Jessica and the Exam

by Songloader

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Sex Story: Jessica goes for a a check-up read what happens during the appointment.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Doctor/Nurse   .

It was a bright sunny day in October as Jessica stepped out from her car. The wind caught her skirt and sent it twirling around her thighs. As the cold wind swirled around her legs she started to feel worse about what she was at the building to do that morning. She looked up at the sky and took in a deep breath trying to brace herself for this day she hated and it appeared that every year seemed to get harder and harder to come here. What was so important about the gynecologist anyway? It wasn't like her pussy was getting any attention lately. It had been how long since her last one ... almost 2 years? "Oh boy that's a long time" she thought but then again if she somehow got some action in the next year she'd need those pills. She squared her shoulders and headed for the door. It's a shame she had to go today ... it would have been the perfect day for a horseback ride. As she reached the door she could feel her heart pounding and her hands beginning to shake ... she grabbed the handle and pushed in.

The heat from the building hit her in the face as she stepped inside and as she moved she could hear her heals on the hard marble floor. They sounded so loud in this hollow hall. At the end of the hall she punched the button for the elevator and waited. Just as she was growing impatient with the damned slow elevator a young sexy man walked up behind her and stood next to her. "What luck! Maybe this day won't be so bad after all." she thought and it seemed like he was ridding the elevator too! At least she had this stud to look at for a while. The man was tall, about 6 ft., and had a lean but muscular build to him. His hair was clipped short with a deep caramel brown color. Underneath that tight white button down shirt she was sure there was a set of abs to die for. His eyes were a piercing brownish gold that seemed to have some emotion behind them. Lust maybe? Jessica started to think of what she wanted to do to the gorgeous man next to her. Oh she'd have her way with him alright. "What a hard sexy face" she contemplated. Umm ... she bet he looked good with his shirt off. Just as she was about to undress him in her mind the elevator dinged which quickly brought her back to reality.

They both stepped onto the elevator and she punched the 3rd floor and surprisingly he didn't enter another floor. Jessica guessed this guy was a lawyer or something just based on his attire. If she had any balls what so ever she would speak to the man but for some reason the words would not leave her mouth. At least she could look at him for a few moments longer. As the elevator started to move she noticed how wonderful this guy smelled. He was wearing her favorite cologne and good god was it intoxicating. Maybe she'd fantasize about this guy instead of concentrating on her old doctor during the exam. Don't get her wrong ... her doctor is sweet and very gentle but he's not much to look at and when you have your legs spread wide for a man while he's inserting things into your pussy. Let's be honest, if you're going to endure this you want him to be hot! Jessica thought she saw the guy check her out but she must be dreaming. He was way too hot for her to land him. Not to say Jessica wasn't good looking but she was 5'8" around 155 lbs. with medium length blonde hair and greens eyes. Jessica's a curvy girl with a nice ass and thighs. She definitely had the hour glass figure but that didn't seem to be an attractive quality for the skinny ones. The loud ding of the elevator broke her thoughts and she found herself slamming back to reality. The doors opened and she went straight and he went right..."Damn so much for that fantasy." she thought.

She walked a ways down the hall until she found the door for her gyno's office. She stepped into the office and felt the door slam behind her. No going back now. The office carried that antiseptic scent that most offices have. She went up the receptionist to let her know she was here for her 9:30 appointment. "The doctor will be right with you" she replied. Jessica sat down in a seat and started to flip through an out-dated magazine. Within a few minutes she heard the door open and a loud voice call "Jessica". She rose slowly and walked towards the door. The nurse smiled at her as she led Jessica down the hall towards the exam room.

Once in the room the nurse took her blood pressure, temperature and weight. She jotted a few things down and then placed her file on the counter. "Ok go ahead and get undressed and put this sheet over yourself. Unfortunately we are out of gowns today. Our cleaner hasn't arrived with the new ones yet. Is that ok?" the nurse asked. "Yeah that's fine with me" Jessica replied. The nurse gave her a smile again and left the room. Jessica's hands were shaking. Good lord as if this wasn't scary enough they have to also make these damn rooms so cold! "Ok" she told herself "Do this quickly". She undid the zipper for her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Next went her panties. She picked them both up and folded them on the chair. Then her top and bra came off and found themselves in the heap with the rest of her security. It wasn't even a minute before she was diving under the sheet to try and stay warm. She tried to think about something else then what was about to happen. Maybe she could think about school or that test she had coming up. Anything was better than this.

Just as she was getting relaxed and had stopped shaking she heard a light knock at the door. "Come in" was all she replied. She heard the door open and looked towards the entrance. She almost fainted at what she was seeing! Standing in the doorway was her mystery elevator man! What was he doing here? Oh lord this was going to be hard. "Who are you? Where is Dr. Mathews?" she asked in a not so calm voice. Oh this was her fantasy alright but she knew she wasn't going to be able to hide her arousal for this man. "Hello Jessica. My name is Dr. Odmo and I am covering for Dr. Matthews today. I hope you don't mind. He had to leave for a family emergency so I'm the last minute fill in." he said. Jessica studied the handsome man in front of her and decided that lean body looked even better in a lab coat. "I guess that's ok" she responded. "Good, let's get down to business" he said.

"How have you been feeling recently Jessica?"

"Doing fine I guess. School is stressful but otherwise I'm doing fine" she replied.

"Good glad to hear it. Have you been having any problems in the bedroom recently? Any concerns?" he asked.

"Haha! There has been no bed room action in almost two years. I'm not even sure if it works correctly"

Dr. Odmo gave her a strange look like he didn't believe her. "What you don't believe me?" she said. "Uh no ... it's just that a woman like you shouldn't be having that problem. Anyway let's get on with the exam." he replied. As he was staring at her it was then that Jessica spotted something she couldn't believe. The good doctor was actually getting hard! His pants were tight enough and you could clearly see a slight wet spot forming. Ah ha! So he was interested in her. Sweet!

"I'm going to begin the breast exam now. Is that ok with you?" he asked with a tentative look. "That's fine by me" Jessica responded. The doctor moved over to her left side and moved the sheet down to her waist. He began with her left breast and with two hands (One to hold the breast and the other to feel) he began to press her breast. He went from the outer rim all the way to the nipple. Then he did something she's never seen done before. He pinched her nipple! "Oh" was her response as she tried not to move into the sensation. "Did that hurt?" he asked. "You said it had been a while since your last sexual encounter so I thought it would be best to check the responses of your body today." Interesting ... she wondered what he meant by that. "It's ok doctor. Just a bit sensitive" she responded. He moved to the right breast and did the same thing again. This time he pinched a little harder. Oh god her legs were on fire and she could feel her pussy slowly getting wet. This man was driving her to an orgasm without even toughing her clit.

Just as she was about to drift into a wonderful land of pleasure he stopped. "Let's check your heart and lungs. Please sit up." She did as she was told and dreaded the cold sensation of the stethoscope but it never came. He had warmed it up first! Good man! He slid his hand and stethoscope across her chest and began to listen to her heart. His face was awfully close to hers and she could smell his cologne and feel his heat. God she wanted him. He was just so damn sexy. He then moved to her back and asked her to breathe in deeply. She had caught him several times now staring at her breasts and the pool of fabric that was covering her pussy. She knew what he was looking at. She'd give it to him willingly if she thought for a moment he wanted it. She knew he wouldn't though. She wasn't his type. I mean sure he was aroused but probably not because of her. Maybe he was imagining her as someone else. Who knows...

"All done Jessica. Would you roll over onto your stomach please?"

"What do I need to do that for?" she said with a nervous look.

"Don't' worry it won't hurt a bit. Just please do it."

"Ok" she said softly.

What did this doctor want with her on her belly? She started to feel uncomfortable. Was this some sort of joke or was he trying to look at her? As she rolled over she could feel the panic rise in her body. She laid down on her belly and she heard him walk towards her. "Ok I'm going to touch your back a bit and make sure everything is ok" he reassured her. "Ok doctor" Thank god! That settled her nerves. He proceeded to place his left palm on her back and thump his left hand with his right. He seemed to be listening for any weird sounds. After about a minute he said "I'll be right back I need to get something from the counter." She could hear him moving around but she wasn't concerned and kept her eyes closed. When he came back he placed a hand on her lower back and slowly moved it towards the sheet.

"Ok Jessica I'm going to take your temperature now. I will be done in a few minutes."

"You're going to what? But the nurse already took my temperature and it was fine." Jennifer was shaking again and was extremely scared about this guy placing anything into her ass. How humiliating could this day get?

"I never trust those things and rectal thermometers are standard procedure for my patients. Please just relax and it'll all be over in a bit"

With that he removed the sheet and she could feel his hand on her left ass cheek. She then felt his finger coat her asshole with lube. He moved his finger in big circles at first and then concentrating the movements towards her sweet forbidden hole. He started to push and she could feel her virgin hole resist his finger. He pressed a little harder and then he was in. She started to squirm a little bit under the new intrusion. Dr. Odmo placed one hand on her back and urged her to stay still. "This will help ease in the thermometer" he said quietly. She just laid there silent and motionless. She didn't want to admit it to him but she'd always had a fantasy about this. She loved gyno stories about the doctor taking advantage of the patient but she never dreamed she would get to live out her fantasy. A few minutes later she felt her body relax as he removed his finger. Seconds later she felt something much larger press up against the opening to her hole. That had to be the biggest thermometer ever. It felt over an inch wide and this doctor was determined to get it all the way into her. As it moved into her body it stretched her farther then she even thought possible. She moaned a bit as the thermometer slid in but soon it had settled in its place.

"That's good Jessica. Just relax. Does it feel good?"

"Well um it does I guess. It's strange really." She was not about to admit to him that she liked this sensation. It made her feel like such a dirty slut and she loved every second of it. Having this man take advantage of her was an incredible feeling.

"Most women feel that way but I know in time it's not so bad"

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