Fresh Meat 1

by Robin Masters

Copyright© 2012 by Robin Masters

Sex Story: 3 hot young guys on the lookout for a woman to join them for a gang bang.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Gang Bang   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

It was my turn to go hunting tonight. My name is Matt, I am 25 years old and share a flat with my mates, Simon and Mark. We are all fit, good looking guys, with good jobs and beautiful girl friends but now and again we fancy a change and tonight its my turn to get us some fresh meat. We are not fussy about age, size or looks, infact sometimes the older, uglier, fatter the better! They are much easier and more greatful than pretty girls!

I headed into town on my own, leaving the other guys back at the flat awaiting my return. I took up my position at the bar of a large, chain pub which was full of Friday night revellers. I was sticking to soft drinks as I was going to be driving and didn't want my performance to be affected later!

I scanned the bar for likely candidates, there was large groups of girls out on the town, dressed to the nines, wearing skimpy tops, cleavages overflowing, and tight trousers or short skirts that showed every contour of their lovely asses and tantalising glimpses of their upper thighs.

I was feeling very horny, some lucky girl was going to get a good fucking tonight!

Eventually |I found 'the one', she was quite a plump girl, with large tits and a juicy fat ass. Her tight top rose up to reveal folds of fat around her abdomen. She wasn't that pretty and was on the fringes of her group, overshadowed by her thinner, prettier friends.

I went over to say Hi and started using my corniest chat up lines. I am amazed how girls fall for them! "Hi Gorgeous, can I buy you a drink?" She smiled, not believing her luck when she turned and saw me, a six foot, blond haired, blue eyed, hunk of a man! Her friends looked suprised at the interest I was showing in her.

I bought her a drink, a triple measure, I needed to get her drunk, very, very drunk! Over at the bar I complemented her, telling her how gorgeous she was, how much I loved her curvy figure. She was lapping it up, basking in the unfamiliar attention. About four drinks later, she was suitably sozzled. Her friends had long gone on to another pub, leaving us to it. The first part of my plan had gone perfectly. She was unsteady on her feet now, her 3 inch high heels difficult to walk in. I put a gentle arm around her to steady her and moved in for a kiss. A passionate french kiss. She responded hungrily and I could feel her heart racing and imagined her pussy getting lovely and wet. Oh yes I had done well tonight.

"Do you want to come back to mine for a coffee", I asked "I don't live that far away."

"That would be lovely," she slurred, leaning against me for support, giggling.

It never failed to suprise me how willing women were to take risks, to go home with a complete stranger. Luckily for her I had nothing more sinister in mind for her than a bloody good fucking!

I steered her towards my car, helped her in, then headed for home.

Back at the flat, I fixed her another drink, another very generous measure, I didnt want her sobering up too soon. I took her into the lounge to introduce her to the other guys. "This is Bridgette, my gorgeous new girlfriend."

"Hi there." said the guys. She seemed impressed with our leather sofas, state of the art home cinema system and masculine but stylish decor. We weren't slobs and my mates were as fit and good looking as me. Simon had dark hair and a mediterranean comlexion, he was a bit shorter and not so well built, his body lean and sinewy. And Mark? Well Mark was 6'3", black, athletic and as you would expect blessed with an enormous cock!

"Were heading of to bed now," I winked at the guys. Bridgette giggled and I helped her to her feet and led the way to my bedroom. God it was like taking candy from a baby, so easy! I smiled smugly, knowing we were in for a good night and Bridgette was going to get fucked like never before.

Once inside she more or less collapsed on my kingsized bed, her eyes were glazed over. I knelt down and removed her ridiculous shoes. I joined her on the bed, once more engaging her in a passionate french kiss. She was a bit floppy but still responsive, her breathing became more rapid and she began to pant. God, so easy! She was gagging for it!

My hands quickly began to fondle her enormous tits. I love big boobs, so I was in my element. I urgently removed her top and released them from the bra that had encased them. My cock began to swell and throb. She might not be pretty but she had an impressive set of tits. She moaned with pleasure as i kneaded, stroked and caressed them. Gently suking her nipples, till they stiffened and stood to attention. I had to release my cock as it was staining so hard inside my jeans. Quickly I unzippered myself and they dropped to the floor, and stood there my cock swollen and engorged. She looked at it lasciviously, her mouth watering, deperate to get her hands, mouth and pussy on it! But first I was going to fuck her luscious tits. I moved over her, teasing her mouth with my cock, rubbing around her mouth, she moaned with pleasure.

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