Bridget's Out, Natalie's In

by Severusmax

Copyright© 2012 by Severusmax

Erotica Sex Story: The next events in the series have Bridget coming out and opting out, while Natalie decides that she belongs to Daddy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Paranormal   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Rough   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   White Couple   White Male   White Female   Hispanic Male   Hispanic Female   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Pregnancy   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   Nudism   .

Things naturally changed a bit around the von Greiner house when Karl openly took his twin sister Kirsten as a lover. Dad announced the next morning over breakfast that there were some new rules concerning sex and relationships, for those who didn't already know. He wanted no one in the dark about the new situation.

"Your mothers and I want to make this clear. First, no one has sex with anyone against that person's will. That is still rape and it won't be tolerated around here. Secondly, those of you still in school will not neglect your studies. If you get pregnant, you'll still have to finish high school, at least. Those of who you father children will be expected to still graduate and also take an interest in the well-being of both your child and its mother.

"You'll still be expected to make someone of yourself. It can be in my company or in another line of work, but you will do something with your lives, all of you. That can mean being a housewife, but it can also joining the military or police, as well as going off to college. This new development doesn't override all of the upbringing that you've had, in the codes of ethics and honor. Granted, our morality is different from that of some of our neighbors, but we do have beliefs and principles that govern this house. If you don't like it, tough. When you're eighteen, you can leave. Until then, you're staying and you're definitely doing as I say.

"This leads to the third stipulation. Namely, my authority will expand to other things if you agree to a sexual relationship, but it will not extend to forcing one upon you. I will not exempt myself from the 'no rape' rule. If you opt out, that is certainly your right, and we won't think any less of you for it. None of us will. Is that understood?

"Once you're eighteen, the sexual dynamic might change somewhat, but I will always be in charge of anything that involves me. Until you're eighteen, you're a minor, so if you decide to have sexual congress with the grown-ups, you will obey all of us present during the act. That also means that if Trevor should ever join us, he will be in charge of the others, too.

"Let me clarify something else. There will be no favoritism, as far as we can help it. If you have a dispute with another of my children, don't expect me to decide the issue based upon the presence or absence of a sexual relationship with you. That's a parent-child thing, not a deal between lovers. Don't try to use sex as a weapon or a means of manipulating me into giving you what you want at the expense of a sibling who isn't involved in it. So if you're only sleeping with us to get favors granted, you'll be disappointed.

"Also, you can sleep with some of us and not others, if you prefer. That goes back to the consent rule. The unlucky relative needs to remember that we still love each other as family. It's simply the right of all of us to refuse to grant sexual favors to anyone. Be nice when turning someone down. Spare his or her feelings. Furthermore, we all have the right to alter our sexual relationship with others.

"If we do this right, there can be fun for all who participate and ease some of the tensions around here. It can also allow those who don't take part to know what they don't like and why they don't. Any questions, in case I forgot something?" Dad laid down the law.

"So, how old does one have to be for sex around this house?" Cassie, age fourteen, asked her father.

"Thirteen, which means that you qualify, if you wish. You're certainly free to stay a virgin as long as you choose as well. Are you interested in joining the group?" Dad asked her as he toned down his magical effect to let her make an honest choice in this matter. He did the same with Hector, just to be safe.

"No, Dad. Sorry, but I can't bring myself to participate in this kind of thing. It's just not my scene. Maybe I'll change my mind. I have some time to do so, but at the moment, I seriously doubt it. I actually meant sex in general, but I guess that you answered my question, unless you distinguish between sex with the family and sex with a certain individual," Cassie blushed as she took her stand.

"My feelings, too, Dad," Hector agreed with Cassie.

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with opting out. As I said, it won't be held against you. I respect your decision, as I'm sure that it isn't easy. You should do what makes you happy. We love you and are proud of you, no matter what lifestyle you choose," Dad assured the younger set of twins.

Dad had a strong vibe about what they intended, but that was their business. Just because monogamy and abstinence weren't his cup of tea didn't mean that they were wrong for others. Cassie and Hector were likely waiting for a moment when both of them were ready for sex. They also seemed to want to know all of their options. He was happy to so inform them.

"What if you're gay?" Bridget, Aunt Haley's daughter, stunned everyone.

"Then you can either not participate or limit your participation as much as you wish. I accept that Grandpa is gay. Why wouldn't I still love a gay son or daughter? To the point, are you gay, Bridget?" Dad directly asked her, having never seriously considered that possibility before.

Bridget swallowed hard and then answered,"Yes, Dad. That's right. Everyone, it's true. I'm a lesbian. Not bi. I'm totally gay. I have absolutely no sexual interest in guys, but a lot in girls. Dad, Mom, Aunt Vicki, and Aunt Michelle, let me assure you that I'll find a way to give you grandchildren. Grandpa and Uncle Earl, I trust that you guys are behind me on this. You'll have great-grandchildren, I promise you.

"Sorry to do this to you, especially since Cassie and Hector just did as well, but I'm also opting out completely. It's nothing personal, guys. I still love you as family. You know that. It's just that I have my eyes on a certain girl and she's outside the family. I'm in love with her. I'm a one-woman girl. I plan to be faithful to her and I hope that she will be faithful to me. That's just my nature. I want to lose my virginity to this girl, marry her, and grow old with her. I'm pretty sure that she feels the same about me. I hope that you will embrace her and welcome her into the family, just not into the sex club."

"Anyone who has the good sense to love my daughter is always welcome in my house, our home. I know that your mother feels the same way, right, Haley? I'm confident about Aunt Vicki and Aunt Michelle as well. Whomever she is, she has excellent taste in women. Whenever she wants to move in with you, she'll stay in your room with no questions asked. That's your business. She'd better not hurt you on purpose, though. If she does that, she'll need a new home. What's her name, honey?" Dad hugged Bridget.

"Diane Culver. I don't think that her parents are so open-minded, either. I'm not sure how they will take it if and when she comes out of the closet to them. We've exchanged notes, there's been some heavy petting, and she's secretly asked me to be her prom date. Yeah, she's a senior, but I'm cool with that. I hope that you are. She's even talked of getting married sooner. We've also talked about kids.

"Sorry if it seems fast to you, but I love her. We're both willing to risk everything. She's told me that she will come out of the closet to her family before the prom. She has to, you know, or else they'll find out anyway when she takes me there. Everyone will know then. Would you like to meet her today? I know that she sleeps in on Saturdays, but she'd wake up for this. She might not even chew me out too much. Oh, and you can still kiss me, Dad. It's never been sexual before, so why should it matter now?" Bridget told her family.

"Sure, I'd love to meet her. How about you, ladies?" Dad kissed Bridget on the forehead.

"Yes, let's meet this girl of yours. I want to get to know her. You must be serious about her, if you're introducing her to the folks. I hope that she doesn't freak out when she sees our lifestyle," Mom embraced her daughter. Aunt Vicki and Aunt Michelle joined them in a group hug.

"I think that she'll understand. She knows that you practice polygamy and hasn't judged me for that. It's not her thing, but she doesn't think less of you because it's yours. Can I go ahead and call her?" Bridget promised her parents, which in her mind included Aunt Vicki and Aunt Michelle, despite their titles.

"Yes, call your girlfriend. Maybe she can spend the day with us. She's certainly welcome to stay over tonight. I think that I speak for all of us on that matter," Dad smiled at his daughter's obvious enthusiasm.

"You always do, honey. If I disagreed, I'd draw you aside to tell you. Haven't I always?" Aunt Vicki observed.

"Same here," Aunt Michelle added.

"And me," Mom concurred.

"True. You ladies are always so loyal and supportive. Alright, what are you waiting for? Call your high school sweetheart," Dad prodded his daughter to action.

"Thank you, Dad," Bridget gave him another kiss, before running off to make a phone call.

"I think that it's safe to say that this meeting is just about over. We still have food to eat, but there's no rush on it. It's Saturday, after all. Any other questions, before we adjourn and focus on the fantastic strawberry pancakes?" Dad gave the rest of them one last chance.

"Yes, Daddy, just one," Natalie teased him.

She alone still called him "Daddy" instead of "Dad" on a regular basis. No one knew why she did this, but they stopped worrying about it years ago. It was just part of her personality. Of his four daughters, Natalie was always the one who most fit the "Daddy's girl" label. The others loved him, of course, but Natalie just clung to him like static.

"What's that, baby?" Dad asked her, knowing that his daughter by Aunt Michelle had a devilish sense of humor.

"When can I fuck you? By that, I mean you, Daddy. The rest of you are hot and I would love to have sex with all of you, but you're my first choice. I want to give you my virginity. I don't know if it matters a lot to you. I just know that I didn't want it to hurt a lot the first time around. I know that my classmates who gave it up to boyfriends all said that it hurt badly.

"Guys my age can fuck my girlfriends, but except for Karl, they're not fucking me. Even he already had Kirsten's cherry, so he should be okay with me giving it up to Daddy. I've always been a Daddy's girl, anyway. I don't want to wait much longer, either. Maybe as soon as breakfast is over you can take me this morning.

"Yes, I know what it means, but I want this to be a lifelong relationship. I'm eager to start as soon as possible. I want to be your fourth wife, Daddy. There's no one here too young to watch us, is there? Please fuck me right after breakfast, Daddy," Natalie begged her father.

At not quite sixteen, she still had some baby fat on her, which lent itself to a softer, more adorable face that was difficult to resist. When combined with the large ass, big breasts, and the normal complexion of a Tejana, Natalie Velasquez von Greiner was a rather sensual young woman. She knew it, too, and played it to the max, especially with her father.

"Call it an early birthday present to her, since her sweet sixteen is just weeks away, dear," her mother suggested to Dad.

"I agree, honey. This girl loves you as more than just as her father. Don't break her heart. She won't recover easily. She is a Daddy's girl, just like me, except that you find her sexually attractive as well. I know that you do. Everyone can tell that. It's your call, as head of the household, but you already approved incest in principle, right?" Vicki, the senior wife, encouraged her husband/master.

"She's right. Give this girl what she wants. That happens to be you. I'd love for her to be your newest wife. It's not like you won't have help satisfying us ladies now, especially if Trevor's marriage is in as of bad shape as it looks. I really like Natalie, as you know. She's bubbly, sweet, and a lot of fun. She can be a little feisty, but she'd never defy you, any more than her mother would. Her spirited nature would just be directed at other, less fortunate men," Haley, the wife who doubled as a secretary, threw her support behind her stepdaughter's proposition.

"Well, I think that this is decided by acclamation. You're my fiancee and sex slave as well as my daughter, dear. Last chance to back out of this arrangement, honey," Dad winked at Natalie, knowing full well by now that she wouldn't take him up on it.

"No, Daddy. I think that it's obvious by now that I want this with all of my heart, as much as Bridget wants Diane and Cassie wants Hector. I'm completely at your service, Master," Natalie affirmed, sitting on her father's lap for a moment to reinforce her delight. This had the understandable of getting him rather hard.

"Okay, sweetie, let's eat. We don't have a lot of time to eat and also fuck before Diane gets here," Dad reminded her.

"Why wait? If you fuck her now, we'll keep your food warm for you and you'll have plenty of time to eat as you please. After all, you tend to get hungry after sex, anyway. Just go ahead and fuck our daughter, right here and now. I'd love to watch it myself. I'll bet dollars to donuts that she's as horny and wet as possible at the moment, too. It won't take much foreplay to get her ready for sex," Michelle proposed.

"Works for me. She looks ready to me, dear," Vicki backed her sister-wife and longtime girlfriend.

"Please, Daddy! Take me, right here in this chair! Here, I'll drop my shorts for you to make it easier. I'll ride your cock in front of everyone and I hope that you knock me up!" Natalie was visibly desperate for her father to fuck her at the breakfast table.

"Very well, I'll do it!" Dad decided, sliding his cock into his daughter's cunt after she sat back on his lap.

It wasn't a very long fuck, and Dad made a point of telling himself that he would do full justice to his daughter sometime later that weekend. This was just him granting the "early birthday present" that Michelle and the others persuaded him to give to her. He couldn't refuse Natalie what she wanted in this case. From what everyone could see, she wasn't a bit disappointed by the brevity of their sexual congress. She was so hot and bothered that the knowledge that her own father finally had his cock inside her was more than sufficient to cause her to cum as he fucked her in that chair.

A couple of strokes later, Dad couldn't stop himself any longer and he shot a surprisingly large amount of cum into Natalie's pussy. This amazed both Dad and his wives, since he had fucked them so much the night before and had a quickie with Vicki that morning in the shower. He softened again, after his daughter finished cleaning him orally to show her gratitude to her loving father. Instead of getting back into her own chair, she simply dumped the contents of her plate onto his and sat back down on his lap so they could eat their pancakes together.

"I think that she's smitten, dear. I always knew that she was a Daddy's girl, but, damn! Not that I mind sharing you with my daughter. It kind of makes me wet to think about it, as a matter of fact. Now, Haley, I just want to say that these pancakes are outstanding! How did you get them this good? Wouldn't you agree, Vicki?" Michelle winked at Dad, knowing that if her daughter was anything like herself, she wouldn't be sated long by a quickie on a chair at the breakfast table in their large kitchen.

"Very true, honey. They're quite delicious. Speaking of things eaten, I wonder if Bridget is done inviting her girlfriend over here. I really hope that this Diane of hers does move in, if you'll pardon my saying so. I kind of like the idea of all of our kids having a regular sex partner, whether or not they join our inner circle. There would be something else that everyone here would have in common for a change, and a rather nice thing at that. What are your thoughts, honey?" Vicki asked her husband.

"My sentiments exactly," he grinned at the idea of his sweet Bridget with this girl, suspecting that his daughter by Haley was more than a little dominant.

"And to think that my Kirsten brought all of this on, too," Karl remarked with pride.

"You're right, honey. Kirsten deserves a serious reward for that, wouldn't you say?" Haley said as she played footsie with the young lady in question.

"I've had some rewards already, but more would be nice. I have plans for you, in fact, Aunt Haley. Some of them may have to wait until I turn eighteen, however," Kirsten warned her stepmother, whom she only called "Aunt" because it sounded better than plain "Haley" or "Stepmom".

"Promises, promises, dear. You'll have to deliver on those when the time comes. I'll be sure to collect. If it's what I think, I'm getting a little moist between the thighs to even realize it. I like the bossy types. They're the sexiest," Haley shot back, making Kirsten blush a little.

"I think that you called her bluff, honey," Dad observed.

"Oh, I wasn't bluffing," Kirsten told her father.

"Neither was I, sugar. I just hope that you're as domineering as your old man," Haley commented.

"No kidding. You even like it when I take charge of you gals, which isn't easy for me. I mostly do it to turn Dan on and to reinforce my authority as head wife. I'm more or less a slave at heart," Vicki weighed in.

"I believe you, but there is a little Domme in you, dear. More than you think. Not a lot, but enough that you can pull it off credibly for half an hour or so. I admit that you lean heavily in the sub direction, but you can fake it too well at times when you're tying me up and finger-fucking my ass! Sorry, kids, that might not have been good table talk, but everyone here is old enough to do it," Haley countered.

"Then we're old enough to hear about it, too. Right, Dad?" Karl butted in.

"Exactly. Don't feel bad, Haley. It's time for everyone to get used to much franker sex talk around the house. This is now a family of adults and adolescents, at least for the present and near future. I just got done lecturing everyone on the new rules about sex not much earlier, if you'll recall correctly. You've done nothing wrong, honey," Dad kissed his wife/secretary to reassure her.

"Thank you, Herr von Greiner. See what a great boss I have. He's so cool that he gives me the best benefits ever. Sex, sex, and even more sex. Of course, it doesn't hurt that he married me, too. Yep, the best boss ever!" Haley picked on her husband/boss.

"This from the world's best secretary. She even let me knock her up once. How many executive assistants do that these days? Several months of maternity leave later, and she's right back on the job, typing like a demon and draining my balls as always. She even married me," Dad returned the jab.

"Bragging on Mom again?" Bridget announced her return.

"Always. Your mother is a prize and a half," Dad said as he downed the last of his orange juice.

"Hear, hear," the others all saluted Haley, who was universally loved in the family.

"So, what did Diane say? Is she coming over?" Dad broached the subject.

"Hell, yes, she is. When I told her how you guys reacted to the news, she told me, 'You have the best family ever. My own is a train wreck.' I promptly told her that this was now her family, too," Bridget spoke with pride in her enlightened kinfolk.

"You're damn right that it is. I can't wait to meet the girl who's swept my daughter off her feet. Don't worry, I won't scare her off. Quite the contrary. I'll do my best to welcome her to the fold. Not that way, of course, if you know what I mean," Dad assured his daughter.

"Thank you, again, Dad. You're the best father in the world. I gave you news that didn't exactly help you in the sex department and you took it so well. As lecherous as you are, those who say that you think only with your cock seriously misjudge you. Personally, I'm glad that you're such a randy fellow, since otherwise I wouldn't exist," Bridget didn't bat an eye about Natalie sitting on Dad's lap while she kissed him on the cheek.

She knew her sisters as well as her father. Natalie, for example, was an open book to her. She saw that love affair coming a mile away. Natalie had always belonged to Dad in her heart. It was just that she now did in her body, too.

"Natalie, dear, I love you and all, but can you and Dad please put your pants back on? I don't mind if Diane knows about you two, but let's not wave it right in her face. She's still a virgin and I want the chance to be the aggressor when I change that fact. If you turn her on so damn much, that would be harder to arrange. It's not Dad that I worry about, since she's gay, just this sultry Latina here," Bridget joked with her sister.

Contrary to her brave statements, she inwardly hoped that Dad would rein in his supernatural sexual magnetism, since it actually would override Diane's natural orientation. She really couldn't care less if he wore pants or even underwear, as long as he suppressed his magical powers. She still had the urge to pick on both of them, however.

"Don't bother, Sis. You know that Bridget's just yanking your chain. I, for one, enjoy seeing your naked ass and pussy at the table. For that matter, I don't even mind seeing Dad's cock. I am bi, after all," Karl needled two of his sisters at once.

"Oh, Karl, honey! You're incorrigible! What a son we have. Well, both of them! One wants to date only his twin sister and the other wants to suck his father's cock!" Vicki joined the teasing game.

"Like you'd object!" Dad retorted.

"Of course not! On the contrary, it's a real turn-on! Almost as much as the idea of him fucking the hell out of his mother. I can hardly wait for that," Vicki told him.

"Name the time and place, Mom. At your service as ever. I'll do my best, even if I lack experience," Karl said in all sincerity.

"Alright, I want you to fuck me sometime this afternoon, whenever we can get a few minutes alone. Just bear in mind that this will literally make you a motherfucker, so you'll have no cause to complain if someone calls you that in the future," Vicki dared her son with a wink.

"Fine with me. I've wanted to screw you for the longest time, Mom. It's just like Trevor with Aunt Michelle. It's raw animal lust. How does that sound, Mom?" Karl took it in stride, earning him a stare from his mother that said she wanted to rape him right there in front of everyone.

"Sweetie, it sounds as if you need more to see for yourself how strong my maternal instincts really are," Vicki answered in a vague manner that still made it perfectly clear what she meant.

"Once again, I admire your taste in women, Karl. Of course, you are my son, so that makes sense. Your mother knows how to please a man for sure, whether it's her husband or her son. As your mother said, I gave the incest plan my approval, including the part about my sons fucking my wives if they wish," Dad encouraged his son.

"What about stepmothers and stepsons?" Aunt Michelle started licking her lips at the idea of bedding Karl and resuming her old affair with Trevor.

Everyone who knew about it had been cool with that liaison, except for Jamie, who put her foot down and demanded that Trevor be faithful to her. She threatened to tell Dad, since she thought he didn't know about one of his wives screwing Trevor. It was, however, simply his empathy for her apparently hurt feelings that made Trevor actually commit to fidelity. He could be such a softie at times.

Aunt Michelle was upset, but since it was more lust than love, she put it behind her as best as she could. The recent talk that Trevor's marriage went downhill neither surprised nor especially dismayed anyone, though they felt badly for him. None of them liked Jamie's attitude and sense of entitlement. Mom was downright frosty to her, as she often complained about to Trevor.

"Hey, if you want to sleep with Karl, that's part of the deal, too. Or did you mean Trevor? I think that Jamie has more than earned a serious comeuppance. Turnabout's fair play, right?" Dad winked at the former stripper, who was still rather sexy at age fifty-three.

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