Paul & I

by Paris Waterman

Copyright© 2012 by Paris Waterman

Erotica Sex Story: Two buds head out looking and find two babes

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

I don't know exactly where to begin this story and so I'm just going to jump in.

It was a Saturday. Paul and I had been in a softball tournament that had us playing three games. (We lost in the Championship game 4 – 2.) During the course of the games I got hammered pretty good; first in a play at the plate in which I collided with a brawny catcher. The collision was bad enough, but he found my face with his catcher's mitt and the ball and jarred some teeth loose with the tag. P.S. I was out by at least two feet. Then in the third and last game, I was covering second on what should have been a double play only to be taken out on a slide by a guy who must have been 6' 6" and 240 or 250 pounds. Paul tells me I landed near third base, but he tends to exaggerate some.

For the record, Paul and I are roommates, and while I wanted nothing more than a long, hot shower, he was raring to get out and hunt up some pussy. His words, not mine. We compromised. He took a quick three minute shower, leaving me plenty of hot water, and I stumbled into the shower and allowed the hot water to reinvigorate me to a level from which I was able to dress and join him at a nearby restaurant where we ate and killed some time, until at ten minutes to eleven, we entered The Blue Angel, a lounge known for attracting good-looking women.

Also for the record, Paul is a fairly good cocksman. I, on the other hand might fall into the average category. That means for every ten times I go out looking, I come up empty seven times. On two occasions might I hit it off with a winsome lass, but something usually goes wrong. It varies, but I go home alone, leaving one time when I actually get to kiss the girl goodnight or possibly more. But even then I hardly ever score.

Less than five minutes later, Paul had moved in on two lookers. The one named Marcie was about five six and her girlfriend, Eve an inch taller. They had flat stomachs, slender legs, but Eve was heavier up front, possibly a 34C, while Marcie ran to a much smaller, 32B. Both girls were hot, with shoulder length brown hair.

I say they were hot mainly because Eve had these knee high black, leather boots with what had to have been at least 4-5" heels. Her shirt was a tightly meshed silk so you could plainly see that she was wearing nothing underneath but a black bra. There was no doubt to anyone that she had an incredible rack under that shirt. Marcie, although much smaller than her partner in the breast department, made up for it by wearing a white, skintight Tee without benefit of a bra. The air-conditioning in the lounge kept her nipples straining against the thin material of the T-shirt. I cannot understand how she ever got her tush and the rest of her lower body into the jeans she wore. A giant shoehorn comes to mind, but of course that didn't do it.

We bought them a couple drinks and then Paul went to work. Before the first round was finished he had Marcie telling him things about herself that I had never thought I'd hear a woman utter, at least outside the confines of her bedroom.

It went something like this:

Paul: Have you had many sexual partners?

Marcie: Sure!

Paul: When do you know, I mean, do you meet a guy an eventually decide you'll have sex with him?

Marcie: No, it kinda just happens.

Paul: It just happens?

Marcie: Yeah, you know, I go out to a party or a bar, drink a bit, meet someone. Kissing leads to the next thing. I mean, it's hard to say no if the guy's nice and has treated me well. And if he's a good kisser, well ... it's really hard to say no.

Paul: Can you give me an example?

Marcie: Sure, last Friday, after a few drinks I met this cute guy. We must have danced continuously for maybe an hour. I had to pee; otherwise we would have continued dancing. I came out of the ladies and he was waiting for me and led me upstairs. We were alone there and he kissed me a couple times. Mmmm, I remember he was a good kisser. He had me back against the wall so people below us couldn't see and I was sooo turned on I let him get inside my blouse and play with my boob. I like that, it really turns me on. Anyway, one thing led to another and before you know we were fucking like rabbits.

Eve: Marcie, maybe you'd better not..."

Marcie: Oh be quiet, Eve. The man asked me a question. I gotta answer, don't I?

Paul: So do you use protection?

Marcie: Well, you know I don't plan on getting laid. It just sorta happens. Sometimes I'm protected. Sometimes he's got a condom or two. Sometimes we go bareback. I mean, when I'm horny anything goes.

Paul: Ever have more than one guy?

Marcie: A couple weeks ago ... you weren't there Eve. Anyway, I got wasted and wound up with a bunch of guys.

Paul; How many?

Marcie: Probably ten or twelve, I'm not sure. Some had at me a couple, three times.

Paul: What do you remember?

Marcie: I vaguely remember they formed a circle around me. At first I delighted in seeing so many boners poking at me. I recall being on a couch with one guy in my mouth and another fucking me. It went on and on forever. I was covered with their cum. They were decent enough to help me into the shower so I could clean up and somebody took me home.

When I woke up the next day I was so sore I couldn't walk. My asshole burned for a couple days and my poor pussy ... it was actually bruised and swollen to twice its normal size. So were my tits. I woke up with panties that had the word SLUT written across the crotch in lipstick. Do you remember that, Eve?

Eve; It was something I'd rather not think about and neither should you, Marcie.

Paul: Sounds like a really bad experience.

Marcie: It was.

Paul: But here you are, looking for more action.

Marcie: [Grinning] Yeah, here I am. Want to take a crack at me, handsome?

Paul: I have some tequila at my place.

Marcie: What are we wasting time here for? Let's party!

Eve: Marcie ... you promised!

Marcie: Don't blame me, Eve. Paul here has a nice guy for you too.

Paul: Come on Eve, Greg's alright. I promise he won't bite.

Marcie: [Giggling inanely] Biting's good. He's not a vampire is he?

Paul: No and neither am I. Does that disappoint you?

Marcie: Yes! I adore vampires. But you're cute too.

Paul: That's good. Let's blow this place.

Marcie: Well, maybe one or two guys, but not all of them. [laughs uproariously at her idea of joke]

Eve: Marcie, behave yourself or I'm going home.

Marcie: Okay, okay. Where's your place, sweetie?

Paul: Two short blocks away.

Marcie: I can't leave my car here.

Paul: Let's all pile in. I'll sit up front with you.

Marcie: [Kissing him and adding some tongue] Oh, you! You say the nicest things!

You may have noticed that I didn't have much to say during this ritualistic pickup. For that matter, neither did Eve, who after a brief discussion, drove the car with Paul and Marcie in the back and me beside Eve up front, the whole way to our apartment, he was running his hands up and down Marcie's jean clad thighs while she stared out the window and pretended not to notice. Anyway, Eve pulled up to our apartment; I jumped out of the car, opened the back door for Marcie and Paul and caught a glimpse of Marcie yanking on Paul's boner.

"Oh it's a nice big one!" she chirped loud enough for the neighbors across the street to hear.

"Yeah," he said in reply, as she made to get out of the car only to be pulled back as he ran a hand under her T-shirt and began rubbing her nipples.

"What the hell!" Eve exclaimed, having left the car and come around to the sidewalk to stand next to me. She lost her balance and stumbled into me, giving me an opportunity to feel her generously sized breasts as I helped stabilize her.


I joined her in looking into the backseat where Paul had worked the T up to her chin, exposing her pert tits.

"OH, YOU!" Marcie shrieked, and then doubled up laughing. "Can't you wait?"

Paul pinched each nipple then tugged the tight shirt down to its approximate original position. Moments later we were in the vestibule of our apartment building with me fishing in my pocket for the key when Marcie pulled the shirt over her head, turned to me and said, "You like 'em?"

"Um, yeah," I mumbled as the door opened. That got me an elbow in the ribs from Eve, who hissed, "Tell her to pull the shirt down."

"Um, why don't you hold the exhibition until we're in the apartment, Marcie?"

"Oh, sure, if you say so," and with one of those unforgettable feminine moves, she gracefully tugged the shirt back into position and began the climb up two flights of stairs to our apartment with Paul, Eve and myself behind her.

They fell into the living room and Paul was on top of her before the door was closed.

Eve protested, "Stop it! Marcie, stop it now!"

But Marcie ignored her, as Paul's hands were all over, touching her everywhere. I couldn't help staring at her tits, and my erection peaked.

They were rolling on the floor together, Marcie using one hand to rid herself of the panties that blocked Paul's way to her love tunnel; and Paul somehow freed his dick from its confinement and with Marcie's leg wrapped around his waist he entered her with a loud groan of pleasure.

You just had to admire them. They certainly knew what they wanted. Marcie now had both legs wrapped around his waist; Eve had covered her eyes in shame at her friend's actions and Paul, as might be expected, strove mightily to satisfy his latest conquest while kissing and nibbling on her neck.

Eve groaned in dismay and staggered to a chair and fell into it, her skirt rode up revealing a great deal of leg and a glimpse of pink panties to my discerning eye.

Paul and Marcie went at it for almost ten minutes, constantly changing positions, until she was on top and he was jack-hammering his hips into her while she moaned, "Oh yeah ... that's the ticket!"

And he answered with, "Take it, take it all, baby!"

"Yeah, yeah! C'mon, take me where I want to go!"

"Better get there in a hurry, baby, I'm gonna blow any second!"

"Okay! I'm almost there ... put it in overdrive!"

Beads of sweat flew off Paul's face as he grimaced and strove to go even faster.

"Yeah, baby, c'mon ... faster! Faster!"

Then both groaned as Paul sent his load careening over the walls of Marcie's cunt. Seconds later they collapsed on the floor, laughing like crazy people.

While they lay panting on the floor, Eve looked at me and I thought I saw a glint of lust in her eye. "Do you have any vodka?"

"I think I can manage that," I said and raced into the kitchen only to find we were completely out of Vodka. '"How's Tequila sound? We're out of Russia's finest."

"That'll do. Make it strong, please."

I poured a generous amount into two glasses and handed one to her. We clicked glasses in a mock toast. I used it as an opportunity to make a wish. (I'll let the reader guess what it was.)

Paul was pulling on Marcia's arm, half dragging her toward the bedroom and a second encounter.

Halfway through our Tequila's Eve leaned into me and we kissed. It was a tame kiss, sort of a consolation prize, but I pressed her for another and it was better.

The sound of Marcie's second copulation with Paul carried out of the bedroom and into the living room. Eve and I certainly heard them, loud and clear.

"Give it to me!"

"Take it all, bitch!"

"Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!"

I fell back onto the couch pulling Eve with me. I'm not sure whether it was to divert her mind from what was going on in the bedroom or because she was horny and wanted some action herself. I didn't really care. I was beyond caring.

It was impossible to pretend they weren't there. Marcie's loud slurping sounds made it pretty obvious what she was doing to Paul. Eve looked like she was waiting for me to kiss her so I did. Her tongue entered my mouth just as I wedged my leg between hers.

The kissed went on and so did I, giving each of her generously proportioned tits a gentle squeeze through the mesh of her T-shirt. When she didn't protest, I worked my sneaky fingers under her bra and tweaked a nipple.

"Oh, shit! I'm gonna cum!" Marcie's lust filled voice echoed out of the bedroom and reverberated over Eve and me.

"Jesus, she's terrible!" Eve groaned.

"She knows what she wants though," I murmured.

"She does, doesn't she," Eve agreed, giving me the green light.

I kissed my way around her ear and then her neck as I helped her off with the bra then went after the nipple on her left breast.

She let out a satisfied moan and I caressed her breasts, running the palm of my hand over her stiffened nipples.

"They won't break, Greggie," Eve moaned.

I squeezed them in order, perhaps harder than I meant to, but it didn't seem to bother her at all because she grabbed my shoulder and gave it a reciprocal squeeze and started caressing my neck with her other hand.

When I bit down on a nipple, Eve moaned, "That's it! Oh, yes, that's it!" and pulled my head tighter on her breast.

I moved to the other breast and did the same thing then discovered that she was pulling the remaining nipple out, stretching it further than I thought possible, still moaning with an intense satisfaction.

We played bite the tit, stretch the nipple, for a couple of minutes then she groaned and started to climb up my body until she was standing on the couch and holding her skirt up around her hips. I waited to see what she had in mind and found out soon enough. Placing one knee on the back of the couch, Eve pulled the panties to one side and presented her pussy to me.

Paul and Marcie were raising the roof in the next room. Paul was on a roll, slamming the bed repeatedly into the wall. I said a silent prayer of thanks that our next door neighbors worked nights; in fact, they labored until 5 AM six days a week.

Marcie, not to be out done was screaming, "Oh, you animal! Again, again! Make me cum again!"

I leaned in and placed my mouth to Eve's twat, only she wanted more than a kiss. Using her thumbs, eve spread her labia. I saw nothing but pink and dove in. Her left hand found the back of my neck and slammed it forward so hard I thought my head would be lodged inside her. But it wasn't, my mouth was, and I made the best of it, licking and sucking and tonguing her until she came. My face was covered with her juices and as I tried to dig my dick out of my tightly pinned slacks, she spoke to me in a husky, whisper, "Not here. We're not going to fuck where they can hear us. Find us another, more private place."

Truth be told, I thought of the hallway outside the apartment first, but discarded it immediately in favor of the bathroom. It had a toilet, a sink and a bathtub, all of which offered a wide variety of positional opportunities.

Taking Eve by the hand, I tugged her off the couch, whispering, "Come with me, you want privacy, I know where we can have some."

For the first time Eve displayed an eagerness that had me close to coming in my pants.

I led her into the bathroom and she demonstrated a proficiency I lacked in opening my belt, pulling down the zipper and jerking my slacks down in what would have been record time if it had been calf-roping at a rodeo.

My dick was a writhing bulge in my Jockey's until Eve freed it and shoved me down on the toilet. She had her right fist clamped around my cock and brought it to her mouth. I thought I was going to pass out from the pleasure her hand was evoking with the rapid jerks she gave my tool. But when her tongue flicked out and licked the underside of my dick I knew I had to be dreaming. It couldn't be real – it felt too good.

Eve slowly sank to the tiled floor and still jerking me off, began to suck on my balls, taking them into her mouth one at a time, before devoting her full attention to sucking me off, but even then she used her other hand to rub my scrotum trying to get me off quickly.

It was about to work, but I wanted to fuck her.

Summoning a strength I didn't know I had, I pushed her away. She fell on her ass and cried out in surprise and disappointment.

"What the fuck?"

I helped her to her feet – alright, I was somewhat rough about that, but it served to make her more compliant for what I wanted to do next, which was to fuck her.

I spun her around so that she faced the sink. "Watch us in the mirror," I said gruffly as I wedged her legs apart and rubbed the knob of my cock up and down her wet slit, searching for the opening to her fuck hole.

"No. I told you that I wasn't going to let you fuck me."

"No, you told me we couldn't fuck where they could hear us," I countered, and that stopped her for the moment.

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