The Wager

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2012 by sonyaesperanto

Erotica Sex Story: A wager over a pool game is made between two college students, amongst a group of friends. The spoiled selfish arrogant bitch of the group named Melissa loses that wager and has to become the slave of the winner, during their entire cabin-getaway weekend. Now everyone gets a chance to see Melissa put in her place, for all those times she had been such a bitch.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Slavery   Spanking   Rough   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oriental Male   Hispanic Female   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Squirting   Nudism   .

Author's Note

Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I last wrote and submitted a story. I want to thank all my fans out there for having enjoyed read many of my stories. It is because of my fans that I am writing once more, or else there would be no other reason for me to write.

Now as for why I am having this author's note is because I want to address certain topics, to you who would be reading this. One topic is about the theme of my story. The other, is about my stories in general.

As I have fans out there, I must also acknowledge that there are those whom I have angered in the past, especially about some stories that I have written. I just want to say that I am apologizing to those whom I have angered, since it was not my intention to anger anyone out there and that I was completely misunderstood and that I want to clarify any misunderstanding, for now and the future, which I have never done so before, when I wrote previous stories.

For those of you who were angry with me, because of some stories that I have written, I just want to say that my stories are purely fictional and not to be taken seriously. I write for fun, about any topic including ones that are provocative, but not for provocation's sake. If you haven't notice yet, I do have a vivid imagination and like to exercise my creativity. After all, we live in a democracy and are guaranteed the right to freedom of expression.

I just want to clarify all these factors: I have no hatred towards anyone or any group of people. I am not trying to promote anything. I have no agenda whatsoever. My stories are purely fictional and should not be taken seriously (since there have been readers that have taken them way too seriously).

Now I know in the past I have written "dark and hardcore" fiction, which can be extremely disturbing and provocative, but that was only because I failed to clarify at that time that I am highly influenced by American horror writers like Bentley Little or Stephen Kings or Dean Koontz. If anything, I have been told by book publishers that I should go into real writing, as my fiction is far darker than theirs.

But I don't write my fiction for money. I write my fiction for fun because I enjoy it.

Now if you want to know what kind of writer I am, you can compare me to film directors and producers like Tom Six, known for having made the most disturbing film of all times – Human Centipede. Or those guys who produced equally disturbing films such as SS Hell Train or 120 Days of Sodom or I Spit on Your Grave. Yes, I admit I do write stories that can be considered to be too disturbing.

Next time when I write my stories, I WILL WARN MY READERS IN ADVANCE if they have disturbing contents so that people, who are offended by such things, know that they should not even read them in the first place. Because if you know what the story is about, don't like it and still read it and then getting angry about it, then that is your problem, as it is a sign of immaturity, insecurity and oversensitivity.

As for why I write all my usual type of stories, is because I try writing about any topic that people may talk about or are in their minds or about any idea that comes even to my mind.

So if you are the open-minded type (like all my fans are), you would know how to enjoy my stories and know that they are just fictional entertainment. I would also like to say that I enjoy having conversations with people about all kinds of topics, and it does not have to be related to any stories that I have written.

As for my story, it is set somewhere in Los Angeles, in the early 1990s. The 1990s was a good time for America and people were often in the mood for party time.

BUT BE WARNED. There are some humiliating and demeaning nasty scenes and if you are disturbed by it, then read no further. This is for only those with strong stomachs.

Also note that the character-dialogue is like what you see in sketches and screenplay.

If you enjoyed this story, please do drop me a feedback

The Story:

The night club had been crowded with people. After all, it was Friday night. There were people sat down, sipping their beers. There were dancing and moving their bodies to the sound of the loud music beta, being played in the background. Neon lights were flashing everywhere. There was a mixed strong aroma of cigarettes and alcohol.

On a table by a corner, were sat six college students: Melissa, Paul, Karen, Doyle, Patrick and Michael. They were friends, but from different programs.

Melissa was a sexy long black-haired Chicano (native born Mexican-American). She was often the center of attention, being more outspoken about her problems. She was bitchy, dated different guy every month (calling them flavor of the month), arrogant, demanded everything her way and often spoiled. She often wore sexy clothes, high heels and short skirts. She also changed college programs very often, since she did badly in most of them. She could afford to, as her parents were loaded with cash.

As for Karen and Doyle, they were this boyfriend-girlfriend couple who did IT (Information Technology). Doyle was African-American and Karen had short blonde hair. They were both friendly but soft and geeky at the same time, wearing their specs.

Patrick was a skinny freckled redhead geek, who did business and was often verbally bullied by Melissa, for not dressing right every time they all went out. He often asked her out for dates but she refused him all the time. He was in love with Melissa, but not that she cared.

Paul was a tall and muscular Chinese-American jock who also did some economics course, but was also doing swimming professionally. He was a friendly guy who was often concerned about the state of the environment. But that didn't mean that he didn't have a nasty side to him.

Michael was the sharp guy. He did diploma-in-law. He had long black hair, blue eyes and resembled the actor Scott Speedman (known for his 2003 role in the vampire action film Underworld).

Apart from Patrick, the other four were fed up of spending the whole night listening to Melissa bitching about her problems and the guys she dated, and hearing her calling other college students losers. They were all sipping their alcoholic drinks.

It was then that Michael decided that he wanted to speak up, knowing he was going to incur Melissa's wrath by interrupting her.

Michael: Sorry to cut you short Melissa but there was something I wanted to say to you all before I forget. Hey if you guys are free next weekend, I wanted to invite you all to come join me at my private getaway. My parents have this cabin, on some woods, that faces this lake. If you guys have nothing else better to do, then come with me. The scenery is lovely. We can all party all night, since we will be all alone.

Karen: (excited) You have a cabin?

Doyle (excited) Cool!!!

Paul: (happy) Can I come!!

Michael: You can all come. There are enough rooms for everyone.

Patrick: Cool!! So we can also swim by the lake too.

Melissa: (distracted) I didn't know you have a cabin. You never told me that before.

Michael knew Melissa was upset because she wasn't the first person he told this to. In fact, she was such an arrogant bitch, that she had to be number one in everything, including having personal knowledge of other people's lives.

Michael: Sorry to have kept you all in the dark. But it is a good cabin. We have running water, running heating gas, electricity, a sauna, a Jacuzzi and even a Karaoke room.

Melissa: (her interest caught) That doesn't sound like a cabin. That sounds like a well-installed house.

Michael: Well my mom, dad and uncle furnished the whole place. My parents are headed to Mexico next week and they told me the cabin is fee for me and my buddies. We even have a large TV, a radio and even a video player. But we must bring our own food and drinks.

After five minutes, everyone was in agreement that they would all spend time next weekend with Michael, in his parents' cabin, by the woods.


Five cars drove along an empty highway surrounded by woods on both sides. All five cars made a turn when they finally reached a bar-restaurant on the side of the lone highway. The five cars parked themselves on the empty car park spaces. The six college students got out and went inside the bar-restaurant. They were stopping for a while to have lunch, since it was a bit of a long drive, before they get to Michael's cabin.

Once inside, they ordered their meals and sat themselves down by a table. As there was a pool table inside, Melissa and Patrick had a game, which of course they had to pay for. That let the other four to be by themselves.

Michael sipped his beer, and then glared at the other three.

Karen: Just look at her. Sometimes I can't stand that bitch.

Karen was referring to Melissa's attitude.

Doyle: Me either. Hey Mike, why did you have to tell all of us about the cabin? You could have told us separately back at college.

Michael looked at the couple, and smiled wickedly.

Paul: (smiled) Oh my God Mikey. You have something up your sleeve don't you. I bet you got to come to this cabin, just so that we could help our friend Patrick here score with her.

Karen and Doyle stared at Michael dumbfounded.

Karen: Is that true?

Michael: Hey you know something. I love you guys. But she behaves more like a bitch every time we hang out with her. I can't stand her anymore than any of you. No, I wanted my really best friends to be with me, especially in connection to Melissa. I know that deep down you all can't stand her but at the same time, don't want to just cut off the friendship. I invited you all to come here with me, because I am here to give you a brand new Melissa.

Karen, Doyle and Paul just stared at Michael, and then broke out into laughter.

Michael just stared at them, smiling solemnly but also looking bit more serious.

Doyle: You're not joking, are you!!

Michael: Hey we need some form of entertainment for the weekend getaway right. I am here to give it to you all. Now when you guys finish up, let's go join them by the pool table. I could use a game. It will be a game just between me and Melissa. You all need to see and witness this. You'll understand.

5 minutes later, the four of them walked over to the pool table.

Michael: So who is winning?

Melissa: I am.

Patrick: I suck at this game.

Melissa: (rudely) You suck at everything.

Michael: Hey Melissa, how about a game? Just you and me. What do you say?

Melissa: You're on. I am gonna whoop your ass.

Michael: Being overconfident now, are we. How about a wager?

Melissa: A wager?? How much you wanna lose?

Michael: Let's not use money. I was thinking about the loser becoming the slave to the winner.

Melissa laughed.

Melissa: You're thinking you're going to get under my pants, don't you?

Michael: (humorous tone) You're not my type. I mean since we're all going to be spending time at the cabin, I could sure use a good slave to do whatever I want.

Melissa: I don't know.

Michael: (purposely taunting) Chicken!!

Melissa: (getting proud) No I'm not. You're on. If you lose, you become my slave.

Paul: Wait a minute. A slave for how long?

Michael eyed Paul.

Michael: Just for the weekend, until we get back home.

Michael turned towards Melissa.

Michael: It means you would have to everything I say. Everything. You think you can risk that. Do you dare to wager with me?

Melissa: (arrogant) Of course I dare. Melissa Lopez never chickens out of a fight. Bring it on.

Michael looked at the other four with them.

Michael: Ok guys. You all witnessed us making this wager. Since I proposed it, I will pay for this game.

Doyle: How about you two shake hands, as a sign of good sportsmanship and that you're both willing to honor your end of the bargain, that is, if the other wins.

Michael: That sounds like a great idea Doyle.

Michael extended his hand towards Melissa.

Karen: Well Melissa, aren't you going to shake his hand?

Michael: As a sign of good gesture and that there would be no hard feelings between us.

Melissa was reluctant but she did shake his hand eventually.

Doyle: Yes.

Michael: Alright!! So I guess we have a deal.

Melissa: It looks like it.

Michael paid for the balls and for their game. He insisted that they have at least 3 games, just to be fair.

In the first game, Michael and Melissa used their sticks to hit their ball targets. Melissa was actually quite good, but Michael was far better.

Deep down, apart from Patrick, the other three were very happy to see Melissa's ass getting kicked in a game of pool. So far, Michael was leading.

The first game was over, with Michael's stick successfully shooting the black ball down the table hole. Michael won the first game.

Michael: I win.

Melissa shrugged in an upset tone.

Michael :( playing around) You're not upset that I won, are you?

Melissa: Shut up.

Michael: Maybe we shouldn't have another game, seeing that you are very upset.

Melissa: (tone getting louder and angrier) No why don't we have another one.

Michael: Alright.

Michael paid for their second game. Like the first game, the second game ended with Michael winning.

Doyle, Karen and Paul were glad to see Michael winning, but deep down they questioned if whether Melissa would honor her side of the bargain: that she would be his slave if he won and she lost.

Melissa cried like the sore loser that she was. But in the end she insisted that they have their third game, confident that she would find a way to beat him. They played the third game, and Michael won.

Michael: I won all three games of pool.

Melissa stared angrily at him. Michael started looking at her more seriously.

Michael: We had a wager. If I won, you would be my slave.

Melissa: (sore loser) Pool is a stupid game.

Michael: I guess you're not a person of your word. After all, you agreed to this wager and now, you're backing out.

Melissa stared at him. She knew if she backed out, she would lose face in front of all of them. They may even stop hanging out with her, which would be a bad thing as she loses more friends every three months.

Melissa finally smiled in self-defeat.

Melissa: Ok you win Michael.

Michael: So what does that mean!! Say it.

Melissa was reluctant but eventually sighed (even though not too emotionally).

Melissa: I am your slave for the entire weekend.

Michael: Say it again!!

Melissa gave him a pissed-off look.

Karen: (bold) Melissa, you made a wager and lost. Stop being such a sore loser and live to your end of the bargain.

Doyle: Why do you always have to be such a bitch about everything?

Melissa: (manning up a bit) I am your slave for the entire weekend.

Michael: Good. From here on, you will always be obedient, sincere, and loyal, behave well, be courteous, and always address me as Master. Got it!!

Melissa gave him a look as if she had been dethroned and put in her place. She started looking more humble, fearing that he might give her orders she may not like.

Melissa: (nodding her head) Got it!!

Michael: Got it what!!

Melissa: I mean, I got it, Master.

Karen, Doyle and Paul smiled. At last they have seen her humiliated. Patrick wasn't sure what to feel. He partly felt bad for her but on the other hand, she had been cold to him too many times.

Michael: Now listen. This is what we are gonna do!!

Michael told everyone his plan. To make sure that Melissa doesn't run out on them or try to drive away, she would be following Karen on her car (actually Doyle's) while Doyle would be driving Melissa's car towards the cabin.

After they left the bar-restaurant, all the 4 cars followed Michael's car, all the way to the woods, towards where his cabin was. They parked their cars not far from where the cabin stood.

When they got out, Michael made Melissa grab all the stuff that was packed in his car and he led her towards the cabin kitchen, where she piled everything down. After having done just that, he made her help the others carry the rest of the stuff towards the kitchen.

Melissa felt exhausted; since she had never before had done such work.

After wards, everyone went to carry out their own personal bags off their cars.

As for the cabin, it was only seven feet away from the lake. The cabin was surrounded by trees.

The cabin was two-storey high. On the ground floor were the kitchen, a bathroom, a large living room, and a special extra karaoke room, with playable songs already installed there. On the upper floor were four bedrooms and another bathroom.

The Jacuzzi was outside, just between the lake and the cabin.

Inside the cabin, Michael led everyone to the bedrooms. One room was his. Another for Karen and Doyle. Another for Paul. Another for Patrick.

Melissa: (panicked) Hey where will I sleep??

Michael: You will sleep where I tell you to sleep.

Melissa: (in her head) He might make me sleep with him so he can have sex with me.

Melissa was no stranger to having sex with strangers. But Michael was no stranger, and she had never had sex with him before.

When everyone had settled their bags and stuff within their respective allocated bedrooms, Michael spoke out loud.

Michael: Ok guys. This is what we are gonna do first. We are gonna go out to the lake and have a good time. Everyone has brought their swimming trunk right.

Everyone, except for Melissa, cried with joy.

Michael: But before we go, Melissa, go grab your bag and come follow us to the living room.

Melissa: Yes master.

Melissa, followed Michael and the rest downstairs towards the living room.

Michael: Melissa, please your bag near the couch. Then I want you to take off all your clothes.

Melissa gulped. She was going to be made to parade herself naked.

Doyle: (angrily) Do it!!!

Melissa slowly slowly stripped off her clothes and dumped them over her bag. Once naked, she covered her breasts and shaved pussy, feeling ashamed that she was being treated, humiliated and exposed like this.

Doyle: (joked) You look nice when you're naked Melissa.

Karen hit Doyle hard on the arm. Doyle cried a bit.

Doyle: But she is nowhere as sexy as you baby.

Karen: That's better!! I know I am a hundred times better looking than this bitch.

Melissa looked angrily towards Karen.

Melissa: (directly at Karen) How dare you...

Michael cut her off quickly.

Michael: (shouting loud like Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings movie) No Melissa. You will shut up. Everyone here can say whatever they want about you. You are forbidden from ever complaining. We can talk about you in any way we want. We can even touch you in any we want. As your master, I command this. Am I understood!!

Melissa gulped in fear. She nodded, trying to control herself. She was afraid that she might start crying here, right in front of everyone.

Michael: (getting bossy) Well speak up slave.

Melissa: (nodding her head in a meek way) Yes master.

Michael: Good. Also, that you are not allowed to cover your private parts from us. They are there for us all to see and touch.

Melissa stood there naked, while the five of tem came closer towards her. Karen was pinching at Melissa's right nipple. Melissa winched and cried in pain.

Karen: Slut

Melissa hated being called a "slut."

Michael was fondling her ass.

Michael: (having some fun) You know you always told us how many guys you fucked. If you have fucked so many guys, you ever thought of becoming a prostitute? I mean you could earn a lot of cash.

Melissa: I'm not a prostitute!!

Doyle: Well you look like one.

Michelle: (looking now to Patrick for sympathy) Patrick, please don't let them do this to me.

Melissa knew that Patrick had a crush on her, despite the fact that she kept on giving him the cold shoulders all the time.

Patrick went closer to her and then started touching her pussy.

Melissa: (meek and soft) Patrick??

Patrick looked towards Michael.

Patrick: I've always wanted to fuck Melissa.

Everyone could see Patrick's cock stiffening under his pants.

Michael: (suggested) Hey how about we all get changed into our bathing suits and then you can fuck her right outside, while we are swimming in the lake.

Paul (agreeing) That sounds like a good idea.

Michael: Melissa you stay right here while we all get change.

Melissa: Yes Master.

The five of them went to their rooms to get changed. While the guys had their swimming trunks, Karen had a nice one-piece swimming suit. Once changed, Michael made Melissa help him carry all their beer cans inside an ice box outside the cabin and towards a spot near the lake.

The rest carried the stuff that they needed, like their towels.

All six of them were out by the lake. While Michael, Doyle, Karen and Paul were swimming in the lake, enjoying the cool fresh touch from the water, Patrick was letting his large red beach-style type towel lay on top of a grassy spot. Melissa stood next to him.

Patrick: Melissa, I want you to go down on all fours on top of the towel.

Melissa went down on all fours, like a dog. Patrick grabbed himself a beer and then rested on his back over the blanket.

Patrick: Melissa, I want you to give me a blowjob.

Melissa pulled own Patrick's swimming trunk, slowly taking out his cock. She then opened her mouth, in a crouching position, and then started sucking his cock. She was working her jaw, trying to cause his dick to shoot his cum down her throat.

Melissa heard Karen shouting from the background.

Karen: Hey look everyone. Melissa is giving Patrick a blowjob.

Doyle: I never thought I would ever see this day.

As Melissa was performing oral sex on the "guy she refused", Pat was sipping his beer, enjoying his cock being sucked by her.

Michael: (joked) Well what do you know. Melissa is finally Patrick's bitch.

Everyone, except Melissa, broke out in really loud laughter. Melissa tried blocking their laughter out of her head. She was trying her best to ignore all their comments about her.

She finally knew now what her friends thought about her – a fucking bitch.

Michael got out of the water. He walked all the way back towards the cabin, dripping wet. He returned back outside 3 minutes later, carrying what looked like a bag of bird seed.

He bought them that day, before meeting everyone else. He placed the bird seed bag next to the spot where Melissa was sucking Patrick.

Michael: Hey Patrick, mind if I join you.

Michael pulled down is swimming trunk, knelt behind Melissa, and then shoved his white cock up Melissa's brown Chicano ass. That caused Melissa to squirm a bit.

Michael: Hey look everybody. We're having a threesome.

Michael kept fucking Melissa's ass, while she continued sucking Pat's cock. Melissa was now having both holes filled up with white cocks, spurting out sperm.

Doyle, Karen and Paul who were swimming around and enjoying the lake water, were now staring at the threesome.

Doyle: Man, maybe you guys should be making a porn movie or something.

Paul: (mocking Melissa) I bet that bitch would love that.

Karen: (making derogatory comments) She always keeps on saying that all the guys she had fucked, were lousy in bed. Maybe this would shut her up.

When Michael and Patrick were done fucking Melissa's asshole and jaw, they withdrew themselves from her. Sperm juices were dripping out of her mouth and asshole. But Patrick made sure that he stroked his cock, causing some of his juice to shoot straight at her beautiful face.

Patrick: (towards Melissa) I think you look much better now Melissa.

Patrick laughed at his own joke. Melissa felt like a dirty used-up streetwalking hooker.

Michael: (to Patrick) Hey Pat. Get up!! I got an idea.

Michael and Patrick got off the large red towel, letting Melissa remain there in a crouching position.

Michael: (towards Melissa) Hey bitch; I want you to lie on your back.

Melissa: Yes master.

Melissa repositioned herself, so that she lied on her back.

Michael shouted towards everyone else still on the lake.

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