A Great Day

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2012 by Just Plain Bob

: A flash story.

Tags: Heterosexual   Cheating  

It started out as a great day. I made every light on the way to work and when I got there – wonder of wonders – there was an open parking place right by the front door.

An hour after I got to work Natalie, my secretary, came into my office and told me that Tom Snelling was on line two for me. I picked up the phone, said good morning and then listened as Tom told me that after thinking things over he was going to sign the contract and go with us. It was a deal that I had been working on for almost two months and it was a contract worth over six million for my company. Tom said that the signed contract was being faxed to me even as we spoke. I thanked him profusely and after he had hung up I went over to the fax machine and sure enough the contract was there.

I took the contract and walked over to Barry's office (Barry is my boss and the owner of the company) and I asked his secretary if she would see if Barry could spare me a few minutes. She checked and he could so I went inside his office and told him I was there to brighten his day. I handed him the contract and he looked at it and smiled. He told me that he'd never thought for even a minute that I would get anywhere with Snelling. Several others had tried and had gotten nowhere. He smiled at me and told me that my bonus based on the deal was going to be obscene and then he told me to get back to work.

At eleven Stella (Barry's secretary) called me and told me that Barry needed to see me ASAP. When I entered his office I started for a chair and he told me not to bother sitting down since I wasn't going to be there long enough to get comfortable. Then he told me that as of noon that day I was the new vice president of sales and that one of my first duties as VP of Sales was to get on a flight to Dallas and smooth the ruffled feathers of Mike Thomas who was one of our biggest customers. He told me that Stella had all the particulars and sent me on my way. As I was getting things from Stella she asked me if I wanted her to make my travel arrangements and I thanked her for the offer, but told her I'd handle it myself.

When I got back to my office I tried to call my wife Teri to give her the good news, but was told she was away from her desk so I left a message that I would call back later.

I headed home to pack a bag and when I got home I saw Teri's car parked in the drive. Odd I thought as I pulled in and parked behind her. As soon as I opened the door of the house I knew what was going on.

"Oh God Yes!!! Fuck me; fuck me lover, make me cum!" rang through the house. I walked to the bedroom door and saw my wife of fifteen years being fucked by Randall Cunningham who was her supervisor where she worked. They were so into it that they never even noticed me standing there in the doorway and they were making so much noise that they didn't hear the clicks that my cell phone made as I took pictures of them. I did a quick review of the photos to make sure I had clear photos of the two of them and then I quietly left the house.

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