Jessica's Dilemma

by Pookie

Copyright© 2012 by Pookie

Erotica Sex Story: Freshman Jessica Perry has a dilemma. After her roommate begged, she agrees to go to her first frat party. Having been sheltered by her strict conservative parents in their church’s school, this is all new for her. At the party, Jessica makes a big mistake after drinking too much. Her parents demand that she quit college and take responsibility for the results of that mistake, or else they will cut her off financially. Professor Angela Burton may know a way for Jessica to stay in school.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Light Bond   Group Sex   First   Pregnancy   .

"Shit, shit, shit!" was just about the only word that Jessica's brain could concentrate on. Freshman Jessica Perry sat in her regular seat in Professor Angela Burton's accounting class. Jessica had done well during her first semester as a business major at Belton College. Now she couldn't even focus long enough to hear her professor asking her a question. When she finally realized it, the professor had already moved on to another student. She'd almost burst into tears at the embarrassment.

A week later, Professor Burton handed Jessica her latest exam. She'd been making excellent grades during the first half of the semester, but the latest test was a disaster. It wasn't unusual for students to slip up from time to time, but Jessica had been one of the few in all her classes who had maintained her focus throughout the semester. Her performance on the latest exam was something Professor Burton expected from a student about to flunk out. The effort and energy she'd displayed since the beginning of the semester had disappeared over the past week.

After handing Jessica her first failing grade, she went back to the front of the class and began her lecture. As she lectured on a fundamental principle of accounting, she paid even more attention to Jessica. What she saw concerned her. Instead of rapt attention to every word she said, Jessica seemed to be in a whole different world. If this continued for much longer, her grades would likely sink too far for her to recover before the end of the semester.

"Miss Perry, can you see me after class?" Professor Burton demanded more than asked.

Jessica had occasionally stopped by Professor Burton's office to discuss her major, and what classes she needed to take to prepare her for the more advanced classes to come. Angela sat in her office as Jessica stood in the doorway.

"Close the door and have a seat, Jessica."

Jessica sat down without saying a word. It was obvious to Angela that something traumatic had occurred to the eighteen year old freshman. It was not unusual for freshman coeds to occasionally get in over their heads. It was something of a rite of passage, part of becoming an adult. In most cases, it was a young lady's first experience in dealing with being out from under her parents' supervision. Sororities and fraternities were usually the source for much of the temptations faced by freshmen.

Jessica had appeared to handle life on her own quite well though. Rush week had been well over a month ago. It was the middle of October. Jessica had breezed through the first few months of school. Something had obviously changed over the past week.

"Okay, Jessica, something is obviously wrong. Care to talk to me about it?" Angela leaned forward in her chair trying to put Jessica at ease. "Anything I might be able to help with?"

Jessica looked at the carpeting on the floor. She wasn't so sure she wanted to tell her professor about her problem, but she decided what the heck. Her life was going down the drain anyways, so she might as well know.

"I'm pregnant," Jessica blurted out.

Angela took a deep breath. Yes, Jessica had a problem all right, a growing one at that. No wonder she was preoccupied. She scrunched her lips, and asked, "I see. Have you told anyone else?"

"I told the father, but he wouldn't take responsibility." Jessica said, forlornly. Tears started to build up in her eyes again.

"What did he tell you?"

"He said I was a slut ... and that anyone could be my bastard's dad," Jessica struggled to say.

"You're sure he's the father?"

"I was drunk, but I wasn't that drunk," Jessica stated adamantly. "I know it was him."

Angela looked at her student for a second and handed her a tissue, before she asked softly, "How did it happen?"

"I went to a frat party. It was my first. I knew from what others told me that these parties could get..." she hesitated and weighed her words, "could get kinda wild. So I really didn't want to go, but my roommate pestered me constantly. So I finally went along just to shut her up. I figured I could watch out for myself."

Jessica paused for a few moments, the images of the scene in the frat house coming back to her.

"So when I got there, right away some guys started talking to me. I have to admit, I liked the attention they were paying to me. I'd never been allowed to talk to boys for very long."

Jessica looked up and met Angela Burton's gaze. "You have to understand where I come from, Professor. I've led a very sheltered life. I attended our church's Christian school instead of public schools. I come from a very conservative family. And our church is a very conservative fundamentalist church that preaches that premarital sex is wrong, as well as using any contraception. Sex is meant to be something between a husband and wife for the sole purpose of procreation. Abortion for any reason is murder. Rape and incest are no excuse to kill an unborn child of God. And..." Jessica looked down again and blushed, "of course, even masturbation was just one step away from becoming a fornicator."

"So coming to college here, unsupervised, got you into a completely different world?" Angela asked.

"Well, we, I mean I was not completely unexposed to the 'evils of society', as my dad calls them," Jessica gave a dry chuckle, "but my parents have been quite successful in keeping me away from the temptations most other kids are exposed to every day."

"I think I understand." Angela nodded. "So what went on at that frat party?"

"Like I said, when we got there, it only took moments before several guys were talking to me. Not long after that, one of the boys had talked me into drinking my first beer. You see, Professor, I wanted to live a little more. At home I could have never done that, but I had always been curious about all the things that were so forbidden back home."

Temptation is lurking everywhere, Angela thought.

"So, as the night went on, I did some other things. I discovered what body shots were." Jessica managed to chuckle a little. "I had a shot of vodka out of the belly button of my roommate."

Jessica watched Angela's reaction before continuing. She just sat listening to her though.

"Much later, I let a cute boy lead me to an upstairs bedroom, where we started making out. It was my first kiss with a boy," Jessica said, remembering how unromantic the whole thing had been.

"I allowed him to take my clothes off. I was a little drunk by then, but not to the point that I couldn't think. On the other bed in the same room, my roommate was naked and on her back with her legs over the shoulders of another boy. He was..." Jessica hesitated again, wondering how candid she could or should be.

Angela sensed the reason behind her student's reluctance. "Don't worry, Jessica, it's just us girls here, please be frank." Secretly the single thirty year old woman enjoyed the story. More than once recently she had been to a frat party, carefully selecting those where none of her students went. More than enough hard student cocks had fucked her. It was more fun than hanging out in clubs. She lived a dangerous life, sometimes encouraging older students who gave her the eye, to put the make on her. And usually she gladly succumbed to their advances. She had enjoyed many a night draining a guy's balls, testing his stamina.

"He was slowly ... fucking my roommate." Jessica surprised herself that she got the word out. "She was moaning and obviously having a great time. So it didn't take much convincing for me to lie down on the bed and ... you know. He was cute and all. I was a virgin until then, but I was kind of glad to lose my virginity to him ... just to get it over with. I made sure he was using a condom though."

Angela poured a cup of water from her water cooler and handed it to Jessica who took a quick sip.

"Before long though, two more boys had joined us. My roommate looked over and smiled at me. She even called over, 'Way to go, Jessica', to encourage me. Then one of the other boys took the place of the first. Since I'd already given up my cherry, it didn't take much convincing for me to really let go. You see, Professor, I had enjoyed my first fuck, and before the night was over, three other guys fucked me, too. It felt great. I was doing something I wasn't supposed to do. My parents wouldn't even allow me to date a boy unless we were chaperoned."

Angela asked, "I guess the rest of the guys didn't use condoms?"

"Every one of them up to then used a condom," Jessica replied. "Then another boy came in the room. It was only a few moments before he climbed between my legs. I realized he hadn't put one on. I insisted that he use one, but he said they were all out. He promised to pull out though. He fucked me really good. Before I realized what was happening though, the boy pushed deep inside me and started coming. He was too heavy to push off, but it wouldn't likely have mattered. He'd already come inside of me. I didn't think I was close to ovulating though. So I thought I might get away with it."

"And," Jessica gave a bitter chuckle, "It felt much better getting fucked without a condom with the boy really cumming inside me."

Angela laughed. "I agree. It is much better that way."

"After I missed my period and a home pregnancy test, I realized without doubt that I was pregnant. Even the morning sickness has started to set in."

Both were quiet for a moment.

"Have you told your family?" Angela asked.

"I went home this past weekend and told them."

"How did that go?"

"Bad. After yelling at me about how disappointed they were, they demanded I immediately contact the father and discuss getting married. After I told them he wouldn't own up to being the father, they wanted to know his name so they could have their lawyer change his mind. I told them I wanted nothing to do with him."


"That's when they demanded I drop out of school immediately and prepare to be a mother," Jessica replied. "That's when I told them I was going to give the baby up for adoption."

"I take it they didn't approve of that."

"They gave me a long speech about how they'd sacrificed to be my parents, to do what God demanded in the Bible. I'd already sinned and shamed the family, and now I was planning to abandon God's precious gift so I could selfishly continue living a sinful life."

"Oh my ... I'm sorry, Jessica." Angela was stunned at how callous Jessica's parents had been. Jessica was about to top that though.

"I told them I wasn't changing my mind. Yes, I'd made a mistake, but I wasn't going to toss away my life because of it. I wasn't prepared to be a mother. How was I to support a baby and myself as a college dropout? I've never even had a part-time job! There are plenty of couples that would be much better parents than I could be right now."

"I take it they disagreed."

"Not only did they disagree, they said they'd cut me off financially if I didn't drop out of school," she said. "Professor Burton, I have a small scholarship and a student loan, but it doesn't come close to covering everything. I can't afford it without my parents help, even if I get a job."

"I'm so sorry, Jessica..."

"What's worse is my father said he would drop me from his health insurance. I'll have to pay for all the doctor visits and the delivery out of my pocket. I can't do that!"

"Jessica, I'm sorry, but your parents are complete assholes"

"Tell me about it," Jessica replied.

"I know it goes against your beliefs, but have you considered having an abortion?" Angela asked.

"I don't want to get an abortion. And I'm sure my parents would disown me if I did. I just can't do it, but it's my only option to even try to stay in school on my own."

Professor Burton knew Jessica was in a financial bind. Being a private college, tuition and fees were quite expensive. But, she also knew graduates typically went on to excellent jobs and careers. Being a graduate from Belton College opened doors in high places. The network of graduates was one of the big recruiting incentives used by the college to justify the expense. Jessica's parents had left her no option but to drop out of school, regardless of whether she kept her baby or not. Angela was aware of one other possible option though.

"I might know a way for you to get some help," Angela said.

Jessica perked up brightly. She listened intently.

"I know some people ... a couple ... they're graduates of the college," she said. "They like to help in ... well ... special situations."

"Would they help me?" Jessica anxiously asked. She was encouraged, but afraid to get her hopes up too quickly.

"Maybe. They are wealthy and have been very generous to needy students in the past. But Jessica, I need to be blunt with you. They're a very eccentric couple."

"I don't care if they're from outer space," Jessica stated. "If they can help me..."

"They've been interested in having a child. Unfortunately, the wife is unable to. So, they've been considering adoption."

"What are you saying? That they might adopt my baby? That doesn't really help me with school..."

"Jessica, they might be willing to give you financial aide ... a scholarship possibly."

"Are you saying they might buy my..."

"No, Jessica. That's illegal. But you're a very good student. With some recommendations, they might be willing to provide assistance," Angela told her, insinuating that they would in essence be willing to pay her college expenses in return for letting them adopt her baby. "Are you interested?"

"I'll try anything right now."

Angela asked Jessica to wait outside her office while she made a phone call. After a long ten minutes, she opened the door and handed Jessica a note with a name and address on it.

"They will meet with you today at 3pm. They expect you to be on time. Jessica, make sure you go."

"Cunter?" Jessica asked, looking at the name on the note. "Is that really their name?"

"It's a bit unusual, but then so are they," Angela replied.

Jessica looked at the address and recognized that the street, Pussy Licke Road, wasn't too far from campus. She'd seen the street sign a number of times, thinking it was a weird name for a street.

"Thanks for doing this for me, Professor Burton."

"Thank me afterwards," she advised. "Jessica, the Cunters are very unusual people. Be prepared for that."

Jessica began to wonder why she kept reminding her of that. "Are they dangerous?"

"Oh, no. Of course, not. But ... you won't have ever met anyone like them before," Angela said. She then put her hands on Jessica's shoulders, "Just keep an open mind with them."

"Should I dress up for them?"

Angela looked at Jessica closely. Jessica was an attractive girl. She was about average height, with a slender body. She had a very cute face, with dark brown eyes to go with her loose medium length raven hair. She was wearing a denim shirt with jeans that fit her quite nicely. The jeans accentuated her slender legs and nice round bottom. Her tight top molded to her round breasts nicely. She'd lost whatever baby fat she'd had long ago. Angela was certain that the Cunters would find her appearance acceptable.

"You're fine with what you have on. Just get something to eat and try to relax some before you go."

Even though Jessica had participated in a drunken gangbang, she was still very naïve about many things. Growing up in an extremely conservative family had certainly not prepared her for the couple she was about to meet.

Jessica looked at the address on the note. 6969 Pussy Licke Road. Even though she knew exactly where the street was located, she left early to make sure she could find the house. As she soon discovered, it was the only address on Pussy Licke Road. The house number had led her to believe it was one of many houses on that road.

Jessica could see a large mansion some distance from the road. She turned at a driveway with an elaborate entrance. The gate was already open, so she slowly followed the long tree lined path which led to a circular driveway in front of the house. Her car looked completely out of place in front of this expensive home.

After admiring the exterior of the mansion, she walked up to the front door. It was then that she began to understand what Professor Burton had been referring to.

She stared at the unusual door knocker for the longest time, not sure if she should even touch it. It was a statuette of a naked man with unusually proportioned genitals. The huge testicles were the part used to knock on the door.

Girl Looking at an unusual Door knockers

Jessica had never touched a guy's testicles before, not even the frat boys who had fucked her. She reached up, debating whether to grab them, or turn away and leave. But she knew she was out of options.

A woman in a French maid's outfit opened the door. Jessica figured that the woman was in her twenties. She was very attractive.

"Hello. Welcome to the Cunter residence. May I help you?"

"I'm Jessica Perry. I have an appointment."

"The Cunters are expecting you. Please, come in."

Jessica followed the maid into the large foyer. "Please wait in the sitting room while I let the Cunters know that you're here."

Jessica walked into their sitting room and was immediately struck by the paintings of various women on the walls. The women were either nude, or had very little on. She wondered if she had stumbled into the Playboy mansion by mistake.

"Hello, Miss Perry," a deep voice shook her attention from the paintings. Standing just inside the sitting room was a tall handsome man and a very beautiful woman. They looked to be as old as Jessica's parents. "I'm Robert Cunter, and this is my lovely wife Eileen."

"Nice to meet both of you," Jessica said, feeling a little overwhelmed by everything.

"That's one of my favorite paintings," Eileen said. "Robert bought it for me on a trip to Paris not long after we were married."

"You seemed to adore it, my love," he told his wife. "Not to mention that it was one of the first paintings you posed for before we even met. I just had to get it for you."

Jessica glanced back up at the painting. She could see the resemblance now. On that painting Mrs. Cunter was completely nude, reclining on a bed with many pillows, her legs splayed open displaying her completely shaven sex.

"Isn't she beautiful?" Robert asked.

"Yes, sir," Jessica simply said, afraid to say anything more.

"Have a seat, Miss Perry," he told her. "May we call you, Jessica?"

"Yes, sir," she again answered.

The Cunters sat on a love seat together across from Jessica.

"Would you like something to drink?" Eileen asked the girl.

"No, thank you," she simply answered.

"Angela explained your situation to me," Robert said. "She asked if we might be able to be of assistance to you."

"Yes, sir," Jessica started. She looked down and said, "I guess she told you I'm pregnant."

Eileen realized just how uncomfortable Jessica was. "Angela explained that your parents have cut you off financially because you won't drop out of school."

"Yes, ma'am. They want me to come home and raise my baby. I'm not ready to be a mother though. I'm in no position to be a good mother."

Eileen then asked, "You want to put your baby up for adoption?"

"Yes. I know there are couples who can't have their own baby that could provide for and raise one better than I can. My parents think I'm being selfish though."

"On the contrary, dear," Eileen stated. "I think you're being very unselfish."

"I agree with my wife. I think you want to do the best thing for your baby. I admire that."

Jessica nodded to them, accepting their praise.

"So, Jessica. Let's discuss our situation, and see if we can't come to an agreement that works for all of us. My wife is unable to have a baby for us. We're out of options ourselves. We have made inquiries into adoption."

Jessica listened and nodded.

"We have a proposition for you," he said. "My wife and I would very much like to adopt your baby."

Jessica smiled. She finally felt like there might be hope for her to continue school.

"Here is our offer," Robert began. "If you will agree to allow my wife and I to adopt your baby, we will cover all of your expenses related to the pregnancy, as well as your education now, and in the future."

"You mean..."

"I mean we will pay for you to complete your degree at Belton, and any post graduate studies you choose to pursue. All expenses paid. Room, board, transportation, entertainment, clothing, and any other expenses you may incur."

Jessica's mouth hung open at such a generous proposal.

Robert quickly added, "Let me be clear, Jessica. We are not buying your baby. We're just looking after its mother."

"I understand..."

"One more thing, Jessica. If you accept our proposal, you will be required to live here with us until the new school year begins next August."

"I'm due to deliver in June though. You want me to stay here after the baby is born?"

"We do," Robert confirmed. "You will be breast feeding the baby until classes start for the fall semester."

Jessica was surprised by that requirement. It wasn't to be the only surprise.

"There is also another stipulation. You will also make yourself available to us for other ... activities."

"What other activities?"

"Sex, my dear," Eileen stated.

"You want me to live here with you ... and have sex with your husband?"

"Oh no, my dear." Eileen said. Jessica felt relieved. "You will be having sex with at least both of us."

"You can't be serious." Jessica asked, amazed that they would make such a proposal to her.

"We're always serious, Jessica," Robert said. "We'll give you a few days to think over our proposal. If you choose to accept it, you will need for nothing while you're living with us. We will guarantee you get the best medical care available. You will have access to the entire property, and all its amenities. You will be part of our family."

"But I'll be having sex with you," she incredulously said.

"There are worse fates."

The Cunters gave Jessica a tour of the home and the property. She would have access to an indoor and outdoor pool, sauna, hot tub, exercise room, a beautiful garden and more. She was enthralled by it all, but the idea of having sex with a married man, not to mention his wife, went completely against everything she'd been raised to believe.

As the Cunters saw her to the door to leave, Robert said, "Let us know in two days, this Friday, by noon. If we don't hear from you by then, we'll accept that as a declination."

"I'll call you with whatever I decide."

"We would appreciate that courtesy," he said.

Jessica left and went back to her dorm room. She had a lot to think about. Professor Burton had been right about the Cunters. Eccentric and unusual was putting it mildly though, she thought. She'd had sex with four boys that night at the frat party, but she'd been drinking. Her roommate had even mentioned that she believed the guys had been able to slip them something else, like Ecstasy possibly. She didn't believe it was a date rape drug though since neither of them had been knocked out. It was too late to fret about all of that though.

Jessica was left with two options - stay in school or drop out. Both options had a lot of strings tied to them though. Having to move back home with her parents was the last thing she wanted to do though, especially after they'd threatened to cut her off. Her parents might think of it as tough love, but they were trying to dictate how she should live her life like they always had.

However, the Cunters wanted her to do things that she'd always believed to be immoral - participation in adultery, fornication, and same gender sex. She would have to compromise her values for almost a year for their support. She knew she would be prostituting herself. Ten months as their whore so she wouldn't have to drop out of school. In return, her baby would have a home with a mother and father. Her future education would be paid in full.

Neither option was a good one, but the latter would provide for her and her baby's future.

Jessica waited until early Friday morning to call.

"Good morning, Jessica," Robert said.

"Good morning, Mr. Cunter. I've made my decision. I accept your proposal."

"Excellent!" he exclaimed. "My wife will be very pleased."

"When would you like for me to move in?"

"There's no better day than today," Mr. Cunter offered.

"I'm not sure I can get everything packed and moved today."

"Someone on my staff will contact you within the half hour to arrange everything," he explained. "You won't have to do a thing other than show the movers what belongs to you."

"Thank you, sir," she sincerely said. "I appreciate your help."

"Jessica, you are family while you're with us. And you will be treated as such by my staff," he told her. "I encourage you to take advantage of that. It's one of the perks you will enjoy."

By Friday afternoon, Jessica was moving into her new bedroom. Unlike the dorm move in back at the beginning of the school year, she'd barely had to lift a finger during the entire move. The Cunters arranged for everything to be done.

Jessica was amazed when she saw her new bedroom. Her dorm room had been small and cramped with a very small closet that she had to share with her roommate. This bedroom was huge. The walk-in closet was even larger than her dorm room. The adjoining bathroom was larger than her parents' master bathroom. It had a large shower and an antique tub. She had every luxury she could've imagined, and then some.

Eileen joined her a short time later as she was putting away her clothes.

"Good afternoon, Jessica," she greeted her. "I just wanted to make sure you were getting settled in."

"This room is beautiful, Mrs. Cunter," Jessica gushed. "My room at my parents' house isn't even half this big."

Eileen doted over her, offering to do or get anything else she needed. Her and her husband would be spending a great deal of time with her in this bedroom, as well as their own.

She introduced Jessica to the house staff, and informed them that she should be attended to the same as her and her husband. Jessica felt odd every time one of them referred to her as Miss Perry. A young lady named Mary would personally attend to her during the day.

Later, Robert dropped by to make sure everything was to her liking. He handed her a credit card and told her to feel free to purchase any clothes or amenities that she desired. He then took her to a large garage area and pointed at two sports cars, indicating she had the use of both as she desired. Or, if she chose, a driver would take her wherever she desired. Her old car would be donated to a charity auction. After school began next year, she would be provided a vehicle to use as well.

Jessica was certain she'd made the right decision. She still didn't like the idea of having sex with the Cunters, but how bad could it be, she thought. A half hour of sex a day maybe? The four frat boys hadn't lasted more than fifteen minutes each. She was certain she could tough it out. Mr. Cunter was very handsome. She remembered what he'd said - there are worse fates.

The idea of having sex with Eileen still unnerved her though, but she'd just learn to do what she had to do. It would all be over with before she knew it.

Early in the evening, Jessica walked into the formal dining room for dinner. She'd been used to the student cafeteria at Belton. Now she was going to be waited on in style. The Cunters joined her moments later.

"Getting settled in?" Robert asked her.

"Yes, Sir," she said. "Your home is beautiful."

"I hope you'll feel comfortable calling it home," Eileen said. "While it's quite formal in appearance, feel free to be as informal as you desire."

Her husband added, "We'll let you know when we plan to have guests."

"I'll make sure I'm not in the way..."

"On the contrary, Jessica," Robert interrupted her. "This is your home now. We consider you to be part of the family. We hope you'll join us with our guests, whenever you feel comfortable."

The house staff finished their preparations and stood at attention.

"Let's have a seat, shall we?" Robert stated. "But first, Jessica, please remove your clothes."

Jessica looked at him flabbergasted. He just smiled pleasantly at her. She swallowed hard and removed her top, shoes and jeans. She stood there in her bra and bikini panties for several moments.

"All of your clothes, my dear," Eileen demanded.

Jessica had never felt so embarrassed. She looked around at the house staff as she removed her bra. Mary was there to take her clothes. She blushed profusely, knowing her breasts were on display. She slid her panties down her trim legs, completely baring herself.

She stood there naked, exposed to the Cunters and the house staff that were in the room. At first, she put her arms over her breasts, but then dropped them when she realized her pussy was in full view.

"She is lovely, isn't she dear?" Robert said to his wife.

"She is beautiful," she replied, stepping closer to Jessica. She reached out and touched the side of one of her breasts, and then a nipple. "You're a B cup. You'll probably be a C cup in another eight months."

The woman's touch further unnerved Jessica. She knew at some point that type of thing would occur, but she didn't expect it as she was about to eat.

"We will need to do something about her hair though," Robert said.

Jessica looked at him with concern. "What's wrong with my hair?" she asked, grabbing a long lock of her lustrous black mane and looking at it.

Eileen answered while reaching to stroke her hair, "Your hair is lovely, my dear. My husband is referring to your pussy hair."

Jessica automatically looked down. She'd kept her pubic hair groomed for when she wore bikini bottoms. She wasn't sure what the Cunters had a problem with. It wasn't wild and bushy like her mothers.

"We'll take care of that later," Robert said. "For now, let's enjoy our meal. I'm sure Jessica is hungry."

"You don't want me to get dressed?" Jessica asked anxiously.

"It would be a shame to cover up such a sexy body so quickly after seeing it for the first time."

Even though she was uncomfortable, Jessica enjoyed the dinner. Robert sat at the head of the table. His wife sat to his right, with Jessica on his left.

"Jessica, after dinner, please let our staff know your food preferences," Eileen told her. "If you like certain things prepared in a specific manner ... any favorites you may have ... just let them know."

"Remember, you're eating for two now," Robert reminded her.

After the evening meal, Jessica went back to her room. She'd been instructed to remain nude for the remainder of the evening. One of the first things she did was to look at herself in a mirror. She wondered why the Cunters didn't like the way her pubic hair looked. It was trimmed neatly, she thought.

Around eight o'clock, Mary knocked at her door. Still nude and self-conscious about it, Jessica cracked it open and peeked out to see who it was.

"I'm here to escort you to the master bedroom," she informed Jessica.

"I need to put something on..."

"They instructed that you come as you are, ma'am."

Even though she had been naked during dinner, she was very embarrassed while walking past one of the male staff in the hallway. She wouldn't have dared walk around her parents' house like that.

Jessica was met at the master bedroom door by Eileen. Her husband was away tending to some business. She took Jessica's hand and led her into her bathroom.

"Let's take a shower, and get to know each other a little better," Eileen told her.

As the older woman removed her clothes, Jessica admired her beauty. Her large breasts sagged very little. Her skin was soft and young looking. She obviously worked out to keep her shape. Her waist was slim with a mature flare to her hips. Her butt was firm and shapely.

As they entered the shower together, Jessica admired Eileen's body even more as the water began teeming on both of them. She attempted to imagine herself embracing the woman, touching her body. She kept remembering how wrong it was to do something like that.

"Let me bathe you," Eileen softly said.

Jessica stood rigid as the woman began touching her body. Eileen knew the girl was very nervous. She fought the urge to begin playing with her firm young breasts as she lathered them with soap. Feeling Jessica's hard nipples against her hands tested her resolve though.

While bathing her, Eileen shaved Jessica's pubic hair. The girl was alarmed at first, but yielded to the older woman. Eileen took her time, being gentle with Jessica. She marveled at the girl's young sex, using her fingers to spread her labia, admiring her sex. She was tempted to slide her tongue along Jessica's slit, but she knew her husband would want to present the first time.

She revealed Jessica's clit, causing the girl to slightly gasp. Eileen knew it had been under-utilized by Jessica for its intended purpose. She was determined to show Jessica over the coming weeks just how much pleasure she could derive from such a small bud.

When they stepped out of the shower, Jessica stared at how her bare pussy looked in the mirror.

"I look like a little girl," she said after appraising her new look.

Eileen stood next to her, looking at herself in the mirror, "Do I look like a little girl?"

"No ma'am," Jessica replied, blushing as she looked at the older woman's pussy. She'd seen her mom naked a few times in the past few years. She looked nothing like Mrs. Cunter though. Her mom looked years older in comparison. Eileen still looked very much like the woman in the painting.

After they'd finished drying themselves, Eileen led Jessica back into the master bedroom, asking Jessica to lie on the bed. Sitting down beside her so that she was facing her, she began touching Jessica's breasts more intimately. Her nipples were crinkled and hard as she lightly touched and squeezed them between her fingers. She slid her hand down and across Jessica's flat tummy, which wouldn't likely be so for much longer.

Jessica swallowed hard as this woman who was her mother's age touched her in a sexual way. When Eileen's hand moved further down the girl's body, touching her pussy, Jessica flinched. But Eileen was undaunted. She intended to teach this young girl how to be a slut for her ... and her husband ... and whoever else they desired.

Robert joined them a short time later.

"Are you nervous?" he asked Jessica.

"I'm trying not to be."

"You'll get used to things in time. We promise we won't ever do anything to harm you ... or the baby," he reassured her. "But my wife and I enjoy doing some fun things. You will be a big part of that now."

Robert moved between Jessica's legs, spreading them as she lay on her back. Sitting on his haunches, he moved his hips, sliding his hard cock along her slit, the bulbous head separating her labia. Jessica was nervous, but her wetness gave away her growing lust. The boys who fucked her at that party were more interested in getting off. They had climbed on her and just started fucking. Robert was savoring every moment, enjoying what she had agreed to give him.

He grabbed his shaft, angling it against her opening, and slowly slipped into her tight hole. He gradually buried his cock inside her, watching her reaction. Jessica moaned as he bottomed out. He was bigger than those boys, thicker and longer. She could feel the ridge of the large head scraping along the walls of her cunt. He knew how to savor the feel of her pussy, allowing her to enjoy his cock as well.

He gradually withdrew, leaving just the head inside of her. He was teasing her. Her hips lifted slightly. Jessica was eager to be fucked, surprising even herself. Robert wasn't surprised. He knew she had a long pent up passion within her. Her parents had created a ticking bomb that had first exploded in a drunken orgy with inexperienced boys. Robert was determined to turn Jessica into the passionate woman he knew she could be.

He slammed into her, almost knocking the breath out of Jessica.

"What do you want, Jessica?"

"Make love to me," she quietly said.

"I can't do that. I only make love to my wife."

He slammed into her again, causing Jessica to moan loudly as he completely entered her, stretching her young pussy with his girth and length. The boys hadn't come close to filling her like that. He slowly withdrew again, admiring the youthful lips grasping at his shaft. He kept just the head inside of her again. Her pussy instinctively knew what it wanted him to do. Jessica was quickly becoming in tuned with her body's desires. He wanted her to tell him though.

"What do you want, Jessica?"

"Fuck ... me..." she struggled to say.

"You don't sound like you're sure," Robert stated. "Tell me what you want, Jessica."

He slammed into her again, this time remaining deep within her.

"Fuck me, please!" she exclaimed, looking at him with pleading eyes.

He withdrew and pushed deep inside her again. "What do you want me to fuck, Jessica?"

"Fuck my pussy!" she forcefully stated this time.

He began thrusting inside Jessica slowly, watching her reaction. He lifted her legs and pushed them back and over her, looking down at his cock as he fucked the young coed. Her juices glistened on his shaft as it emerged from her tight sheath. He then looked at her face. It revealed fully for the first time the lust she had been so careful not to show before. Those frat boys had only seen a nervous drunk virgin. Robert saw the real passion that he knew the girl was capable of. She was capable of so much more though. He and his wife intended to discover that with her over the coming months.

Robert began fucking the girl more urgently. She was totally his now. Her pussy was squeezing him tightly. Her moans became constant as she built toward her first orgasm. Her whole body became tense. Her pussy clamped down on his thick shaft. She moaned loudly as she came.

Afterward, she lay there covered in a sheen of sweat, still softly moaning, almost whimpering.

"I've never had that happen before," Jessica finally said, breathlessly.

Eileen asked, "You didn't come with those fraternity boys, did you?"

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