Stud Is Broken

by Howwee

Copyright© 2012 by Howwee

Fiction Sex Story: Spoiled golden-haired stud thinks all women are his play things. His long suffering fiance decides it's time to break him.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Incest   Mother   Son   BDSM   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   .

I should have seen it coming, so in retrospect I have no one to blame but myself. Julie, my fiancé, had broached the subject of introducing a strap-on device into our sex games on more then one occasion. I had brushed her off with a "We'll see," or "Maybe." She eventually decided to take matters into her own hands.

Alpha male. That's what I had been my whole life. I had been a jock, a stud, a position I started to attain as a freshman in high school. At the age of eighteen I was truly a prize. Six foot four inches tall, one hundred and eighty pounds. My hair, which I wore nearly to my shoulders, was a wavy, light brown that streaked with blonde after exposure to the summer sun. For the past two summers my hair stylist had kept it that way during the winter months. My legs were long and tanned to a golden brown. With few exceptions I could date, and usually score with any girl I selected.

Mom had caught me masturbating on three different occasions between the ages of ten, and twelve. The first two times she had sent me to have a talk with my dad. I sat on his lap, and told him that the reason I played with my penis was because it hurt. Dad just told me not to do it again, and that was the extent of our talks about birds and bees.

The last time it happened mom sat down beside me, and gave me a hug telling me that what I was doing was a sin. I needed to control my lustful urges. Playing with my penis would just contribute to Satan's plan to entrap, and capture my soul. The 'icky' stuff that came out of my penis was only for making babies.

Procreation. Wasting it for any other purpose was a sin.

To illustrate her point she grasped my still erect penis, and stroked it rapidly. I became dizzy, breathless, and flushed as she asked me questions.

"You aren't thinking about God or his son Jesus Christ are you honey? You're thinking about girls, and their dirty pillows. That is the devil talking honey. If you don't touch your penis you won't have these terrible yearnings. Do you understand baby?"

Gasping, I moaned out, "Yes mommy."

"Good. That's my baby boy." Mom responded as her hand increased it's speed.

"Mommy ... mommy..." I almost whispered.

"What baby? What's wrong?"

"My 'icky' stuff is going to come out if you don't quit. Can't help it mommy."

My eyes were closed tightly, and though my thoughts weren't of God I felt like I was in Heaven. Mommy leaned in close to me pressing her evil pillows against my chest, and whispered in my ear. "Just this once it's okay because I'm showing you how easily the devil can make you sin if your thoughts are controlled by your nasty thing."

"Oh mommy." I whimpered as my testicles exploded. The first rope of cum hitting my chin, the last soaking my mommy's hand.

"I'm sorry ... mommy ... I'm so sorry. I couldn't help it."

She used her cum covered hand to turn my face towards her, and kissed me lightly on the lips. Her giant pillows pressing against my upper body as I moaned again.

"It's okay this one time Ronnie because mommy was showing you the sinful nature of your nasty thing. Don't cry honey, just don't ever do this sort of thing again."

Sex was a private, special gift to be shared only with my wife, not to be talked or bragged about with other boys.

Standing up she told me that we would continue to have talks about the evils of sex as I grew up because girls would start to be another of Satan's temptations. If I ever had questions or urges that made my penis feel funny or hurt I should come to her immediately. I nodded in understanding as she playfully rubbed my head, and then left the room.

Mom was a teacher by trade, and it became apparent as I grew older. She never blamed me, only instructed as she explained what was happening to my body, and mind. Demonstrations were also part of my education. Mom showed me the tricks that girls would use in order to weaken me. She started with hand holding, and we progressed through French kissing, body rubbing, petting, and manipulation of genitals.

Rather then curb my appetite for things sexually my urges, and needs seemed to have escalated exponentially. I was masturbating at least three times a day, five or six on weekends. Kleenex was my clean up choice, and I secreted them in a bag hidden deep within my closet. When the bag was full, I'd carry it out to the burn barrel in our back yard with the other trash, and destroy the evidence. Things proceeded nicely for me after her instructions.

I entered high school at the age of fourteen. Dating such as it was consented of long walks, holding hands, and the infrequent make out session. Shortly after I earned a starting position on the football team, a sixteen-year-old junior took an interest in me. Cindy. Not only was she stacked, and a cheerleader ... she had a car.

It wasn't long before we were steaming up the windows of her car while I tested the limits of our physical relationship. One Friday night after I'd scored the winning touchdown she picked me up outside the locker room door as was our routine. My reward was her totally nude body. Cindy was so fucking tight. Great tits, and ass. My mom had taught me a lot, but when Cindy started to rub her hand over my rigid cock I lost it, and came in my slacks. I didn't care at all because it had been fantastic.

When I got home mom was waiting up for me, but didn't notice the huge wet spot on my slacks. I had dodged a bullet.

Married women had started hitting on my when I was sixteen years old, and a lifeguard. I taught Beginners Swim Lessons to kids who were generally about five or six years old while their mothers spent more time looking at the bulge in my royal blue Speedos then the progress of their children.

I fucked my first married woman the summer of my sixteenth birthday. A trucker's wife named Bonnie who was blessed with breasts that were almost as big as my mom's. We fucked on her martial bed while her daughter napped in her bedroom. She kept saying, "Oh God. Oh God, I can't believe it's actually happening. I've wanted you so bad." She nearly tore my tight white shorts off. I grew tired of her after a couple of months, and moved on. She cried, and begged me to continue our affair, but I'd been there, done that, and it was time to move on to the next lucky winner.

Although I never vocalized my feelings regarding a double standard between the sexes, without a doubt I knew one existed. It was the female's responsibility to remain faithful to her spouse, while I was free to continue hunting. The thrill of the chase, I had a right to conquer, to watch as my newest conquest submitted freely. I was driven to see the lesser of the species spread her legs in total surrender to me.

Guys that wanted to watch their wife or girlfriend have sex with someone beside themselves ... gay fuckers. Wimps are what they were as far as I was concerned. While I would have appreciated one of these pukes offering their significant other into my bed, I couldn't fathom letting one of my girls returning the favor. I mean how stupid is that? I own their pussy, and tits, and ass. They don't spread for anyone but me.

My position was severely damaged eight years later on what should have been a care free, fun filled, week with my fiancé, Julie.

I was working for the power company at the time, and had a week's vacation left with the end of the year rapidly approaching. With no other plans, I decided to visit Julie, who was still attending college at a university about five hours from my hometown. After a phone conversation apprising her of my intentions, I gave the upcoming visit very little thought. Julie would be making all of the lodging arrangements, and whatever side trips we might be making after I arrived. I just needed to pack, get lots of money, and make the drive.

Ten days later I was on my way. It's a boring drive with very little to look at other then corn, bean, and alfalfa fields. So daydreaming is a great way to pass the time. My favorite thing to daydream about at the time was Julie. Specifically, having sex with Julie.

She had to be as close as one ever gets to literally being a nymph. In the nearly three years that we dated, she told me one time that she didn't feel like having sex. One time. She initiated the couplings at least 75% of the time, and she was game for damn near anything at least once. Measurements. Hell, I don't really know other then her breasts, which were 36D. The babe was stacked. If Twiggy were your sexual fantasy (showing my age here) then you wouldn't have given Julie a second glance. Sophia Loren, Raquel Welsh, Linda Carter, now if they were masturbation fantasies you'd have wanted to jump Julie's bones. Over the course of the next four or five hours I probably got a boner on six or seven different occasions. By the time I picked Julie up at her house (which she shared with three other girls), all I wanted to do was throw her on a bed, and drill her.

The motel she had selected was pretty nice. Big rooms, big lounge, big pool, big bed, all of life's necessities. We just about made it into the room before I started to paw at her breasts. I was so horny that I was literally shaking. As soon as the door to our room was shut, we got most of our clothes off before we coupled. It was fast, noisy, and satisfying. We ordered some food, and beer from room service, kicked back and relaxed.

The next three days were pretty much a carbon copy. We'd wake up, and have sex. We'd shower, and go have breakfast. Come back to our room, and have sex. Sometimes we'd nap, other times we'd lie around the swimming pool, and drink Bloody Marys. Then we'd go back to the room, and have (that's right) more sex. Shower, go to dinner, come back and, (getting old isn't it?) have even more sex. What a great life.

When a change in pace was required, we'd go shopping. Another evening we attended a sorority party. It would have been pretty boring if Julie hadn't been wearing a pleated mini-skirt, and a knit top that was a size too small. She had balked a bit when I told her no bra, but after licking her pussy for a few moments she came around. Her nipples spent the entire evening trying to escape their imprisonment.

Her breasts would jiggle when she walked, and I had told her that she couldn't bend her knees if she needed to pick something up. The guys in attendance would all know what color her panties were before we left.

They had a small area designated for dancing. During the slow ones I would whisper sweet, perverted nothings in her ear.

"I can't believe you wore the top without a bra Honey. Now everyone here knows how far out your nipples stick when you're turned on. Did you know when you're under bright lighting they can actually see what color your aureoles are? Are you wet? You are, aren't you ... fucking slut. I should make you drop to your knees right now, and suck my cock."

She moaned, and whimpered in response.

The only part of the evening I hadn't planned on was some jerk-wad named Richard (I kept calling him Dick) who made no attempt to hide the fact that he wanted inside my fiancé's panties. I couldn't figure out whom he was there with, but he couldn't have spent much time with her.

He was on the wrestling team, and my fiancé was a cheerleader for the wrestling team, or what was referred to as a "Mat-Maid." I'm sure they've changed the name by now to something more politically correct.

Dick danced with Julie several times although with one exception they were all fast numbers. Dick spent most of the dance time staring at Julie's unrestrained breasts. When Julie attempted to walk away from the prick because a slow song was being played, he pulled her back onto the dance floor. He made sure her breasts were mashed against his chest, and his mouth seemed to be whispering in her ear. I was pretty sure if they were talking about wrestling it would be regarding the merits of coed grappling.

As the dance ended, Dick, with no regard for my fiancé or myself, blatantly filled his hands with Julie's ass. In the process pulling her already short skirt half way up her butt revealing to anyone who hadn't already seen them, her brief panties.

I was already pissed when I noticed that Julie's face was in full blush, and her nipples were in full bloom. If I hadn't known better I would have thought she had a minor orgasm in front of dozens of people. She hurried back to me short of breath, and apologizing, telling me she had no idea he was going to put her ass on display. I'd know her long enough to recognize the tell tale signs ... bitch was in heat.

I was noncommittal in my response to her apology, but not in my request to leave the party because I'd had enough. She was going to protest for just a moment then must have though better of it, and kept her mouth shut. Her mouth would get a chance to open momentarily, but not for the purpose of speaking.

As soon as we were seated in the car my left hand snaked it's way under her skirt towards her pussy. I was a few inches away when I discovered that her female juices had already escaped the confines of her panties.

I was consumed equally between being angry with her, and totally fucking aroused. My cock was out in no time as I ordered her to take her top off leaving her naked from the waist up. "Suck my cock, you fucking horny bitch!"

She just moaned in response, which was all she could do, because I had my hand on top of her head as she sucked on my rock-hard cock. Julie was doing her usual excellent job of orally ministering to my penis. I continued to berate her as we neared our motel, as I reached an intense orgasm.

I climaxed in her mouth sending a load of goo shooting into her mouth, on it's journey to her tummy. Having parked the car a distance from our door so that we wouldn't be interrupted I decided further humiliation was in order. I grabbed her discarded top, and told her she'd be walking to our room without it.

"It's too far ... someone might see me." She pleaded.

"That's kinda the whole idea Honey. You've been dying to show them off all night so here's your chance ... or did you just want to show them to Dick?"

She tried again. "I didn't do anything though."

"Exactly. You didn't to anything to stop him. Now hurry before I take your skirt off too."

Julie got out of the car pleading with me to walk faster as she attempted to cover her breasts. "No, no, no, Sweetie," I said as I came to a complete stop with the doors on the car locked, and the motel key in my pocket.

"Drop your hands or we'll stand out here all night, or until you get arrested."

She complied, and walked as close to me as possible hoping to use me as at least a partial shield against prying eyes.


"What?" She asked.

"Skip. You do know how to skip don't you? Skip to the door, and then back to me. Keep doing it until I get to the room. If you hesitate or whine I'm going back to the car, and I'll lock your ass out. Now skip bitch!" I made sure to yell out the last sentence hoping to draw attention to my fiancé's plight. It worked, as I heard a voice from one of the doors ask if everything was all right.

"Just dandy, but thanks for asking." I replied to what appeared to be a middle-aged man, and his wife who were just exiting their room several doors down from ours.

"I'm teaching my fiancé how to skip. She wanted to learn how before we got married, and having her breasts free seems to help with her timing."

The couple didn't speak or move as they watched my wife-to-be naked from the waist up, large boobs bouncing up, and down skipping towards our door. It was way-fucking cool ... for me. Julie's face was a mixture of agony, and ecstasy as she approached me on the way back.

"Very good Honey, very good. You've almost got it down." I barked in encouragement as she headed back towards the door. The other couple had neither moved nor spoken since their first inquiry. They just stared. It's not everyday you're treated to good, cheap entertainment.

I finally reached the door noticing that my fiancée's chest was heaving, and her tits glistened with perspiration. "Good job Julie Hanson," I spoke in a loud voice knowing that speaking her full name out loud only made her embarrassment more pronounced.

"You folks have a good evening," I said with a big smile as I let Julie enter our room. The husband acknowledged my salutation with his own, "Looks like you're way ahead of us there."

Damn. For booze, motel rooms, and fuel, there's MasterCard ... but it won't buy you that kind of thrill. We had sex twice that night the first one as you might expect was nothing more that flat out animal mating. The second approached love making, with me making sure Julie realized that while I still wouldn't mind seeing Dick lying somewhere gut shot I acknowledged that she hadn't initiated anything.

As I awaken late the next morning everything was right with my world. Such a stupid fucker.

Bondage was a reoccurring theme in our sexual play, and rape fantasies were part of that as often as not. The vast majority of the time I was the "tier", while she was the "tiee". That's the way I liked it. On the rare occasion when I let her tie me up, she generally used the opportunity to sit on my face, or to play a dominant role in achieving orgasms at her pace. In any event I didn't mind doing it, because she was such a sport about all the kinky little things that I told her I wanted to do.

This time however, it was something very different. Early in the afternoon as I lay reading a book (see I did have other interests), Julie said she was horny. She wanted to know if it would be okay if she tied me up. Swell guy that I am, I said sure. Besides, I had screwed with her in a big way the previous evening.

After taking all of my clothes I spread my gorgeous tan body for Julie's viewing pleasure as she proceeded to secure me to the bed. Julie used four pairs of pantyhose capturing my limbs to the canopy type bed. I was spread-eagle, and truly vulnerable. Not the sort of position you want to be in unless you really trust the person doing the tying. Initially everything seemed normal. Julie poured body oil all over me, and proceeded to give me a massage that quickly produced a raging hard on.

Stroking it with an expertise honed by hours of practice, she soon had me moaning, and on the verge of an orgasm. Then she quit, dried her hands on a towel, and told me she had arranged to meet one of her roommates for a late lunch, and that she'd be back when she got back.

This was not what I had in mind and I told her so.

"That's fine, Honey, but don't you think you should finish what you started, and then untie me?"

She looked at me kind of funny, and smiled saying, "Oh, I'm going to finish what I started alright, but I'll do it when I want to, and how I want to."

With that she dressed for lunch. I had never before seen the outfit she selected. A hot pink, skin tight skirt that hit her about 4 inches below her outstanding ass and a dark blue, silk blouse that hugged her breasts leaving no doubt as to whether or not she was wearing a bra. Shit, she looked hot!

"You're going to meet another girl dressed like that?"

"Well, you never know who might stop by, do you? See you later you cute little thing you."

I didn't like the way she said "thing."

"Oh, I almost forgot the maids haven't been here yet. I need to leave that door hanger out telling them we're ready to have the room cleaned ... at least I am. It wouldn't be very nice if I left you with nothing to look at either, would it?"

I thought she was going to turn the TV on, but instead she went to our patio doors, and pulled the drapes back (we were poolside). You know how motels always have two sets of drapes, one that's opaque and another that's translucent; well she left the latter in place so you really couldn't see in unless you were trying. That's of little comfort however when you're tied naked to a bed, and it was fairly busy poolside.

Julie turned to leave the room.

"Hey, come on Julie! Untie me! Good fun is good fun, but I won't do this again if you're gonna be a shithead about it."

Wrong thing to say.

She stared at me in amazement. "Are you for real? After what you made me do last night you have the nerve to talk to me about "good fun." I'm going to teach you all about good fun before the days over, and we'll start right now."

She walked to the side of the bed, and slapped me on the face with enough force to make my head spin. Now I was really pissed.

"Goddamnit Julie what the fuck is your problem? Untie me right the fuck now! I'm pissed."

She didn't say a word, but rather opened a piece of her luggage, and pulled out a brand new Polaroid camera. She then proceeded to take about half a dozen pictures of me from different angles, and then put the pictures in her purse. Smiling, she sat down on the bed and stroked my thigh for a moment, and then moved her hand to my balls, and started to squeeze.

Nobody should have his balls squeezed. Stroked, licked, caressed, all those things are just dandy, but I had tears in my eyes in less five seconds as Julie applied increasing pressure to my jewels.

"Julie, please, please, stop! C'mon it hurts! It hurts! Stop it! Stop it! Aaaaaahhhhh please!"

She stopped. "Don't talk unless I tell you to, I'm leaving. Be good while I'm gone, and I might let you loose when I get back. I'm going to show my lunch date your cute little pictures ... and anybody else who happens to stop by. Understand one thing very clearly. You will do what I say, when I say it without hesitation or those precious balls of yours will be black, and blue before the day's out. Do you understand?"

I took too long to answer, and her hand started towards my crotch.

"I understand! I understand! Just don't do that again, okay?"

She didn't say anything, just grabbed her purse, and left the room. If somebody decided to look in the poolside door I would just die. The next order of business was to figure out a way to get out of this mess, and meet her at the door when she got back with a little surprise of my own.

The problem was she had given this a fair amount of thought, or else she had just gotten blind ass lucky. Try as I might I didn't have the strength to pull the nylon loose, as a matter of fact the harder I pulled the tighter the shit got. I tried pulling my wrists to my mouth thinking that I would be able to loosen the knots with my teeth, but I couldn't even get them close enough to my mouth to attempt it.

I pulled, twisted, cussed, and worked up a substantial sweat all to no avail. I couldn't get loose.

"Shit, fucking bitch, cunt, whore, slut, low-life schuss, dog breath, cock sucker!"

I wasn't any closer to getting loose, but I felt better. I told myself that by the time she got back she'd have a few drinks in her, and she'd be horny as a hamster. She'd have one thing on her mind, and when she was sated, she'd release me. Things would get back to normal ... sort of, I would get even.

So I decided to save my strength, and relax. There wasn't anything I could currently do about my predicament. That lasted until housekeeping knocked on the door, and announced that they were coming in. I yelled at the door, "Not now I'm busy." I really didn't think that Julie would leave the door hangar out, I figured she was just telling me that to get my dander up, and that she'd stick it in her purse when she got outside. Wrong again.

The door opened, the maid either hadn't understood, or didn't care. I screamed at her, "Not now, come back later I'm busy!"

This time she heard me said, but it was too late as her eyes nearly shot out of her head in amazement. She was at least forty years old, and pleasing plump to describe her figure would have been charitable. After getting a good look she broke into a big smile, and told me she'd come back when I was finished.

I assumed she thought that was pretty funny. I on the other hand wasn't amused. This was MY goddamn vacation! I'm tied to a fuckin' bed, my nuts hurt, and there's now a maid who's going to be running around telling all her work buddies about the guy in room 137 who's tied to the bed naked.

"Wait. Wait. Would you please untie me? My girlfriend played a little joke on me, but I need to go to the bathroom ... so if you don't mind?"

"I'm sorry sir, but your girlfriend said you're being punished. She said it would be okay for me to take a peek if I wanted to see for myself. Love your tan lines by the way. I have to go now. I hope you can hold it until she gets back. Have a good day."

With that she was gone. Fuck me.

Just when I thought I couldn't take it any longer I heard a key in the door. Someone walked in, and the bathroom door closed. "Hey, Honey. Honey. Julie? How was lunch Baby? Did you have a good time?" Trying desperately to get back in her good graces. Not a word.

I knew things couldn't get any worse. She'd come out in a minute, smile, say she was sorry, untie me, and we'd fuck.

I don't know for sure how long she was in the bathroom, but when she came out I had to look twice to make sure it was indeed Julie. She had on loose jeans, a wife-beater tee shirt, and a baseball cap decorated with the school's wrestling logo.

I should mention that it was at this point that it occurred to me where this whole production might be going, and to say that it made me a little bit queasy would be a definite understatement.

Ron's fiancé had dreamt, and planned for this moment since his call informing her that they would be spending nine full days together. Picking out the toy that was now strapped around her waist was a key part of that plan.

Upon purchasing the strap-on, driving back to the house she shared with three other girls had been a test of will power. Her pussy had throbbed on the ride home, as she thought about running to her room. Less then five minutes after hitting the front door she was naked with the eight-inch plastic cock buried in her pussy. Every day since she had reached an orgasm at least once using the marvelous toy.

Every part of the plan had fallen into place culminating in what was about to take place with the hunky male tied helplessly to the bed. This aspect of her devious little scheme would be the most difficult to successful accomplish. Bending without totally breaking the stud, and eliciting the commitments she so desperately wanted.

Ever since he had proposed to her six months earlier he had dodged any further conversation about publicly announcing the engagement, purchasing a ring, or setting a date.

"Well, it's not Halloween, so who the hell are you supposed to be?" I asked.

Julie glared at me and said, "Listen smart ass, in case you don't recognize me from last night, the name is Richard, and I'm not going to put up with any of your cheap shit, got it?"

"Fuck off, Dickie."

She grabbed my balls, and squeezed. I surrendered immediately, and loudly. "Okay, okay, whatever you say! I'm a smart-ass, and I know it. I'll shut up."

"Fuckin' A!" Julie exclaimed.

Damn! Julie was pretending to be the prick from the previous evening.

"It doesn't get much better then this. I've been trying to fuck that big titted piece of ass for two years, and just when I think there ain't no damn chance, she calls me. Lunch was great. I had a box lunch, and your fiancé had tube steak."

God. She was going to do dialog. I tried not to laugh.

"Yep. I just fucked her twice in less then an hour, and she told me it was the best thing she ever had. Oh, she said my cocks bigger then yours too, but then you probably already guessed that didn't you bitch. Then she tells me she's got your worthless pussyboy ass tied to a bed, and would I like the key so I can take a look."

"I told myself the only thing better then fucking your little woman would be fucking your little woman, and then putting my big, stiff cock up your ass all in the same day. So lets see if you're as good a fuck as your fiancé. First we need you to get my cock hard. It's already had quite a workout. Oh, and Julie wanted to see how this went so she gave me this camera, and I'm going to take some photos for your family album."

Julie then proceeded to straddle my chest, and unzipped her jeans revealing a "cock" that looked to be about seven or eight inches long, and several inches around. It was most definitely bigger than mine.

"Suck it." She hissed. "You've always wanted to suck cock, and now you're going to get a chance. Give it a little licking slut. Come on, open up."

I'd had it. I wasn't taking one more minute of this extreme bullshit.

"Julie, afuckingnough! Get the fuck off of me, and cut me loose! I never, ever told you I'd go along with something like this. You asked, I didn't answer. In case you're not aware of it, that's not the same as "yes". If some asshole hits on you in a bar, and you don't say anything then by extension it's okay for him to fuck you? No it's not, and it's not okay for you to try and pull this crap with me. We will also cease to be an item. Done, finis, over, the end, get it? So get the fuck off of me NOW!"

Julie lowered her face towards mine until she was only inches away. She hissed at me, "It's just you, and me in this room. Now this is the last time I'm going to say it, suck my cock pretty boy."

"Get fucked."

There was sudden excruciating pain as Julie applied pressure to my balls. It got worse and worse until I opened my mouth, and started to lick "Richard's penis."

"That's a boy. Knew you could do it, lick that sucker, lick it good."

I licked it for a couple of minutes, and then Julie started to fuck my mouth. My gag reflex kicked in, and for moment I thought I was gonna throw up, but every time I'd get really close she'd back off for a bit, and then let me have it again. My eyes were closed when I heard the distinctive sound of the camera, and opened them to see Julie pop off a couple of quick pictures of me, with a very life-like cock in my mouth.

She pulled the strap-on out, slick with my saliva, and proceeded to slap my face with it.

"That's a good cock-sucking little boy. Not as good as Julie, but then you haven't had near the experience that a slut like her has had, or maybe you have. You like boys better than girls? Do you? Do you?" She taunted. "We'll know in a minute."

Julie got off of my chest, and walked to the bathroom returning with a jar of Vaseline. She proceeded to coat the strap-on along with a couple of her fingers. She used them to loosen my tight anal ring, and play with my prostrate. She'd done this before never failing to bring me to an earth shattering orgasm.

"There we go. You like that don't you Ronnie? Yep, you like getting as much as you like giving' don't you boyo. Well guess what you're going to get now. Eight inches of rock hard cock coming at ya."

"Please Julie, no. Come on, enough okay. You've made your point."

She grabbed my balls again. Fuck!

"The name is Richard fuck-stick. Now be a good little slut, and ask me to fuck you."

I wasn't going to do it. "Eat shit."

The pain was immediate, and blinding. I started screaming. Julie stuffed a pair of her panties into my mouth.

"That stays in there until you promise to be good. Do you promise to be good little faggot?"

I was having some difficulty breathing, and saw little to be gained by arguing the point, so I nodded.

She removed the panties. "Say it now."

"Richard ... please ... fuck me."

"More, I don't think you really mean it."

"Please fuck me. Fuck me in the ass with your big hard cock. Put it in me now."

She opened me as she slowly enlarged my previously virgin passage.

"Ah ... ah ... oh ... Julie ... it's ... big ... oh fuck ... don't ... ah ... ah ... do this ... to ... me." She reached down and grabbed both of my nipples, pinching, and pulling reinforcing my unfamiliar position as a submissive. "Own you, I own you, I own you," she chanted in time to her increasingly forceful thrusting.

"When I'm done turning you I'd like to watch you play basketball. You were a star weren't you? Played in front of all those people cheering for you ... cheerleaders jumping up, and down dreaming about getting into your panties." She taunted.

"Oh no ... please ... don't ... talk about that." I whispered.

"I'll cheer too, but all you'll be wearing is your basketball shoes ... and a cute jock strap."

"God no." I gasped as she picked up the pace. Where was she going with this I wondered?

"Your mommy is watching Ronnie. Your mommy is watching. No girl is good enough for her beautiful baby boy. Mommy is watching her son running around all but naked in front of hundreds of people. Her special boy's cute little white buns exposed to people who shouldn't ever see them."

She was pushing buttons that I didn't know existed.

Julie slowed her rhythm as she pulled the dildo nearly all the way out of my ass before slamming it back into my now slick tunnel. She grabbed my wavy hair in one hand and pulled my head up, and back as she succeeded in her attempt to increase her dominance over her me.

"Oh my the other players are slapping her baby's buns. Mommy's boy is getting spanked in front of a stunned crowd. He's being humiliated. He's making all sorts of mistakes, and can't seem to do anything right. She has to do something to help her baby. Oh mommy knows what she has to do to help. It's an awful thing she must do to help her special baby, but she'd do anything for him ... anything. Wouldn't your mommy do anything for you Ronnie?"

My fiancé reached around, and touched my cock, which was so hard it was painful.

"Do you want me to play with your little male clitty Ronnie? Is that what you want Richard to do for you?"

"Yes ... God Richard yes ... please touch it more ... please touch me ... touch my cock."

"You don't have a cock you fucking homo, it's just a pretty big clit. Say it cunt."

"Clit ... play with my clit ... play with my clit ... feels good ... please ... please do me."

Julie laughed as she buried the rubber cock in my ass. "I am doing you, my little fuck pony!"

She picked up the pace, and started a rapid in and out motion, which was causing me to loose control.

"Where did your mommy go? What could she possibly do to help her now helpless son? I'll bet she's going to pull the fire alarm. So simple, but the perfect answer because no one would suspect a full grown woman who's also a teacher to do anything as awful, and irresponsible as that." Julie's breathing was approaching my own strained efforts.

"Ohhhh, you really like this don't you? You like getting it up the ass don't you? You know why that is don't you, Ronnie boy? It's cause you're a goddamn faggot. You're a fucking queer who likes to suck, and fuck with other boys, that's what you are, a pussyboy.

I moaned. She couldn't be right. I loved women, and only women. I couldn't be fucking queer. I was a golden haired dream. My mommy had told me as much.

"Where was I? Mommy was gone and oh, so was your cute little girlfriend the head cheerleader. Is there a reason they call her the "head" cheerleader Ronnie? All of a sudden that huge crowd is quiet. How could that be Ronnie, why would the crowd be so quiet?"

"Don't know ... don't know ... please don't." I whined.

"Oh my God Ronnie! It's you mommy. That's why everyone is so quiet because they're looking at your mommy. She's wearing your girlfriend's cheerleading outfit. She has the shoes, the socks, the cute little skirt, and ... oh my Ronnie mommy isn't wearing the top! Mommy's huge boobs are naked! Bouncing all over the place because she's running towards the Pep Club. Mommy's gonna do a cartwheel! Oh Ronnie you poor boy, mommy doesn't have any panties, and her pussy is bare for all to see!"

The mental image of my mother all but naked in front of those people shaking her large white breasts should have left me disgusted. It was however having quite the opposite effect. I would have cum if Julie hadn't ceased stroking my cock.

I opened my eyes, and looked up to see Julie staring down at me. Her look was one of pure, crazed lust. Tears of perspiration dripped from her brow, and heaving breasts. She placed her arms underneath my knees, and brought them up as high as she could allowing her more access to my ass. She then continued her narrative.

"It's never been like this before has it? You've tied Julie up, spanked her, exposed her, and made her play with herself naked while you drove down the interstate. Blowjobs parked in front of bars, in front of your parent's house. Making the poor girl strip while you kept your clothes on as she kneeled in front of you to suck your cock right outside your parent's bedroom, not more then twenty feet away."

"Now I am dominating you."

Julie worked herself into a steady rhythm, the speed, and intensity of which kept increasing until each thrust nearly lifted me off the bed.

"Julie ... please ... no more ... please." I pleaded.

"I'm Richard you fucking pussy! Richard's is fucking your male cunt! Richard fucked your fiancé today! Richard emptied his man-sized load of baby-makers in her pussy! It was your fiancé that begged me for more of my big hard beautiful cock, and told me that I was a God compared to her fiancé! Say it marble balls! Say it!"

I was breaking.

"Fuck me Richard ... fuck me Richard ... I'm your pussy Richard ... give it to me baby. So good ... so fucking good ... I love your cock ... I love ... you ... Richard ... please just ... keep ... fucking ... meeeeeeeee!" I screamed.

God's gift to women had his long golden legs spread, his virgin pussy assaulted and his will broken. By a woman. I hated myself for finding so much pleasure in this degrading act.

"The crowd is looking away from your mommy. How can that be? What would make them look away from those tits she's been so careful to keep hidden? Oh no ... it can't be can it? It's Diane! The sweet little girl mommy wanted you to marry. It's not quite so awful as your mommy though because Diane has a top on, and her blue cheerleading panties. Wait a minute ... those aren't cheerleading panties they're blue bikini panties, and oh no, you can see right through them! What an ass on this bitch! It reminds the guys of something ... but what is it? Oh yeah! She's got a black babe's ass. It's a bubble butt."

I gave up trying not to think about the things Julie was describing. She was so right on in her description of my ex-girlfriend's bottom.

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