Accidental Confession

by Winterfrog

Copyright© 2012 by Winterfrog

Erotica Sex Story: A confession brings up crap to the surface and it will be impossible avoid the expected consequences.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Heterosexual   Cheating   .

Many thanks to chilleywilley for his kind comments and for the editing of this story.

These events happened when I had been living together for three years with a very handsome 28 years old nurse. I'm a 31 years old guy by name Leif Eriksson, same name as the Viking who said to be in America (Vinland) 500 years before Columbus. My pretty girlfriend's name was Linda Anderson and we were living in a fast growing Scandinavian small town.

Linda and I met at a private party, we fell in love and as I was a happy owner of a nice house, she moved in with me and now three years later we had been talking about wedding and a family.

Everything in our relation ought to been perfect, but lately there had been a strange feeling in my mind. Though it wasn't possible describe exactly what it was, I began to look at minor matters here and there for getting a pattern but wasn't able to find out anything and had to ask Linda if she had got the same feeling about something growing wrong between us.

Just as expected, she said no and promised me that her love for me was stronger than ever and she really looked forward to our wedding and I told the same to her.

I didn't suspect Linda to be cheating why I never searched for any evidence about that. She worked as nurse at the nearby hospital on a six-week-schedule and had much free-time during days when she worked nights and evenings, why she had unlimited possibilities to cheat at work and during the day while I was working.

But when nothing in her new behavior had changed after some time, I began to spend more attention to small details. For example her interest for wedding planning had seemed to be decreased and she talked much less about the big event. I even got the impression that she wanted to turn it down to a family event what would save us some money as our parents could only pay a small part of it.

I got a little suspicious from a phone call from what seemed to be a prepaid cell phone when the caller hung on without saying a word one day when I had taken off after lunch. Not because the caller hang on but because the last four digits in that phone number were the same as the four last digits in my social security number.

For that simple reason I tried to check that number in those on-line phone number services but few people care to register their pre-paid phones why I got nothing and didn't care mention it Linda who wasn't at home.

I had to be home even the next day having an extended long lunch for two reasons, one Linda's new cell phone had some minor problems so I took it back to the electronic store for service for her, and second for meeting a builder who would give me an offer for fixing my one car garage to a two car garage. But he called and said he would be delayed. He was a friend of mine gone out of his way to come talk to me so not to waste his time by canceling, I called my job and quit for the day.

Then two things happened, Linda rushed in and asked me, "Why are you at home, something wrong? Did you got my cell phone from the service shop?"

"Nothing wrong, I'm just waiting for a builder for the garage job." Just as I said that, the house phone rang and when I saw Linda intended to take the call, I quickly took the phone and told her, "It's the builder."

But it wasn't any builder. It was the same caller who hang on at me the day before who hang up even that call. I told Linda "I'll start calling that bastard and find out who he is when my phone is charged."

"Don't be so juvenile, these things happen all the time. When will I get my cell phone fixed?"

They said "Tomorrow." what got her happier and she left the kitchen.

To my great surprise I could see the small green sign on the kitchen phone lighted up indicating that the line got in use from one of the extensions. I got curious and lifted the receiver and could hear a strange conversation between Linda and some unknown man.

Linda, "Darling, your calls to our landline phone got Leif very suspicious and he is trying to trap you. Don't reply to any calls from his cell phone, then she told him my number."

Man, "Darling, please get you cell phone back so we can skip the damn land line phone. I love you and miss you so much and wanted to hear some sweet words from your sexy mouth. I didn't know he was at home."

Linda, "I love you too very much and my mouth is waiting to suck your good lollipop and get your sweet kisses. I look forward to making hot love as soon as we can meet again."

Man, "Oh my darling Linda, I'm dreaming about your wonderful pussy. It will be the greatest day in my whole life when you are moving into my house."

After hearing that crap I couldn't resist my anger any longer and said with a loud voice into the receiver in my hand, "No problems, asshole, you can come here right now and get your damn whore. I'm done using her and don't want her here any longer. Just come and get her, she will be out on the street where she belongs in one hour!"

While saying the last words, I heard Linda screaming hysterically in the phone and after a while I found her crying in the bedroom. Of course I didn't violently throw her out, no reason to make such a public scene and be as a cruel man.

Later in the evening Linda confessed that she had an affair with a married ambulance driver by name Tom Nilsson and they were in love and intended to marry as soon as his divorce was final. Linda said that she was in love with me too, but her feelings for Tom were stronger than for me why she preferred to marry him. I said her decision was accepted, wished her good luck and promised to help her move out from my house as soon as possible.

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