Summer Vaction From School

by jillandjack11

Copyright© 2012 by jillandjack11

Fiction Sex Story: my sister and I have a good summer.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Cheating   Incest   Mother   Son   Father   Daughter   Swinging   .

I got a computer now for a Christmas present. I was fourteen when I found all the porn sites on that computer. But the other day dad came in to my room for some reason and I had some porn pictures and stories on the computer and he was vary upset so he put a block on the computer so I could not get them any more. Boy was I pissed off.

I was just getting to learn everything about computer from the older kids in school. Now I was going to have to talk to them about how to get around a parent block. I signed in to a chat room and talked to some guys and they talked me through on how to get around the bock dad put on. I was now home free; I just couldn't leave the computer on when I left the room so they wouldn't know what I was doing.

One day I was in mom's room shining dad's shoes. Mom was on the computer in a chat room for Ohio State and she was chatting away. She got a phone call and went down stairs to take it. I checked her chat talk and she was talking to an old boyfriend she used to date in college. They were talking about old times and how hot they used to get when they dated. I wondered if dad knew who she was chatting to him and what they were talking about.

Saturday mom and dad were going out to a party and they were going to take me along. They said no other kids would be there and I could all play video games upstairs as they had their party down stairs. They had gotten a sitter for me but some how she canceled out.

The parents had a cook out and a lot of drinks. They went in the pool after us I got out. They said I could play in the pool for two hours and then the parents had the pool and then I had to go up stairs to play games or watch TV.

I played in the pool from about four to six. Then we all ate at six. By seven I headed for the upstairs bedroom. I watched out one of the bedroom windows looking at all the women dressed in bikinis and they looked hot. I had to put my sweats on so no one could see my hard on. Damn I think mom looked the best out of all of them.

Upstairs I played video and mom came up with soda and popcorn at eight thirty. By ten I was sacked out and sound asleep. I could still hear the party going on down at the pool. Then something woke me up later and I went to the other bedroom where the window over looked the pool. I could see the whole group at there playing grab ass. The guys were casing the women around and trying to remove the top of their suits. It sure looked like fun to me. I saw a few tits but it was really to far away and they covered up real fast.

Next morning around ten dad woke me up and we headed home to clean up and have breakfast. When we got home mom went right to bed telling dad to fix breakfast. Poor mom was hung over and tired from lack of sleep.

Well dad made breakfast for the two of us. Plus he made a big mess of the kitchen and a ton of dishes and pots and pans. I finally cleaned up the kitchen and did all the dishes. When mom came down at four she expected a mess and there was no mess. She came over to me and gave me a big hug and kiss as she knew dad would never clean up after him self, as he would just leave it.

After mom, dad, sister and I ate then I told mom I would do the dishes, as she looked tired. She gave me another big hug and went off to her bedroom and the shower.

My sister had a big test coming up so mom asked me to help her in the kitchen that week. Well as I help mom with the dishes I would stand in back of her and rub her back and shoulders for her. She would tell me how good it felt ad she might just hire me to give her a massage.

As I was doing her back I was telling her how hot she looked in her outfit Saturday at the party. I told her she was the hottest of all the women that was there. I told her none of the other women compared to her. I was building her up big time as I rub her back and neck as she was eating up everything I told her.

Mom told me I was wrong for spying on them at the party, that it was an adult party and I shouldn't have watched them. But she kept going back to the party and saying did she really look that hot. I told her that she was the best as I reached around her to put my arm all the way around her while squeezing her tight.

She would keep asking me about how the other girls looked and to grade them for her. Then I would tell her what faults they all had compared to her. Mom your hips are so much better than Mary's hips plus she has no ass to speak of. You ate a ten and the closes any of them came to was a four point three and then mom giggled as she hugged me real close saying she loved me.

We would also talk about her work and my school. Dishes now took two or three times long to do as we talked and I would rub her back always saying how beautiful she was. So the next week mom asked me to help her with the clean up and do the dishes. I once again started to work on her back and her neck. It just seemed like she loved to have them rubbed for her.

But then a week later on a Thursday I started to rub under her arm and touched just a small part of her tits on the outside. My hand wasn't there long but just enough time where I knew I had been there. She didn't say anything to me like to remove my hands or anything like that. So on Friday I let my hand stay there a little longer plus I did it a few more times than what I did the other day. I didn't want to rush anything and have her yell at me. I figured I was playing my cards just right so far.

On the weekend mom told sis that she could now clean the upstairs bathroom and that I would do the dishes from now on. Sis didn't care one way or other. She was just interested in her boy friend Jack and didn't want to upset mom so she could get out of the house whenever she wanted to.

When mom told sis that I started to lean in on mom as I rubbed her back. At first she jumped a little but when I did it the second time she didn't jump at all. I would slowly push my chest against mom's back as we did the dishes. In fact she said, "I just love the way you rub my back as it feels so good it makes me relax after a hard day of work."

After that I started to press my lower body against her a little more each time as I rubbed her back, now I was sliding my hand further under her arm on to the side of her tit and she didn't reject it at all. I was thinking to my self that in another week I would be grabbing a whole handful of breast.

So now I was starting out to rub the side of her breast and then her neck and back and then back to her breast. I was thinking that each time I would go to her breast I would reach in a little further till I had a handful of them. I wouldn't squeeze them hard just enough where I could feel them but I never did it. Guess I was just to chicken to try it.

On Friday night dad was staying in town to play poker so it was just the three of us at dinner. Mom told us to just put the dishes in the sink and she would do them later as she had to change and make some phone calls. I told mom I would do them but she said, "No we could do them later."

Mom came down stairs later but before sis went out on a date. When sis came down we were sitting at the kitchen table. Mom and sis talked about what time to come home, mom wanted eleven and sis wanted one. Mom told her midnight at the latest and sis left when her boy friend got there. As I moved in to help mom with the dishes I was hard thinking of mom. I had never rubbed my hard on against her butt and I was to scared.

I knew she knew I had a hard on as she would hand me a dish and tell me to put it on the kitchen table and as I was walking back she would watch me while she looked at my hard on.

Well as I got close to her I let my hard on touch her ass a little as I rubbed her neck. While working her neck and back, I slowly push a little harder on her ass cheek each time I would make contact. I had it now solid on her ass crack and she hadn't said anything to me. I thought for sure that she would be yelling at me.

When I started to rub her neck she told me how good it felt. Slowly I rubbed her back and her shoulders. When I did this she stopped washing and just put her hands on the sink as she stood there letting me rub her as she pushed her ass back into my cock. As I started to rub to the side of her breast I got a surprise, as she wasn't wearing a bra. I even think my hard on got bigger. Well this time I lost control when she had no bra on and reached right around and grabbed a big handful of tits on each side of her.

Mom laughed once I did this. She knew I lost control once I found out she had no bra on. She knew I always took my time and worked her slow and easy. Now that I just jumped it full bore I could feel her moving back her ass against my cock now that I was holding her breast. She told me, "To slow down as we had all night to do the dishes as she was in no hurry." She was slowly pumping her ass back against my cock.

I stopped rubbing her back all together and just rubbed her tits and pulled her nipples as I worked them back and forth. Her nipples were just sticking right up and they felt so hard. I was pulling her back into my hard on. I could feel her pressing her ass into me a lot more than she normally had. She moved her ass around till my cock rested in her ass cheek of her shorts.

She was pushing back onto my cock and I loved it. While she did all this she would talk to me about what a great help I was around the house. She then told me how she liked it when I told her how hot she was compared to the other women around town. She said, "Dad don't tell me how I look anymore and it hurts me."

I started to just work on her nipples as I was now pulling them. I could hear a little moan coming from her. The more I worked her nipples the harder she would push against my cock. She would also moan deeper as I twisted her nipples. I think I was working just her nipples when we heard a noise from outside. So we jumped apart from each other.

Mom told me to go change for bed as she picked up a couple videos for us to watch. She said she would finish the dishes and she was going up and change into her nightclothes and then we would watch the video after she makes us some pop corn.

She came down with a light robe on with it all buttoned up. She made the popcorn and got her self-a beer while I got a soda. We sat on the couch with the popcorn between us. Mom had already went around shutting the lights off.

After the popcorn was gone she got another drink and told me to move over closer to her. She put her hand down on my leg and rubs it a little. Damn I was rock hard. I had my bottom of my pj's on and a tee shirt. I leaned close to her so my shoulder was against her boob. I kind of moved my body so that my shoulder was rubbing her boob and making it go up and down. The more I did this the harder she rubbed or pressed on my leg.

About ten minutes later mom asked me if I would rub her legs as they were sore and tired. She told me to move over and I slid over while she but her legs up on my lap. She opened her robe and she had on a nightie on that went down to her knees. I rubbed her legs and as I went higher I slid the material up. As time went on I had it above the knee and was still pushing it up higher.

When I pushed it up I was rubbing her well over her knees now. I wanted to work her higher so I could see her panties. I was now so close to her panties but I could not see them yet. As I rubbed her I could hear her starting to moan and she had her eyes shut. I reached up a little to far and touch her panties over her pussy and she jumped big time.

Her eyes popped open and she pulled her legs up. She got off the couch and headed to the kitchen while returning with a fresh beer. Before she sat down she brought the footstool in front of the couch. She left it like fourteen inches away from the couch as she sat down.

Then she asked me if I would sit on the floor in-between her legs and rub them for her while she had her feet on the footstool. As I got down there she had her brought her legs up on the couch and was holding them. As I got between her legs I had a clear shot between her feet at her white pants. I could see that the center of her pants were very wet. I was rubbing the top of her feet while she had her eyes closed.

A few minutes later she told me to reach my hands under her legs to rub the back of her legs. She said that is where they hurt. I started behind her knees before I start on up. The more I moved up the more she moaned and wiggled around. I was working her for a while and I was all the way up to her ass cheeks. She had slide down to where her ass was almost off the couch.

I started to pull my hands out and she yelled no leave them there. She lifted a little but soon fell down as it was hard for her to lift all he weight with her neck and back. She finally fell and then she turned around and put her knees on the couch with her head on the back of the couch.

She told me to rub her legs now. As I did rub her legs she kept telling me to go higher. She wanted her ass rubbed but she just didn't want to say it. When I finally got to do her ass for a minute I lifted her dress up over her ass so that I had a great view of it.

Now I could see how damn and wet she was. Also I saw a few of her pussy hairs sticking out like I saw the other night when she was swimming at the party. I was so close I wanted to tongue it. I knew if I did that it would be the end of it. A few minutes later she collapsed on the couch and just lay there. I got up and went to the bathroom so she could be alone.

When I came back I saw that she had another beer and she had taken her robe off. Mom was now lying on the couch. She told me it was too hot in her and asked if I was hot too. She told me to get behind her on the couch to watch the last movie. We lay there for what seemed like a long time and then she reached back and brought my hand around the front of her. She told me to hold her tight so she didn't fall off.

I waited a couple minutes then I went searching her body for a tit to hold. I held her fine tit in my hand. Slowly I worked it on top of her outfit as we watched the movie or pretended to. About five minutes later she got up to get a blanket to cover us with. When she came back she laid on her back then told me she was not comfortable and rolled on her side like she started from.

So I put my arm around her again and to my surprise she had her tit's out of her grown just waiting for me to maul it. This was the first time I ever had a bare one in my hand. I was so hard holding it as I rolled it all around between my fingers. She put her hand over mind and when I would stop she would move my hand until I started up again.

Once I start up again she moved her hand over to the other one and worked both her boob as I worked the other one. I would touch her every once in a while with my hard cock on her ass cheeks. I didn't there keep it pressed against her or it would shoot to soon. Next we heard a car in the driveway and we got up fast. She told me it was time for bed now any ways.

I had been monitoring moms chat with her old boyfriend on the computer. They have been getting at it hot and heavy at times. He had sent her a picture of him self. She returned with a picture of her self and it was her in a once piece bathing suit. She told him she had a bikini and he wanted some hot picture in it. She said she would get some and sent them to her.

When there was just her and me home while dad took sis to work she had me take some picture of her. I had to show her how to load the pictures in the computer so she could sent them. The pictures were good but just her in a bikini. They were not especial sexy and I knew that's what he wanted some hot skin shots. I know I would have.

He tried to talk her into some real hot pictures like a naked shot. She told him her son was the one to take them so picture could not be naked. He told her to use the timer on camera and she wouldn't need me. She said she would look into it but she didn't no how to do the timer part and she cant very well ask her husband.

She asked me about the timer but I told her that part of the camera was not working any more on the camera as it was dropped. She told him that and he said I bet he knows what you are doing and he wants to see the picture. She said I wouldn't doubt it one bit as he has been walking around the house with a hard on after the last pictures.

They did some more chatting but he would always come back to wanting some hot sexy pictures. I found out later from there talk that mom had put sis on birth control pill cause she was over sixteen and dating a boy eighteen. Mom said there was no way she could follow her around and protect her all the time.

If she is going to have sex well at least she is safe now and won't get pregnant.

Jack asked her how old she was for the first time and she said she would not tell him, he said he was seventeen and then she said she was fifteen for her. Jack still asked about some hot pictures so he could jerk off on. She said she would try to get him some.

Mom has been wearing a bra when we do the dishes lately. I was wonder if she was mad or if I did some thing wrong. But then the very next day she didn't wear one. As I was rub her back and then holding her boobs she said to me, "If you don't have practices on Saturday I would like you to take some more pictures of me in a swim suit if you would like to. I really want some racy pictures but I'm a little scared to do. A friend of mine wants to see some racy pictures of me. You don't think I'm bad for sending him some do you."

"No mom its your body and if you want to send him some go for it but how well do you know him. You sure he wont post them or the Internet or try to black mail you in some way."

"Wow I never thought of all that before, that would be awful if dad found out. I know you would never tell any one but I'm not sure about Jack. I dated him in college and was hot a heavy with him. We both are married now so no I'm not sure what he would do with the pictures."

"Well you could wear a small mask. That would protect you from someone knowing for sure it is you but you have to put up a sheet on the wall so no one will know the pictures are taken in our house."

"Yes I have plenty of the mask's left over from Halloween. I could use one of them. Yes guess you are right if someone saw or recognized our furniture."

I was real hard as we were talking and I had the cock press right in her ass cheeks through her jeans. Both my hands were on both nipples as I worked a way on them. Next thing I heard was sis asking if we had any potato chips left. I pulled my hands off while mom told her she didn't do shopping yet.

Later in my room sis came in and said to me, "I seen you with your hands on mom's tits trying to cop a feel off her. You had one big hard on sticking out of your pants too when you turned around."

"I wasn't feeling her up. I had my hands around her waist and as I took them off her I brushed her tits."

"It sure didn't look like that from where I standing. You trying to butter her up to get some favor from her."

"Oh you mean like the lap dance you give dad, when you want something from him"

"What the hell you talking about?"

"What you think no one is watching you when you slide all over dad's lap with your pussy wiggling and pushing on his hard crock when you get him hard when mom's not in the room. Shit then you almost jack him off when you get off him with your hand resting on his cock. I see you as you try to brush your hand on it so you can work him a little more."

"Oh my god, is it that obvious when I do it to him? I didn't know you watch us. Did dad ever say anything about it? I know I get him very hot and hard plus he is so frustrated when I do it to him."

"Dad has told me that some thing's stay quiet in the family and we don't have to tell mom every little thing that happens when we fool around in the house. Your sister is a littler old and she likes to fool around. The old saying no harm no foul."

"Dad gets so hard when I do it to him I almost want to pull it out and play with it. He feels bigger than Jeff does. Jeff is not too big but I still love it. When he shoots it is so cute and so much cum comes out."

"I walked out of the room a couple times because I thought you were going to pull it out. I didn't figure you would do it with me there so I left."

"Wow I don't remember that but maybe next time you leave maybe I might just do that. I know when me and Jeff watch TV I see you leave and then I suck Jeff or give him a hand job. I always wanted to thank you for leaving but didn't know you did it on purpose."

"Well see I do it on purpose and you still give me shit."

We talked about all the other things that happen between her and Jeff. I guess she just had to get a lot of shit off her chest.

Finally some one came into the room and we had to break up so there was no more conversation.

About Wednesday sis was talking to mom about letting her go to the drive Friday night for a special fright night at the movies. She said she would be real late because they were going to show a bunch of them. Her boy friend didn't have a car that night and she wanted mom to loan her car for the night.

Well mom said no way was she going to be in the drive in with her boyfriend so many hours, as they would just end up screwing. Mom said it was just to long of a time. They went at it toe to toe and the next day to. Finally Thursday mom brought dad into it to. Dad said no way would he allow it either.

Next day Dad said he chanced my mind you can go but you have to take your brother with you. Sis told him that was ok and then mom popped up with well I might just as well go to with all you guys as long as dad has to work.

So there it was we all are going tonight. We were going to take mom's car and we loaded it up with blankets, pillow, and cooler with soda, chips and popcorn plus a few beers for mom. Mom gave sis the choice of where to sit and she took the back seat.

Jeff and sis sat behind the driver's seat and said they couldn't see so mom moved over closer to me. Sis told mom to, "keep her head straight ahead and no turning around to check on the two of them."

Mom said, "Well I got cloth I brought with me so I can't turn around and watch you guys so you are on your own good behavior. I will put it over the headrest and raise it up. It will act like a shield so I can't look back at you. For me to look back now I have to look around the head rest and you will be able to see me if I do look around at you. Well the same goes for me too. No looking over the seat even if I scream," then she laugh along with the guys in the back seat.

We settle in after she fixed the cloth on the headrest. Sis like the cloth being up as it gave them freedom back there. There was no way we could see them unless we moved around to the side to look at them. But then all the movement and noise they would know what's up. Mom lied to then because if you got close to the black cloth she put up you can see right through it but from a distance it looked so solid that you would never be able to see through it.

Now we had a good view of what they were doing. I put the blanket over us along with the pillow against the door so we were all set for a good night of fun.

As we watched them in the back they did just about the same thing we did with the blanket and pillow. I had on sweat pants, tee shirt and sweatshirt. Mom had a skirt and white blouse on. As I felt her back I found out that she had no bra on.

We only watched them for five minuets and then we watched the movie. About fifteen minutes into the movie we found out that it was to hot for the blanket and had to take it off us. Mom checked them out in the back seat and they still had the blanket on them. All this time I had been rubbing her back but it was like she wasn't paying any attention to it. She kept checking in the back seat and then watching the movie for a couple minutes and then the back seat.

Mom hit me on the shoulder and said, "They took the blanket off, we should see some action now. Mom was all excited now like a little schoolgirl. I took a peek but they were jus lying there. I think they were worn out from the heat as they had the blanket right up to their necks.

I went back to the movie, a couple minutes later mom punched me again to watch them. As I turned around I saw sis pull his hand up to her tits while she dropped her hand to his crotch. Both had their hands on top of the clothes. Weren't long and both slid their hands inside while they pumped each other.

Sis worked his shorts down below his balls so she could play with them. He now had her halter-top above her tits and was sucking away on them. While he was doing this she was pushing her shorts down off her waist.

As I looked over at mom she had a hand under her skirt and was rubbing her pussy I think, as I couldn't see it to be sure. I tried to slip my hand under and she shoved it away, as she said no. I have never seen her tits nor have I sucked them. I played with one once but that was all. I was hoping for a big night tonight but I was now sure I was not going to get it. I had hope to see or at least touch my first pussy but that just went up in smoke. It's funny what a no can do or mean.

I decided now I might just as well watch sis in the back. I might just get lucky and see my first pussy. I had already seen her hot tits and the nipples looked so hard and long. As I watched sis I also tried to keep an eye on mom. She now had one hand on a tit and one under her skirt.

Sis now took her foot and slid his shorts right off him completely. Next she slid her own shorts right off. She also moved the blanket where she could get at it if she needed it fast to pull it over them. She did all this with one hand on his cock and she never missed a stroke.

As I watched mom it looked like she was now speeding up her hands as she stroked her pussy and tit. As I turned back to sis I saw she was now starting to go down on his cock. At about the same time I felt a hand go into my sweat pants and it went straight to my balls. I notice mom had removed both hands from her body.

She reached for my hand and moved it up to her tits. She grabbed my other hand and now I was just seconds away from feeling my first pussy but she put it on her crotch on top of her skirt. I waited a few minutes and then I started to move my hand under her skirt. She would have no part of that; she grabbed my hand and slapped it. She then put it back on top of her skirt near her crotch.

Well my eyes went back to sis as she was taking turns sucking his cock and then sucking his balls. Mom would do the same thing to me but with her hand just playing with my cock and balls. When sis sucked his cock mom would stroke my cock. When sis sucked his balls mom rub my balls. Jeff was playing with sis tits while she sucks him.

Next sis finished sucking him and she pushed his head down to do her. He jumps right in and sucked her all over her pussy. He would come up for air and then he stroked her with his fingers. Sis in the mean time was playing with both her tits. As they changed to do different things to each other mom would punch me to look and see what they were doing.

I noticed that is when mom took my hand and reach under her skirt to place my hand on her pussy. I noticed that she did not have panties on. Damn was she ever wet it was liked she pissed her pants. I worked away on it trying to pump her good but not really knowing what I was doing. Mom would whisper me instruction to me, like speed up or down or more fingers. Some of the things I did not know and had to ask her.

Mom sure enjoyed sis as she worked her boyfriend. The more sis did to him the more mom did to me. Time seem to fly by as they changed position many times in the back seat. I knew mom sure didn't want to get caught doing anything with me. Mom was real careful. All of a sudden mom let go of me and she turn her body around to watch in the back with her full attention. I looked to see what was going on.

Sis was now trying to get him to fuck her and mom sure wanted to watch this. They were side by side and she had hold of his cock while she tried to line it up to her pussy. They worked at it a few minutes and damn the movie ended and the lights came on. They were pissed and mom was even more pissed than they were.

The kids went for their clothes first while they claimed about the movie ending early. I guess the firm broke and then they announced it on the speaker that there would be a twenty-minute break to get refreshment from the stand.

Mom and sis went up to the rest rooms first and we followed later.

When we got back the girls were laughing so hard and joking around.

"Mom and I named her car the Vegas mobile, what you hear and see here, stays here, there is no reason to travel all the way to Vegas when you can just go to the nearest drive in." Jeff got a big kick out of it. As they talked mom was sitting straight up where she now was looking around the headrest.

Sis had her hand on his crotch and was rubbing him out side his pants. It seemed to me that the women had a talk while they were gone and it was now a no holds bar event. Mom seemed so relaxed now, not as tight as she was before.

The movie started and Jeff slid his hand under her bra as her hand went inside his short and all this while mom was talking and watching them. Mom finally sat down with me behind the headrest. She was so happy as you could be seeing the brightest smile on her face as she hugged me and gave me a slight kiss on the lips.

We soon heard sis starting to moan. Mom reaches for the radio to shut the sound off on the movie so we could listen to sis and Jeff. This got mom real hot as she now worked my cock with both hands. Mom kept an eye on the two of them as she watch them thought the cloth she had put up.

I was working on mom tits and she loved it. Mom was now matching sis in the moaning department. They each would take turns moaning and by doing this it was driving them to a fever pitch. Mom moved one of my hand's off her tit and down to her crotch.

I was now pumping my hand in her pussy as hard and deep as I could. She was moaning for me to fuck her deeper. She was loud and I knew sis could hear her now as I could see her smile when mom did it. Mom would keep an eye on them in the back seat. She would do something to me but then she was right back watching them. By watching them was really firing her up. I don't know if she was peeing on my hand or what but she was so wet.

We both were finger fucking the girls. Mom shouted out, "FUCK ME DEEPER." This broke up Jeff and sis. Then sis yelled out, "YES FUCK ME NOW JEFF MAKE ME CUM.". They both had their shorts off and sis was trying to guide it into her pussy. She yelled out, "SLIDE THAT FUCKING COCK DEEP INSIDE ME AS FAR AS IT WILL GO."

Wow this got mom going big time as she now slid my sweats down pass my cock. She yelled out, "OH FUCK SHOOT ME A BIG LOAD OF CUM MAKE ME PROUD OF YOU." Both sis and mom were feeding off each other's words as they played their sex games and us guys were getting the benefits of it.

You could now hear the slapping of their bodies as they fucked each other. The constants slap, slap, slap as their bodies met. Mom let go of my cock and moved over to where she could now watch them fuck and they could see her.

Sis saw mom watching, sis yelled out, "DRIVE THAT FUCKING COCK DEEP IN MY FUCKING PUSSY, MAKE ME SCREAM YOU MOTHER FUCKER." Damn I didn't know how this would sit with mom or sis but she reached over and pulled me to her while she once again stroke my cock with both hands. Then mom yelled out, "PLOW THAT BIG COCK IN HER YOU MOTHER FUCKER, PLOW HER GOOD FOR US, MAKE HER SCREAM."

With them in the back seat and mom in the front seat both of them watching the other fuck. Every one had a big smile on their face as the sound of both bodies slapping one another. Mom yelled out, "MAKE ME CUM YOU MOTHER FUCK. DO ME GOOD OR I WILL TELL DAD ON YOU." That did it and we all came at the same time with all of us screaming at the same time. We all were laughing and them mom sis and Jeff started to talk and they didn't put any cloths on as they talked.

Sis said, "Wow I never came like that ever."

Mom said, "Damn Jeff fucked you so hard I was waiting for his cock to come out the other side of you, while his balls danced on your ass"

Jeff said, "Hearing the word fuck and mother fucker so much was my big turn on. Your mother is the one to turn me on so much just thinking about her hot body and tits."

Sis said, "Yes mom how about seeing your hot body. You have seen ours while Jeff and I fucked away how about a shot of you."

Jeff said, "Wow I would remember that the rest of my life."

"Just love the Vegas Mobile," said sis."

"And make sure you remember what happens here stays here in the Vegas mobile. No telling any friends about it," said mom.

Sis opened the cooler and we all had a soda while mom drank a beer. She passed out the snacks and there was more sex talk going on. I sat and listen while the three of them talked about sex. I knew they didn't want to hear from me, so I kept quiet and listened so I could learn from them.

Sis asked mom, "How is junior at eating pussy," and mom said, "That we haven't really done anything yet except hold hands and rub a little on top of cloths."

Sis and Jeff came up and rested their body on the back of our seats. Sis said, "Jeff wants to see part of your tits mom, how about whipping one out for me and Jeff." I reach in under her blouse

And rub her tits trying to get her worked up. It stared to work as she got a smile on her face and started to move around. As she did this I slowly move her blouse up showing both her tits

Now sis was holding moms shirt up so both tits were showing. I saw sis hitting Jeff's arm so he would reach over and play with her tits too. So I released one so we each had one to work with. After working her tits for a few minutes her eyes closed and you could hear a low moan.

I then started to suck and nibble her hot nipples. Jeff saw me do it then he did it too. She was really moving her body now. She was pushing her body trying for us to get more of her nipple into her mouth. As I looked up she still had her eyes closed. I looked over to sis and she was mouthing the word pussy so I pushed my hand on downed as I rubbed her pussy on top of her skirt.

Mom was really into it as we worked her nipples. She now reaches her hand in my sweats and played with my balls and cock. Mom was sitting before but now she was kneeing on the seat. This brought her up higher where Jeff could get at her better.

Sis said, "Boy I would love some fingers working in my kunt. Nice slow fuck would be nice." Mom cried out, "WORK MY KUNT YOU MOTHER FUCKERS. We all looked at mom who still had her eyes closed. It shocked all of us. Sis pointed at mom's ass and she wanted Jeff to play with her ass while I rub her inside her pussy.

Mom worked her skirt, which was now down on the seat. Sis lean on down and slipped my pants on down to the seat. She pushed me up next to mom as I still kept fingering her pussy. Next sis grabbed my cock and was rubbing in on mom's pussy. Ever once in a while it would slide into her a little.

Mom told Jeff to work her ass. "PUSH THAT FUCKING FINGER IN MY ASSHOLE JEFF DON'T RUB IT BURY IT IN MY ASS." I was now working both tits and sis has my cock in mom and she was pumping me to get in farther. I think sis just wanted to play with my cock. The cock was now in the pussy and mom was pumping her pussy on it. The entire time sis now had her hand under my ass as she was working my balls. Her other hand was working her pussy.

Mom collapsed onto the seat. She was in frenzy and was now drained. She just laded there not moving a muscle. My cock was just a little away from her face when it started to shoot. Sis yelled out at mom, "Here comes the cum mom get ready lick it up." Mom was too tired to move it just shoot all over her face.

Mom just lay there and rested. Then her and sis went to the restroom after ten minutes or so. She was wide-awake when the two of them came back. She was joking with them in the back seat and ready for another round of sex. She just sat and watched them as they went into different position as they banged away on each other.

She had me put my hand under her skirt on her wet and horny pussy. As they screw in the back they were very vocal now. So was mom she was telling me to do all kinds of things to her. She would say them so the other two could hear her and see how horny she was.

Mom turned away from me and wanted me to touch her hot ass. As I slid it in her ass she was calling me a nasty motherfucker. She was pumping her pussy from the front of her. She was moaning away as sis and Jeff was having a good time listening to her.


Mom stopped play with my cock and turned around facing me. She told me to lie down and then she pulled my sweat pants down. She looked back at sis and Jeff saying, "COME ON ITS SHOW TIME. IT'S THE MIDNIGHT SHOW LIVE FROM THE VEAGAS MOBILE SHOW WAGON ALL ABOARD TO SEE THE SHOW."

Sis and Jeff came up to the seat and grabbed a spot where they could see the show. Sis reached down and telling mom she would hold the cock for her. Jeff was rubbing one of mom's tits while sis rubbed the other one and held my cock while mom sucked it.

"Thank god for the Bill Clinton laws on blowjobs," yelled sis. Every one was laughing but mom kept at it sucking my cock. Sis was saying that he coming as she felt me bucking my hips and then I shot my load straight up in the air with both sis and mom still pumping me.

We cleaned up the Vegas mobile and got rid of all the evidence of sex and then headed for home. We all were singing what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

I was talking to sis and telling her that dad gets hard every time she comes into the room now days. I told her it was the way she dresses now in the summer time, with all the short stuff she has on. She said she notices it to and was wonder if any one else notice it. She said when dad takes me to work he is hard and when he comes to pick her up he is hard. I have been pressing my body against his body when I kiss him good night and I can feel his hard cock against me.

Friday mom is going out with some of her girlfriends. Dad always takes his shower and then sits and watches his Yankee ballgame. I plan on recording dad on your computer as I tease him. I am going to wear one of my skimpy outfits while I sit on him and then fool around with him. It should be funny as hell when I tease him.

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