Caresse's Awakening

by Amasterfound

Copyright© 2012 by Amasterfound

BDSM Sex Story: Caresse's job performance is falling lately, and her boss, Romain, takes charge of the situation. That is true in her private life as well as work.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Size   Workplace   .

Romain walked back to his desk, waiting for her to show up for work. He looked at the clock: she was late again! He didn't know why he kept her around as her work started to slack off more. She came in late a lot recently and now he discovered this new problem! What was he going to do with her? He hated to fire her, because she used to try harder most of the time. He sensed that there was more going on than what met the eye. Why else did she have a file of stuff that was strictly prohibited on her work computer? There was more than one-way to solve this problem, but would she be willing to do that?

Caresse finally arrived and tried to sneak into work, hoping that her boss wouldn't notice her tardiness. She slipped into her desk and started to type away on the computer keyboard at some work that she failed to complete the day before. Why did she daydream so much of the time all of the sudden? It messed with her job performance. If she lost this job, she didn't know what she would do. She had no boyfriend or husband and she wouldn't ask her parents for help again. She was simply a single woman that seemed to go unnoticed by most people. How she managed to get this job she had no idea.

Romain heard Caress come in and start on her work. She didn't even bother to tell him why she was late. Did she think that she would get away with it? Didn't she even think that he knew that she was late? The more he thought about what she had done wrong lately, the more he got upset. He had expressly told her that he needed that paper work on his desk the first thing this morning. He had caught her daydreaming yesterday instead of working.

Romain tried to get a handle on his anger before he called her into his office. He opened the file again and looked at what he had copied off her work computer; there was page after page of porn. If what he saw here was true of her desires, she might be willing to do what he had in mind. He could only hope, since he enjoyed doing it so much too!

"Caresse, I need you to come into my office, now!" he ordered her through her intercom, making her jump.

"Yes, Sir!" she replied, knowing that she was in trouble. What would he do? She hoped he didn't fire her.

Caresse walked in and stood by Romain's desk, waiting timidly to see what he had to say to her. She knew that she'd done several things wrong lately. She also knew that she should have called in to work and let him know that she would be late. She hoped that he wouldn't be in the office yet, giving her time to finish the paperwork. When she pulled into the parking lot, she saw his car there and knew that her hopes were be dashed. Desperately, she tried anyway.

"Caresse, you've been rather lax with your work lately, as well as constantly tardy. What I have wondered is how do I deal with your disrespect for company policies and neglect of your duties? Not to mention the rather interesting porn that I've found on your computer. It's not just any kind of porn, but BDSM scenes! I've even found erotic stories about bondage and capture in your files! This won't be tolerated on company time and equipment! We pay you to work, not to fantasize! I'm afraid that there will have to be some serious consequences to your actions here! What do you have to say for yourself?" he reprimanded her.

"I'm sorry, Sir ... Mr. Deville ... uh, I I had car trouble. I don't know what's come over me lately. I'll try to do better! Please don't fire me! I need this job!" she stammered.

"Well, I'm not buying that excuse again. That seems to be your favorite one. How many times have you used it in the past month alone, ten? Since today was supposed to be a half-day, due to Monday being Labor Day, the others will leave at lunchtime, but you will stay. We will finish this discussion after work. Whatever disciplinary action will have to be taken, we will deal with it then! I need those papers on my desk immediately! I have to report to the clients in forty-five minutes. You have fifteen minutes to get them on my desk! Now, go get them finished!" he commanded.

"Yes Sir, I mean Mr. Deville, I will get on it right now! I am sorry again, Sir," she stammered another apology.

"I don't want to hear it right now! All I want are those reports here immediately. I still have to prepare for the meeting with the clients!" he said impatiently.

Caresse hurried to her desk and finished the reports. She knew that she should have stayed late yesterday to finish them, but she just wanted to get home. She had been looking at that stuff again on the office's Internet and writing those stories, which had gotten her horny! Damn, why did she think that she could get away with it? Now her job might be on the line. What else did he have in mind as punishment? She was scared to even think of all the possibilities. What would she do? Did he know that some of those stories she wrote herself? Caresse trembled as she took the reports to Romain's office and handed them to him.

"Here are the reports, Sir. I double-checked everything. Is there anything else that you want, Mr. Deville?" she asked nervously.

"No, just get back to work. No extracurricular activities! Do you understand me?" he spoke with annoyance.

"Yes, Sir. I'll go finish the other work that needs to be done right away. Can I bring you a cup of coffee?" she hoped to appease him somewhat.

"No! Just do your work! Now!" he snapped.

Caresse rushed back to her desk and completed that day's assignments. She even finished the rest of the previous day's work. By the time she accomplished this, it was lunchtime. The office emptied out quickly, with all of the staff excited about a long Labor Day weekend! Romain came in and out of his office, passing by her desk, but said very little to her. She sat there nervously, waiting for his next instructions.

"Caresse, make sure that everyone has gone for the weekend. After that, lock the doors and come into my office," he buzzed on the intercom.

"Yes, Mr. Deville," she said fearfully.

Caresse quickly checked the office and found it empty except for herself and Mr. Deville. She nervously locked the front door, wondering what he had in mind. She then entered his office and stood in front of his desk.

"Everybody has left, Sir," she informed him.

"Good! I've been rather disturbed and annoyed with your job performance lately. You're not the hard worker that you used to be when you first started here. I know you can do better than you've done lately. This makes me wonder what to do about your late assignments. To make matters worse, I've read those stories which you've been reading while on the clock. They make me question about whether you've just downloaded them or written them yourself. There are a lot of boss/secretary type stories on some of those sites and files. We don't have time for that kind of waste of the company's time.

"Also, you've worn skirts that seem shorter than the dress code requires. We have a strict knee-length policy at this firm, along with a complete set of underwear and no see-through blouses. We have a lot of clients coming through there, not to mention the public. We want to keep a professional look around here. I don't want to offend any of our clients or prospects. I've been thinking a lot about what needs to be done about these problems and I've come to two conclusions. Either I can fire you or you can pay a hefty penalty. Am I correct to assume that you are still unattached?" Romain demanded.

"Yes, Sir. I'm still single. I'll never get a boyfriend, 'cause no one finds me attractive enough. I don't want to be fired, so what kind of 'hefty penalty' do you have in mind?" Caresse answered.

"Let me be the judge of that. Your problem isn't looks. It's motivation. You strike me as the submissive type. That comes out in your stories and work. When I keep on top of your work, you do well. However, when I ease up, so does your work. Therefore, in order to help you both as a person and an employee, I want to take charge of your life. I happen to find you a very attractive woman, so there is something in this idea for me as well.

"When you do your job properly, you'll be rewarded as I decide. When you 'goof off' on the job, however, you'll be disciplined. Specifically, I mean spanking. It will be bare ass with a paddle. If necessary, you'll stand in the corner with your panties around your ankles. You'll only wear them on the clock. Therefore, that's your choice. Lose your job or let me take control of your life.

"I need to copy some reports. You have fifteen minutes to decide. When I get back, I want to know what you've chosen. If you agree to my terms, you'll show me this by bending over my desk with your skirt hiked up and your panties around your ankles. If you don't accept them, you'll stand just as you are and I will take that as a rejection. You'll get one week's severance pay and I'll want your desk cleaned out within the hour," he declared to her.

Romain walked out of the room with the reports in his hand. Caresse thought about her choices. Yes, she could try to find a new job. With one week's severance, her next paycheck, and what little she had in savings, that would last for about two months. That was true if she tightened her belt financially. Nevertheless, the idea of finding another job didn't appeal to her.

Caresse really liked working for Romain. She only called him by that name when by herself. There was really only one choice for her. She must agree to his proposition. The idea of never seeing him again scared her. So did the idea of having someone take total control of her life, although this was exactly what she wanted. What would that be like? She thought to herself, "I am about to find out."

Caresse thought about the fact that only her parents and her female gynecologist had ever seen her naked. She was a twenty-five year old virgin. She hadn't been seen naked by a man since she was a baby and that was her father. She hadn't been spanked by anyone since her parents did it when she was ten. Even then, that was rare. She bent over the desk and hiked up her skirt. She didn't wear any panties that day, so she was aware that her ass and pussy were on display for anyone who came through the door. She put her hands on the desk in front of her, waiting for her boss's return.

Romain entered the room after covertly watching her for about ten extra minutes. He secretly delighted in both her decision and the sight of her bare ass, vulnerable to his paddle. He adjusted his stiffening cock in his dress slacks. He then walked over to his closet and took out a paddle that he kept hidden there. Romain went back to his desk and stood beside her. How the sight of a woman's ass on display, ready to be spanked, turned him on more than anything else, he thought.

"I'm thrilled that you've decided to let me take charge of you. Of course, you know now that I have to paddle you for your actions. When I'm done with that, I'll tell you more about what I have in mind. However, I'll tell you now that I won't do anything to permanently scar or severely hurt you. We will set up a safe word to be used only when you can't take anymore. It is not to be used just to get out of a punishment. Is there anything you want to say before I paddle you?" he announced.

"Okay, Sir ... I am a virgin. No man has even seen my privates since I was a baby. I was ten the last time anyone spanked me," she returned.

"I know that you're nervous, so I'll try not to hurt you when I take your cherry. You understood that part of my control involved sex, right? If you'd been spanked more often, I don't think that we would have to do this now. Then again, I believe that women need to be spanked to keep them in line," Romain responded.

"Yes, Sir. I realized that fact," she reacted.

"I'm glad that's crystal clear. From now on, however, I want you to stop calling me 'Mr. Deville' when you're off the clock. The only time you will even call me 'Sir' is when you're on company time or in most public places. You'll address me as 'Master' everywhere else. Lying to me will earn you extra punishments. Now, I am going to swat you twenty-five times today and another twenty-five tomorrow, for a total of fifty. Is that clear?" he stated.

"Yes, Master, but I wasn't aware that I'm supposed to come into work tomorrow," she hesitantly questioned him.

"I did not mean coming into work! You are going home with me tonight and staying the whole weekend. I plan to continue your discipline and training this weekend. That way, perhaps next Tuesday, I will see a major improvement in your work. We'll stop at your place and get what you need for the weekend, as well as your clothes for work," he corrected her, "Now, it's time for me to spank you."

Romain lifted the paddle and landed it on Caresse's heart-shaped ass, turning it red with the twenty-five swats. By the time that he finished the swats, she cried softly from the pain she had just received. He smelled the dampness of her exposed pussy, which aroused him even more. From the scent of it, he knew that he wasn't the only one turned-on by her punishment.

Roman laid the paddle down on the desk in front of her, opened the file of pages he copied from her computer, and told her to look at the pictures of women being spanked and dominated by men in authority. He unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants to the floor. Caresse, hearing this, knew what came next and got even wetter. Romain finished undressing, moved behind her, and prepared to take her cherry.

Romain spread Caresse's legs and entered her in one painful thrust. He gave her time to adjust to his cock inside her virgin pussy. Soon, however, he thrust rapidly in and out of her. Caresse now started to enjoy the pleasure as the pain subsided.

"Damn, you're fucking tight on my cock! I hoped that you'd be tight and hot! I'm glad that you're a virgin!" he grunted.

"Oh, God, it feels like you're splitting me open! Holy shit, it feels good! I didn't know sex could be this great!" she exclaimed.

"Get used to it, because I'm taking you anytime, anywhere I please! That includes any of your holes and any actual locations that I choose! You're mine now and I'll have my way with your body," Romain declared.

"Yes, Master! Use me as you see fit! I've thought about you taking me this way for a while now! It's as good as I hoped it would be!" Caresse proclaimed.

"So, you've been fantasizing about me! Why the fuck didn't you tell me this?" he reacted.

"Because you're my boss and I didn't want to lose my job," she retorted.

"Like I'd have fired you for that! I'd have taken you up on that offer in a millisecond!" he asserted as he rammed his cock harder into her pussy.

Caresse pushed back on Romain's powerful cock as he slammed it home. She got closer to her first orgasm with a guy. This one seemed like it would be more intense than the ones she gave herself.

Romain looked forward to this weekend, knowing that he'd get to dominate her as he pleased, as well as taking her other holes. Little did she know that she wouldn't wear much clothing at all this weekend, he thought as he got closer to cumming in her tight pussy. He enjoyed the thought of spanking her cute butt a lot more.

"Damn, Caresse, you're making me cum! You've got such a tight cunt!" Romain shouted.

"Oh yes, I'm getting there, too!" she moaned.

Romain felt his balls contracting, which meant that he was about to cum. The excitement was so intense that he knew that he couldn't hold off much longer. He felt the pulsation of his dick, as his cum shot through it. He also felt her cunt milk his cock even more, due to her climax.

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