It's Not as Good as I'd Hoped

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Our daughter was ready to give up on sex with her boyfriend, it was so bad. She'd listened to us and knew there was more, much more, that she was missing out on and she wanted to experience what Carol and I had in our sex life together. And Carol agreed. Things have never been the same since.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   White Couple   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I came home about a year ago and was upstairs changing, when my wife, Carol, came in, also to change from work clothes.

We exchanged a bit about our workdays, when she brought up our daughter, Allison, "She had some interesting questions for me when I got home a while ago."

"Oh, I can imagine, a sixteen-year old girl is little else, I suppose. What was it about?"


Well, of course, I thought. She'd had couple of boyfriends, the first one, in middle school, Luke, but his family moved away after they'd been dating about a year. Then, it was Owen, her current flame who, well, I'm the father, right? Let's just say, I think she could do a whole lot better.

"Hmm, sex, huh? Well, in what regard? Or should I ask?"

"Oh, you can ask. It seems that our daughter has had sex with Owen a few times. Before you panic, she's on the pill, so don't worry. It was what she asked me that I thought was rather surprising."


"She told me that she and Owen have had sex a couple of times and that it's not as good as she'd thought it would be. It seems she's listened to us having sex, even right outside our bedroom door, and she says we sure do enjoy what we're doing."

"True enough, I suppose. What else?"

"She said when they do it, he just gets off and then it's all over. I told her that she was certainly missing out on one of life's most wonderful experiences and that there was much, much more to it than she was experiencing."

"Oh, I'll say. What about preliminaries?" I asked.

"I asked her. He just puts it in and gets himself off."

"No oral on her? Nothing beforehand?"

"I asked, Burt, he doesn't like the idea of oral sex on her and won't do it. She doesn't think it will ever be good with Owen and she wants to see for herself what we seem to have."

"Geez, she wants to watch us?"

"No, she wants you to do to her what you do to me to make it so good."

I stood there simply amazed. That was my mental reaction. My physical reaction, well, you can guess, right?

My daughter is sixteen and quite pretty. And she's got a tiny bikini her mother let her buy this year that is almost not there. I can tell you she's stunning. Her body is perfect, the kind of girl the men's magazines fill their pages with.

Her breasts are high and separate, rounded and full. Her pussy is plump and pillowy, I know because the tiny string of her thong bikini really just rides in the groove between her legs. She must shave fully because any hair at all would show with this swim suit.

I realize that I'm describing my own daughter in pretty graphic detail but that's what she is and what I've seen is what I've seen. She's gorgeous.

"Me? Do to her what I do to you?"

"You heard me, Burt. That's what she said."

"Well, I'm her father and, after all, we're married and that would be cheating, right?"

"Some people would consider it that," she said, then added, "but I don't think I would," and smiled.

"Okay, what's that supposed to mean?"

"I guess it means that if you want to show our daughter how we go about sex, if that's what she wants, well, I suppose it's okay with me. As long as I get to watch."

"Sex with Allison? You really wouldn't mind?" I asked rather astonished.

"You heard me. She's pretty much said she wants you to do to her what she's heard you doing to me. That's a lot of things, Burt. lots of things."

"And you don't mind?"

"Actually, I want you to. I want you to show her what we have and to never to settle for anything less. And, well, I have to be honest, here, the whole idea turns me on. I'm so wet right now I should change panties."

"Why not just take them off?" I asked being the salacious husband.

"Maybe I will. Well, what's your answer? Are you going to give some real, live sex-ed to Allison? It's what she wants."

Now before you think that I have the kind of wife that is kinky and into all kinds of sexual stuff, let me tell you that she's never had any desire to do any of the many, many things that people do when they get bored of regular sex.

Never any talk of threesomes, hooking-up, swapping, no, none of that. She's pretty straight in what she's wanted in our sex together.

So, this was somewhat confusing in a way.

"And, you think I should have sex with Allison so she can experience what it's supposed to be like?"

"Exactly. It's what she wants."

"And it's what you want as well?"


I just stood there.

Look, I'd had a fairly normal day at work, some of the usual problems, some of the usual successes, and I come home and my wife suggests I have sex with our sixteen-year old daughter. How would you take it?

"I ... you really mean this, it's not some kind of bizarre joke?"

"She's hoping for tonight, Burt."

I have to confess, my cock was as hard as it's been in quite some time. I am human, after all.

"And, you want me to do this and you want to watch?"

"She wants you to do it, Burt. I want it for her because she does. And, well, I want to watch because it's gotten me so horny just thinking about it. Yes, I know, weird, but that's the truth. Maybe I'm learning something about myself."

"I guess so, I'd never thought you'd go for something like this."

"That's two of us but, well, what can I say. The more I thought about it, the more it got me excited and now I'd love to watch you have sex with our daughter and, well, even have her become apart of our sex from now on."

"You amaze me, hon."

"Yes, I amaze myself. So, is this going to happen? She sure wants it."

"Yeah, I guess so."

"I can see you're not against it," she said grinning as she reached down to squeeze the long ridge that was bulging in my pants.

"Yeah, that rather gives things away, doesn't it? Guys can't hide things like that."

"They sure can't," Carol replied as we went downstairs to the kitchen.

Allison was nowhere in sight and we began getting supper ready, it was a red wine beef stew that Carol had made over the weekend and we boiled up some noodles to serve it over.

I opened a bottle of wine and Carol called our daughter who came down from her room. We chitchatted for a few minutes as I got out a third glass and poured us all some.

"Me, I'm getting some wine with dinner?" she asked.

"Well you are growing up, honey, but don't take it if you don't want it," I told her.

She took a sip and told us it was nice and that she appreciated it.

We had a nice dinner and as I was pouring the last of the wine, Carol said, "I talked with Dad about what you suggested."

Allison's head turned to me then back to her mother.

"Do you still want to have Dad do what he does when we make love?"

"Yeah, I guess. I don't want to just give up on sex. I know it's a weird request but you two sure have something that Owen and I don't have and I think it's what Dad does."

"Well, if you want to find out, I think now would be a good time," Carol told her.

"Geez, the time has come, huh. I've thought about all this and, well, I really wanted it and now it's set. I'm a little nervous, I think."

I reached over and took her hand, telling her, "Sweetie, it's something we don't have to do. We'll just all forget it if that's what you want."

"No, Daddy, I know there's more and I want to find out what it is. And I want to find it out tonight."

"Well, honey, why don't you go put on that pretty little blue nighty and go and get in our bed, we'll be right up," Carol told her. "And you needn't wear the panties."

She left and Carol asked me if I was ready for this.

"I guess so. She's on the pill, right? Don't want any unintended consequences from this."

"No, I make sure she takes it every morning, I've known she and Owen had started sex. Too bad the guy is like so many. I told her I'd had the same problem and more than once."

"Sometimes I'm not so proud to be a guy, the way some of us are so selfish in bed."

"Well, you get to show your daughter just how good it can be. Are you ready?"

I followed her up the stairs, Carol still looked pretty good, I must say, and I reached out and patted her butt as we went up.

We turned and entered our bedroom and there was Allison sitting up in our bed, the covers pulled up to her waist. She, I think, had arranged the top of her nighty to show some of her breasts, almost to her nipples.

Chapter 2

Carol began getting undressed, I wasn't sure if what, if anything, she'd planned for herself, so I just started taking my clothes off.

I quickly got down to my boxers which, as expected, were rather tented out, and pulled them to the floor. Carol moved to me, pulling me to her, kissing me deeply as her hand gripped my cock, then whispered, "Make it good, hon, show her what it should be like," and let me go. I turned and got under the sheet, seeing that Allison got a good view of my equipment.

"You're kinda bigger than Owen, maybe we should take it slow, Daddy."

"Don't worry, Allie, I always take it slowly," as I settled in next to her, putting my arms around her.

I kissed her on the lips softly, not wanting to take this too quickly but her tongue pointed through entering my mouth so I knew she at least expected a little romantic play, even if I was her father.

We were now facing each other, slowly kissing, she was rubbing against me, especially against my swollen cock.

I got my hand under her nighty and onto her breast, rubbing, feeling her nipple between my fingers, and she sat up and pulled off her nighty, then settled back into my arms.

Carol's hand was on my back, gently caressing me as I paid attention to our daughter. I was kissing her neck and licking behind her ear, then on to her shoulder as I felt a light touch under the covers. Allison had brought her hand to my cock and just lay it there lightly touching it.

I moved my head down to her breast to suck her nipple. After I'd sucked a minute or so, I felt her hand move as her fingers wrapped around my cock.

I sucked each breast slowly and her other hand was on my cheek as she looked at me lovingly while I felt her hand grip me tighter.

There was no hurry, I wanted it to be good for her, knowing that slower is better with most women but I did begin kissing down her stomach and on to her smooth pubic mound.

I got up, moving her legs apart, to shift over to position myself between her legs as I went back to kissing and licking her. She opened even wider for me as I began slowly licking and tonguing her slit.

"Oh, Daddy, omigod, that's so good. Oh, do more, do more," she groaned.

I used my fingers to gently spread her open so I could tongue her entrance up inside and when I did, her whole body jerked as she let out a loud moan of pleasure.

Then I circled her opening and flicked back and forth as she groaned, "Uuhh, uhhh, oh, Daddy, mmm, so good, oh, no wonder I hear mom all the time. Oh, that feels so good."

I was showing Allison just how pitiful a lover her boyfriend was and how good sex could be when it's done the right way. And the right way is to focus on your partner and do everything you can to heighten their pleasure. If you do that, you'll always get plenty in return.

I could feel her shake and tremble as I licked and tongued her and, then, she let out a muffled scream as she shook and bucked and jerked in a hard, deep orgasm.

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