Heaven or Hell

by Steven Black

Copyright© 2012 by Steven Black

Erotica Sex Story: Almost hit by a truck and ditched by her friend, Helena runs is to to the hottest guy she's ever seen. Who is this tall, dark and handsome biker?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Paranormal   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   2nd POV   .

Helena was standing outside the quick-mart waiting for her friend. They were planning on going to a movie and then the bar to check out the guys and maybe bring a couple home for some naughty foursome fun. She was running pretty late and Helena was getting impatient. She began to wonder if her friend had hooked up without her. Seems that's how it usually ends up lately. She thought to herself that maybe she should venture out on her own for a change, leave her friend hanging for once. What harm could it do after all? She's a big girl, with a big appetite for a big man too.

An old pickup truck, the driver not paying attention swerved with barely enough time for her to jump out of the way. "What an ass." She screamed as he drove down the road, speeding out of sight. "Any closer and I'd be a pancake you fucking moron!"

She composed herself and knelt down against the warm exterior wall of the poorly kept convenience store, the smell of stale beer and pizza her only distraction from the quiet of the lonely small town corner. She pulled out a pack of smokes and pinched one between her lips gently pulling it from the pack and then lighting it with her almost dead lighter.

"Come on Cindy!" she shouted becoming anxious over the overly long wait. "I wanna find a guy too damn it!"

Cindy generally was sporadic to a fault, and lately ditching her had become a common occurrence. Not that Helena thought that Cindy did it intentionally, she was just a wild blonde who fucked on a whim. The sun was getting lower in the sky and the light was casting directly into Helena's eyes. She turned and sat on the concrete stop of a parking space facing the ugly gray wall of the not so busy store.

A dark man on a Sportster rumbled up next to her, full leather riding gear, a half helmet and Lennon Style dark sunglasses. She could feel the vibrations of the exhaust tickling her clit as he revved the powerful v-twin. She stood up and posed like a bad girl, hoping the man would notice her wild side. She thought to herself "I wonder if he's as powerful as his machine". She realized her friend was far too late meeting her, and began to consider taking this hot hunk home and perhaps surprise her friend with the catch.

"Hey" he greeted her. "How's it going, sexy?"

"Hey, nice ride." she replied. "Looks pretty powerful."

"Yeah, she's the closest I've ever come to a wild ride" he answered, hinting his desire to demonstrate to her his intentions. "One of a kind, they way all ladies should be." He added with a wink from behind his sunglasses.

"Mm, looks like a fun time for sure" she teased the dude as he dismounted the bike. As he pulled off his helmet, she felt her Her legs quiver and shake. "Just my type" she smiled with bedroom eyes, "tall, dark and dangerous."

He grinned as he posed and looked her over, nodding in approval at her body.

"Like what you see?" she asked in a naughty voice as she licked her lips.

"Not bad" he answered, "wanna go somewhere?"

"How about we go to that bar over there and have a couple and get to know each other?" She suggested, not wanting to seem overly anxious to screw the daylights out of the man. "It's a nice quiet place."

"Sure." He answered. "That's cool."

They walked across the quiet street, her eyes wandering up and down his body. Measuring him with her eyes, wondering how big it was, how thick and long. Did he have muscles or just an average build. He looked strong and confident, Helena liked that in a man.

The bar was quiet, only four o'clock in the afternoon, and happy hour wouldn't start until five. The two grabbed a drink at the bar, Ice beer for him and a Long Island Iced Tea for her. He, of course, was a gentleman and paid for the drinks. The two spent a while looking each other over and saying little. The regulars knew Helena, and usually paid no mind to the men she was with. This time they were shooting suspicious looks their way. Helena didn't notice much though, she was caught in her companion's stare. She was as giddy as a schoolgirl, twirling her hair and playing with her straw. He could tell she was not interested in talking much but was polite enough to endure the silence to humor her.

"So, what's your name?" He asked. "I'm Dan."

"I'm Helena." She said with a giggle. "Guess I should have said that earlier, huh?"

"It's okay," Dan replied. "Names aren't that important anyway. But I'm pleased to meet you, Helena. That's a sexy name, Helena" He repeated her name slowly.

"So what do you do, Dan?" Helena asked hoping she could cut the giddiness with a conversation.

"I, am a freelance kinda guy." He answered slowly. "Not odds and ends, mind you. I'm more a 'For Hire' kind of guy"

"Ooh, Mysterious," She commented. "Mystery is always good. I think people should have some mystery in their lives, it keeps things interesting."

"Yeah," Dan affirmed. "It definitely does."

"So," She paused, "how wild a time are you looking for?"

"As wild as I can get it, of course." He replied becoming interested in the conversation. "There's no such thing as a bad experience. Just some are better than others. You don't have to be wild to be good and some times wild can be bad."

"Ooh, uh huh." She agreed. "I've never had a bad time, but I've been bad."

"I bet." Dan commented as he downed a few swigs of his beer. "I like nice girls that are naughty. They keep it – interesting."

Helena simply smiled, she was too occupied with playing with her straw and crossing her legs over and over trying to keep her squirming wanton body under control.

"You really wanna be here Helena?" Dan inquired. "It's not really what I pictured doing with you. You seem to have heaven on your mind and want to travel hell to get there."

"Well, actually." Helena confirmed. "I suggested this cause I didn't want to look too easy. But nah, I'd rather be fucking the hell outta ya, and maybe show you a bit of – heaven?" She added with a smile and batting her eyes.

"I've been to both." Dan added. "What makes you think you can do it better? You got a secret weapon or something?"

Helena giggled at his curiosity. "That's for me to know, and you to find out."

Dan stared at her, attempting to read her face. Was she bluffing? Making dirty talk to entice him farther into their intended deed? Or maybe she was really that naughty, and needed to be taught a lesson or two.

"Why so quiet, handsome?" can got your tongue? "If it does, I'll chase it down for ya. I want your tongue and the rest too." She added winking as she finished her drink.

"Nah," Dan answered, "just trying to figure you out. Such a pretty girl sitting at a bar with a total stranger, looking to ride him. Is that all you want? Are you living for the moment, or are you looking for more?"

Helena sat back in her chair, still turned on, but not nearly as hot as she was. His words were deeper than she had heard from other guys. Did he really mean it? Was he actually asking her what SHE wanted? Most guys just want to fuck her and pass out, leaving her to clean up and kick them out of her bed.

"Wow." She answered. "You gay or something? I've never had a guy ask me something like that. They usually wanna fuck and leave."

Dan snickered slightly and reached his hand across the table to hers. "No, I'm not gay. I'm one-hundred percent straight. But I can see that you've been used a lot. Those kinds of guys are just teen-aged boys that never grew up. They don't know how to please a woman, and don't care to."

Helen looked deep in his eyes. She could see he was sincere and it was strange to her. She enjoyed the feeling it gave her, her desire was still there, but it had moved upwards to her heart. Now she didn't want to just have him take her and molest her, she wanted that emotional bond. She wanted him to make love to her and she had never had that. Her fingers trembled in his soft strong hand. She felt like he knew exactly what she was feeling and almost felt that she knew he wanted to give it to her.

"I like that idea" She finally answered with a nervous chill in her voice. "You think you can please me like that? Make love to a woman you've just met?" She questioned feeling a lump grow in her throat and sucking down a bit of melted water from her now finished drink.

"Yeah," He answered tenderly. "I think I can. I know I can, if you let me."

She believed him completely. She didn't know why or how, and at the moment she didn't really care. It was new to her and that's all that mattered. The fact that a man wanted to give her a more spiritual experience, something she might cherish for a long time.

"I think you can too, Dan." She said as she stared down at his soft hand holding her's so tenderly. She could feel the electricity run up her spine and she heard the words come out of her mouth. "I don't know if one time is enough though. Are you gonna walk out of my life too, or stick around?"

"Does it matter?" He asked softly. "I can give you what you want and need. Isn't that enough?"

"I dunno." She answered as she pulled her hand away and brushed her hair back nervously. "Maybe what I really want is Mister Right. Think you could be him?"

"I'm not Mister Right." He argued. "I'm just Dan. Maybe I'm Mister Right Now, maybe I'll be more or less to you later. But I know what I want to do to and for you, and that's good enough for me."

"I guess with my track record," She replied jokingly, "that's more than I should expect from any man."

"Never doubt yourself, kitten." Dan instructed. "You have much more to you than sex appeal, and I can see that. Sure, I wanna take you as mine for a while, but I wanna see you grow from it. I'm not a little boy, and I'm not your 'you''l do for now' boyfriend. I'm a love maker and lady pleaser."

"Well, then take me home and make love to me." She suggested. "I've never felt that way though, and I've never fucked that way. So you have a learning curve to deal with, Danny."

"Well let's go then." He suggested. "We got all the time in the world. And I promise you I'll be there in the morning."

They walked back across the street to the quick-mart and He started up the engine of his twin. She smiled and hopped on the back after he mounted the iron steed. The power of the twin pulsed her wet pussy causing her to almost orgasm at just the thought of what this stud would do for her. She directed him to her place, at times almost forgetting as she fell deep in heat at the smell of his leather, arriving just short of her climaxing from the anticipation.

"Upstairs is mine" she said as she put her arm around his waist and squeezed his firm ass.

They walked in and immediately she pulled off his jacket and shirt, kissing and licking him all over. she could barely keep her hands off him. She unbuckled his belt and headed for the fly of his jeans. He took her hands and motioned her to stand. With his hands on each side of her face, he slowly brushed back her hair and kissed her. "In a rush?" he asked as she squeezed him close.

"Sorry, I'm just Dying to fuck you" she replied begging him to let her back down to her knees.

"I got all the time we need baby, just relax, we're gonna make love." He Said with an assuring smile.

"Lest sit down and hang for a bit." Dan suggested. "Maybe have some wine or something?"

"Ooh, romantic." She said playfully. "I think I have some champagne in the kitchen, not expensive stuff, but it'll do I guess"

Dan nodded and winked at her and then took a seat on the couch. He looked around the living room noticing that there wasn't much of a decor. Mainly a television, coffee table, a couple end tables with lamps. Not very interesting, but it was okay. He wasn't here to take in the ambiance anyway. He was gonna make love to her, and show her the best love she'd ever had.

He stood up and watched her climb up a stool to the top shelf of her cabinets hunting for the bottle she promised. He noted her long legs and tight ass perking out from her tight leather pants. She's a real fox, he thought to himself. Big tits, a pretty face, beautiful long red hair. He wondered if it was real or dyed, he'd always been partial to red heads.

"I found it!" She exclaimed with pride, climbing down from the creaking step stool careful not to drop the bottle. "Even found the bottle opener!"

"Awesome!" Dan replied. "Lets celebrate."

"Celebrate what?" Helena asked slightly confused.

"Our meeting, of course." He jokingly suggested. "It's not every day a guy like me meets a hot woman like you and get's invited home for an evening of lovin'."

"Oh come on." She argued. "You are the hottest guy I have ever met. I'll bet you've banged hundreds of better looking women than me."

"No, not really." He denied as took the bottle and opener and opened popped the cork. "It's rare that I come across beautiful women. Even more rare a hot number like you, one that I wanna make love to."

"Oh," She said as she blushed. "That's so sweet."

"You are the only thing sweet here." He affirmed as he took the glasses from her and poured them each a glass. "And I'm glad I met you."

"So to us." She suggested holding up her glass.

"To us." He agreed toasting her glass to glass as he stared at her plump breasts and took a drink.

They sat and talked for a while, mostly about nothing. Trying to make small talk even though neither of them were really that interested in it. They could care less if they had anything other than sex drive in common, but tried their hardest to find anything other tan sex to talk about.

"Look, you're a sweet guy and all," She finally stated. Relieved that she addressed the elephant in the room. "But I wanna make love. I'm sorry if that's not what-"

"You're right." Dan interrupted. "Let's do it. I promised you lovemaking, and I keep my promises."

She leaned over and put her glass on the table in tandem with him. They were both ready for action and weren't going to hold back. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, grabbing at his pants and nibbling and biting him anywhere her mouth wandered. She slid her hand between his legs rubbing his loins warming him up for the main course. He gently pulled away shaking his head no and stood up. She immediately went to her knees, she wanted to have something of him in her, anywhere. She didn't care what or where, just do it. He stood her up and motioned down the hall she couldn't keep herself off of him. She had wanted this from the moment they met only hours before. They stood at the doorway to her bedroom and again she attempted to pleasure him, and again he stopped her and he nodded towards the bed with a grin.

She smiled back and nodded as she let him take control. He gently kissed her as he walked her to the bed, kicking the door shut behind them. He slipped her shirt off slowly, watching as her skin showed goosebumps from the smooth silk sliding across her completely excited body. Then he returned his lips to her's, gently slipping in his tongue every so often as he unhooked her black lace bra, her full supple breasts falling forward with the release of the clips.

"Nice rack" he commented as he slid his hands under the cups teasing her altogether erect nipples with his fingers. She heaved her chest forward as she placed her arms around his neck inviting him to plant his face within her full cleavage. He licked and kissed her breasts nibbling and biting once in a while hearing her moan with approval. He slowly drew his hands down her silky smooth back placing his hands on her butt, squeezing and rubbing as he continued his sensual assault upon her neck and breasts.

Helena slowly slid her hands to his fly, unbuttoning it one by one as he squeezed her tight ass. She sat down on the bed motioning him to kneel in front of her, her legs spread open enough to take his chest between her thighs. She pulled down his jeans ever so slowly revealing his tight briefs filled with his hard cock and full package. She rubbed his loins, shifting the contents of his underwear exposing his member to her. She smiled at the size of it. Long, the longest she had ever seen, and thick enough to please any woman. She could tell it would take a hand as well as her mouth to handle it. She slid her fingernails across the head and he let out a moan of approval. All the while heaving her massive breasts back and forth as he licked and nibbled them relentlessly.

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