn't that huge fucker. It was something my virgin lips could engulf. She would do something with her lips or tongue or hand. I was new to this so I just copied everything she did. Even tried to deep throat - that must take practice because I gagged terribly. But I kept going and going and going.

The cock disappeared and the girl stopped too, I was shoved towards a low table where she kneeled over one end. "Penitent Man gets penitent cunt..." and I dropped to my knees behind her and she guided my cock into heaven. I began fucking her like it had been years ... my god this is good. It had been six months since my layoff, five months since Sara had split, and oh god this was good. And I had a black cock in my mouth which seemed to make it better yet!

"Get it really fucking wet! My cock, get it really wet! That's it slobber all over it - lots of saliva will make it go it easier!" and I gave it my all while I continued to fuck her. Then the cock went away... "no no no..." I whined

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