April Fools Joke or a New Way of Life

by Barneyr

Copyright© 2012 by Barneyr

Romantic Sex Story: A young man falls head over heels for a woman and after two years of marriage she surprises him with an April Fool's encounter he never expected. Some codes are not given to prevent premature exposure of the surprise.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Was I ever surprised last night? I never in my wildest dreams ever figured my wife would be involved with what happened last night! But, maybe I better start at the beginning.

My name is Steve Cummings and I'm currently 24 years old, 5'-11" and weigh about 180. I have been married to my wonderful wife Amy, for almost two years, now. She is now 22, 5'-7" tall and weighs about 125 pounds. She's slim, and trim, and sexy as all get out.

We met at her work, where she's a receptionist at a landscaping company. I was trying to have some work done at my new home. I had decided that I needed to establish myself with a good job, a nice home and nice car before I tried to get into the dating pool. I also wanted to get this done before I finished my Master's.

I come from a family of old and new money. It is a rather staid and conservative group. I received a trust fund inheritance once I reached the age of 21. I had to be in school, or gainfully employed. I had graduated high school at 17, and went straight to college with money from my family. I studied computers, for a computer science degree, with web site design and computer analysis majors. I achieved my Bachelor's degree less than three years later, and started on my Masters before I was 20. I hoped to finish my Masters in a year.

My trust is a stipend of $10,000 per month until the whole ten million is gone. But, with the interest being gained each month, that could be a very long time. At two and a half percent interest, the trust is making more money than I'm getting each month. The other stipulation of the trust is that if I married before I was 25, I would get double that amount, each month. Nice trust fund, huh? Of course, I could claim the whole thing after ten years of marriage, or at least two children, whichever came first.

Not a bad way to start out life is it? Anyway I was working on my Masters in business. I had saved some of my stipend, and put a down payment on a three bedroom home in a fairly nice area in the town of River City. The yard was just grass plugs, and it hadn't had the chance to take off, yet. There was no other real landscaping. No flowers, shrubs or trees on the property. It was soon going to be the rainy season, and I wanted to make sure I didn't lose my nice fill dirt, due to the slope to the street; or the back slope, going away from the house to a 'greenbelt', behind me.

Once I walked into River City Landscaping, I saw Amy, and was really smitten immediately. There was something about this young lady that drew me to her. She was a beautiful blond with a terrific tan, which was accentuated by her pale yellow dress. I was almost tongue tied at first; I was so awed by her beauty. I finally blurted out what I wanted, and she said she would have her brother talk to me.

"Please, Mr. Cummings, if you will have a seat? I will have my brother Thomas come get you, to see what it is you need done."

"Thank you Miss ... ah?"

"Oh, I'm Amy Madigan. Our family owns this business."

She went back to the desk and sat down. She used the phone and then a very large gentleman came out to great me.

Thomas Madigan was at least 6'-4" tall, and about 245. He had a very thick chest and very muscular arms. Thomas also had a nice dark tan, which I expected to see if he worked outside most of the time.

He shook my hand and said, "Good afternoon, Mr. Cummings. Let's go back to my office and we can discuss what you would like to see for your property. Then we can take a run over there, and we can see what we have to work with. Sound good?"

"Sounds great to me."

"How big is your property, Mr. Cummings?"

"It's 'Steve'. When I hear, 'Mr. Cummings', I always start looking around for my father or grandfather. I think I remember it is like 130 feet across the front and 164 feet to the back fence at the greenbelt. I guess that is like a quarter acre, right? Then there is a three bedroom, single story home with a two car garage set back about fifty feet from the street. The home is about 1900 square feet of living space."

"Wow, that's a nice place for someone so young. I'm 'Tom', by the way. I know my little sis tells everyone it's 'Thomas', but I really answer to 'Tom', better. Was this an existing house or newly built?"

"It's a new home and the grass is plugs or sprigs, or whatever you call it. But there are no trees, no plants and no shrubs. I wanted to at least get sod and maybe some short shrubs or plants or flowers planted across the front of the house and maybe something along the property line in the front. Like I said, the back has a fence that comes up to just about ten feet past the house where it comes over to the house so the back yard is enclosed. There is a gate on each side. I don't have a neighbor on either side, yet, so a fence may show up when I have neighbors."

"Okay, so something to cover the ground, and something to kind of limit the property and something that will compliment the house out front. That sound about right, Steve?"

"That sounds perfect. After all, you are the expert here, not me."

"Okay, then let's take a ride out to your place and I can get a better idea of what will work. You have the time to do that, right?"

"Oh, yes. I'm done with classes for today; well, in fact, for the week. I have my last class on Thursday. My school week starts bright and early at 8:00 AM on Monday, and ends at 3:00 on Thursday. You won't have to gain access to the house, will you?"

"No, no. We'll need access to the back yard, but not the house."

"Good, because I don't get home from school until about seven each night, as my computer labs are evenings. I can get more done then, than during the day. During the day, there are too many distractions, like your sister."

"You think she's a distraction, here? You should see her when we go on vacation, down to the coast. Now that, is a distraction."

Thomas climbed into his truck, and I went to my three year old Kia. I drove to my new home, with Tom following.

I thought Tom's remark about his sister was about the skimpy bathing suit she wore, when they went on family vacations. I had to come to a completely different conclusion, after last night; but, on with the story, now.

We made it to my home with plenty of light left. Tom first started sketching the lot, and then the house. Afterwards, he did some measuring, while I held the dumb part. You know which end that is, I'm sure. He was looking around at all the neighboring houses, and I think he was looking at all the houses leading up to the back end of the subdivision where my house was sitting. He started making cryptic notes on a new sheet of paper, and I asked if he would like something to drink.

"Yeah, Steve, that sounds great. I sure could use an iced tea, or a cold drink of water."

"When you get through, come on in through the garage. I have a mat there so I don't track all the mud in when I walk around the place."

It wasn't exactly muddy, right now. We'd had a lot of hot sun, after the small shower of this morning at seven, when I was getting out of my car for classes.

I had fixed some sun tea, yesterday. I'd left it out on the patio table, out back. This was while I was at school. It was now cold from sitting in the fridge. I put some ice in a pair of tall glasses, and poured some for both of us. I drink mine unsweetened, so I placed some sugar on the counter and some of the artificial sweetener packets that I'd grabbed one or two of, when I'd been out to eat. I don't have very much company, since the house is so new. I have only lived here about a month. I can't see the sense of buying a big box of each kind of sweetener, when I don't even use it. Only my mother uses it, and she doesn't care what brand it is, so this works out for me.

About five minutes later, Tom knocks on the garage door and I yell, "Come on in!"

I hear him stomping his boots, and then he comes around the corner from the laundry room, into the kitchen.

He comes in, looks around, and says, "Nice place! Kinda empty yet, but a nice layout. Mind if ask how much?"

"Right around one ninety. They had a couple of two story ones, going for two and a quarter; but I liked the single story style, better. It's got the split bedrooms. The master is on this side, and the other two on the other side with a bath between them. The front one is my office, but I have a nice sized spare room about twelve by thirteen, same as the front one."

"Real nice place; and it's at the back of the subdivision, too. I'll bet its quiet around here."

"Not right now in the daylight; because they are still building three or four homes, back on the next street over. But, at night, it's nice and quiet. I usually sit out on the back patio to look at the stars and just unwind from the hard day at school. That's why I bought, here. I wanted someplace quiet, where I could unwind."

"Well, this looks perfect. Let me get back to the office, and do some drawings. Then I'll get you a price on everything you want. Have you got a number in mind for a ceiling for what you want to spend?"

"Well, I'm not sure. What kind of number I would be looking at?"

"Well, for the sod, delivered and laid; we're looking at, say, $5,000. Then there are the plants, shrubs and everything else, which would be about the same ... so, probably around ten grand, total. Is that going to be too much, Steve? I mean, I know this is a new house ... you had to have put a big chunk down, just to get this place."

"Well, that's a little more than I had planned, but it's doable. If I can give you, say, 3500 when we agree on a plan; and pay the rest at the end of the month, that would work. I am living off a stipend. I get paid the end of each month. If we can work that out, then I would say it's a go."

"Steve, let me do the drawings. Then I'll work up the real numbers, and we can see what we end up with. It may be less or maybe a little more, but not over, say, seven hundred more. For now, can you write me a check for $500? We can get started, with that."

"I think I can live with that, Tom. Ah ... I know this is really none of my business, but is your sister seeing anyone?" I asked as I wrote out a check to River City Landscaping.

"Oh, boy! Someone is smitten. No, not right now, unless she hasn't said anything to any of us. She is unattached and looking, but not aggressively. Did you want me to find out?"

"Oh, God, no! I would be so embarrassed. I might call her next week, and see if she would like to go out to dinner or something. Yeah, I might be taken with her. I saw her in that yellow dress and I got a little tongue tied there for a moment. I've been pretty much concentrating on my studies, and I am almost finished with my Masters in business, so women have been out of my life, for a while. I want to get established and have a good job, before I go looking for someone permanent. But yes, your sister really is something."

"Yeah, she's something, all right. I'll call you when I have everything ready for you to look at. See ya, Steve."

"Yeah, bye, Tom."

I thought nothing about our conversation, and went on with my life. When I got home on Wednesday evening, I had a phone message ... from Amy, actually.

She'd said, "Steve, we have the plans done, and the final figures for your project. Please call me, so we can schedule a time for you to come in and look everything over."

The computer lab had been really busy tonight, so I'd left early. It wasn't quite 5:00 PM, yet, so I called to see if anyone was still there.

"River City Landscaping, Amy speaking, how may I direct your call?"

"Er ... Hi, Amy. This is Steve ... ah ... Steve Cummings. You left me a message to call you?"

"Yes, I did, Steve. Tom has your project drawn up, and an estimate for all the work to be done. When do you think you can come in?"

"Well, tomorrow is my early day; so, probably like last week, around 3:30. Will that be okay?"

"Oh, that will be fine. Then I can plan on seeing you, then?"

"Yes, yes, you can. Ah, Amy ... ah, Miss Madigan, would you like to go to dinner with me either Friday or Saturday evening. I thought we might go to a restaurant of your choice, as I don't know what type of food you will want. Myself, I can eat just about anything. I mean, that is, if I'm not imposing or anything."

I heard a stifled giggle and then she said, "Steve that would be very nice. I think I could be up for that. Do you like steaks? If you do, there is a nice 'Montana Mike's', not far from here. We could go there after I get off on Friday night. I work until six, during the week."

"That would be terrific, Miss Madigan. I shall be there before six on Friday to escort you to dinner. And I will see you again tomorrow about 3:30 as well."

"Steve, its 'Amy', not 'Miss Madigan'. I look forward to seeing you, again. Goodbye."

"Good ... er, goodbye, Amy."

Man I'd just made a total ass of myself, just now. How am I going to act when she is around me? Probably be all thumbs, and I'll spill something on her, to make it worse. Oh, God, what's wrong with me? I guess I should have studied less and spent more time with some females. I mean, I essentially know what to do, and how. I lost my virginity to an older cousin when I was 18; but it was only twice, and I haven't really had any chance to practice since that time. I have read up on everything I could find, and seen several porn movies on DVD. I know what to do, and how; but with no practice, I don't know how to read a woman's signs that she is really enjoying it, and not faking it to satisfy you. So if this turns out to be anything, then I hope Amy has some experience!

I was almost a wreck, all day; but, in reality, today was an easy day. I had an easy test on business ethics; and then a test in economics, which was one of my stronger subjects. It was after the tests, that I got nervous. I went home, changed into a nice pair of khaki pants, a nice button down dress shirt, and my good black wingtips. I wanted the make sure I made a good impression. I arrived almost five minutes late, because I'd gone home first; but, I knew I'd had to shower and change.

Amy was dressed in a short pale blue sundress, and she shone like the sun. As I walked in the door, she stood up and came around the desk. She held out her hand. I wiped my hand on my pants and then took her hand. Instead of shaking it, I brought the back of her hand to my lips and kissed it. I think that was something I had learned from my grandfather. It seemed to do the trick. I let go of her hand and it hovered there for a moment or two, and then her hand kind of floated back down to her side. She glanced to her hand and then back up, and looked into my eyes. I was suddenly struck by her deep blue orbs, which were reflecting my image back to me.

We must have stood there for several minutes. Then Tom came into the room.

"Ah, Steve, you're here! Ah ... am I interrupting anything?"

Amy blushed, and turned around. She went to sit down and almost missed the chair. She stared at me almost the whole way there.

Something suddenly broke the moment, and she said, "Tom, Steve is here to see you," then she turned away to the side window and mumbled something to the effect of, "Excuse me, I need to..."

She then got up and disappeared into the back of the building.

"Steve, come on back to my office. I have everything ready for you to look at, and we actually came in a little under my estimate."

I broke from my reverie, and snapped my head around to Tom. I had followed Amy's every move, and was staring down the hall to where she had disappeared.

Once we sat down, Tom said, "It appears that my little sis has been bitten by 'the bug', too. She seems a little taken with you, Steve. She did mention that you two were going to Mike's for dinner. That's a good place, I hope you like it. Now ... down to business."

We discussed the project and now that Amy was gone I could concentrate on the plans Tom was showing me. He had the porch that was about six feet deep and runs from the garage wall all the way across the front of the house to the end. That's about 25 feet with the door starting about nine feet from the garage wall. The walkway from the driveway does a straight shot over and then back towards the front door. The rest of the porch would have flowering plants from the walkway to around the side of the porch. There were small poplar trees about a foot inside the property line on the north side and a thorny bush hedge along the south side. He asked if I might later on want to have the back patio expanded to the full length of the back wall of the house. I said that I was planning on something like that, maybe next year. I said that then I would like to enclose it with screens, or maybe opening windows with screens, and put a hot tub out there. Maybe a pool, too, at some later date.

"Steve, if that is the case, please let us know. Our cousin Jeff and his family do patios, patio covers, and hot tubs. We could maybe get you a good deal, if we kept it in the family."

"That sounds great, Tom. I will definitely keep that in mind. I suppose another cousin does pools?"

"Nah, that's my Dad's business! He has Madigan Pools. Jeff owns: The Patio Shoppe. Almost one stop shopping."

"You've got it all covered. I'm sure glad that I came here first; and doubly so, since I got to meet Amy. Do you need a check now for the three grand, so you can start getting materials and set up a schedule?"

"Yeah. That is all I need, for now, other than your John Hancock of a couple of pieces of paper."

We finished up our business, and I went out to the outer office and saw Amy again.

"Amy, thank you for accepting my offer of dinner. I will see you tomorrow evening at six. Until then, good day."

Amy just stared at me. She sat, transfixed, until I left. I turned around and saw her bang her head on her desk as I got into my car.

I arrived home, and just sat in the car in the garage as I tried to calm myself down. Just seeing Amy made several things happen. My heart rate climbed, my palms grew sweaty, and my dick hardened almost painfully. Thank God these were slightly baggy pants, or at least I hoped they were baggy enough that Amy had not seen my reaction to her, when I kissed her hand. I sprang an instant boner, and it didn't go down until about half way through Tom's presentation. Then once again, it sprung up when I went out, and she was there. That one was just now subsiding. I think before I go to dinner, tomorrow, I need to 'take things in hand', so I don't embarrass myself any more than I have already. Only time will tell what happens, from here on out.

I finally calmed down enough that I could get out of the car and go into the house. I was pretty much a wreck for the rest of the evening. I nuked something in the microwave, but I couldn't tell you what. I had the TV on for a while, but I have no idea what was on.

I kept on running scenarios in my head featuring me and Amy in all kinds of situations. I had us coming back here and fucking the night away, and even more on Saturday morning, too. We did missionary, her on top, cowgirl, doggy, and even in the shower and on the kitchen table. I think we tried every position we could think of and probably some others no one had ever thought of.

I must have masturbated at least ten times before I finally fell into exhausted sleep about two AM. I had gone to bed early so I didn't mess my recliner up. When I awoke about 10 AM, my tissue box was empty and my KY tube was not far behind. I got up and gingerly walked into the bathroom. I had to sit on the throne, as my dick was so sore I couldn't stand to touch it. I tried a shower but even the warm water hurt. Well, maybe I can guarantee no hardons, tonight. I don't think I will be healed by then.

Amy's Story:

Meanwhile in another part of town, Amy was gingerly getting up from her brother's bed. She had worn out Tom, and then his younger brother, Glen. Glen was just eighteen, and loved his sister dearly. Tom and Amy had been having sex since Amy was 18, right after her father initiated her into the rights of passage from virgin little girl, to sexy wanton woman. This family also had another secret: they were nudists, as well. These were the secrets of the Madigan family, nudism, and incest. Don the father was married to his sister, Donna. Don's brother Gerald was married to his and Don's sister Katie. Gerald at 50 was two years younger than Don and Katie was three years younger than Gerald.

Their night together was a hectic almost frantic orgy with Amy at one time taking on both brothers: one in her pussy and one in her ass. After a quick shower, they were back at it again. She would have whoever had a hard dick fuck her pussy while she sucked hard the other one until they all ran out of steam.

Tom had asked Amy to marry him a while back, but Amy was holding out for some reason. That reason seemed to be very clear now. Amy loved Steve, but could he handle the incest and nudity? That was the question she had to consider. She knew that once she was engaged to Steve, the family was off limits to her. She had promised herself a long time ago that if she married outside the family, she would not cheat. She would slowly over time bring her husband into the fold and then they could enjoy all the sex they wanted, keeping it in the family.

She had done a little research and found a Stephan Windsor Cummings, son of Charles Windsor and Alicia Fay Cummings and grandson of Windsor Phillip and Beatrice Florence Cummings. The Cummings family name goes back at least ten generations in Texas and the last five from the Dallas area. But that was as close as she could come to a Steve Cummings. That is why the Cummings name did not strike the Madigan's as someone with money. The way that Steve carried himself spoke of him being a nice, well mannered, polite young man. Not at all what they expected a rich, spoiled, young man to be like. So they never associated Steve Cummings with Stephan Cummings from Dallas. All Amy was after; was the young man who came into their office and just swept her off her feet and stole her heart.

Steve never flaunted money. He even drove a three year old Kia. He said he was living on a stipend so that meant he was going to school on a scholarship, not a free ride from his parents. That was how the Madigan family looked at Steve.

Amy went to work with a blouse and long skirt with no panties. She knew she was too sore to wear panties, or a pair of slacks or shorts. She did bring a pale lavender sundress that she would wear on her date with Steve that night. She also had a pair of her mother's granny pants for underneath her sundress this evening. She prayed that they would not get carried away and attack each other, tonight.


I sat in my tub the rest of the morning after my shower in some warm but not hot water, trying my very best to ease some of the ache I felt in my dick and balls. It finally worked after a fashion. I went down to the bank and withdrew two hundred dollars, so I would be sure to have enough money without using my credit card. I did have a card with Steve Cummings on it, but it was a debit card. I thought cash money in twenties would look more like a semi broke college student, subsisting on a scholarship stipend.

Steve spent most of the afternoon trying on clothes. He wanted to impress Amy, but not overwhelm her. He finally settled on a pair of dark dress pants and a button-down-collar dress shirt, and his black wingtips. He cleaned the house and the car, although there wasn't much to clean. He had a recliner and a tube type TV on a coffee table, and a side table next to his recliner.

His office was neat and orderly. It held a new tower and 17" flat screen monitor, with an ink jet printer/scanner/fax machine combo. The computer items sat on a large computer desk affair that allowed for the printer to be in a roll out drawer and the tower to be under the desk. He had a nice ergonomic chair and some CD/DVD's in a shelf over the flat screen. The master suite had a queen size bed, 2 dressers and nightstand. The back bedroom had a single bed and a beat up four drawer dresser that Steve picked up at Goodwill. Most of the rest of the furniture, except for the queen bed, was found there, too. So, nothing really matched. There was a microwave and toaster in the kitchen, but no other appliances.

The dining room held his weight bench and weights. There was a treadmill in the living room off to one side. Other than that the house was empty of furniture or the things that normally fill a house. Steve wanted no one to know his financial status, especially any women.

It was now time to leave. Checking himself once more in the bedroom dresser mirror, Steve left to pick up Amy.

Amy, on the other hand, was just changing into her date outfit of the lavender sundress and granny pants. She wore a two inch heel shoe in black to accent her dress. Of course her tan was bringing out her eyes and accenting the paleness of her dress. She finally finished and went back out front, to wait for Steve. Tom gave her a wolf whistle as she came down the hall from the bathroom.

She said, "Not tonight, Tom, please. I'm nervous enough without you making it worse."

"Sis, I was just paying a compliment to the way you look. You're going to knock him dead tonight. I must admit I'm a little jealous of him tonight."

"Please, Tom, not tonight! Okay?"

"No problem, little sis. Hook him if that is what you want. You sure have the right bait!"

They both heard a car drive up, so Tom went back into the hallway a little so he would not be noticeable. Steve walked in the door and stopped dead still. He looked Amy over from top to bottom and back up and his eyes settled on hers.

"Miss Madigan, would you do me the honor of going to dinner with me?"

"Why of course, Mr. Cummings. You look very handsome this evening."

"And you look absolutely radiant. I may have to wear sunglasses to be around you tonight. You shine like the sun, but he pales in comparison. Shall we go? Goodnight Tom and I promise to take exceptional care of your sister, tonight. We should be home early."

A voice came from the hallway, "Goodnight, Steve. Call first. I may be busy or may be out, but I think Amy has a key."

"I'll bring my purse, Tom ... and don't wait up. We might be later than Mr. Cummings thinks."

"I'll leave a light on for ya! Bye, Sis."

There was almost no conversation in the car, although Steve led her to the passenger door and opened it for her and assisted her into the seat and handed her her seat belt. They arrived at the restaurant and it was a little crowded so they sat at the bar until their table was ready. Steve had a lite beer and Amy had a Burgundy red wine. They talked about how they had been and some of what they liked in movies and such. Then they were called to their table.

We talked about her growing up here, and I told her I grew up in a small town up in the northern part of the state. I didn't mention the town, just that is was real small. I explained about my schoolwork, and that I received a small sum for going to school which would end after one year or a job, whichever came first. I had about six months left until I finished my Masters and started looking for work. I said that next month I would start sending out resumes to employers, to see if I could land a good job. I said I did have a little money coming in from an inheritance, but it wasn't much to speak of.

I said, "I heard from your brother that your swim suit for vacations was something else. Is it really skimpy?"

She blushed and said, "I guess you could say that there isn't much to it, but I don't wear it much because of the reactions I get."

"If it is as skimpy as I imagine, I'm sure you do get a lot of attention."

That subject ended rather abruptly, so I left it alone. We talked of other things, her likes and dislikes, and then she got me to open up, too, and I told her my preferences. After a while, I glanced at my watch and it was almost ten. I said that I thought we should leave, so they could close up.

"Yes, I guess we should. I have really enjoyed talking with you, Steve. I hope we can do this again."

"I certainly hope so. Are you free next Friday evening? I would like to take you to a movie; that is, if you would like to go?"

"I would love to do that, as I haven't been to a movie in a while; but are you sure that you can do that? I mean we could go but each pay."

"Oh, no. I asked you, so I get to pay! You get to choose which movie. I think that's fair."

"If you're sure, then call me, Thursday. I'll let you know what movie, okay?"

"That is fine by me."

By now we were sitting in her driveway and I leaned over to open her door and she leaned into me and kissed me.

The kiss started as a chaste kiss that somehow turned into a four alarm fire. I just held her in my arms, and then tongues became involved, and then she broke the kiss and gasped!

"I think I'd better go in, before we start something I want to finish! I would prefer a bed to a car seat, how about you?"

"I think that if I don't go home, soon, there will be a big brother pounding me into a pulp. Yes, I think we need to save that until later. Good night, Amy, I really had a wonderful time," I said. I gave her another sweet kiss and pulled back.

"Land a'goshen, Sir, I do believe I am getting 'the vapors'! I need to leave your pleasant company before I do something rash."

I laughed and kissed her again as I escorted her to her door. I floated back to the car, and somehow found myself at home in the garage. I seemed to be walking on air and was soon in my bed reliving the evening.


Amy walked into the house and announced to anyone listening, "I'm off limits for sex, from now on."

Tom who had been sitting in his recliner said, "What? He asked you to marry him, already?"

"No, not yet, Tom. But he will after our next date. We're going to the movies next week and then back to his place and I'm going to fuck him into submission. If I have to, I'll ask him! Oh, Tom, he is definitely the one! I'm so sorry that I can't carry on the family tradition, but he fills my heart with such joy, that I can hardly stand it. I am so glad I put a pad on with mom's granny pants! He made me so hot I was dripping all night. Then, when we kissed for the first time, I came. I actually had an orgasm from his kisses, starting with the very first one, when he kissed my hand. I had to run back to the bathroom and masturbate to get rid of the feeling that I wanted to drop down and blow him right there in the office. Then, tonight, in the car ... My God! It was like the very best cum I've ever had. I mean he put his arm around me and the kiss was electric. He has to be the one! I don't think I could live without him in my life. I'm going to bed alone and dream of Steve. Goodnight, brother dear. I love you, too, but not the way I love him."

Amy seemed to just float away down the hall to her room. In the meantime, Tom sat there, dumbfounded. He had never seen his sister this happy. He was happy for her, too, but if Steve messed this up he would pound him into the ground, no matter who he was. Anyone who would crush his sister's dreams would have to pay.

Friday evening finally came around. It was none too soon for both of our young lovers to be. Amy had been on pins and needles all week, since her date with Steve last Friday. It did help that one or the other called each other daily. It was not love talk as such, just them wanting to hear the other's voice, to make sure that connection they both felt last Friday evening was still there.

Steve tried to separate his studies from his feelings for Amy. Finally, by Wednesday, he had somehow managed to make it through his classes without screwing up too badly. He was determined that if she was willing, they would be going to his new home to christen his house with at least one, night-long sex session. Otherwise, he felt he would just burst with the love he felt for this tanned beauty.

Friday came, and Steve picked up Amy at work. They left for a quick bite at a local hamburger joint that they both loved, and then to the multiplex down the road. They were sitting in the theater holding hands and just cuddling into each other.

About thirty minutes into the film, Amy whispered into Steve's ear, "Steve, please take me home, I don't want to see this movie, after all. I just want to go home."

They got up and left the theater. As Steve opened the door for Amy he asked, "Amy are you not felling well. I'm concerned, but I will take you to your house. I hope I haven't upset you?"

He closed the door, ran around to his door, and climbed in.

"Steve, this has nothing to do with the movie, or me not liking you. I just want to go to your home, so we can be more comfortable. I think I am falling for you, and I want to see if it's true."

"Amy, my house is kinda sparse, I don't have a lot of furniture and I'm not sure that the furniture I do have is where you want to be."

"So you're not saying that you sleep on a mattress on the floor or something like that?"

"No, not that. In fact, I have two beds, but no chairs ... except my beat up recliner, and some bar stools."

"Then we have all the furniture we'll need, Steve. Ever since the first time we met two weeks ago, I have had this feeling that you are somehow special to me. And, well, I want to know just how special you are to me. So take me to your home, and we will see what happens."

"Yes, Ma'am, I will obey. And may your every wish come true, tonight."

Steve tried his very best to not speed on his way to his house. To say that he was excited; would be like saying an atomic bomb exploding, makes a little bang. He concentrated on the road, because he knew if he looked at Amy, they might crash with him not paying proper attention. They made the ten mile trip to his house in less than seven minutes and traffic was a little congested for the first three miles. Steve pulled into the garage and opened Amy's door and then escorted her into the house.

Amy looked around at the sparse furnishings and said, "I like what you've done with the place. Now which way to the furniture we want?"

Steve led the way to the master bedroom and said, "Is this more to your liking, Ma'am?"

"Yes, it is. If you would be so kind as to undress and pull down the covers I shall return shortly."

Steve watched her sashay seductively into the master bath, and then close the door. Suddenly his clothes were flying off, going everywhere. His pants were hanging off the mirrored dresser and his shoes were in different locations in the room, his shirt was over by the other dresser and his underwear was on his folding chair by the door. He pulled back the covers got in bed and pulled the covers up to his mid chest and left the other side open for Amy to scoot into the bed.

He heard the toilet flush and then the water in the sink and then a vision came through the door. Amy was dressed, if you could call what she was wearing as 'dressed', in a very pale blue negligee that left nothing to the imagination. Steve could see that her tan extended all over, but that was not the surprising part, that part was the tiny arrow of hair leading to her honey pot. There was even a tattoo of the words 'Honey Pot' above the arrow of blond hair. Because of her all over tan the corn silk hair below stood out, and of course the tattoo, although the letters were less than a half inch high it was easily recognized for what it was meant to be; an indication that there be honey below. Amy turned around slowly and then hurried to the bed and slid in and pulled the covers up to her chin.

"Do you approve, Steve?"

"I more than approve, I want to sample all the charms that were revealed to me. If I may I would like to un-wrap my special package so that I might partake of your charms, tonight. Can I assume that you are protected? If not, I can provide for that."

"Yes, Steve I am protected, and we have all weekend to explore my charms ... as long as I get to explore yours as well."

Amy sat up and Steve pulled her gauzy garment from her body, relishing her as each feature was revealed. Once removed, Amy tossed it to the side and lay back down.

Steve had turned the overhead light off, before he slid into bed. Now, only the muted light from the master bath entered the room. Still, it was enough light to see what he was uncovering of Amy's luscious body.

She had smallish tits, probably 35B, but her nipples were very pronounced and after kissing Amy's lips he proceeded to kiss his way to her awaiting mounds. Starting first at her lips, he kissed all over her face giving little butterfly kisses and sometimes small love bits on her neck and upper chest. Finally he cleared the crest of the mound of her left breast and toyed with the prominent nipple he found there.

Amy pulled Steve's head to her breast and let him suckle at her tit like a newborn baby. She was in heaven, she had found her man, her special man and now she would give him her all; her mind, her body and her life. As Steve suckled at her boob, she caught a glimpse of their future together and the sucking made a picture appear in her mind of a small baby boy doing just what his father was doing; only she was able to give the boy sustenance, instead of the pleasure she was providing the father.

Steve did manage to move to the other breast to tease and suckle that one too. Amy had another vision of a small girl at that breast. Wow she was destined to have two children with Steve, a boy first and a girl after, or was it both at the same time, she couldn't tell. Only time could tell that story.

Suddenly Amy felt her boob was abandoned and kisses trailed across her flat stomach and a tongue toyed with her hair above her honey pot. Then the tongue invaded south to her slippery, shining nether lips. Amy tried to pull Steve up to her so they could 69, but he was too strong and he stayed where he was but he did move so he was more between her legs rather than just on her left thigh. From then on until he kissed her again on the lips, she was in a fog; a fog of sensual bliss. His kisses on her pussy lips and then his tongue running alongside her glistening lips and then it probed and then entered her molten core. Her orgasms were rippling over her like a trip hammer, one after the other, building up to a massive come that she felt shattered her mind as well as her body.

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