The Bootlegger's Bar

by Steven Black

Copyright© 2012 by Steven Black

Erotica Sex Story: High class ladies in the men's room?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Exhibitionism   Big Breasts   Public Sex   2nd POV   Workplace   .

Deanna stumbled into the large upscale bathroom of the 'Bootlegger's Bar and Restaurant", a fancy joint in the heart of the high-class district of town. A man dressed in a suit greeted her, standing quite proper, as is expected of bathroom stewards. She looked at the man strangely since she had never seen a man working in the lady's room. Deanna shrugged and wandered past the wash area into a stall to relieve herself.

She was wearing an extremely short black mini-skirt and fishnets with a black lace top, which exposed the majority of her 'double D' cleavage. Not a common practice regarding attire for a restaurant of the Bootlegger's caliber. Management seems to bend the rules for regulars though, especially hot numbers like Deanna. She hiked up the tiny skirt and then nudged down the skin tight fishnets, realizing as she sat sown that she had once again forgotten her panties.

"Ugh!" she grumbled looking at the basically see through crotch of her large gap fishnets, "I knew I hurried too much again. Oh well, easier access." She giggled to herself.

When she had finished she pulled up the stockings feeling them tear at the crotch. "Damn! Now it's really easy access." She thought as she fixed herself, pulling the skimpy skirt as far down as she could, barely covering the bottom of her butt cheeks and exited the stall. The gentleman was standing in the same place when she returned to the wash area. Again, she looked at him oddly and shrugged.

She turned to a sink and bent over turning on the faucet and quickly washing her hands. As she shut it off and stood to fix her hair and makeup, she caught the man staring at her bared, panty-less ass exposed by the raising of her skirt.

"Do you stare at every woman who comes in here?" She asked in a sarcastic tone. "Like what you see?"

"Well madam," He replied in a very proper tone, almost English but not quite, "since you are the very first woman to visit the gentleman's lavatory, to answer both questions I must reply, yes."

"Men's room?" She shrieked. "I didn't think I was THAT drunk!" She turned around shaking her head in disbelief and fixing her skirt.

She removed a brush from her pocketbook to fix her hair and dropped her makeup case into the sink. Bending over with a sigh she retrieved it from the basin. As she began to stand again, she caught the man admiring the view she had unknowingly presented. This time, she took a moment to look him over as well.

She bent over completely, laying her forearms on the counter sticking her ass out. "Men's room, ha!" She thought to herself, "I'll give the pervert a show."

As she started to stand up to further tease the man, intending to flirt with him and leave, she was alarmed by the quick jolt of his shaft invading her shaved pleasure center. The alarm passed quickly as he slid out slightly allowing the petals of her blossom release and then slid back in completely planting himself inside her.

"Oh, god! That was unexpected!" She exclaimed reaching between her legs to play with herself while the man pumped his phallus in her. "It feels so good, you naughty boy."

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